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Dread Powers

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Different types of beings use different energies to fuel Dread Powers. Costs listed are paid with the being's respective energy. This means that the Claimed would treat ● as an Essence cost, a Pandoran would pay it in Pyros, and a rulebook Horror would pay it in Willpower. ○ costs are always paid in Willpower.

Name Rank Prerequisites Cost Description Source
Absorb Energy • to ••••• ●● Once a scene, roll Stamina + Survival + Absorb Energy to draw Health and Willpower from a given energy source. HMR 144
Armored Hide • to ••• Apply these dots as Armor. WTF 2e 210
Beastly Mutation • to ••••• You have a deadly animal-like feature. Add dots in this Dread Power as a bonus to attack with it, and possibly additional benefits. PTC 2e 244
Beastmaster Summon a swarm of small animals or one large one to do the creature's bidding. CofD 145
Biomechanical Nightmare • to ••••• Manifest a panoply of mechanical features, one for each dot in this Dread Power. HMR 144-145
Bizarre Weaponry • to ••••• A mutated form of natural weapon applies dots of this Dread Power as a weapon rating and upgrades its damage type. PTC 2e 244
Blackout • to ••••• ●● Roll Manipulation + Occult + Blackout to blot out an area of darkness, which does not deter you. HMR 145-146
Blast • to ••••• Roll Dexterity + Occult - Defense to attack with an elemental discharge. Distribute Dread Power dots among weapon rating, lingering damage, and ignoring Defense or Armor. HMR 146
Blinding Spray • to ••• Roll Dexterity + Athletics + Blinding Spray - Defense - 3 to blind with a sprayed discharge. WTF 2e 210
Blood of Life • to ••••• Roll Manipulation + Occult + Blood of Life to will the movement of your blood for a scene. HMR 146
Breath Attack • to ••••• Roll Strength + Athletics - Defense to attack with an elemental discharge. Distribute Dread Power dots among weapon rating, lingering damage, and ignoring Defense or Armor. PTC 2e 244
Briareus' Prowess • to ••••• ≤ Attribute (○) Enhance a Physical Attribute by dots in this Dread Power. PTC 2e 245
Burrow Burrow through solid earth at a Speed equal to Strength. WTF 2e 210
Chameleon Horror Blend into surroundings to inflict -3 penalty to detection while moving and -6 while stationary. CofD 145
Cloak of Authority • to ••••• Roll Presence + Politics + Cloak of Authority to manifest influence and authority as Social Merits for a day. HMR 146-147
Curse of Failings • to ••••• ●● Roll Manipulation + Occult + Curse of Failings to issue a curse of doubt for a matter of weeks. HMR 147
Curse of Words • to ••••• ●● Roll Manipulation + Occult + Curse of Words to issue a curse of distracting voices for a matter of days. HMR 147
Dark Gate • to ••••• ●●●●● Roll Intelligence + Occult + Dark Gate as an extended action to align and attune a portal between two points. HMR 147-148
Dead Flesh • to ••••• When harmed, downgrade a point of non-aggravated damage for each dot in this Dread Power. HMR 148
Degradation • to ••••• Roll Stamina + Brawl + Degradation to erode a touched object's Durability. HMR 148
Discorporate Dissolve into a swarm of vermin to escape death. CofD 145
Dream Seeing • to ••••• Roll Wits + Occult + Dream Seeing to read a character's subconscious by viewing their dreams. HMR 148
Dream Shaping • to ••••• ≤ Dream Seeing Roll Manipulation + Occult + Dream Shaping - Resolve to alter and shape someone's dreams. HMR 148-149
Dream Walking • to ••••• ≤ Dream Seeing ●● Roll Presence + Occult + Dream Walking - Resolve to physically enter a subject's dreams. HMR 149
Earth Elemental Harden flesh to reduce up to Stamina in lethal damage to bashing. WTF 2e 210
Earthquake • to ••••• ●●●●● / ●●●●●●●●●● Roll Strength + Occult + Earthquake to inflict the Earthquake Tilt on an area, whose effects you ignore. HMR 149
Elemental Form • to ••••• ●● Hybridize with a chosen element, halving inappropriate damage and using half Elemental Form as a weapon rating. HMR 149-150
Embolden the Mob • to ••••• ●● Roll Presence + Expression + Embolden the Mob to uninhibit and inflict impulsiveness. HMR 150
Eye for Desire • to ••••• Roll Wits + Empathy + Eye for Desire to intuit a subject's Vice. HMR 150
Eye Spy Observe a remote location for one hour. CofD 145
Fire Elemental Deal 3 lethal damage to anyone within range and gain immunity to damage from heat and fire. CofD 145
Flicker and Flash • to ••••• Reflexively roll Dexterity + Athletics + Flicker and Flash to instantly move up to your Speed + Flicker and Flash and take a bonus to Defense. HMR 150
Fluid Lessons • to ••••• Roll Wits + Investigation + Fluid Lessons to divine about a character and their future using a chosen bodily fluid. HMR 150-151
Flux Distillation Sublimatus ● to ●●● Activate a chosen Distillation from the Transmutation of Flux. PTC 2e 244
Gauntlet Cloak ●● Become invisible as an instant action, until you act next. Grants +3 to make a surprise attack. WTF 2e 210
Gauntlet Webs Azlu Strengthen the Gauntlet in an area with an hour's weaving. WTF 2e 210
Ghost in the Machine • to ••••• Roll Manipulation + Occult + Ghost in the Machine to manipulate machines and tools at a distance for a scene. HMR 151
Gift of Life • to ••••• Roll Intelligence + Occult + Gift of Life to draw forth water for a day. HMR 151
Glitch • to ••••• Once a scene, when spending Willpower for a bonus, reroll up to your Glitch dots in dice through serendipitous coincidences. HMR 151
Gnaw Gauntlet Beshilu Weaken the Gauntlet in an area with an hour's gnawing. WTF 2e 210
Gremlin Disable electronic device or seize control of it, turning an equipment bonus into a penalty or making an attack with the equipment bonus as a weapon modifier. CofD 145
Haunting • to ••••• ●●●●● Roll Intelligence + Occult + Haunting as an extended action to claim a structure or area, permitting Dread Power use there to ignore range. HMR 151-152
Home Ground Gain +3 bonus to physical dice pools and Influence rolls, reduce damage suffered by 3, and gain +3 to supernatural resistance while in specific environment. CofD 145
Hunter's Senses +4 bonus and 9-again to perception rolls to locate preferred prey. CofD 145
Hypnotic Gaze Make eye contact and roll Presence + Persuasion contested by Composure + Tolerance. Gain perfect impression on Social maneuvers against target until the end of the scene. CofD 145
Immortal Bane If the creature is killed by anything other than its bane, it returns to life in a future scene. CofD 145
Inebriate • to ••••• Contest Presence + Medicine + Inebriate against Stamina + Tolerance to drug by touch. HMR 152
Influence • to ••••• Influence over a certain phenomenon. CofD 145
Interface Access a technological system at a distance. WTF 2e 211
Juggernaut Add Strength as a weapon rating to strike inanimate objects. WTF 2e 211
Jump Scare Resolve another character's Shaken Condition by choosing which action fails, or by turning an automatic failure into a dramatic failure. CofD 146
Know Soul ●+ Learn the victim's Virtue, Vice, Aspirations, and current Integrity. Spend additional points to reveal past breaking points, starting with the most recent. CofD 146
Leap Triple jumping distance and height for a scene. WTF 2e 211
Lord of the Manor • to ••••• ●●●●● Roll Presence + Survival + Lord of the Manor as an extended action to claim a territory, suffusing your senses through it and permitting mastery of the space within. HMR 152-153
Madness and Terror ●/●●● Make a roll contested by victim's Composure. On a success, inflict the Guilty, Shaken, or Spooked Condition. For three points spent, inflict Broken, Fugue, or Madness. CofD 146
Malleable Form • to ••••• Roll Dexterity + Athletics as an instant action to fit through any space the size of your head, at a speed proportional to dots in this Dread Power. PTC 2e 245
Maze ●●● Turn the interior of a building into a labyrinth for one hour. Victims must roll Wits + Compusure - your Resolve to attempt to move through the maze. CofD 146
Miracle Grant the victim a wish. The wish may remove or apply any Condition or Tilt, grant any Merit, Skill, or Attribute at 5 dots, cause someone to die, or fulfill an Aspiration of the victim. One of the victim's aspirations is then made impossible to fulfill or replace. CofD 147
Mist Form Become mist or similar cloud. Creature may fly at base speed and flow past obstacles. CofD 147
Mixed Blessings • to ••••• ≥ Merit ●/dot Roll Presence + Expression + Mixed Blessings to gain advantage over a mortal through an offering of a chosen Merit. HMR 153
Monstrous Resilience Reflexively shrug off a physical Tilt. WTF 2e 211
Natural Weapons • to ••• Gain a weapon modifier and armor piercing quality equal to dots. If natural weapon is teeth, a grapple is not necessary to use them as a weapon. CofD 147
Numen ●+ Select a Numen as a Dread Power. CofD 147
The Oldest Temptation • to ••••• Contest Manipulation + Persuasion + The Oldest Temptation against Composure + Tolerance as an extended action to urge someone to murder, or weaken them from the strain. HMR 155
Paralyze • to ••••• Contest Stamina + Brawl + Paralyze vs. Stamina + Tolerance to inflict the Poisoned Tilt. PTC 2e 245
Pierce Mind Contest Presence + Resolve against Resolve + Tolerance to read a subject's thoughts or memories, or to inflict psychic bashing damage. WTF 2e 211
The Primal Dirt • to ••••• While planted upon the earth, ignore damage up to dots in this Dread Power except from tool-worked sources. Burrow through earth. HMR 155
Prodigious Leap Jump four stories straight up, across a six lane highway horizontally, or any equivalent distance. CofD 147
Reality Stutter Reflexively teleport to any location in line of site and within a distance equal to creature's Speed in meters. Gain +2 Defense for the turn. CofD 147
Reap • to ••••• ●●●●● Roll Intelligence + Medicine + Reap to kill with a display of murderous power. HMR 153
Regenerate • to ••••• ●+ Reflexively heal one lethal damage or two bashing damage per point spent, up to your Regenerate dots per turn. CofD 147
Revelation • to ••••• ● to ●●● Roll Presence + Intimidation + Revelation - Resolve to inflict a chosen reaction by displaying your true nature. Oppose any roll counter to this reaction with your dots in this Dread Power. HMR 153-154
Revivify • to ••••• ●, Stamina • Roll Stamina + Survival + Revivify to rise after being slain by lethal damage. HMR 155-156
Scapegoating • to ••••• Roll Intelligence + Subterfuge + Scapegoating and touch a victim to assume an innocent aura, casting aspersions upon the victim. HMR 156
Scurry • to ••••• Reflexively roll Dexterity + Athletics + Scurry to apply Scurry as a bonus to Defense and Speed. PTC 2e 245
Skin-Taker ●● Steal the skin and face of a victim killed by the creature's hand. CofD 147
Snare Make a grapple roll at +3 to ensnare victims in an area of up to ten square yards. CofD 147
Soul Binding ••• or ••••• ●/Willpower Contest Intelligence + Politics + Soul Binding against Resolve + Tolerance to bind a victim as a source of monstrous energy. HMR 156
Soul Thief ●●● Steal the soul of a victim by meeting a specific requirement and rolling an appropriate dice pool contested by the victim's resolve. On success, inflict the soulless condition. CofD 147
Surprise Entrance Appear on the scene reflexively. Witnesses must roll Resolve + Composure to avoid gaining the Shaken Condition. If special measures have been taken to prevent the creature's appearance, it takes a full turn to arrive. CofD 148
Swift (●) Apply Defense against ranged attacks, and with expenditure, double Speed for a turn. WTF 2e 211
Tempest • to ••••• ●●●●●/size range Roll Presence + Occult + Tempest as an extended action to conjure a quick and furious storm, whose effects you ignore. HMR 154-155
Titan's Strength • to ••••• Lift objects with Size up to your Size + Titan's Strength. All throwing attacks are aerodynamic. Add dots in this Dread Power as a bonus to feats of strength. HMR 156
Totemic Form • to ••••• Manifest a divine animal feature that grants 8-Again to a chosen Attribute. Characters with Composure less than your Totemic Form must spend Willpower to attack you. HMR 156-157
Toxic • to •• (●) Apply Poisoned or Sick Tilt on successful attack, or with expenditure, make a special poison attack against the victim's Stamina. With two dots, inflict a grave poison. CofD 148
Transmutation • to ••••• Roll Intelligence + Occult + Transmutation to transmute inorganic materials. HMR 157
Twist Desires • to ••••• ● / ●●●●● Roll Manipulation + Persuasion + Twist Desires - Resolve to temporarily warp a character's Vice. HMR 157
Unbreakable Bane Take only a single point of bashing damage from most attacks. Exceptional successes and attacks involving the creature's bane do damage as normal. CofD 148
Uncanny Reflexes • to ••••• ●●● (●) Apply the rote quality to one Dexterity action for each dot in this Dread Power. HMR 157
Unholy Repast ••••• Sublimatus or Promethean Eat a slain Promethean's heart and roll Strength + Resolve + Azoth, resisted by Stamina + Azoth, to digest Pyros and Vitriol. PTC 2e 255
Venomous Ichor Your flesh inflicts the Poisoned Tilt when consumed. WTF 2e 211
Wall Climb Walk on walls or ceiling at full Speed. CofD 148
Warp Shard Beshilu ●●● Consume a fellow shard and regurgitate it with a given Dread Power. WTF 2e 211
Water Elemental Assume a fluid form for a scene, swimming through other fluids at double Speed. WTF 2e 212

Strix Dread Powers

Doom Powers

Name Shadow Potency Cost Action Description Source
See the Cracks Instant Roll Finesse + Resistance – victim’s Composure to check vice, integrity and related conditions on humans; Humanaty, related conditions and banes on vampires V:tR 2e 208
Ambition’s Source
Tip of the Tongue
Web of Destiny
The Beast’s Rebuke
False Fiend
Vice Manipulation

Host Powers

Name Shadow Potency Cost Action Description Source
Breath Eater •• - - Allows to steal breath when inside a host V:tR 2e 210
Hollow Bones ••• (●) - Triples jumping distance of host, suffering 1 bashing damage per 10 yards to maximum of (10-Shadow Potency). Spending vitae allows the strix to land cat-like V:tR 2e 210
Sheep’s Clothing
Contagious Genesis ••••• • - - algo V:tR 2e 210
Talons of Fury ••••• •• - - When Materialized, deal aggravated damage V:tR 2e 210

Shadow Powers

Name Shadow Potency Cost Action Description Source
Sudden Surprise - - Add Shadow Potency to an ambush roll V:tR 2e 210
Screech •• Instant Roll Power + Finesse vs Stamina + Composure. If Succesful, victim loses half defense and her action in the next turn. If exceptional success or twice used, victim becomes inmobilized V:tR 2e 211
Smoke and Mirrors ••• ●● Instant Roll Power + Finesse to conjure up an illusion. If the image is the shadow form, receive +3. If host body, receive +1. The rest is -1 to -5 depending. The number of succesess appear as illusions. At Shadow Potency 7 this power can be bought again granting physicality to the illusions V:tR 2e 211
Labyrinth ••••• ●●●●(●) Instant Roll Power + Finesse minus safe place merits. If succesful, the building is sealed for Shadow Potency in nights, except for a single exit point, increasing durability and structure of materials by Shadow Potency. It can be released earlier using one vitae V:tR 2e 211

Vitae Powers

Name Shadow Potency Cost Action Description Source
Indomitable - - Strix is inmune to mind-affecting disciplines. If targeted by one roll Shadow Potency vs vampire's Blood Potency. If successful, apply successes as dice penalties to the vampire social and mental rolls for the night V:tR 2e 211
Kindred Disciplines - - The Strix has access to a number of discipline dots equal to it's shadow potency for each iteration of this dread power, or 3 experience points of devotions per discipline dot. It can't learn Theban sorcery but can learn Crúac, equaling one dot of discipline for two dots of rites for additional rites. V:tR 2e 211
Command the Lost •••• Instant Roll Power + Resistance – victim’s Resolve against victim with any of these requeriments: Broken, Fugue, Intoxicated, Enervated, Soulless conditions, 3º stage Vinculum, all willpower spent. If successful, victim must obey all instructions from the strix V:tR 2e 212
Shadow Infection ••••• ●●● Instant Roll Finesse + Resistance. if successful. all living beings in the strix's shadow potency in yards suffer it's finesse as dice penalties. Every living victim suffers one lethal damage and give the strix one vitae. Vampires and Ghouls can't spend vitae V:tR 2e 212
Soul Bite ••••• •• ●●●●● Instant and Contested Roll Power + Finesse vs. Victim’s Composure + Resolve against a conscious human, if successful, apply Soulless condition to victim. Roll Power + Finesse to attach soul to an object V:tR 2e 212

Idigam Dread Powers

Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item