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Covenants (1st Edition)

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Common Description Advantage Book
Carthian Movement The Carthian Movement applies mortal solutions to immortal problems with modern and experimental government. Merit discount VTR 46-48
Circle of the Crone The Circle of the Crone venerates female divinity, painful change, and the old ways remixed for the modern world. Crúac VTR 49-52
Invictus The Invictus safeguards the Masquerade with hierarchy and tradition. Merit discount VTR 53-56
Lancea et Sanctum The Lancea et Sanctum preaches a dark faith as both wolves and shepherds. Theban Sorcery VTR 57-61
Ordo Dracul The Ordo Dracul struggles to transcend the Curse through eldritch alchemies and rites. Coils of the Dragon VTR 62-66
Antagonistic Description Advantage Book
Belial's Brood Belial's Brood identify with the Beast and feed its will with bloody crimes. Investments VTR 70, BB
VII Clan Akhud, bound by blood to their clanmates and to a demon in their blood calling for the destruction of the Kindred. Ahranite Sorcery VII 26-67
VII Haunted descendants of a Slavic ghoul-king, burning for vengeance upon the Kindred. Specters VII 70-117
VII Puppets of a self-propagating sleeper organization, subverted by psychic surgery to cleanse the Damned. Psychogenics VII 120-165
Uncommon Description Advantage Book
Brethren of the Hundred Faces The Face Brethren shed the foolishness of the Beast by installing and cooperating with the personalities of elder Brethren. Pilot DM 81-86
Brides of Dracula A Kindred biker club which raises hell as it travels domains. Devotions DM 87-91
Children of the Thorns Vampires whose blood has been changed by the touch of the otherworldly Bloody Mary, who resides on the other side of the mirror. Mirror Travel DM 92-97
Harbingers The Harbingers study how to manipulate the energies of death to escape the weight of torpor. Thanatology DM 98-104
Holy Engineers The God Talkers receive prophetic communications by what they believe is the will of the Angel of Death. Radio Sickness DM 105-110
Nemites The Priesthood of Nemi are a love-bombing cult who believe Majesty, Dominate, and the Vinculum imbue truer and more meaningful bonds than natural emotions do. Merit discount DM 111-116
Society of the Accord A counterculture covenant that seeks a cooperative balance between Man and Beast within. Treaties of Negotiation DM 117-121
Sun-Walking Knights A covenant of vessels, ghouls and vampires seeking a constructive balance of power through mutual offerings. Washing the Shadow DM 122-125
Broken Description Advantage Book
Cult of Augurs The Camarilla's Wing of Prophets, who supplicate the gods and advise through prophecy. Veneficia RfR 80-83
Legio Mortuum The Camarilla's Legion, who police Necropolis and battle its enemies. Merit discount RfR 76-79
Peregrine Collegia The Camarilla's Wing of Strangers, who trade services outside the halls of power. Merit discount RfR 84-87
Senex The Camarilla's Wing of Ancients, its elite legislative body. Merit discount RfR 71-75
Alternate Description Advantage Book
Commonwealth The Carthians at a greater scale, steeped in mad social engineering plans to serve the needs of the Blood. Status benefits DM 65-67
Covenant The Sanctified at a greater scale, an armageddon cult with its own Beast of Revelation. Theban Sorcery DM 68-70
Devil's Eye The Dragons at a greater scale, a secret inner circle which experiments on other vampires under Dracula's supervision. Coils of the Devil DM 71-73
Mother's Army The Acolytes at a greater scale, who channel the will of the Crone and seek to awaken her inhuman children. Crúac DM 74-76
Prima Invicta The Invictus at a greater scale, backstabbing mortal and vampire alike to seize every rein of power. Status benefits DM 77-80