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First Edition
Name Pool (plus Psyche) Description Source
• Ceremonies
Call upon Huginn Intelligence Send a raven as a messenger to another Sin-Eater DA p170
Cigarette Dawn Presence Ask questions of the Living about the Dead BotD pg. 70-71
Final Vision Wits Allow to see the last turn (6 seconds) of life of a corpse by looking in his eyes. Geist 151
Finding Stamina Locate a person or a corpse with a piece of their body. Geist 151
Krewe Binding Presence Form a crew or introduce a new member to a crew. Geist 152
One Last Song Composure Help a companion live the last moments of it's life to the fullest BotD pg. 71
Pass On Presence Release a willing ghost to it's final rest after it's Anchors have been resolved (Must be done in the Underworld) Geist 152
Reverse Bargain Stamina Create a Sin-eater by forcing a Geist to enter the corpse of a human. The newly created Sin-eater have 1 point of synergy, 3 dots of manifestation and 3 keys. Geist 243
Speaker of the Dead Manipulation By holding the hand of a ghost, the sin-eater let that ghost speak by his mouth. Geist 153
•• Ceremonies
Coll upon Muninn Intelligence Look through recent memories of a raven DA p171
Distant Vision Wits By looking in a mirror, the sin-eater can see the location of a person or a ghost. Geist 153
Distant Voices Presence Allow to send a message of 12 words and receive an answer of 12 words to someone, living or dead. Geist 154
Faces in Smoke Stamina Reveal the image of the dead in Cigarette Smoke BotD pg. 71-72
Lifting the Scales Manipulation Allow a mortal to perceive Twilight and ghosts with Ghost sight and giving them the power of Death Stains. Geist 154
Listening to the Spectral Howl Wits Allow a sin-eater to find a particular type of ghost with a map. The type of ghost may be, by example, a ghost in need of vengeance, in need of protection, etc. Geist 155
Message from Beyond Manipulation Passes on Messages from a Ghost to intended Target BotD pg. 72-73
Mortis Mask Dexterity Falsify the cause of death of a corpse (A drowned corpse may look like he's been shot by a gun instead) Geist 155
Plasmic Manifestation Stamina Create a plasm "thing" that take the look of the ghost and allow it to communicate with the livings. Geist 156
Spectral Photography Dexterity Capture pictures of ghosts on a place suspected of hauntings Geist 157
••• Ceremonies
Dead Voices on Air Wits Capture a ghost, even one in the twilight, on still or moving film. Geist 157
Dedicate Charm Manipulation Associate an appropriate Key with the Threshold of an un-Dedicated Charm (Memento 1) Geist 158
The Devil's Bargen Wits Transfer time from one person to another, with horrific side effects. The House Always Wins 4
Ease the Path Manipulation Heal a subject of disease, toxins and give perfect health for one month, then subject dies GotU p39
Finding the Crossroads Wits Divine a nearby location at which someone will soon die. Geist 159
Funerary Tools Stamina Create an item to use in Twilight, with possibility of taking it to the Depths BotD pg. 73
Lemure’s Lure Manipulation Make a location highly attractive to ghosts, likely causing a temporary haunting of the area. Geist 159
Loosen the Coil Resolve Temporarily allow a mortal to project as a ghost. Geist 160
Moment of Absolution Wits Receive explanation of why an Anchor is an Anchor. BotD pg. 73-74
Plumbing the Depths Intelligence See memories of bonded Geist; must continually roll to avoid gaining derangement while searching. Geist 161
Quicken the Dead Presence Bind a ghost to a body, creating a zombie. Geist 161
Reading the Echoes Resolve Can get impressions from the past history of an object. Geist 163
Warding Circle Resolve Enchant a circle to be impervious to ghosts, and potentially other supernatural creatures as well. Geist 163
Witness the End Resolve See a significant death that will happen within a month DA p171
•••• Ceremonies
Bind Anchor Resolve Create an Anchor for a ghost, even one currently in the Underworld Geist 164
Danse Macabre Presence Reminds participants of their own morality. Could create Ghosts in the Underworld without anchors BotD pg. 74-75
Ghost Drinker Stamina Drink either the Ghost's knowledge or it's power. Gain truthful yes/no answers or a bump to Physical Traits BotD pg. 75
Ghostly Guardian Manipulation Bind a ghost to one of it's Anchors as a protector Geist 164
Mending the Mortal Coil Intelligence Heal a target of wounds at the cost of plasm. Geist 165
Warding the Household Dexterity As Warding Circle, but potentially for an entire building. Geist 165
••••• Ceremonies
Crash the Gates Stamina Transform body into an open Avernian Gate connected to a random point in the Depths. BotD pg. 76
Create Deathly Passage Resolve Open or reopen an Avernian Gate Geist 166
Dumb Supper Resolve Makes the Twilight and material worlds one and the same for all ghosts in a given room, for a short time, allowing conventional interaction. Geist 166
Fetter’s Binding Resolve Bind a ghost to it's last Anchor as a Fetter with one of it's Numia (Memento 3) Geist 167
Sepulchral Gateway Intelligence Allows entry from one Avernian Gate and exit through another, without passage through the Underworld. Geist 167
Spectral Captivity Presence Binds a ghost inside a room or container, from which it has no power to escape. Geist 168
UnBinding Intelligence Sever a geist from a Sin-Eater, ending the bargain; causes significant discord. Geist 244
Wings of the Moth Manipulation Binds a ghost to a body, effectively returning them to mortality, for one week; at the end of this time, the new body is killed again, and one of their anchors is destroyed. Geist 169