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Compacts and Conspiracies (1st Edition)

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Tier 1 - The Cell
Tier 2 - Compacts
Ahl al-Jabal Islamic hunters who seek to understand the supernaturals they meet, and eliminate those that are true monsters. 1: You can buy the Two Weapon Fighting Style at half cost, ignoring prerequisites.
3: Occult Specialty in Mysticism, Gnosticism or Philosophy, and a dot of Allies.
5: Inspiring among the Ahl al-Jabal, which can stack with the normal Inspiring Merit.
AB p141
Ashwood Abbey A decadent Hellfire Club dedicated to experiencing everything that life (or unlife) has to offer. 1: Barfly Merit.
3: Two dots in Safehouse Merit.
5: Contacts in Legal Aid, Vice, Arms Trafficking, Ashwood Abbey Networking.
HtV p102
Barrett Commission A secret cabal of the powerful and elite, united to root out the monsters who try to influence America’s most gainful institutions. 1: A dot in Resources
3: Three dots in Mentor
5: Two dots in Contacts applied to Government, Corporations or Military.
NS p89
Bear Lodge Big game hunters dedicated to killing werewolves above everything else, proving themselves with only human ingenuity. 1: A dot in Contacts (Bear Lodge)
3: Resist Lunacy as though your Willpower was one higher.
5: Unseen Sense (Werewolves), if you already have it pick any other physical supernatural creature.
SS p87
Division Six A pseudo-government agency, eliminating “reality deviants”, ensuring that the laws of the cosmos remain intact. 1: Extra point of Willpower after successfully risking Willpower on Intimidation.
3: Paradox is one die worse if you witness Vulgar magic.
5: A three dot retainer.
WF p86
Heritage House A family oriented group that believes the Vigil should be passed down from generation to generation. 1: No benefit.
3: Two dots in Resources
5: Three dots in social merits of your choice
GotU p35
Hunt Club, The A secret society of serial killers that hunts people for sport, accumulating points in a twisted game. 1: One dot in Mentor
3: Two dots in the Telltale Murder Merit, if you have the Merit you upgrade it.
5: Damnable Certainty Merit
Slash p74
Illuminated Brotherhood Unfettering their minds with psychoactives, these mediums seek to interact with the spirit world. 1: Parapsychology speciality in Occult or Science.
3: Unseen Sense (Loci), if you already have it you gain Unseen Sense (Spirits) instead.
5: Natural Medium Merit
SS p92
Keepers of the Source Every time a witch siphons power from Mother Earth, the Keepers feel Her pain, and they will see it cease, no matter the cost. 1: One of: Weaponry (improvised weapons), Expression (Protests) or Science (Environmentalism)
3: Two dots in Allies (Keepers of the Source)
5: A three dot Mentor
WF p90
Long Night Christian hunters who fight the agents of evil in an attempt to bring about the second coming of Christ. 1: Evangelism speciality in Persuasion or Expression.
3: Two dots in Allies (Long Night).
5: Inspiring Merit (Long Night only).
HtV p106
Loyalists of Thule Hungry for knowledge, this occult group seeks things man was not meant to know in places he was not meant to tread to atone for their part in WWII. 1: Extra point of Willpower after successfully risking Willpower on Occult or Academics.
3: Two dots in Mentor.
5: Three dots in Contacts (experts in a kind of supernatural being only).
HtV p110
Maiden's Blood Sisterhood An almost exclusively female group, dedicated to policing college campuses and women’s shelters. 1: Two dots in Allies (Maiden's Blood Sisterhood)
3: Two dots in Safehouse
5: Indominatable Merit, if you already have it two dots in Retainers.
NS p93
Network Zero Network Zero uses radio, television and Internet resources to publicize monsters to the world. 1: Speciality in Crafts or Computer applying to some form of media.
3: Two dots in Fame among Net0 and Internet conspiracy people.
5: Encyclopaedic Knowledge of film techniques and how they interact with supernatural phenomena.
HtV p114
Night Watch Vigilantes of the hard and forgotten streets, patrolling the hunting grounds of the monsters and criminals, leaving no one to be victimized. 1: One Speciality from: Streetwise (Who's Who), Larceny (Fences) or Stealth (Stalking)
3: Two dots in Retainer
5: A dot in Fame
NS p98
Null Mysteriis Scientists who peruse the supernatural in an attempt to understand it. 1: Parapsychology speciality in Academics, Occult or Science.
3: A dot in Allies (Null Mysteriis) and Contacts (one academic or scientific field).
5: Common Sense merit (only applies when investigating the supernatural).
HtV p118
Promethean Brotherhood Sacrificing witches using an ancient ritual, they steal their power for themselves. Sometimes the ritual works; sometimes it doesn’t. 1: Language (Ancient Greek) and one of the following Academics Specialities (Ancient Religions, Greek Mythology, or Linguistics)
3: Two dots in Allies (Promethean Brotherhood)
5: Reduced Successes required to perform the Rites of Hecate.
WF p94
Talbot Group Using modern therapy and medications, these hunters seek to save the monsters from themselves. 1: One dot in Allies and Contacts, both in Talbot Group
3: Unseen Sense (Spirits) and another dot in Contacts (Talbot Group)
5: Resist Lunacy as though your Willpower was one higher.
SS p97
Union, The Ragtag blue-collar monster hunters, members of the Union work without government sanction to protect humanity against its most dangerous enemies. 1: Local Area speciality in Streetwise or Politics.
3: Two dots in Contacts applied to specialists in one kind of monster.
5: Two dots in Resources which can only be used for the Vigil.
HtV p112
Tier 3 - Conspiracies
Aegis Kai Doru Greek for “Shield and Spear,” the Aegis Kai Doru searches the world for history’s legendary artifacts with which to bolster its numbers in its nigh-timeless battle against the forces of darkness. Members of Aegis Kai Doru have access to some of the world’s most powerful (and profane) Relics as an Endowment. 1: May buy Relic Endowments
3: +1 on Academics regarding relics and archaeology.
5: Unseen Sense applying to one of: Mages, Werewolves, free choice. In that order.
HtV p126
Ascending Ones The Ascending Ones trace their history and symbology back to both ancient Egypt and Muhammed the Prophet. Like the sacred sun, they see themselves as a cleansing agent that can burn away the monstrous impurities of the world. The Ascending Ones’ Endowment is Elixirs, powerful potions that can bolster their members’ bodies and spirits, or bring excruciating agony, addiction and death to those who oppose them. 1: May buy the Elixir Endowment.
3: Two dots in Resources
5: A three dot Retainer
HtV p130
Aves Minerva Late Roman worshippers of the goddess Minerva, wielding the secrets of consecrated blood to protect Rome from monstrous infestation. 1: May buy the Red Rituals Endowment.
3: +2 to recognize supernatural creatures and their handiwork.
5: Encyclopedic Knowledge from the Library of the Owl.
Pater pp6-7
Cainite Heresy Victims taking revenge, desperate to make the world know about vampires. A crazy suicide-cult, they’re the only ones brave enough to stand against the lies the world tells them. The vampires exist. The world will see. And then the monsters will all die. One by one, if necessary. They use their particular blood-magics known as the Rites of Denial to battle the undead fiends. 1: May buy the Rites of Denial Endowment
3: Danger Sense merit, extra effective against Vampires.
5: Three dots in Mentor (The Sources)
NS p103
Cheiron Group A confederacy of international corporations, the Cheiron Group possesses great wealth and technology. Those who serve the conspiracy have access to the Thaumatechnology Endowment, which allows them to use the supernatural’s own physical and metaphysical powers against it…but is the price their own humanity? 1: May buy Thaumatechnology Endowments.
3: Two dots in Allies (Cheiron Backup)
5: Three dots in Resources.
HtV p134
Knights of Saint George These zealous warriors hunt witches behind a façade of Christian piety, because they know the truth: the only gods are faceless, terrible, powerful things drawn to magic like planet-sized moths to a flame. They use their Endowment of the Goetic Gospels, seeking to appease these terrible beings, giving them magic so that they don’t come looking. 1: You may purchase the Goetic Gospels Endowment.
3: 9again on Occult rolls relating to witches and magic.
5: A three dot Retainer.
WF p99
Les Mysteres Walking a road of balance, they use spirits to further the ends of men just as much as they use people to appease the spirits. Little more than a support group, they are a collection of covens and bands of shamans and spirit-talkers kept together by phone, email, and word of mouth. Their Endowment is the Rites du Cheval, a form of possession by spirits. 1: May buy the Rites du Cheval Endowment
3: One from: two dots in Allies, +1 on all Occult rolls involving spirits, two dots in Contacts who must be experts in a kind of supernatural creature, +1 to Resolve rolls to resist mind control.
5: A Three dot Retainer.
SS p104
Lucifuge Is it a paradox for those who consider themselves the children of a fallen angel to hunt monsters? The Lucifuge doesn’t think so, hoping to earn its redemption by slaying the truly evil forces in the world. The Lucifuge’s Endowment is Castigation, unholy rituals that grant it power over its foes. 1: May buy the Castigation Endowment
3: Two dots in Resources which can only be spent on the Vigil.
5: Four dots in Mentor (Lady Lucifuge herself)
HtV p138
Malleus Maleficarum In the Middle Ages, the Malleus Maleficarum wielded the power of the Church against vampires. Today, the Catholic conspiracy pursues supernatural monsters of all sorts with religious zeal. The Malleus Maleficarum uses its Benediction Endowment in an attempt to purge the world of monsters with these on-demand miracles. 1: May buy the Benediction Endowment
3: One dot in Status (The Church)
5: Three dots in Resources which may only be spent on the Vigil.
HtV p143
Task Force: Valkyrie As part of a Joint Task Force, this covert government anti-monster brigade includes members from every branch of the military, foreign and domestic. It hunts by order only, slaying monsters where and when its higher-ups dictate. Task Force: VALKYRIE’s Endowment is Advanced Armory, high-tech supernatural weapons with which to fight the monstrous enemies of the human race. 1: May buy Advanced Armoury Endowments.
3: Two dots in Allies (TFV Backup)
5: Three dots in Contacts (federal agencies only)
HtV p146
Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit The agents of VASCU assist police investigations, and look for evidence of all kinds of killers, from deranged sociopaths to supernatural terrors. Every agent of VASCU is psychic, using their Teleinformatics Endowment to see killers plying their deadly trade inside the theater macabre of their own minds. 1: You may buy Teleinformatic Endowments.
3: One dot in Status (FBI)
5: Inspiring merit (VSCU only)
Slash p56