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Disciplines, Coils of the Dragon (2nd Edition)

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Name Rating Description Book
Coils of the Dragon
Mystery of the Ascendant
Surmounting the Daysleep Ignore the call of daysleep when the Blush of Life is active. VTR 2e 155
The Warm Face •• The Blush of Life lasts a full day. VTR 2e 156
Conquer the Red Fear ••• Fire and sunlight don't provoke frenzy. VTR 2e 156
Peace with the Flame •••• Take lethal damage from fire when the Blush of Life is active. Resilience reduces this damage to bashing. VTR 2e 156
Sun's Forgotten Kiss ••••• Feed the Blush of Life with Vitae to pass under sunlight as if your Blood Potency were reduced. VTR 2e 156
Mystery of the Quintessence
Forever Mine Claim a domain you've been a presence in for a hundred years. Sense Kindred feeding or killing in your domain without permission. You may lash out at them remotely with the Predatory Aura. TY 81
Home Turf •• Residents of your domain must spend Willpower to resist your feeding. TY 81
Smother ••• Suppress the natural ignition of fires in your domain. +1 to resist or contest supernatural flames there, and spend three Vitae to exert a Clash of Wills to extinguish them. TY 82
In the Motherland's Arms •••• Apply half your Blood Potency as a supernatural Safe Place and Haven effect when sleeping within your domain. In a Haven, add +1 each to the effective Merit ratings. TY 82
Fingers on a Dead Pulse ••••• Spend Vitae to intuit a domain resident's Vice and ignominious Conditions. Experience blood sympathy visions tied to your domain as a whole. TY 82
Mystery of the Voivode
Taste of Fealty Your blood becomes the focus of an addiction twice as powerful as normal. VTR 2e 158
Into the Fold •• Form blood sympathy through the Vinculum. VTR 2e 158
Call to Serve ••• Share more Vitae to advance the Vinculum multiple steps at once. VTR 2e 158
Voivode Undisputed •••• Deny blood sympathy bonuses to target you with Disciplines, and add them to contest bonding and your thralls' Predatory Auras. VTR 2e 158
The Vast Dynasty ••••• The Embrace risks but no longer guarantees detachment. VTR 2e 158
Mystery of the Wyrm
Stir the Beast Spend Willpower to enter a directed frenzy. VTR 2e 157
Beast's Hunger •• During frenzy, use Kindred Senses and the Predatory Aura as if your Blood Potency were increased by your dots in this Coil. VTR 2e 157
Leash the Beast ••• Ride the wave without spending Willpower, with a bonus from dots in this Coil. VTR 2e 157
Beast's Power •••• Lock an oncoming frenzy to last until its goal is complete to add Blood Potency to your Defense, Health, and Speed during the frenzy. VTR 2e 157
Eternal Frenzy ••••• During frenzy, don't fall torpid from damage. When you end a scene in a frenzy, choose whether to extend it into the next. VTR 2e 157
Mystery of Zirnitra
Opening the Third Eye Each dot in this Coil unlocks access to a mortal Supernatural Merit, which must be fed with Vitae and risk dramatic failure. SotC 200
Unleash the Mind •• Willpower costs for Supernatural Merits don't count for your per-turn Willpower use. SotC 200
Embolden Potential ••• Supernatural Merits cost fewer experiences and no Vitae, and may be enhanced with Physical Intensity. SotC 200
The Dragon's Breath •••• Supernatural Merits no longer court dramatic failure, and Willpower can be spent for extra bonus dice. SotC 200
Ascendancy ••••• Suffer aggravated damage to grant the rote quality to a Supernatural Merit. Supernatural Merits no longer need to be unlocked by Coil dots. SotC 200
Mystery of Ziva
Denying the Bane Banes aside from fire and sunlight treat your Humanity as increased by dots in this Coil. SotC 201
Buttress the Soul •• Spend Vitae for a bonus against detachment. SotC 201
Enliven the Anima ••• Spend Willpower to take Raptured instead of a detachment Condition. SotC 201
Embracing the Banes •••• Callous your Humanity with up to your Willpower in banes. SotC 201
Shedding the Beast's Skin ••••• Spend Willpower to shed your vampiric skin, temporarily becoming a living mortal. SotC 201
Scales of the Dragon
Mystery of the Ascendant
Day-Wake Conditioning Use directed insomnia to invert a subject vampire's circadian rhythm. VTR 2e 156
Flesh Graft Treatment •••• Soak skin grafts in human blood to enhance a subject's ability to heal through Vitae. VTR 2e 156
Epidermal Shielding Bath ••••• Submerge a subject vampire in an alchemical bath of blood and reagants to shield them from sunlight as if they possessed higher Humanity. VTR 2e 156
Mystery of the Quintessence
Cold of the Grave ••• Mix a tithe of local Kindred's Vitae with your own and a slurry of ground corpses to share Smother with resident Kindred. TY 82
Codependency ••••• Bury ghouls alive across your domain, anointed with Vitae, to attune the domain to your Aspirations subconsciously and share Fingers on a Dead Pulse with resident Kindred. TY 82
Mystery of the Voivode
Blood Cleansing Ritual Wash a subject of the blood bond with blood and viscera. VTR 2e 158
Sanguinary Invigoration •• Inject a living vessel with an alchemical solution of your blood to permit vampires to feed from the vessel as if at lower Blood Potency. VTR 2e 159
Fealty's Reward ••• Ritually drain and feed a thrall to transform them into a proprietary ghoul for a year. VTR 2e 159
Mass Embrace ••••• Exsanguinate a roomful of people and mix their blood with your own to raise all of them as hungry vampires. VTR 2e 159
Mystery of the Wyrm
Kindred Sense Endowment •• Apply a compound of blood and bone to a mortal subject, imbuing them with temporary Kindred Senses. VTR 2e 157
Augmented Vitae Draught •••• Draw your Vitae out into sterilized equipment to store Physical Intensity in it for mortal drinkers. VTR 2e 157
Surgical Heart Removal ••••• Bypass a vampire subject's circulatory system. The heartless vampire cannot feed, but is immune to staking and may regenerate so long as their heart is intact. VTR 2e 158
Mystery of Zirnitra
Psychic Lobotomy Surgically damage a subject's brain. They lose any Supernatural Merits, but add your dots in the Coil of Zirnitra to resist mental probing or influence. SotC 200
Grafting Unholy Flesh •••• Graft a supernatural being's body part onto a vampire or ghoul subject to steal the use of one of the being's powers. SotC 200
Mystery of Ziva
Bleed the Sin •• Maintain a subject drained of blood to offer them a discount on a dot of an Integrity trait. SotC 201
Siphon the Soul ••• Nearly diablerize a vampire subject to consume a dot of the subject's Humanity. SotC 202
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item