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Courts (1st Edition)

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Court Name Page Number Court Emotion Mantle Effects Crown Blessing Blessing Effect
Seasonal Courts of the Americas
The Spring Court CtL 47, LoS 28 Desire •+ +1 Socialization
•••+ Allies and Contacts cost 1/2.
••••• Can reroll dice pool when meeting someone for the first time.
Blessing of the Green Crown spends a willpower point, grants ability to self or other to add Mantle on Glamour harvest roll. Usage per session = Mantle dots.
The Summer Court CtL 50, LoS 47 Wrath • Spending Willpower on strength roll grants 4 dice instead of 3.
••• +1 Armor
••••• +1 Health
Challenge of the Black Spear When Crown is fighting 1 vs. 1, spend Glamour to increase Initiative by Mantle. Immune to surprised by ambushes or trickery. More then one combantant and Initiative drops to +1. Usage per session = Mantle Dots, once per foe.
The Autumn Court CtL 54, LoS 66 Fear • +2 on Contracts that use Occult.
••• +1 Empathy and Investigation vs. Gentry or Arcadia.
••••• Can reroll Occult that deals with magic (Not Contracts or Pledges.)
Harvest of Whispers Once per session, Crown discusses new news that he learned with ST. He's awarded with 2 special Glamour per revelation that can only be used for specific actions. Can store more of this glamour then Wyrd allows, but it attracts attention. These glamour fade at the end of the session.
The Winter Court CtL 58, LoS 86 Sorrow • -1 Wits + Composure/Skill when not specifically looking for character.
••• +1 to Subterfuge.
••••• As •, but -3 penalty.
Feast of Ashes Once per session, Crown converts Glamour to Willpower = Mantle. Willpower can be more then maximum, but is lost at the end of the session. For the rest of the scene, add Mantle to willpower rating.
The Faraway Courts
Seasonal Variants
The Growing Season WM 120 Lust See Spring Court Blessing of the Green See Spring Court
The Tornado Season WM 120 Madness See Spring Court Blessing of the Green See Spring Court
The Dry Season WM 120 Rage See Summer Court Challenge of the Black Spear See Summer Court
The Monsoon Season WM 120 Sanguine See Summer Court Challenge of the Black Spear See Summer Court
The Dead Season WM 120 Despair See Winter Court Feast of Ashes See Winter Court
The Directional Courts of Asia
The North Court WM 122 Suffering • Ignore penalties from fatigue and deprivation (Death is still possible)
••• Ignore 1 from wound penalties
••••• Once per scene use Resolve as armor score. Does not stack.
The East Court WM 125 Envy •+ +1 to all social rolls
•••+ +1 on Subterfuge when sparking envy or making a deal.
••••• Once per day, add dots in Resources to any social roll.
The South Court WM 129 Ecstasy •+ Free specialty in Empathy
•••+ Increasing Empathy and Expression costs half.
••••• Free Inspiring or •••• dot Striking Looks Merits. If already possessed, +3 to use Inspiring.
The West Court WM 131 Honor •+ Weapon carried gains +1 durability.
•••+ +1 Initiative.
••••• Choose higher of Wits or Dexterity for determining Defense. Can defend against multiple attacks.
The Diurnal Courts of Eastern Europe
The Sun Court WM 137 Shame • +1 to Perception rolls
••• +1 to Defense
••••• +1 to Degeneration and Derangement Rolls
The Moon Court WM 140 Disgust • Larceny involving manual theft gains +2
••• Spending willpower grants 4 extra dice instead of 3 for Intimation rolls.
••••• Gain 2 Willpower when indulging Vice.
The Auroral Courts
The Dawn Court SaD 133 Hope •+ Inspiring Merit for free. If already owned, can be used twice a day.
•••+ When focusing, add +3 to instant action with your STs okay.
••••• Regain all Glamour when creating significant changes.
The Dusk Court DitD 136 Futility •+ +1 bonus die when making Heroic Efforts
•••+ Iron Stamina, Iron Stomach, Natural Immunity, Quick Healer and Toxin Resistance cost half XP.
••••• 1/day, reroll a failed Resolve, Composure or Stamina-based test. Must keep the second result.