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Compacts and Conspiracies (2nd Edition)

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Compact Description Status Benefits Book
Ama-san Pearl divers familiar with the dangers that lurk off the coasts of Japan. Receive Small Unit Tactics. DE 309-310
••• Roll Presence + Occult to call a monster out with a special whistling breath.
••••• Call six dots worth of Retainers as emergency backup.
Ashwood Abbey A decadent Hellfire Club dedicated to experiencing everything that life (or unlife) has to offer. Receive the Barfly Merit. HTV 102, HMR 158
••• Chapter house counts as two dots distributed among Safe Place, Safehouse Cache, and Safehouse Secrecy.
••••• Receive Contacts among lawyers, vice, arms traffic, and the Abbey.
Azusa Miko Transient archer-priestesses plying their trade as oracles and mediums while driving corruption away from the divine. Receive the Medium Merit. DE 311-312
••• Apply a floating dot as temporary Allies, Contacts, Resources, or Retainer.
••••• Command the fear of Rank 1-2 spirits and ghosts, and the respect of others.
Bijin Artists and commercial hosts dealing with monstrous intrusions that are bad for business. Draw upon the rumor mill once per session. DE 313-314
••• Better distinguish true rumors from scuttlebutt.
••••• Receive Fame •••.
Habibti Ma Egyptian-based cult de-programmers. Distribute two dots between Allies and Contacts. HMR 107
••• Distribute two dots between Allies and Mentor.
••••• Distribute two dots between Mystery Cult Initiation and Retainer.
Keepers of the Weave An Amerindian culture of storytellers who gather and spread knowledge of the occult. Take two dots of Mentor, and either a third dot or a Language. DE 383-384
••• Receive two dots in Occult, Expression, or Politics.
••••• Receive three dots in Socialize or Occult, or four Allies or Contacts.
The Long Night Christian hunters who fight the agents of evil in an attempt to bring about the second coming of Christ. Receive Evangelism as a free Interdisciplinary Specialty. HTV 106, HMR 158
••• Receive two dots in Allies (Long Night).
••••• Receive the Inspiring Merit.
The Loyalists of Thule Hungry for knowledge, this occult group seeks things man was not meant to know in places he was not meant to tread to atone for their part in WWII. Gain extra Willpower from a successful Academics or Occult risk. HTV 110, HMR 159
••• Receive a two-dot Mentor.
••••• Receive Contacts among three occult specialist groups in the Loyalists.
Network Zero Network Zero uses radio, television and Internet resources to publicize monsters to the world. Take a free Interdisciplinary Specialty in Computer, Crafts, or Expression. HTV 114, HMR 159
••• Take two dots of internet Fame which are compatible with Anonymity.
••••• Receive Encyclopedic Knowledge and a two-dot Library.
Null Mysteriis Scientists who pursue the supernatural in an attempt to understand it. Receive Parapsychology as a free Interdisciplinary Specialty. HTV 118, HMR 159
••• Distribute two dots among Allies, Contacts, and Fame.
••••• Take practical beats when you prove a potential supernatural phenomenon wasn't.
Protectors of the Light Secret soldiers who keep the Wampanoag Nation clean of monstrous taint. Receive a dot of Occult, Survival or Weaponry. DE 385-386
••• Receive two dots of Resources or Contacts.
••••• Receive three dots of Resources or Safe Place, or two Allies and a Contact.
The Scarlet Watch A recurring blood pact of families drawn together mystically to resist the vampiric Curse. Receive a dot of Allies or Resources. DE 379-380
••• Receive two dots of Allies or Resources.
••••• Receive three Merit dots reflecting the prestige of your lineage.
The Union Ragtag blue-collar monster hunters, members of the Union work without government sanction to protect humanity against its most dangerous enemies. Receive Local Area as a free Interdisciplinary Specialty. HTV 112, HMR 159
••• Receive Contacts among two groups of Union specialists.
••••• Once per session, you can borrow two dots of Allies, Contacts, Resources, or Retainer.
Utopia Now Builders of a futuristic city that scavenge demonic infrastructure for impossible components. Take a free Specialty. HMR 136
••• Receive a two-dot Mentor.
••••• Receive either a four-dot Retainer or four dots of Allies in a partner organization.
Les Voyageurs Forest runners dealing with the threat of werewolves in their hunting lands. Receive Resources • or Mentor •••. DE 381-382
••• Receive two dots of Contacts, Fame, or Resources.
••••• Receive three dots of Fame or Resources, or four dots of Allies.
Conspiracy Description Status Benefits Book
Aegis Kai Doru Greek for “Shield and Spear,” the Aegis Kai Doru searches the world for history’s legendary artifacts with which to bolster its numbers in its nigh-timeless battle against the forces of darkness. Access Relic Endowments. HTV 116, HMR 159
••• Receive Relics as a free Interdisciplinary Specialty.
••••• Choose either werewolves or mages as both a free Interdisciplinary Specialty and the focus for an Unseen Sense.
The Ascending Ones The Ascending Ones trace their history and symbology back to both ancient Egypt and Muhammed the Prophet. Like the sacred sun, they see themselves as a cleansing agent that can burn away the monstrous impurities of the world. Access Elixir Endowments. HTV 130, HMR 159
••• Receive two dots of Resources.
••••• Receive an initiate as a three-dot Retainer.
The Cheiron Group A confederacy of international corporations, the Cheiron Group possesses great wealth and technology. Those who serve the conspiracy use the supernatural’s own physical and metaphysical powers against it…but is the price their own humanity? Access Thaumatechnology Endowments. HTV 134, HMR 159
••• Receive two dots of Allies within the Cheiron Group.
••••• Receive three dots of Resources.
The Faithful of Shulpae Cannibal cultists who believe their rituals bring them closer to communion with their deity. Access Anthropophagy Endowment. HMR 110
••• Temple counts as two dots distributed among Safe Place, Safehouse Cache, and Safehouse Secrecy.
••••• Receive four dots of Supernatural Merits.
Hototogisu Merchants and traders shrewd enough to gamble with the darkness to remain competitive. Access Setto Endowment. DE 315-316
••• Distribute four dots among Contacts, Resources and Retainers.
••••• Receive a Dread Power at •••••.
The Knights of St. Adrian Violent road warriors who hunt bounties for angels. Access Ink Endowments. HMR 137
••• Receive two dots of Contacts, often among stigmatic "witnesses."
••••• Receive three dots of Resources or a three-dot Retainer.
The Lucifuge Descendants of infernal bloodlines who strive to wield the darkness against itself. Access Castigation Endowments. HTV 138, HMR 159-160
••• Once per session, call on two dots' worth of Resources or Library.
••••• Take the Lady Lucifuge as a four-dot Mentor.
Malleus Maleficarum In the Middle Ages, the Malleus Maleficarum wielded the power of the Church against vampires. Today, the Catholic conspiracy pursues supernatural monsters of all sorts with religious zeal. Access Benediction Endowments. HTV 143, HMR 160
••• Receive two dots of Status in the Catholic Church.
••••• Once per session, call on three dots' worth of Resources or Retainer.
Otodo Descendants of oni duty-bound to harness their devilish blood for good. Access Seitokuten Endowment. Receive Unseen Sense (Oni). DE 317-318
••• Receive a dot each of Contacts and Resources. Extended lifespan.
••••• The Unseen Sense becomes universal. Extended lifespan.
Task Force: VALKYRIE As part of a Joint Task Force, this covert government anti-monster brigade includes members from every branch of the military, foreign and domestic. Access Advanced Armory Endowments. HTV 146, HMR 160
••• Receive two dots of Allies in VALKYRIE.
••••• Receive Contacts among high-level experts in three classified fields.
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item