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Disciplines, Other (1st Edition)

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Name Rank Cost Dice Pool Description Book
Blood Tenebrous
Pulse of the Invisible (●) None Sense spirit activity and peer into Twilight BoS 124
Blood Is Life •• Strength + Occult + Blood Tenebrous Spill Vitae as a gift of Essence BoS 124
Under the Skin of the World ••• Intelligence + Occult + Blood Tenebrous Cross between the Material Realm and the Shadow at a locus BoS 125
Road from Perdition •••• ○, ●/guest Intelligence + Occult + Blood Tenebrous Cross at a locus, bringing guests BoS 126
Drawing in the Devil ••••• Presence + Persuasion + Blood Tenebrous Temporarily bond with a spirit BoS 126
Sips of Breath Varies Steal breath as Vitae over the course of an hour's stalking Myth 65
Stolen Breaths •• Presence + Socialize
vs Composure + Socialize
Skim breath as Vitae over half an hour Myth 66
Vaulted Lungs ••• (●/●●) None Store more stolen breath. Spend Vitae to temporarily alleviate social dice caps from Humanity Myth 66
Spirit Thief •••• None Use Breath-Drinking in half the time Myth 67
Drink with Thine Eyes ••••• None Drink breath as easily as blood Myth 67
The Fear (○) Presence + Empathy + Dementation
- Composure
Instill fear, aggravating derangements or inspiring frenzy Vent 116
Mad Insight •• Wits + Occult + Dementation Gain a flash of insight, granting a variety of possible bonuses Vent 117
Gaslighting ••• ●+ Presence + Intimidation + Dementation Trigger derangements in others for sustained periods Vent 119
Fractured Mind •••• Manipulation + Empathy + Dementation
- Resolve or Composure
Adapt the mind, conferring a bonus or penalty to a chosen Mental or Social Attribute, or resistance to mental Disciplines Vent 120
Dementia Praecox ••••• Presence + Empathy + Dementation
vs Resolve + Presence
Inflict delusional beliefs Vent 121
The Contagion Principle Wits + Stealth + Detournement
vs Wits + Tolerance
Implant keratin with a touch to track a host Mekh 101
The Pleasure of the Text •• Intelligence + Stamina + Detournement Soak a medium in blood, then digest its contents with the blood Mekh 102
The Eye Behind the Glass ••• ●, 1L Wits + Stamina + Detournement Install a disembodied eye behind a lens and see through it Mekh 102
Face of New Flesh •••• Presence + Medicine + Detournement
- Stamina + Composure
Surgically remove a human face to wear it as your own Mekh 103
The Soul Transplant ••••• Intelligence + Medicine + Detournement Surgically remove or implant the human soul as an organ, or roll Stamina + Composure + Detournement to consume one for Willpower Mekh 103
Praestantia • to ••••• None Add Praestantia to Defense and to use Dexterity with certain Skills, and preemptively abort failed uses of those Skills VII 34
Read Soul Wits + Empathy + Psychogenics
vs Composure + Tolerance
Read Morality by eye contact VII 151
Movement of the Mind •• None Apply Mental Attributes to telekinetic actions VII 152
Psychic Surgery ••• ○● None Operate with bare hands for a scene, adding Psychogenics as a Medicine bonus VII 152
Consume Mind •••• Intelligence + Empathy + Psychogenics
- Resolve + Tolerance
Steal Willpower and surface thoughts VII 152
Psychic Dampering ••••• Intelligence + Intimidation + Psychogenics Penalize the use of mental Disciplines VII 153
Spoiling • to ••••• Stamina + Occult + Spoiling
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Stain a subject with blood to curse their use of a chosen Attribute Ordo 205
Taking the Measure Composure + Investigation + Thanatology Sense beings infused with the energies of death DM 102
Necrophage •• Strength + Occult + Thanatology
vs Stamina + Tolerance
Leech necrotic energies such as Vitae or Plasm by touch DM 102
Purge ••• Stamina + Empathy + Thanatology
vs Stamina + Tolerance
Infuse Vitae by touch as death energies or lethal damage DM 103
Shifting the Scales •••• Stamina + Empathy + Thanatology
vs Stamina + Blood Potency
Temporarily transfer dots of Blood Potency DM 103
Blight ••••• Stamina + Occult + Thanatology
vs Stamina + Tolerance
Burn Blood Potency away, releasing a mass wave of death energies or lethal damage DM 104

Vampire Translation Guide Disciplines

Name Rank Cost Dice Pool Description Book
Ignis Fatuus None Create static illusion that confounds one sense VTG 23
Fata Morgana •• None Create static illusion that confounds all senses VTG 23
Apparition ••• None Make a created illusion move VTG 23
Permanency •••• None Illusion becomes permanent until user dismisses it VTG 23
Horrid Reality ••••• ○○ Manipulation + Subterfuge + Chimerstry
- Composure
Attack and potentially incapacitate with illusory damage VTG 23
Passion Presence + Empathy + Dementation
- Composure
Heighten or dampen a given emotion VTG 23
The Haunting •• Manipulation + Subterfuge + Dementation
- Resolve
Plague with ongoing minor hallucinations VTG 23
Eyes of Chaos ••• (○) Intelligence + Occult + Dementation
- Composure
Learn a subject's Virtue and Vice, or for Willpower, gauge the risks of an action VTG 24
Voice of Madness •••• Manipulation + Empathy + Dementation
vs Resolve + Composure + Tolerance
Inflict blind rage VTG 24
Total Insanity ••••• Manipulation + Subterfuge + Dementation
vs Resolve + Composure + Tolerance
Inflict a severe stack of derangements VTG 24
Shadow Play None Cloak in darkness or distract an opponent VTG 30
Shroud of Night •• Manipulation + Occult + Obtenebration Project blinding, light-extinguishing darkness VTG 30
Arms of the Abyss ••• Manipulation + Occult + Obtenebration Summon shadow tendrils, which may attack independently with Obtenebration×2. VTG 30
Black Metamorphosis •••• ●● Manipulation + Occult + Obtenebration Assume a terrifying inhuman form with tendrils VTG 30
Tenebrous Form ••••• ●●● None Become mobile darkness VTG 30
Silence of Death None Snuff all sound around you VTG 31
Scorpion's Touch •• ●/Size Resolve + Medicine + Quietus Poison an implement with a toxin that penalizes Stamina by your Quietus VTG 31
Dagon's Call ••• ● (○) Stamina + Medicine + Quietus
- Stamina
Mark a subject with a touch to harm them at will thereafter VTG 31
Baal's Caress •••• ●/attack None Inflict aggravated damage with a coated weapon VTG 31
Taste of Death ••••• (●/+2) Stamina + Athletics
- Defense
Spew blood as an aggravated attack at range VTG 31
Eyes of the Serpent Presence + Persuasion + Serpentis
vs Resolve + Composure + Tolerance
Immobilizing gaze VTG 31
Tongue of the Asp •• None Attack and feed with a 2L tongue in close combat, or use it to mitigate blindness VTG 31
The Skin of the Adder ••• None Gain Armor, dislocate jaw, and squeeze through narrow spaces VTG 31
The Form of the Cobra •••• None Become an enormous venomous cobra over the course of three turns VTG 31
The Heart of Darkness ••••• Dexterity + Medicine Remove the vampiric heart, protecting against staking and frenzy VTG 31
Malleable Visage ●/part (○) Dexterity + Crafts + Vicissitude Alter outer appearance VTG 35
Fleshcraft •• Dexterity + Crafts + Vicissitude
- Stamina
Craft flesh to deform, distort, make attractive, or shift physical capabilities VTG 35
Bonecraft ••• Dexterity + (Medicine/Crafts) + Vicissitude
- (Defense/Stamina)
Crush bone and release Vitae, or recraft it in creative ways VTG 35
Horrid Form •••• ●● None Hideous transformation grants +2 to Physical Attributes and +2L bone weaponry VTG 35
Bloodform ••••• None Transmute either body parts or entire body into mobile blood pools VTG 35


Action Cost Dice Pool Book
Thaumaturgy Path Resolve + Occult + Thaumaturgy - Rank VTG 32
Thaumaturgy Ritual Intelligence + Occult + Thaumaturgy VTG 34
Path Rank Cost Description Book
Hands of Destruction
Decay Reduce an object's Durability VTG 33
Gnarl Wood •• (●/50 lbs) Warp deadwood VTG 33
Acidic Touch ••• Attack with aggravated damage by secreting acid VTG 33
Atrophy •••• Cripple a limb, resisted by Stamina VTG 33
Turn to Dust ••••• Inflict decades of aging, resisted by Stamina VTG 34
Lure of Flames
Lure of Flames • to ••••• Ignite fires proportional to Rank VTG 33
Movement of the Mind
Movement of the Mind • to ••••• Lift and move weight proportional to Rank. Levitate with •••, attack with •••• VTG 33
Path of Blood
A Taste of Blood Read the vampiric qualities of blood VTG 32
Blood Rage •• Force Vitae expenditure VTG 32
Blood of Potency ••• Temporarily increase Blood Potency VTG 32
Theft of Vitae •••• Drain Vitae at range, resisted by Defense VTG 32
Cauldron of Blood ••••• Boil blood as aggravated damage, resisted by Stamina VTG 32
Path of Conjuring
Summon the Simpler Form (○/turn) Momentarily conjure a simple object VTG 33
Permanency •• ●● Make lasting conjurations VTG 33
Magic of the Smith ••• ●●●● Conjure lasting, complex objects VTG 33
Reverse Conjuration •••• Dispel conjurations VTG 33
Power Over Life ••••• ●●●●●●●●● Conjure temporary living servants VTG 33
Ritual Rank Cost Description Book
Communicate with Kindred Sire Use a possession of your sire or Avus as a conduit to communicate telepathically VTG 34
Defense of the Sacred Haven Ward sunlight out of a chamber VTG 34
Deflection of Wooden Doom Pre-emptively destroy the next stake that would pierce your heart VTG 34
Devil's Touch Plant a cursed coin to penalize a mortal's Social interactions by -4 VTG 34
Wake with Evening's Freshness Rise when trouble strikes in the daysleep VTG 34
Principal Focus of Vitae Infusion •• Store blood within a disposable vessel VTG 34
Ward vs. Ghouls •• Mark an object to cause its touch to inflict 3L damage to ghouls VTG 34
Incorporeal Passage ••• Use a shattered mirror shard to become insubstantial VTG 35
Pavis of Foul Presence ••• Reflect the use of Majesty to its source until sunrise VTG 35
Bone of Lies •••• ●●●●●●●●●● Force the holder of an ancient human bone to speak honestly VTG 35
Blood Contract ••••• ●● Enforce agreed terms upon the signatories on pain of occult harrowing VTG 35


Action Cost Dice Pool Description Book
Necromancy Ritual Intelligence + Occult + Necromancy VTG 28
Path Rank Cost Dice Pool Description Book
Ash Path
Death Calls to Death Wits + Composure Sense ghostly anchorage VTG 28
Dead Hand •• Wits + Occult + Path Extend perception and reach into Twilight VTG 28
Shroud Mastery ••• Resolve + Occult + Path Alter ghostly manifestation modifiers VTG 28
Ex Nihilo •••• ●○ Stamina + Occult + Path Enter ghostly Twilight VTG 28
The Black Key ••••• ●○○ Manipulation + Occult + Path Create a temporary Underworld Gate VTG 28
Bone Path
Tremens Dexterity + Occult + Path Cause a corpse to jerk and move VTG 27
Apprentice's Brooms •• Wits + Occult + Path Raise corpses to perform simple tasks by rote VTG 27
Shambling Hordes ••• ●/corpse, ○ Wits + Occult + Path Raise corpses capable of following simple battle orders VTG 27
Soul Stealing •••• Resolve + Occult + Path
vs Resolve + Composure
Temporarily dislodge mortal souls, forcing them into Twilight VTG 27
Daemonic Possession ••••• None Implant a ghost into a soulless body VTG 27
Sepulchre Path
Insight Wits + Composure + Path
- Wits
Look into dead eyes to see their last moments of life VTG 25
Summon Soul •• Presence + Occult + Path Use a memento to summon a ghost by name to answer questions VTG 25
Compel Soul ••• (○) Manipulation + Occult + Necromancy
vs Power + Resistance
Temporarily bind a ghost to service VTG 26
Haunting •••• (○) Presence + Occult + Path
vs Power + Resistance
Forcibly bind a ghost to a particular location VTG 26
Torment ••••• Strength + Occult + Path
- Resistance
Inflict lethal damage to a ghost or spirit in Twilight VTG 26
Ritual Rank Cost Description Book
Ashen Caul Smear ash to perceive ghosts in Twilight VTG 29
Call of the Hungry Dead Curse a subject to hear the dead and not the living VTG 29
Eyes of the Grave •• Distress a subject with chronic deathly visions VTG 29
Ritual of the Unearthed Fetter ••• Use a corpse's fingerbone as a compass to find its anchors VTG 29
Cadaver's Touch •••• Cause one of the living to wither like the dead, penalizing Social actions and dulling reflexes VTG 29
Grasp the Ghostly ••••• (○/week) Tithe mass to the Underworld in exchange for a deathly artifact or tool VTG 29
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item