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Disciplines, Theban Sorcery (2nd Edition)

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Miracle TN Opposition Sacrament Description Book
Apple of Eden 5 ●, apple Infuse a fruit with Vitae. A human who eats the fruit suffers a breaking point, but distributes bonus dots between Intelligence and Wits and can safely perceive supernatural beings on sight for a matter of days. SotC 194
Blandishment of Sin 5 vs. Resolve + Tolerance Victim's written name Upgrades the next strike of bashing damage against the victim before sunrise to lethal. VTR 2e 153
Blood Scourge 6 Before sunrise, conjure a 2L whip of Vitae for a scene. VTR 2e 153
Marian Apparition 5 vs. Humanity Cloth stained by menstrual blood Bless the cloth. When torn, the cloth induces shame through a sacred vision, causing Kindred to risk detachment more easily for a scene. SotC 194
Revelatory Shroud 5 Shroud Display the face of the last person to touch an object or area. SotC 194
Vitae Reliquary 5 Small object Infuse an object with Vitae for a month, which can be extracted as if feeding. VTR 2e 153
Apparition of the Host 6 vs. Resolve + Tolerance Holly switch Bless the switch for a month. When snapped, the switch terrorizes a victim with angelic phantasms, which can be displayed or hidden from other witnesses. SotC 194
Bloody Icon 6 Statue of a saint Detach from Humanity in a religious reverie wherein the statue weeps Vitae, then crumbles. SotC 195
Curse of Babel 6 - Resolve Tongue Prevent a victim from communicating until sunrise VTR 2e 153
Liar's Plague 5 vs. Resolve + Tolerance Carapace Subject a victim for one scene to a curse of beetles if they lie VTR 2e 153
The Walls of Jericho 6 Horn Mark a horn with the name of a Kindred subject. For a week, blow the horn and roll Presence + Academics + Theban Sorcery to damage inanimate surfaces between you and the subject. SotC 195
Aaron's Rod 8 Rod Bless the rod. When cast, it becomes a serpent which either obeys its wielder or instructions you gave during the blessing. SotC 195
Baptism of Damnation 6 vs Resolve + Tolerance Silver baptismal font Conceives a healthy dhampir child to a participating vampire and mortal. HD 14
Blessing the Legion 6+ Armor Bless the armor with either your Vitae or the subject's. The subject wearing the armor may heal with its Vitae without counting towards per-turn maximums. SotC 195
The Guiding Star 8 Star chart, gold coins Bless the coins. A person carrying a coin may navigate by the stars to an exclusive place of refuge and blood bounty for a matter of nights. SotC 196
Malediction of Despair 13 vs. Resolve + Tolerance Lock of victim's hair Name an action to curse. The victim's next attempt within the month takes a -5 penalty. VTR 2e 154
Miracle of the Dead Sun 6 Silver jewelry Bless the jewelry. When destroyed at the cost of a user's Humanity, the domain is shrouded in rainy night for ten minutes per remaining Humanity dot. SotC 196
Pledge to the Worthless One 8 A contented mortal Swear your soul to Belial for eternity. Choose a deadly sin. Active sinners nourish for twice the Vitae, but those innocent of the sin nourish for half. Always take bonuses as if mid-frenzy. Acquire a familiar, manifest the devil's mark, and lose the benefits of Touchstones. SotC 196
The Rite of Ascending Blood 7 Baptismal font filled with Vitae Harrowing mortification rebirths a revenant as the Kindred childe of a participating sire. Her Humanity returns to 7, her Disciplines are refunded, and she may instantly spend the experiences on appropriate purchases, including clan Disciplines and Blood Potency. HD 78
Blandishment of Sin 8 vs. Resolve + Tolerance Victim's written name Upgrades the next strike of lethal damage against the victim before sunrise to aggravated. VTR 2e 153
Curse of Isolation 15 vs Resolve + Tolerance Edged weapon Elder miracle. Strip a vampire of their bond to a present Touchstone, stealing the Touchstone for your own use. Thou 79
Gift of Lazarus 8 Communion wafer Raise a fresh corpse as a dead servant for a month. VTR 2e 154
Great Prophecy 8 Saint's body part Issue a prophecy to a group of people, foretelling the thrust of their fate within the month, and how it can be averted. SotC 196
Stigmata 5 - Stamina Crucifix Curse a victim to temporarily bleed from stigmatic wounds, causing lethal damage or sapping Vitae. VTR 2e 154
Trials of Job 10 - Resolve Ox or ram horn Curse a victim to suffering, failure, abandonment, and sickness for a night per Potency. DE2 339
Apocalypse 10+ Ancient text Exposes signs of supernatural beings' true nature for a week, disrupting obfuscatory and illusory powers. SotC 197
The Judgment Fast 15 Rotten feast Curse the domain for a month. Vampires there only sustain up to their Humanity in Vitae. SotC 197
Orison of Voices 8 Rosary Elder miracle. For three nights, hear speech that invokes your name. Thou 79
Sins of the Ancestors 6 Quantity of victim's blood Elder miracle. For each Potency, ask the Storyteller a simple question about a member of the victim's blood lineage. Thou 79
Transubstantiation 8 vs. Stamina + Tolerance Drop of gold Transmute one substance or being into another until sunrise. VTR 2e 154
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item