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Disciplines, Theban Sorcery (1st Edition)

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•-dot Rituals
Angel's Touch, The Render's a mortal immune to a vampire's ability to seal bite wounds for one night. RfR 117
Blood Scourge Transmutes some of the caster's Vitae in bloody, scourging whips. VtR 146
Celibacy If the caster succeeds at the resisted activation roll, the subject has the passion normally caused by the Kiss dampened for one night. LS 194
Crown of Thorns If the caster succeeds at the resisted activation roll, bony spurs erupt from the victim's head in a ring, causing minor damage but immense social penalties that persist for several days. LS 194
Hauberk of Blood Imbues some portion of the caster's Vitae with the ability to protect from damage whomever it is painted upon. LS 194
Messenger's Mark Permanently marks one subject as a Legate. Nomads 94
Paladin's Absolution Each success on this rite grants subject a bonus die to a humanity roll when resisting a derangement for a specific predetermined action. Coteries 127
Sinner Song If the caster succeeds at the resisted activation roll, the subject reveals to them their most recent sin worthy of a degeneration roll. LS 196
Theban Inscription Allows the creation of a hidden symbol or message. LS 196
Vitae Reliquary Store vitae from the caster's body in any inanimate object, to be recalled later by any who know it is there. VtR 146
••-dot Rituals
Bird of Sin If the caster succeeds at the resisted activation roll, a phantasmal bird appears, a physical manifestation of the victim's sins. It attacks the victim, with power proportional to the victim's morality. LS 196
Curse of Babel If the caster succeeds at the resisted activation roll, the subject cannot communicate intelligibly through any means for one hour per success or until sunrise, whichever is sooner. VtR 146
Damned Radiance For one scene, the caster is physically transformed in such a way that they may add their Theban Sorcery dots to all Presence rolls, though they suffer penalties to doing anything subtle or covert. LS 197
Forbiddance of Blood Locks the disciplines of a ghoul under Vinculum to the caster. Lasts for one month. Ghouls 37
If the caster succeeds at the contested activation roll, for one scene if the victim speaks any lies beetles swarm from their mouth. VtR 147
Lightning Rod AncMys 71
Prison of Denial If the caster succeeds at the resisted activation roll, for one night the victim can under absolutely no circumstances interact with another designated being. LS 197
Resistance of Discipline Grants the caster or a target a new attempt to resist any active vampiric power that is contested. LS 197
Sanctity Physically transmutes a sealed room for several hours in such a fashion that it grants a die bonus equal to Theban Sorcery to a chosen skill, from the list of Academics, Empathy, Intimidation, Occult, and Persuasion. LS 197
Sanguine Exaltation A small object with a pearl on it is imbued so that, when activated by a Sanctified ritualist, the object is destroyed and the ritualist may add two dice to one Theban Sorcery roll. Costs two vitae. Chi 119
Trap of Slumber The next mortal or ghoul to get within 3 yards of the subject sleeping kindred must save or fall asleep for as long as the subject remains asleep. Lasts until triggered or until subject wakes up. May be cast multiple times (up to subject's Composure) to affect multiple successive targets. Chi 119
Wings of the Seraph Increases the caster's speed by Theban Sorcery * Activation success for a few turns. May be precast and activated later any time during the night. Does not stack with Celerity. Nomads 94
•••-dot Rituals
Anoint the Spear Restores fertility to a male vampire, allowing them to father a Dampyr. Lasts until the "charge" has been used, regardless of how long it takes. NH:WD 155
Blandishment of Sin If the caster succeeds at the contested activation roll, if the victim takes any damage before the end of the night, if the damage is bashing it becomes lethal, or aggravated if the initial damage is lethal. VtR 147
The Blessing of Judas Thomas Allows whoever it is cast on to quickly become acquainted with new surroundings, even if they are very different. RfR 178
Blood Fire For one scene or until depleted, anyone who attacks the caster in melee with lethal or aggravated damage suffers from automatic lethal damage. LS 197
Lash Beyond Death Allows the Kindred subject to perform one final action, determined at the time of casting, before succumbing to torpor or Final Death. The roll is resisted if the subject does not wish to perform the action. LS 198
Legionnaire's Blessing Imbues a single melee or thrown weapon with the ability to grant an attack dice bonus equal to the caster's Theban Sorcery dots, which last for activation success uses or the end of the night. LS 198
Malediction of Despair If the caster succeeds at the contested activation roll, they can declare one particular action that should the victim perform, they are reduced to a chance die. The effect is indefinite until the victim takes the action, though if they suspect a curse they may spend a Willpower point and make a roll to potentially break it. VtR 147
Micah's Hope Imbues a Kindred subject who faces judgement with power to resist. When presented to one who has the power to order punishment or final death, the subject ignores all wound penalties, recovers one point of Willpower, and a temporary boost to Presence, as long as they remain within the accuser's sight. RfR 117
Pharaoh's Paces All looking upon the caster when this ritual is activated cannot look at, interact with, or approach within nine paces the caster for the remainder of the scene. They may attempt to violate this effect by spending willpower and making a roll. LS 198
Sanguine Clarity A suffusion of Vitae in a vampire entering torpor allows it to retain a slightly higher amount of memories from before the sleep. AncMys 72
Scrivener's Eye Digest a large amount of information which may be recalled with perfectly clarity, for a number of months based on Intelligence. Nomads 94
Vision of the Will Imbues an object with the ability to grant a powerful vision to the next person to touch it. This vision entrances its victim for potentially several turns, and can simply impart information or potentially make a Social action upon them. The object waits to deliver its message eternally, and extra Willpower may be spent to allow more than one character to touch and experience the vision. LS 199
Whispers Through Time Places a memory along with Vitae into a reliquary, allowing both to be retrieved at a later time. AncMys 72
••••-dot Rituals
Call of Amoniel For one day, the caster gains the ability to awaken from daysleep if they are disturbed, fully awakened and without needing to roll to stay that way. LS 200
Display of the Beast If the caster succeeds at the resisted activation roll, the subject assumes the form of a terrifying physical manifestation of the inner Beast. Seeing this form invokes fear frenzy in Vampires, drains willpower from mortals, and requires Willpower to muster the courage to attack. LS 200
Forbiddance of Blood Locks the disciplines of any ghoul. Lasts for one month. Ghouls 37
Gift of Lazarus Can reanimate a corpse as a swiftly-deteriorating zombie, as well as command it. VtR 147
Mark of the Damned Can ward a haven with Vitae, inflicting damage on any who attempt to enter with the intent to cause harm to those within. Those aware of the ritual can attempt to deceive it, and the effect gradually deteriorates over successive nights. LS 200
Sacred Haven Wards a small area for a single day, such that no sunlight can enter it. Nomads 95
Song of the Prey The caster plants a thorny bush or flower (the ritual offering), and local kine are drawn to it, where they sit entranced and dreaming, waiting to be consumed without memory of the event. LS 201
Spear of Faith If the caster succeeds at the resisted activation roll, a number of victims up to the caster's dots in Theban Sorcery suffer lethal damage based on the number of successes. LS 201
Stigmata If the caster succeeds at the resisted activation roll, the victim suffers lethal damage (if mortal) or Vitae loss (if Kindred), based on the number of successes. VtR 147
•••••-dot Rituals
Damned's Day Conjures several dark clouds during the day, dramatically reducing the damage caused by sunlight in the area, potentially as low as two bashing/minute with an exceptional success. They persist for twenty minutes per activation success. LS 201
Fires of Vengeance The caster declares a category of sinners to be punished (such as murderers). For a number of turns equal to activation successes, all those within direct sight of the caster who have committed this sin must make a roll to avoid suffering lethal damage, the magnitude of which depending on their morality. LS 202
Imprecation of Sin Ruins and decays an area, and floods it with a chosen vice. All those within the affected area are treated as also possessing the chosen vice, and are increasingly compelled to act on it the longer they stay. LS 203
Martyr's Miracle, The The ritualist must be burning alive, taking aggravated damage. If they can gather sufficent successes to cast this ritual before they perish, they and all allies within sight suffer only lethal damage (bashing on an exceptional success) from fire and sun. RfR 117
Night of Hell If the caster succeeds at the resisted activation roll, a touched sleeping or torpid victim is wracked by tormenting dreams. They lose all Willpower and gain a severe derangement; mortal victims sleep to starvation, and Kindred remain torpid eternally. They can only be woken by inflicting lethal damage, and woken Kindred immediately must roll to resist fear frenzy. The dreamer may gain some glimmer of the caster's identity from their dreams. LS 204
Rain of Blood Triggers a bloody deluge from the sky or ceiling, of intensity chosen by the caster. Inflicts lethal damage on all those the caster wishes to harm, and mortals in the area are nauseated. LS 204
Transubstantiation Transmutes one mundane object into another, potentially even rendering inanimate objects living, or vice versa. The activation roll is contested if the subject is living. VtR 148
Wrathful Judgement Can be charged with multiple points of Willpower, and for each one inflicts aggravated fire damage to the victim. If a personal object of theirs is possessed, can be inflicted on the victim anywhere in the world. Can only affect Kindred or ghouls. VtR 148