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Dread Powers (1st Edition)

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Name Rank Cost Description Source
Absorb Energy • to ••••• ○○ Regenerate damage and gain temporary Health and Willpower while exposed to a particular energy source HMR 144
Absorb Knowledge Gain a temporary skill specialty by absorbing the knowledge from a source of information BbBB 5
Agonize • to ••••• Causes penalties up to -3 for duration of ability HTV 376
Alter Memory • to ••••• Add, edit, or delete memory NS 169
Balefire • to ••••• ○○○ Deals damage equal to dots to anyone that attacks this NPC HtV 277
Beastly Command • to ••••• ○ / ○○ Communicate with and command animals NS 170
Beastly Summons • to ••••• Summon animals to the creature's side NS 170
Biomechanical Nightmare • to ••••• Gain a major mechanical modification to form for each dot HMR 145
Blackout • to ••••• ○○ Create utter darkness in an area HMR 145
Blinding Speed • to ••••• - Bonus +1 to Defense, Initative, and Speed scores for each dot Spf 8
Clamber • to ••• Climb on all fours across unclimbable surfaces BbBB 5
Confuse • to ••••• Deny 10-Again and cause ones to negate successes HTV 277
Control Emotion • to ••••• Instill, control or cancel out an emotion in another NS 171
Corpse Door ••••• ○○○ Teleport by using a dead body as the gate BD 7
Crushing Blow ••• ○○ Inflict lethal damage for a scene HTV 278
Damnation • to ••••• ○○○ Target loses ability to regain Willpower through any avenue other than Vice for one month HTV 278
Dement • to ••••• Cause a mild derangement or upgrade an existing one for days equal to rating HtV 278
Destiny • to ••••• - Gain extra "destiny dice" per story, and a nemesis who causes a detriment to the destiny dice pool BbBB 5-6
Drain • to ••••• - Cause damage or sap Willpower equal to dots per turn, recovers Willpower or Health for antagonist HTV 278
Dread Attack • to ••••• - / ○ Deal one point of lethal per dot on a successful brawl attack HTV 278
Ecstasy • to ••••• Freezes target for the rest of a scene assuming they aren't attacked HTV 278
Enhanced Senses • to ••••• - Improve and enhance the senses NS 171 -
Fury • to ••••• ○○ Cause characters to go berserk and attack everyone HTV 279
Giant Size •••• ○ per Size Grow up to +5 in Size HTV 279
Gremlinize • to ••••• ○ / ○○○ Cause things to stop working up to a number of turns equal to dots HTV 279
Hypnotism • to ••••• Issue a non-violent command HTV 279
Ignorance of the Flesh ••• or ••••• - Ignore bashing (and with five dots, lethal) damage; take aggravated damage from relatively common substance BbBB 6
Impress • to ••••• Makes people impressed by the character HTV 280
Inhabit • to ••••• - Control surroundings (close doors, set off alarms, etc.) where a creature is bound MWO 7
Judgment of Guilt ••••• ○○○ Force a degeneration roll, threatening penalties rather than Morality loss HTV 280
Lurker in Darkness • to ••••• Gain bonuses to stealth and become almost invisible HTV 280
Mist Form ••••• ○○ Transform into an icy mist NS 171
New Face • to ••••• ○○ Mimic people's faces HTV 280
Read Aura •• Discern a creature's aura BbBB 6
Ride Corpse •• Inhabit a corpse as a meat suit HTV 280
Sleep • to ••••• Put people to sleep with a contested roll HTV 281
Shadow Harvest - Gather Willpower by harvesting in a graveyard HTV 282
Stealthy Attack •••• - The victim does not know that they have been attacked or how much damage they have taken until they collapse or make an Intelligence + Medicine check to diagnose themselves. Spf 8
Strange Form • to ••••• ○○○ Gain extra dots in attributes by changing form HTV 282
Tendrils ••• ○○ Summon tendrils to attack people, reduce Defense by -1 HTV 282
Terrify • to ••••• Makes a target flee or spend Willpower to remain, if remaining take penalties equal to dots HTV 282
Unholy Attribute • to ••••• - / ○ Gain extra dots in an Attribute HTV 283
Unholy Grace •••• ○ per die Move with inhuman grace and dexterity. NS 172


Spirit slayers use Dominions rather than Dread Powers (check Numina section for spirit numina). Three-Dot Dominions cost 1 point of Essence, Four- and Five-dot cost 2 points of Essence.

Name Rank Dice Pool (+Primal Urge) Description Source
Clarity Wits + Brawl +2 to Initiative per success SpSl 165
City Eyes Wits + Composure Character can see through any window from a single building SpSl 165
Malfunction Presence + Craft Touched item ceases to function for one turn per success SpSl 165
Terrible Strike Strength + Brawl Inflict lethal damage for one turn per success SpSl 165
Unnatural Senses Resolve + Computer For 30 seconds, pinpoint every electronic device within 5 yards per success. SpSl 165
Warning Growl Presence + Intimidation vs Resolve + Composure Inflict a -2 penalty to attack the werewolf for one scene SpSl 165
Commandment •• Presence + Intimidation vs Resolve + Composure Target must obey a short command SpSl 166
Nightfall •• Wits + Larceny Lights die in a specified area SpSl 166
Ruin •• Wits + Craft Item suffers 1 Structure damage per success SpSl 166
Shallow Heart •• Composure + Larceny vs Resolve + Composure Target's Vice changes for one day SpSl 166
Slip Away •• Presence + Larceny Break free of bonds or grapples SpSl 166
Warrior Ideal •• Wits + Brawl – Resolve Reduce the target's Defense by Primal Urge, to a minimum of 1 SpSl 166
Command Fire ••• Strength + Survival Werewolf can force flame to lash out and deal 1 point of damage, to spread faster or diminish SpSl 168
Death Grip ••• Strength + Brawl In a grapple, double your dice pool when biting and take +6 to overpower. SpSl 168
Gridlock ••• Resolve + Streetwise vs Resolve + Composure Target can't leave his surroundings by vehicle, and his Speed is reduced by your Primal Urge SpSl 168
Primal Fear ••• Presence + Expression versus Composure Target is affected by Lunacy as if you were in Bestial Hybrid form. SpSl 168
Talons of Guilt ••• Presence + Investigation – target’s Morality Target suffers 1 point of lethal damage per success and gets -1 penalty during his next turn. SpSl 168
Beast Control •••• Wits + Animal Ken You take control of target animal's mind. SpSl 170
Fracture •••• Strength + Medicine You deal one extra point of lethal damage per success rolled. SpSl 170
Graveyard Chill •••• Manipulation + Survival Temperature in surrounding area drops below freezing for one turn per success. SpSl 170
Savage Rending •••• Strength + Brawl Your claws and teeth deal aggravated damage for one scene. SpSl 170
Shadow Hunter •••• Wits + Stealth You transform into a two-dimensional shadow for one minute per success. SpSl 170
Discordant Howl ••••• Manipulation + Expression versus Resolve For as long as you concentrate on your howl, all of target's actions are reduced to a chance die. You can't take any non-reflexive action while howling. SpSl 171
Devastation ••••• Intelligence + Streetwise City block makes two attacks per turn, using your Primal Urge score as dice pool. Everyone in the blocks suffers -1 penalty for actions and their Speed is reduced by two. SpSl 171
Savage Fury ••••• Dexterity + Empathy For one turn per success, you receive the benefit of Dodge against all attacks and can make attacks with benefit of an all-out attack. SpSl 171
Terrible Might ••••• Strength + Athletics You gain one point of Strength per success for one turn. SpSl 171

Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item