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Disciplines, Bloodline (1st Edition)

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Abjurism Septimi AB 92
Buttress the Soul (•) Reflexively gain dice on a resistance roll equal to Abjurism dots
The Light of Truth (••) Dispel a supernatural illusion, no matter the nature or source
Cleanse the Mind (•••) End a harmful supernatural effect on a subject.
Banish the Summoned Servitor (••••) Banish a ghost or spirit from a body
Break the Weave (•••••) End a supernatural effect of any type
Amphivena Gorgons CotC p186
Serpentine Rapport (•) - Affinity with serpents. Empower serpent ghouls.
Serpentine Union (••) Fusion with a snake
Arms of the Amphisbaena (•••) Transform hands into snake heads
Medusa's Venom (••••) Transmute own blood into venom
Body of the Gorgon (•••••) ●+ Tranform self into monstruous snake
Asphyx Brothers of Ypres AB 23
The Cough (•) - Lightly poison a victim, inflicting penalties to all rolls
Taint (••) ●+ Poison an object
Burning Touch (•••) Severely poison a touched victim
Breath of Death (••••) Breathe poison over a large area
Choking Cloud (•••••) ○● Take the form of a cloud of animated toxin
Bhumisparsa AB 124
Bhumisparsa (•+) Gain defense or armor versus attacks equal to Bhumisparsa dots for one scene
Bloodworking Norvegi Mehket 100
Fingertongue (•) Drain or suck up blood through the fingers
Skewer (••) Grow blades and spikes from one's hands and arms, which may be used as a lethal weapon
Bloodshell (•••) ●● Grants armor
Fleshdart (••••) ●+ Fire a dart from one's hand that inflicts aggravated damage
Erupting Quills (•••••) ●●● Damages all within the affected area, but also damages oneself
Blut Alchemie Geheim AB 83
Sanguine Analysis (•) - Potentially gain a great deal of information from a blood sample
Vitae Distillation (••) ●●+ Transmute blood into any other liquid
Internal Athanor (•••) Increase blood potency for one night
Vitae Transmutation (••••) ●+ Transmute blood into any other solid
Bloody Bezoar (•••••) ●●●●● Create a pill from own Vitae which may perform a number of powerful feats
Cachexy Morbus VTR p249
Diagnose (•) - sense who is diseased
Contaminate (••) infect an object or area
Inflame (•••) debilitate the infirm
Plague-Bearer (••••) ●/turn infect mortals or vampire from range
Accelerate Disease (•••••) damage the infirm
Carrefour Apollinaire AB 64
Govi Trap (•) - Trap a ghost inside a container
Skeleton Key (••) Open or seal any door
Veve Passageway (•••) Create a door through any wall
Open Baye (••••) - Open a door to the Twilight
Shift Threshold (•••••) Open a doorway from any door to any other anywhere in the world
Catteveria Sangiovanni Chosen p71
Mortician's Appraisal (•) - Detect corpses and gain information from them
Shuffling Porter (••) ●+ Rise mindless zombies
Ectoplasmic Manifestation (•••) Heal undead
The Predator's Bequest (••••) ●+ Empower risen corpses
Ultimo Respiro (•••••) Damage undead
Chorozon Therion BB p126
Consolamentum - - Reduce chances of degeneration
Convenenza - - Ease riding the wave
Endura - - Increase other's humanity for acting in daylight
Reconsolatio - - Increase other's humanity for torpor duration
Constance Icarians LS p178
Constance (• to •••••) increase Resolve pool
Courtoisie Spina Invictus p189
Clarity of Intention (•) - Remove total minuses by announcing attack. -1 is negated per success.
The Importance of Conversation (••) substitute social attributes for physical, or get +1
Fair Warning, Fairly Given (•••) increase defense
Penalty of Discourtesy (••••) - steal Willpower
Barbed Words (•••••) damage target with quips
Crochan Bron Legendary p18
Swift Flow of the Blood (•) Increase blood expenditure for healing
Blight of the Fisher King (••) Impede vampire's healing
Bitter Humours (•••) ●+ Corrupt vampire's healing
Restauration of the Maimed (••••) ●●+ Regenerate limbs
Stolen Blood, Stolen Life (•••••) Steal blood at distance
Despond Children of Judas Legendary p47
Self Doubt (•) Inflict the target with feeling of failure
Doomed to Fail (••) Push the victim to failure
Dark Night of the Soul (•••) Engage the victim into self-destruction
Melancholy (••••) ○ or ○○ Inflict victim with depressed derangement
The Earth Rejects Thee (•••••) O○ Embrace of suicidees' corpse
Domus Malocusians Invictus p192
The Web Trembles (•) - sense intruders
The Web Speaks (••) sense everything
Loyal Web (•••) ●+ bonus to Physical and Social rolls, penalize intruders
The Spider's Cocoon (••••) ●○ combine with the haven
The Living Web (•••••) ●●○ change haven to grant bonuses, store blood
Embrocation Qedeshah Hidden p112
Masaha "To Anoint" (•) Grant force of will
Lebhonah "White Incense" (••) Calm everyone in the vicinity
Mashkeh "To Drink" (•••) Heal other's wounds
Berith "The Covenant" (••••) Create an empatic link by blood
Taharah "Ritual Purity" (•••••) Sanctify a place
Essentiaphagia Dragolescu Ordo p179
Hunger for Essentia (•) - See ghosts and haunts
Draw Ectoplasm (••) - Gain Vitae and Willpower from ectoplasm
Essentia Diffusion (•••) EE or E●● Mimic ghost's numina
Mnemophagia (••••) EEEE○ Gain skill known by ghost in life
Ghost Consumption (•••••) EEEEE○ Merge with a ghost
Eupraxia Tismanu Ordo p184
Blessing of Eupraxia (•) - Grant additional willpower use to others
Absolve the Man (••) - Temporary cure of derangements
Grace of Eupraxia (•••) Protect others from supernatural powers
Refuge of Forbidance (••••) Protect a place from intrusion
Exorcise the Beast (•••••) ○+ Soothe or rouse other's beast
Getsumei Burakumin VTR p250
Moonlit Preservation (•) Preserve corpse from decay
Crow's Harvest (••) - Vision of the last thing a corpse has seen before his death
Corpse Skin (•••) Gain armor from dead flesh
Channel of Hasu-ko (••••) Create tiny automaton from corpse pieces
Convocation of Hotoke (•••••) ●○+ Raise dead bodies
Gilded Cage Architects of the Monolith Hidden 35
Paths of the Prey (•) Successes on this ritual grant a bonus to feeding that night
Red Light (•) Increase the time a victim takes to traverse a city.
Green Light (••) Speeds the caster's speed when traveling through a city.
Aura of the Monolith (••) Color a building with an emotion; gain bonus dice on Social rolls employing this emotion.
Gather the Herd (•••) Gather at least 100 mortals to an area.
Eye of the Pyramid (•••) Caster can see and hear everything that transpires within and near a building.
Lock the Gilded Cage (••••) Makes a designated victim completely unable to escape from the city.
Metropolis of the United Diagram (•••••) Teleport instantaneously anywhere within a city.
Gustus Macellarius Legendary p100
Pound of Flesh (•) ○+ Gain Vitae by eating flesh
Gorge (••) Store additional Vitae
Befoul (•••) Poison food
Disgorge (••••) ●+ Vomit acidic blood
Puissance of Flesh (•••••) ●● Gain attributes and skills of the eaten victim
Hypnagogia Usiri AB 163
The Void (•) Protect a torpored fellow's memories
Overwrite (••) Overwrite a memory of the user's chosen in a torpored subject
The Realm Between (•••) Fills a target with bliss, causing penalties to hostile actions and a resistance to frenzy
Spirit Guide (••••) ○● Learn one truthful answer to a question from a torpored subject
Tabula Rasa (•••••) ○● Erase the memory of a torpored subject completely
Impurity Deucalion Carthians p184
Feeble Shadow (•) Inflict Mekhet weakness
Outcast Haunt (••) Inflict Nosferatu weakness
Depraved Succubus (•••) Inflict Daeva weakness
Stupid Savage (••••) Inflict Gangrel weakness
Mad Lord (•••••) ○○ Inflict Ventrue weakness
Insomnium Alucinor Hidden p15
Dream of the Many (•) Read distant dreams
Lucid Dreaming (••) Enter and change other's dreams
Chain of the Enslumbered Mind (•••) Dazzle target as if just waking
Blissfull Sleep (••••) Force sleep
Travails of Morpheus (•••••) Harm people through dreams
Institutionalize Morotrophians Hidden p73
Hall of Power (•) - Gain insight of social dynamics into the Institution
Social Censure (••) Forcce others to follow the rules of the institution
Off Limits (•••) Create wards into the Institution
Panopticon (••••) See everything into the Institution
Lord of the Manor (•••••) Gain control of the building
Kamen Sotoha Invictus p199
Tatemae (•) - Hide feelings
The Fitting Time (••) - Delay frenzy
The Wave is the Man (•••) - Remain calm when Riding the Wave
Face of the Moment (••••) - Fit any social situation
Masking the Beast (•••••) - Remain calm and in control during frenzy
Kingjan California Xiao Chosen p91
Degradation (•) - Break victim's confidence, unless the Xiao is present
Mortify (••) - Ashame victim of his desire
Kiss of Oblivion (•••) Drain emotions
Wave of Apathy (••••) Deny the victim of his inner strength
Blessed Detachment (•••••) Destroy emotions
Licencieux Duchagne Chosen p42
Intime (•) - Inspire past emotions
La Touche Illusoire (••) Create the illusion of a touch of hand
Douleur Agréable (•••) Inflict pain or pleasure
Insensate (••••) Inflict sensory deprivation
Jardin d'Agrément (•••••) Create an overwhelming illusion
Linagem Corajoso AB 102
Affinity for Blood (•) - Grant bonus to taste for blood ties and a penalty to resist Viniculum from the character
Sanguine Secrets (••) After consuming Kindred blood, learn about others they have ties with
Binding Ties (•••) - When gaining a bonus due to blood ties, gain a bonus equal to Linagem dots instead
Blood Lies (••••) Send a false Blood Sympathy message to a nearby subject
Distant Mastery (•••••) Extends distance of Dominate and Animalism, and allows blood tied others to be used as relay points
Lithopedia Család Sinners 118
Lair of the Beast (•) Clash with the Predator's Taint with all Kindred in your dominion
Taste the Land (••) Remotely perceive anyone within your dominion, or feel the mood of the general populace.
The Lord's Ire (••) Modify the mood of all within the dominion, or specific individuals.
Territory's Mark (•••) Gain an equipment bonus to one skill, based on a chosen building within the dominion.
Kin to the Land (•••) All Kindred within your dominion count as relatives for the purpose of Disciplines.
Tie to the Land (••••) Temporarily advance the Viniculum to you in all within your dominion.
Savant of the Land (•••••) Remotely feed Vitae to anyone within your dominion, with all the possible side effects.
Memento Mori Osites LS p178
Twilight Sight (•) See ghosts
Consult with the Dead (••) Speak with corpses
Brush of Death (•••) Inflict aggravated damage with touch
Blood from Bone (••••) Steal vitae or knowledge from corpses
Necrosis (•••••) Damage targets
Meminisse Mnemosyne Mehket 104
Create Ties (•) - Drink the blood of a vampire and gain ties as if they were family
Dipping in the Pool (••) - Gain a bonus on a mental skill check based on the number of nearby blood-tied vampires or tasted mortal vessels
Sever Ties (•••) Permanently sever a blood-tie created by Create Ties, or temporarily suppress a natural one
The Exchange of Things Past (••••) Exchange memories with a blood-tied vampire or tasted mortal vessel
The Thief of Minds (•••••) Wipe away all memory and self-identity from a victim, for a time
Mimetismo Baddacelli Chosen p32
Certain Sounds (•) - Locate people and objects by sound
Impersonation (••) Mimic any human voice
Cacophony (•••) Mimic any sound
Echolocation (••••) "See" by sound
Aural Assault (•••••) Sound attack
Mortualia Libitinarius Ordo p188
Exsuscito (•) Wake torpid vampires quickly
Internuntio (••) Telepathically communicate with torpid vampires
Autum (•••) ○● Allow torpid vampire to consume prepared blood
Munimen (••••) Physically protect torpid vampire
Reminiscor (•••••) Allow torpid vampire to retain capacity above his blood potency
Nahdad Nepheshim LS p182
Wanderer's Sense - - Increase survival
One Thousand Havens - - Find suitable havens
Stomach of the Starved - - Feed from animal blood
Nburu Adroanzi AB 109
Silent Passage (•) Become silent when walking on soil
Defiled Presence (••) Kill areas of plants or insects
Synthesis (•••) ●+ Meld with a plant, similar to Haven of Soil
Hungry Swarms (••••) ●/t Summons and commands a hostile swarm of vermin
Dark Spirit of the Forest (•••••) When Synthesis is in use, my instantly teleport to any other plant visible
Nepenthe Anvari Hidden p26
Fragrance of the Hal Gil (•) - Sense narcotics
Inflict the Empty Soul (••) Stop drug effects
Crave the Caress (•••) Induce drug addiction
Kiss of the Hal Gil (••••) Inflict drug effects
Blessed Drowning (•••••) Inflict overdose
Obtenebration Khaibit Hidden p64
Night Sight (•) See through complete darkness and see twilight entities
Shadow Play (••) Manipulate shadows
Shroud of Night (•••) Increase ambient darkness
Perambulam in Tenebris (••••) Teleport from shadow to shadow
Shadow Form (•••••) Become a shadow
Ortam Gulikan Legendary p75
Essence Vitae Absolute (• to •••••) ●+ Create Discipline-imbued perfume
Perfidy Invictus p196
Sweeten Sin (•) Inspire base actions in accordance with vice
Indiscretion (••) Target reveals all they know about another
Familiarity Fear (•••) Induce fear of a specific associate
Passion Fugue (••••) ●○ Subject loses emotional ties
Animus (•••••) ●○ Reverse subject's loyalties
Phagia Noctuku Chosen p51
Gnashing Maw (•) - Gain vitae from flesh
Rasping Flesh (••) - Drink blood by skin
Bloody Cache (•••) Keep flesh fresh to eat later
Mortal Balm (••••) Create protective coat from his victim's skin
Blood Compulsion (•••••) Draw blood to the user
Ralab Asnâm CotC p189
Pact of Allure (•) Exchange Presence with a mortal
Haven of Flesh (••) Merge into own ghoul
The Infinite Chalice (•••) Feed ghouls at long distance
Of Will Undivided (••••) Grant or drain Willpower from a ghoul
Unholy Avatar (•••••) O●x5 Reincarnate within a child when destroyed
Sakti Pata Amara Havana AB 50
Halahala (•) ○●+ Poison own blood with a lethal toxin.
Gift of Indra (••) ○L Conjure a weapon made of blood, or a shield to block an attack
Rudra's Blessing (•••) Enhance the amount of Vitae that may be spent per turn for healing only
Durga's Kiss (••••) Draw Vitae from rain
Yama's Bonifice (•••••) Transfer consciousness to a rolling pool of Vitae
Scourge Mortifiers of the Flesh LS p182
Penitence Through Pain (•) - Regain Willpower
Share Pain (••) Shift wound penalties around
Endure Pain (•••) - Ignore wound penalties
Weakness of Flesh (••••) Expand wound penalty boxes on target
Know Pain (•••••) Debilitate target
Serendipity Zelani Carthians p188
Turn of Phrase (•) - Gain social inspiration
Guided Steps (••) Increase reaction time
Perfect Timing (•••) (●) Help temporizing actions
Prescience (••••) Gain skill insight
Stars in Alignment (•••••) ○○● Motion harmony
Shihai Kuufukuji Legendary p87
Roots of the Earth (•) Meditate to resist Wassail
Sate the Tiger's Hunger (••) Resist Wassail by taking damages
Trap the Tiger's Fury (•••) Resist Frenzy by taking damages
The Outside Eye Within (••••) Learn target Vice and Virtue
Calm the Stalking Tiger (•••••) Resist other's Frenzy by taking damages
Spiritus Sancti Mystikoi AB p132
Embracing the Invisible Other (•) Ride the wave, even when it would not normally be possible to do so
Eyes of the Inner Archon (••) ●○ Ride the wave, and be able to see into the Twilight
In the Presence of the Holy Spirit (•••) ●○ Speak with Twilight entities, but lose the ability to speak physically for the duration
Communion with the Higher Realms (••••) ●○ Go unconscious for a time, but awaken with prophetic visions
Accepting the Mantle of the Divine (•••••) ●○○ Grant self a powerful blessing, but are frenzied for the duration.
Stigmatica Gethsemani Hidden p54
The Scourging (•) Gain stamina from the blood of a scourging stigmata
Palms of Blood (••) Gain strength from the blood of a palm stigmata
The Dolorous Nail (•••) Gain dexterity from the blood of a feet stigmata
Crown of Thorns (••••) Gain composure from the blood of a head stigmata
Spear of Longinus (•••••) Gain blood potency from the blood of a spear stigmata
Sublunario Dead Wolves Shadows of Mexico 104
Sublunario (•+) ●(●) Grants many bonuses and powers for interacting with the Uratha
Suikast Azerkatil Ordo p192
Will against Wyrm (•) Resist Rotschreck and Predator Taint frenzy
Serene Ferocity (••) - Help riding the wave
Taste of the Dragon (•••) Help track harmed vampires
The Dragon's Own Fire (••••) Transform own blood into potent acid
Burn the Dragon's Blood (•••••) Inflict Vitae loss
Sunnikuse Bohagande Hidden p43
Jinx (•) Brief luck leeching
Evil Eye (••) Curse target
Calamity (•••) Curse through personal possessions
Twist of Fate (••••) Alter degree of success
Gift of the Crow (•••••) Gain great amount of luck
Taurobolium Galloi Legendary p60
Taurobolium (• to •••••) ●+ Increase Presence and Manipulation
Tenure Annunaku Invictus p202
Whispers of the Chamber (•) (●) Find target within the territory
Home Ground (••) (●) Alter environment modifiers
Voice of the Castle (•••) (○) Precise awareness of the territory
Watching the Bounds (••••) - Detect use of supernatural powers within the territory
Master of the Desmene (•••••) ●(○) Alter environment modifiers anywhere in the territory
Tezcatl Nahualli Hidden p85
Conciliation (•) - Prevent effect of Predator Taint
Life's Reflection (••) Give the Blush of Life, and prevent social penalties from Humanity
Focus the Aspect (•••) Intensify one subject's emotion
The Smoking Mirror (••••) Enter controlled anger frenzy
The Show The Carnival Legendary p34
Geek Trick (•) Ignore pain
Contortion (••) Flex body in impossible ways
Spider Crawl (•••) Wall Walking
Rubber Skin (••••) Squeeze or stretch body
Siamese Twin (•••••) Fusion flesh with another vampire
Web Lynx Invictus p207
Scan (•) Gain insight of the network's relationship
Link (••) ●+ Increase a relationship as if a blood ties exist
Insert/Delete (•••) Add/remove a target into a network, creating formal relationship
Edit (••••) Color a relationship within a network
Extrapolate (•••••) Use previous power through the network
Xinyao Tianpàn Xiao Chosen p101
Clear the Path (•) - Ease social relations with mortals
Stoke the Flames (••) Outburst passions in the victim
Sympathetic Call (•••) Summon people who share the same emotional state as the Xiao
Guiding the Conflagration (••••) Direct the passions of a crowd
Shackle the Soul (•••••) Redirect any emotional impulse to the victim
Zagovny Vedma Ordo p195
Eye of Blood (•) See through the subject's eyes
Witch Cloak (••) Visually merge with the background
Witch Gaze (•••) Curse subject
Blood Minions (••••) ●+ Create animal minions from blood
Flight of the Warlock (•••••) Teleport to a Blood Minion's location

O = Willpower Dot L = Lethal wound E = Ectoplasm

Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item