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Disciplines, Crúac (1st Edition)

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•-dot Rituals
Balancing the Four Humors Renders the caster immune to dice penalties from environmental hazards for one night. Nomads p93
Blood Witness Requires the expenditure of extra Vitae, which must be smeared about an area; for one day per extra vitae spent, may remotely observe the area from the spilled blood. Coteries p84
Boyar's Caul Grants an image of a subject of interest, which helps with locating or identifying them in the future. Chosen 113
Confidence in Adversity Caster loses 10-Again on all rolls, but regains one Willpower at the end of the scene. CotC 204
Drops of Destiny Generates a cryptic prophecy. CotC 204
Fires of Inspiration For one night, add Crúac to all Craft or Expression rolls to create art, but penalizes rolls to create anything else. CotC 204
Genius Loci Curse an area, penalizing all social rolls except Intimidate. Mehk 107
Pangs of Proserpina If successful at the activation roll (which is contested), subject is overcome with hunger and must feed, be they kindred, mortal, or other. VtR p143
Pythian Renewal If successful at the activation roll (which is resisted), the subject appears to grow twenty years younger for a number of hours. CotC 205
Rigor Mortis If successful at the activation roll (which is resisted), the victim (which must be a vampire) suffers a penalty equal to the successes on their next physical action. VtR p143
Taste of Knowledge Used during feeding, this ritual allows the caster to learn one secret of immediate importance to the victim. CotC 204
Visage of the Crone If successful at the activation roll (which is resisted), the subject appears to age ten years for a number of hours. CotC 204
••-dot Rituals
Amemet's Pursuit If successful at the activation roll (which is contested), the next time the subject attempts to flee from the caster they instead approach. Mehk 107
Barrier of Blood Blood must be applied to doors and other portals; for 24 hours, vampires with less blood potency than the caster cannot voluntarily cross the barrier without suffering damage. Coteries p84
Cheval If successful at the activation roll (which is resisted), the victim's senses may be shared by the caster at will for one night per success. VtR p143
Harai Blesses a mortal subject whom the caster has recently drunk from, healing them or potentially reversing a morality loss. CoC 153
Hawthorn Barrier Creates an invisible barrier through which no vampire with lower blood potency may pass, lasting for several minutes. Chosen 114
Heliolater's Warning, The Adds to all Wits pools to wake up in response to sunlight, and to the humanity roll to how long to stay awake, for one night. Nomads 93
Hydra's Vitae, The Transform's the caster's vitae into a poison, which inflicts lethal damage on mortals and vampires who attempt to consume it. VtR p143
Imperious Call Summon and manifest a particular spirit. CotC 201
Maiden Skin Grants armor against attacks that would break the skin equal to activation successes. CotC 205
Path of Thorns Creates a field surrounding the caster, any entering it suffer damage from spiritual thorns, which lasts for several turns. The caster is not able to pass this barrier unaffected. CotC 205
Prey's Blood Gain significant bonuses to track a mortal, or penalized ones to track Kindred. Gang 116
Soul's Work Invest Willpower points into a work of art, which may later be used to perform an action that corresponds to the art form. CotC 206
Succulent Buboes Transfer Vitae from within the body into lymph nodes, potentially storing Vitae well above what Blood Potency would allow. CotC 206
Wisdom of the Soul Enter a trance and create a prophetic work of art; may later re-roll any one roll that night. CotC 206
•••-dot Rituals
Beloved Deodand Bonds the caster to a former instrument of murder; each time the object is used in an act of violence again, the caster steals Vitae. CotC 206
Deflection of Wooden Doom Caster becomes immune to staking for one night VtR p144
Final Service of the Slave Sacrifice a Retainer, losing the merit; gain temporary increases to attributes or skills the Retainer possessed for several nights, or permanently increase one attribute or skill. CotC 206
Flower of Demeter May use this ritual to grow a flower fed by mortal blood; inspires all Kindred in its presence, granting a bonus to Craft and Expression. Swallowing the flower grants 24 hours of the blush of life. Coteries p85
Hand of Seth, The Drives a possessing spirit of a body. Mehk 107
Mother's Blessing, The A special ritual of the Yagnatia bloodline, this ritual is the only method through which they may Embrace another. Chosen 112
Rain Modify the weather in a region, potentially inflicting penalties to relevant rolls. CotC 207
Servant from the Hidden Realms Creates Essence, for the purpose of compelling a spirit to comply with commands. CotC 201
Song of the Blood Strengthens blood ties for one night, such that relatives can sense through them at any distance. Nomads 93
Taste of Destiny Gain insight into a future event; when the prophesied event comes to pass, regain the first three Willpower spent on rolls that do not succeed. CotC 207
Tiamat's Offering Brutal ritual which can create a homunculus servant. CotC 207
Tickblood Cause a mortal to generate an increased quantity of Vitae over the next few days. Gang 116
Touch of the Morrigan Charges the caster's hand with lethal energies, can do a one-shot discharge with a touch, inflicting activation successes in lethal damage. Expires if not used within a few hours. VtR p144
Veiled Curse Curses a mortal with the contempt of spirit kind. CotC 202
••••-dot Rituals
Blade of Tu'At Imbues a blade with the ability to inflict aggravated damage to ghosts and spirits, both immaterial and when in Twilight. Mehk 107
Bleeding the Tarantula Creates a shadowy spiritual spider which watches over and protects the caster while they sleep. The venom of the creature is deadly to mortals, and drains Kindred of their Vitae. Nomads 93
Blood Price If successful at the activation roll (which is contested), the subjected Kindred mystically has a third of all Vitae received from feeding transferred to the caster for one night. VtR 144
Eternal Guardian of the Dark Moon Links the caster and a spirit, with the latter protecting the former, gaining power from Vitae spent. CotC 202
Eye of the Norn Reveal who the caster most needs to confront at this time, gaining 8-Again on all rolls against the antagonist when confronted. CotC 208
Fount of Wisdom If successful at the activation roll (which is resisted), the caster may acquire skills from a feeding victim, which slowly fade over several nights. CotC 208
Mask of Blood If successful at the activation roll (which is resisted), the caster may steal the form of a feeding victim, which last until sunrise. CotC 209
Sacrifice of Odin Cut off a part of the body, inflicting aggravated damage; until the caster regenerates this damage, they gain significantly increased benefits from using Willpower. CotC 209
Thrashing of Apep's Coils, The Conjures sudden extreme weather. Mehk 107
Willful Vitae Caster becomes immune to increased Viniculum or blood addiction for one night. VtR p145
•••••-dot Rituals
A Child from the Stones Create a gargoyle, or deactivates another caster's creation. CotC 209
As One Sacrificing three victims in three corners of the caster's would be territory, they become a patron god over the region, granting powerful bonuses. CotC 209
Blood Blight If successful at the activation roll (which is contested), the victim takes the activation successes in lethal damage (if mortal) or in lost vitae (if vampire) VtR p145
Crone's Renewal Embrace a childe who starts at Blood Potency ••, but drops the caster's potency by one. CotC 211
Curse of the Ahasverus If successful at the contested activation roll, the victim is ruled by their Beast for one night, checking for Predator's Taint at every encounter with another Kindred. Nomads 93
Feeding the Crone The caster's teeth begin to inflict aggravated damage, grappling is no longer necessary to bite, and activation successes are added to bite rolls. Feeding is impossible. VtR p145
Rite of Going Fourth By Day, The After eating the heart of a mortal, may project themselves in broad daylight, walking as a spirit. Mehk 107
Roving Hut May add Crúac dots to the Haven merit for one scene, warping the location in supernatural ways. CotC 211