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From To Lines Name Description Source
5,500 BC 5,000 BC Werewolf: the Forsaken
Mage: the Awakening
The Sundered World The start of human civilization DE
1800 BC 1700 BC Promethean: the Created
Beast: the Primordial
Werewolf: the Forsaken
Necropolis of Hawara DE2
753 BC 476 AD Vampire: the Requiem Requiem for Rome The rise and fall of the Roman Camarilla RfR, FotC
330 BC 320 BC Mage: the Awakening To the Strongest The fall of Alexander the Great's Empire, founding of Orders DE
100 BC 50 BC Changeling: the Lost
Promethean: The Created
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World DE2
69 BC 30 BC Mummy: the Curse The Fall of Isierion The reign of Cleopatra in Egypt DEC
9 AD 12 AD Werewolf: the Forsaken Forsaken by Rome The attempted conquest of Germany by the Roman Empire DEC
220 AD 280 AD Changeling: the Lost
Geist: the Sin-Eaters
Three Kingdoms of Darkness Famine and war in the Orient DE
400 AD 500 AD Hunter: the Vigil
Changeling: the Lost
Vampire: the Requiem
King Arthur's Britannia DE2
700 AD 1100 AD Werewolf: the Forsaken
Geist: the Sin-Eaters
The Wolf and the Raven
Wolves of the Sea
Vikings across Europe DE
750 AD - Beast: The Primordial
Vampire: The Requiem
One Thousand and One Nights - Islamic Golden Age DE2
? AD ? AD Hunter: the Vigil
Demon: the Descent
Empire of Mali DE2
1346 AD 1353 AD Vampire: the Requiem
Promethean: the Created
The Soulless and the Dead The Black Plague in Europe DEC
1450 AD 1750 AD Mummy: the Curse
Geist: the Sin-Eaters
Scandinavian Witch Trials DE2
1453 AD 1458 AD Demon: the Descent After the Fall Rebuilding Constantinople DE
1486 AD 1502 AD Demon: the Descent
Beneath the Skin Height of Aztec Empire DE
1501 AD 1568 AD Mage: the Awakening
Mummy: the Curse
Princes of the Conquered Land Mutapa Empire in Zimbabwe DEC
1585 AD 1590 AD Geist: the Sin-Eaters Foreboding Lands Anglo-Saxon War and settlement in New World DEC
1593 AD 1593 AD Vampire: the Requiem Requiem for Regina Elizabethan London DE
1596 AD 1598 AD Vampire: the Requiem War Drums The invasions of Joseon Korea by pre-Tokugawa Japan GttN
1614 AD 1648 AD Promethean: the Created When the Horseman Rode Ruins of Holy Roman Empire DEC
1600 AD 1700 AD Changeling: the Lost Lily, Sabre and Thorn Swashbucking in the Age of Reason DE
1600 AD 1700 AD Deviant: The Renegades
Mage: The Awakening
Demon: the Descent
Light of the Sun - Europe DE2
1640 AD 1660 AD Hunter: the Vigil Falling Blossoms Edo-period Japan DE
1644 AD 1911 AD Mummy: The Curse
Hunter: The Vigil
Rise of the Last Imperials - China DE2
1690 AD 1695 AD Hunter: the Vigil Doubting Souls Colonial America and Salem DE
1716 AD 1776 AD Mage: the Awakening
Geist: the Sin-Eaters
The Golden Age of Piracy DE2
1789 AD 1799 AD Vampire: The Requiem
Demon: The Descent
Mummy: the Curse
The French Revolution DE2
1812 AD 1820 AD Changeling: the Lost A Grimm Dark Era Talecrafting after the publication of Grimm's Fairy Tales DE
1816 AD 1816 AD Promethean: the Created The Year Without a Summer Global climate change and food shortages DEC
1863 AD 1868 AD Beast: the Primordial The Fearful Lesson Post-American Civil War South DEC
1865 AD 1895 AD Changeling: the Lost
Mage: the Awakening
The Wild West DE2
1885 AD 1890 AD Second Sight Lifting the Veil Victorian-era Spiritualism DEC
1801 AD 1891 AD Changeling: the Lost A Maze of Smoke and Hedge Romance and class conflict in Victorian England VL
1893 AD 1942 AD Mummy: the Curse Ruins of Empire Decline of both British and Ottoman Empires DE
1914 AD 1918 AD Geist: The Sin-Eaters
Werewolf: The Forsaken
Promethean: the Created
The Great War - The Western Front DE2
1917 AD 1917 AD Demon: the Descent The Master's Tools Russian Revolution DEC
1933 AD 1940 AD Promethean: the Created A Handful of Dust The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl in the American Midwest DE
1941 AD 1950 AD Mage: the Awakening Mage Noir Disillusionment and fractiousness in the post-war United States MN
1950 AD 1960 AD Deviant: Renegades
Werewolf: the Forsaken
Golden Age of Sci Fi DE2
1950 AD 1960 AD Geist: the Sin-Eaters God's Own Country Post WW2 Pacific-Islands DE
1961 AD 1961 AD Demon: the Descent Into the Cold The Cold War and the Berlin Wall DE
1969 AD 1979 AD Werewolf: the Forsaken The Bowery Dogs Crime and family in New York City DE
1980 AD 1990 AD Vampire: the Requiem New Wave Requiem American excess in the decadent Me Decade NWR


Name Lines Description Source
World of Darkness Revealed Chronicles of Darkness Masquerade broken irrevocably Mir
World of Darkness Destroyed Chronicles of Darkness Apocalyptic Mir
World of Dark Fantasy Chronicles of Darkness Fantasy Mir
Bleeding Edge Chronicles of Darkness Cyberpunk MirBE
The Infinite Macabre Chronicles of Darkness Space Opera MirIM
Ascendancy Vampire: the Requiem A cyberpunk world-city where cybernetic augmentation threatens to leave the Kindred behind. GttN
Crown Games Vampire: the Requiem Alternate history where divine right is tangible and aristocratic monarchy never fell. GttN
The End of the World Vampire: the Requiem A post-apocalyptic world decimated by disease borne in the blood. GttN
Night Without End Vampire: the Requiem An interstellar space opera empire openly ruled by a Kindred hierarchy. GttN
Rain Falls Vampire: the Requiem A noir-soaked alternate history, drab, exhausted and oppressive. GttN
Hunting Grounds: Ancient Sumer Werewolf: the Forsaken Werewolves learn through visions that they once ruled openly, and how to do so again FCG
Jianghu Modern Mage: the Awakening Wuxia sorcery MCG
The Cabal! Mage: the Awakening Four-color large-scale superheroics MCG
Giants in the Earth Demon: the Descent Antediluvian wars over the great City of the cradle of civilization DSG
Fear Tomorrow Demon: the Descent Dreaming omens foretell the broken shards of a destroyed universe DSG
Altered State Demon: the Descent A cyberpunk world-city threatened by heresy and oppression DSG