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Families (2nd Edition)

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Name Nightmare of Birthright Atavisms
Anakim Hopelessness Once per scene, may break through any physical barrier. Ones reinforced with supernatural powers require 1 Satiety Cyclopean Strength, Looming Presence, Mimir's Wisdom, Terror's Friend, Titanic Blow, Vengeful Earth
Eshmaki Darkness On a successful Brawl or Weaponry attack, choose to inflict a Tilt as if they had made a roll against a specified target like an arm or a leg, or they can choose to grapple while still dealing damage Dragonfire, Death of Light, From the Shadows, Limb From Limb, Relentless Hunter, Shadow Stalker
Inguma the Other Gains an exceptional success result on three successes instead of five when trying to disguise, infiltrate a group, or bluff. Targets trying to actively regulate a group suffers their Lair dots as a penalty to do so in their presence. Alien Mindset, Doppelganger, Enemy Within
Makara the Depths Impose a feeling of drowning or claustophobia on a subject once per scene for -2 Physical actions for one turn on anyone within (Lair x 10) feet they select, even ones who don't need to breathe Alien Allure, Heart of the Ocean, Monster from the Deep, Ravenous Maw, Siren's Treacherous Song, Smashing Currents
Namtaru Revulsion Establishing contact with touch, eye contact, or conversation, they can lower a character's Composure for a scene by 1 for all purposes Basilisk's Touch, Infestation, Plague Bearer, Shadowed Soul, Skin Deep, Unbreakable
Ugallu Exposure With a moment of concentration while hunting a target, uncover something hidden. Spend Satiety and provoke Clash of Wills to find things supernaturally concealed Eye of Heaven, Lightning Strike, Needs Must, Storm-Lashed, Weakness Exposed, Wings of the Raptor
Talassii Confinement Impose -1 to a victim's Resistance Attribute for every day they spend four ininterrupted hours in each other's company (knowingly or not), up to (Lair) dots across the three Attributes Caught in the Webs, Crushing Coils, Illusion of Safety