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Exploits (2nd Edition)

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Exploit Cost Dice Pool Description Source
Addictive Presence Presence + Socialize + Primum Render a target Addicted to your presence. DTD 158
Affliction Strength + Medicine + Primum vs (Stamina or Resolve) + Tolerance Inflict interesting new physical or mental afflictions. DTD 159
Allies into Gold Intelligence + Socialize + Primum Shift the context of relationships in the form of Social Merits. DTD 159
Animate Presence + Crafts + Primum Animate an object as a servant for a scene. DTD 161
Behind the Curtain ●● Intelligence + Computer + Primum Travel from God-Machine Infrastructure to other Infrastructure anywhere in the world. DTD 161
Break the Dam Presence + Science + Primum - Stamina Bursts a container of liquid, causing Environmental Tilts. Can also target a living being for lethal damage. FoH 110
Break to Heal Strength + Medicine + Primum Smash an object and transfer its former integrity to another person in the form of healing. DTD 162
Context Matters ●●/●●●●● Presence + Persuasion + Primum Ease compromise risks by providing at least five witnesses with an alibi or explanation. FoH 111
Decoy Presence + Stealth + Primum Independently colocate as a material Cover and a demonic form in astral Twilight. Iface 123
Deep Pockets Strength + Larceny + Primum Pull a specific handheld item out of your pocket, even if it wasn't there. DTD 162
Demon Car ●+ Strength + Drive + Primum Merge your demonic form with any vehicle. FoH 111
Demon House Presence + Stealth + Primum Merge with a building indefinitely. DTD 162
Devour Infrastructure Strength + Survival + Primum Break down a small part of infrastructure, siphoning Aether equal to Primum, but suffer regular compromises. FoH 112
Disintegrate ●(●) Strength + Brawl + Primum Disintegrate an object. DTD 163
Echoing Death ●● Strength + Brawl + Primum Strike someone dead and, in so doing, undo their previous actions within the last few minutes. DTD 163
Ephemeral Cover Strength + Occult + Primum - Defense Tear a ghost or spirit apart as raw materials to create an ephemeral Cover. DTD 164
Everybody Hates Him Intelligence + Intimidation + Primum Render a person into an automatic scapegoat. DTD 164
Extispicy Intelligence + Occult + Primum Read the future in butchered entrails. DTD 165
Eye for an Eye ● (●/attack) Strength + Medicine + Primum - Damage Take the wounds out of a target and transfuse them as a brawling or throwing attack. Iface 97
Force Relationship Presence + Empathy + Primum Fabricate relationships between people. DTD 165
Four Minutes Ago ●● Intelligence + Stealth + Primum Retroactively leave the scene four minutes ago. DTD 166
Frozen in Time Intelligence + Science + Primum - Stamina Lock a target frozen in time. DTD 166
Halo ●● Presence + Medicine + Primum Create a balming, healing, soporific light. DTD 167
Hellfire Presence + Firearms + Primum Fire demonic supernatural flame out of a gun. DTD 167
Hellhounds ●/Size Intelligence + Animal Ken + Primum Twist an animal into a cryptid servant that needs Aether to survive longer than a scene. DTD 167
Incendiary ● (●/turn) Strength + Science + Primum Throw fire. Literally throw it. DTD 168
Inflict Stigmata Presence + Occult + Primum Transform a human into a stigmatic. DTD 168
Living Installation ●● Intelligence + Medicine + Primum Install a gadget into a living being. FoH 112
Living Shadow Intelligence + Stealth + Primum Become a shadow travelling across surfaces and between hosts. DTD 169
Merge ●/demon Strength + Occult + Primum Funnel demonic form abilities into one demon, who becomes an amalgam creature. DTD 169
Murder by Improbability Intelligence + Academics + Primum vs Presence + Tolerance Induce catastrophic bad luck, spontaneously killing an ordinary human or cursing supernatural beings in combat. DTD 170
Newton's Nightmares ●●● Intelligence + Science + Primum Amplify, reduce, or redirect the effects of gravity, friction or inertia. FoH 112
Open-and-Shut Case Presence + Investigation + Primum Links a crime to a random scapegoat or a scapegoat to a random crime, temporarily railroading prosecution of the suspect. FoH 114
Play on Words ●● Presence + Expression + Primum Actualize a spoken word's double meaning. DTD 170
Possession Intelligence + Persuasion + Primum - Resolve Possess a human being, occupying and controlling their body. DTD 171
Rain of Blood ●●● Strength + Occult + Primum Cause a plague of unnatural inclement weather, which may induce stigmatics. DtD 172
Raise Dead ●/day Presence + Medicine + Primum Resurrect a dead human whose soul has not been annihilated or moved on. DTD 172
Raze Infrastructure Presence + Streetwise + Primum Destroy Infrastructure, in a very literal and messy way. DTD 173
Reality Enforcement ●●● Presence + Academics + Primum Disconnect beings related to the God-Machine from the occult principles that enable their supernatural powers. DTD 173
Riot Presence + Persuasion + Primum Cause a spontaneous, aimless riot. DTD 174
Rip the Gates Strength + Occult + Primum Tear open a rift into or out of the Astral Realms, the Hedge, the Shadow or the Underworld. DTD 174
Sermon ●/speech Presence + Persuasion + Primum Dictate the morals and ethics of your audience and elicit their devotion. DTD 175
Show of Power Presence + Occult + Primum vs Wits + Tolerance Mimic a supernatural power that you have observed. FoH 114
Solitary Confinement Strength + Occult + Primum - Resolve + Tolerance Trap someone in a dimensional oubliette of total sensory deprivation. DTD 176
Soul Brand Presence + Expression + Primum - Tolerance Place a mark on a target's soul, visible through the aura. Those around the target subconsciously intuit they are under protection. FoH 115
Stalking Horse Presence + Expression + Primum vs Composure + Tolerance Expose someone to others as exemplary of a trait, regardless of whether they actually exhibit it. DTD 176
Stimulus/Response Intelligence + Empathy + Primum vs Resolve + Tolerance Induce a reflexive association between the demon's expenditure of Aether and an action the target has performed. DTD 176
Stop ●● Intelligence + Science + Primum Stops time for a moment, creating a space where the demon can move and use Embeds, but nothing else can move or be harmed. FoH 115
Summon ●/day Presence + Streetwise + Primum Initiate circumstances that will bring somebody you know to you. DTD 177
Swarm Presence + Animal Ken + Primum Conjure and command a swarm of creepy crawlies. DTD 177
Swift Resolution ●●● Intelligence + Academics + Primum Instantly decide a conflict or sequence of events in favor of the most likely probability. DTD 178
Terrible Avatar Strength + Occult + Primum Split your demonic form off as an independent actor. FoH 116
Two Places at Once ●●● Presence + Science + Primum Entangle two separate areas that the demon has visited in the past day into a single disorienting space. FoH 116
Ultimatum ●● Intelligence + Science + Primum vs Resolve Task an individual with a single commandment, on pain of deadly transmutation. FoH 116
Urban Legend ●/roll Intelligence + Expression + Primum Actualizes the cast of an urban legend as flimsy actors who can be used as facades. FoH 117
Visions of Heaven and Hell ●● Presence + Intimidation + Primum vs Resolve + Tolerance Projects a dramatic vision of either divine judgment and triumph or agony and terror. FoH 118
Walls of Jericho ●●● Strength + Intimidation + Primum Briefly strips the benefits of Defense, Armor and concealment from present foes. FoH 119
The Word Presence + Intimidation + Primum - Resolve Issue a short, simple command that is obeyed, even if it has nothing to do with voluntary actions. DTD 179

Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item