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Common Nickname Description Advantage Source
Carthian Movement The Revolution, the Firebrands, the Movement, the Vermin The Carthian Movement applies mortal solutions to immortal problems with modern and experimental government. Carthian Law VTR 2e pp 32-34
Circle of the Crone The Acolytes, the Mother’s Army, the Witches The Circle of the Crone venerates female divinity, painful change, and the old ways remixed for the modern world. Crúac VTR 2e pp 35-37
Invictus The First Estate, the Old Man or just The Man, the Conspiracy of Silence, the Ownership, the Establishment The Invictus safeguards the Masquerade with hierarchy and tradition. Invictus Oaths VTR 2e pp 38-40
Lancea et Sanctum The Sanctified, the Church Eternal, the Second Estate, the Judges The Lancea et Sanctum preaches a dark faith; they are both wolves and shepherds. Theban Sorcery VTR 2e pp 41-43
Ordo Dracul The Defiant, the Dragons, the Order of the Dragon The Ordo Dracul struggles to transcend the Curses through eldritch alchemies and rites. Mysteries of the Dragon VTR 2e pp 44-46
Antagonistic Nickname Description Advantage Source
VII The Fallen Princes, the Betrayed, the Sages, the System, the Wraths of God, the Trumps, the Imposters The bogeymen of the All Night Society. Unknown yet feared by all the other covenants. Mention Only VTR 2e pp 47-49
Regional Domain Description Advantage Source
Kataraménon Athens, Greece Apollonian cultists who have blended their pagan Apollonian traditions with Greek Orthodox Christianity. Mention Only VTR 2e p241
Ypochréosi Athens, Greece They keeps the city running and thriving, through both positives and negatives. Mention Only VTR 2e p241
Alecto Athens, Greece They looks back to Greek history and seems to want old school tyranny and benevolent dictatorships. Mention Only VTR 2e p241
17N Athens, Greece Liberals trying to rebuild Greece, even if it's mean to burn it all down and start anew. Mention Only VTR 2e p241
Way of the Dragon Beijing, China To be a follower of the Way of the Dragon, all you have to do is align your will with the Beast’s. Easiest way to calm the Beast is to agree with it. Mention Only VTR 2e p244
Dragon’s Path Beijing, China The Dragon’s Path teaches Kindred to methodically detach from the Beast’s hunger and the troubles that come with it. Devout followers of the Path feed exclusively from blood banks and corpses. Mention Only VTR 2e p244
Bureau of Childer Beijing, China Member of a shared bureaucracy, this Bureau processes requests for new Embraces to keep the vampire population from overcrowding. Only a very few are approved. Mention Only VTR 2e p244
Bureau of Silence Beijing, China Member of a shared bureaucracy, this Bureau does whatever it takes to maintain the Masquerade, and is highly connected within the human ministries. At any time, only 10 members have any real power. Mention Only VTR 2e p244
Watchful Eyes Berlin, Germany An elite corps of vampires and ghouls who were first tasked to police the domain, the Eyes are a cultlike group of fanatically paranoids, and operate in small cells. Mention Only VTR 2e p248
Revolutionary Council Berlin, Germany East Berlin’s only official covenant during the Cold War, who was then in undisputed charge of the domain. Mention Only VTR 2e p 248
Le Mystère Port-au-Prince, Haiti A mysterious covenant about which little is known. Mention Only SotC p134
Hototogisu Tokyo, Japan The Hototogisu are the human controlled Zaibatsu, looking from the outside like a small business conglomerate. The members are wise to the ways of vampires and take precautions against them. Mystery Cult Initiation VTR 2e pp 266-267
Maeda Tokyo, Japan Originating in agriculture and moving into retail, the Towers are made up of Kindred legbreakers who are finding their 'talents' less and less necessary. They've moved heavily into organized crime. Mind of Infinite Immutability VTR 2e pp 267-268
Takahashi Family Tokyo, Japan The Family isn't actually family, and in fact work to avoid nepotism. They consider themselves the natural leaders of the four Zaibatsu. They have a pyramid function, and work to grow influence in their industry. Free Retainers, Herd, and Haven VTR 2e p268
Ume House Tokyo, Japan This Zaibatsu still maintains influence in mortal spheres, but they're mostly spiritual and historical. They learn a form of blood magic originating in shinto prayer and every coterie is expected to have a member of the Ume. Kigan VTR 2e pp 268-269
Broken Nickname Description Advantage Source
Camarilla - This covenant was the first complex governance for Kindred. It held jurisdiction over all vampires in the Roman republic and empire. Mention Only VTR 2e p50, p74
Children’s Crusade - A group of child sized monsters who had sole right to the Embrace of children, and it was required that child-vampires be placed in the Crusade's care. Mention Only VTR 2e pp 50-51
Gallows Post The Hangmen, the Brigands Part messenger service, part gang of highwayman, they maintained safe passage between cities for the dead. Envoy, Hangman's Code VTR 2e p50, DE p266, DEC 92-93
Legion of the Dead The Grim Battalion Remnants of the Camarilla’s militant wing who became a band of mercenaries, they were famous for their unholy (and cursed) artifacts. Mention Only VTR 2e p50
Tenth Choir - Angels eaters of legends who believed that since their condition was a curse from God, they must therefore take revenge on Him. Mention Only VTR 2e p51
Weihan Cynn The Wood-Witches An ancient covenant of pagan vampires whose power was built not on blood sorcery, but on bargains with the uncanny. Contracts with the Uncanny DE pp 270-271