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Disciplines, Bloodline (2nd Edition)

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Bloodline Disciplines

Name Rank Cost Dice Pool Description
Cachexy Morbus DEC 112-113
Diagnose Intelligence + Medicine + Cachexy Sense carriers of disease.
Contaminate •• None Render a space a contagion vector for a given disease.
Inflame ••• Wits + Survival + Cachexy - Stamina Inflict penalties by exacerbating a disease's symptoms.
Plague-Bearer •••• ●/turn Intelligence + Medicine + Cachexy Quickly infect nearby victims with a given disease.
Accelerate Disease ••••• Wits + Survival + Cachexy - Stamina Inflict lethal damage by worsening even a mild sickness.

Bloodline Devotions

Devotion Prerequisites XP Cost Description
Obtenebration Khaibit Onyx Path blog
Udjat - - - / ● You can see in total darkness and can't be blinded by injury or supernatural imposition. Spend Vitae to perceive beings in Twilight for one scene, during which you can't be possessed by strix.
Tyet Vigor •• 2 ●+ Expel darkness out for your Blood Potency times Vitae spent, in yards. You can shape the cloud of shadow, including preexisting shadows within the space of the cloud.
Pseshkf Vigor •• 2 ●+ Coat an object in frozen darkness. Add Blood Potency to its Durability and Vitae spent to its Structure. Coated weapons add one to their weapon rating against physical targets, and apply a weapon rating equal to your Blood Potency to the noncorporeal. You can wield a coated object at a distance through the Tyet, even while immaterial through the Ba.
Ba Obfuscate •• 2 ●●● Grasp a shadow large enough to contain you and don it, becoming darkness yourself. You're treated as a being in Twilight, able to touch (and be touched by) anything else in Twilight. Half your Speed and, whenever you're hurt, take an extra two lethal damage in this state. The Ba offers no protection against fire or sunlight.
Iteru Celerity •• 2 Slip reflexively into a shadow and back out of any contiguous shadow. Once per scene, using the Iteru can grant the rote quality to a Dodge.

Bloodline Merits

Style Rating Maneuver Description
Kerberos Onyx Path blog
The Three Heads of Kerberos This is actually three Style Merits which can be purchased separately, one for each aspect of the Beast: monstrous, competitive, and seductive.
Honing When you lash out with this aspect of the Predatory Aura, add your dots in this Merit as bonus dice.
•• Internalizing You can voluntarily take on the aspect's corresponding Condition (Bestial, Competitive or Wanton).
••• Cowing When you lash out with this Merit's aspect, you can substitute a form of the Subservient Condition that applies to commands in line with the aspect.
•••• Striking When your actions touch a victim, you can spend Willpower to reflexively lash out with this Merit's aspect.
••••• The Fires of Hell When you lash out with this Merit's aspect, you can target a number of victims up to your Blood Potency. This is compatible with Striking, but the vector action must touch upon each victim.

Bloodline Gifts

Bloodline Gift Description Book
Kerberos Hounds of Hell When you inflict the Predatory Aura, increase the dice bonus to pursue your aspect of the Beast to your Blood Potency. Onyx Path blog
Neglatu Agah Easily create and sustain a brood of revenants. Onyx Path blog
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item