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Disciplines, Crúac (2nd Edition)

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Rite Target Opposition Description Source
Ban of the Spiteful Bastard 6 - Composure Revenants only. Curse your sire to rise without Vitae for your Potency in nights. HD 78
Mantle of Amorous Fire 5 Dance to exhaustion. Add Crúac as a Presence bonus for the night. SotC 184
Pangs of Proserpina 6 vs Composure + Tolerance A victim up to a mile away suffers feelings of intense hunger, provoking frenzy in Kindred. VTR 2e 152
Pool of Forbidden Truths 5 The caster gains the Primeval Truths Condition and experiences a vision. Roll Wits + Investigation + Crúac to interpret. SotC 184
Rigor Mortis 5 - Composure A vampiric victim within a mile stiffens and suffers a -3 Physical penalty. VTR 2e 152
Cheval 5 - Composure Borrow a touched subject's sight and hearing for the rest of the night. VTR 2e 152
Mantle of the Beast’s Breath 5 Dance to exhaustion. Gain the Raptured Condition and add Crúac as a bonus to ride the wave for the night. SotC 184
Hydra's Vitae 5 Transform blood in your system into a poison causing lethal damage, yielding no Vitae when drank. VTR 2e 152
Shed the Virulent Bowels 6 vs Stamina + Tolerance Use a lock of hair or sympathetic link to hang a curse over a living victim for a month. Trigger the curse to cause enough lethal damage to fill the victim's Health. SotC 185
Curse of Aphrodite’s Favor 6 vs Composure + Tolerance Concoct enough potion for three drops to feed a victim over three nights, inflicting a Vinculum to another chosen subject. SotC 185
Curse of the Beloved Toy 6 Slay a victim and trap their soul in a keepsake of theirs, rendering it a cursed item which expends the sorcerous Vitae to plague owners with dramatic failures. SotC 185
Deflection of Wooden Doom 6 Caster becomes immune to staking for one night. VTR 2e 153
Donning the Beast’s Flesh 7 Flay a beast and craft its skin into a garment. Spend Vitae while wearing the skin to approximate the beast's form. SotC 184
Mantle of the Glorious Dervish 5 Dance to exhaustion. Until sunrise, the caster gains a point of armor against all attacks, cannot be ambushed or surprised, and deals an extra point of damage when striking. SotC 185
Touch of the Morrigan 6 Prepare a deadly touch to inflict Potency in lethal damage within the night. VTR 2e 153
Blood Blight 8 vs Stamina + Tolerance Inflict Potency in lethal damage or Vitae loss by scouring blood, often provoking frenzy. VTR 2e 153
Blood Price 8 vs Composure + Tolerance Steal up to Potency in ingested Vitae from a present vampire or ghoul victim for the night. VTR 2e 153
Bounty of the Storm 10 Consume a precious item to prepare a storm that awaits a crowd to strike, dealing your Crúac in bashing damage to the victim and slaying a third of the rest, leaving behind massive wealth. Risk detachment at Humanity 2. SotC 185
Feeding the Crone 10 Deal aggravated damage with your bite, but ingest no Vitae, until sunrise. End early by spending Vitae. VTR 2e 153
Gorgon’s Gaze 7 Roll Presence + Occult + Crúac – Stamina against the first person to see your eyes, petrifying a fifth of their body per success. Petrified Kindred may heal petrifications as severe damage. SotC 185
Manananggal's Working 8 Elder rite. Dismember yourself, willfully animating the severed body parts independently for the night. Thou 78
Mantle of the Predator Goddess 8 Dance to exhaustion. Add Crúac as a feeding bonus and as bonus Herd dots. Any character fed from gains the Raptured Condition. SotC 186
Quicken the Withered Womb 8 Guarantee fertile conception when coupling for the night. HD 14
Willful Vitae 7 Prevent the onset of blood addiction or the Vinculum for the night. VTR 2e 153
Birthing the God 15 Gather body parts to violently birth an undead flesh-eating god with Size a fifth of the Vitae used, Blood Potency a third of the Vitae, and one Skill rating inherited from each celebrant. Spend used Vitae to assign the god dots of Attributes and Disciplines. SotC 186
Denying Hades 8 Disgorge Vitae and suffer a point of aggravated damage to trap a deceased spirit in its days-old body, hung between life and death. SotC 186
Gwydion's Curse 10 Elder rite. Animate plants and trees for a yard per Potency for the night, which roll your Blood Potency to attack and can spend the rite's Vitae to heal themselves. Thou 78
Mantle of the Crone 10 Dance to exhaustion. For the night, inflict Primeval Truths with your visage, and aggravated damage with your touch. Spend Willpower to transmute objects into animals temporarily. SotC 186
Scapegoat 12 - Resolve Elder rite. Feed the ritual Vitae to a mortal vessel. For one night, the mortal suffers any breaking points or inured banes, not you. Thou 78