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Fetishes (2nd Edition)

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Fetish Rating Object Description Book
Dawn Shard Mirror shard Improve impression with helions WTF 2e 147
Hearthglass Beads Glass beads Heat by fireside for one hour, downgrades exposure by two levels for a scene DE 164
Stalker's Lament Choker Howls can be heard and followed by Uratha packmates WTF 2e 147
Tracker's Lantern Lantern Illuminates handprints and footprints WTF 2e 147
Charred Death-Rattle •• Bone charm Add +3 to the Influence granted by the Tongue of Flame Facet WTF 2e 147
Devourer's Fang •• Tooth When jammed into gums, teeth in Dalu, Gauru and Urhan forms can chew, eat, and digest anything WTF 2e 148
Hacksilver •• Greedy knives Ignore 2 Durability when cutting silver or gold each scene DE 164
Loki's Knuckles •• Bone dice +3 to Manipulation while gaming DE 164
Rust-Talon Bindings •• Rusty manacles Inflict lethal damage and force a Clash of Wills against a bound character trying to use a power WTF 2e 148
Brine Bottle ••• Bottle Users with the Heart of Water Facet can spend Essence to breathe underwater for a scene WTF 2e 148
Gridlock Puzzle ••• Ring puzzle Use the All Doors Locked Facet to control and obstruct traffic flow WTF 2e 148
Shieldbiter ••• Hatchet Ignores durability of wooden objects, and defense of wooden shields DE 164
Steel Wolf (Ironhide) ••• Van +3 Durability WTF 2e 148
Steel Wolf (Road Shadow) ••• Car Runs silently WTF 2e 148
Whisper Knife ••• Knife Strike beings in Twilight and sense their nature WTF 2e 148
Crimson Falx •••• Curved blade Chop a limb off the first target struck WTF 2e 149
Shadow Thunderhead Mask •••• Snarling mask Add Presence to resist spirit powers aside from physical attacks WTF 2e 149
Drum of the Heavens ••••• Big drum Improve impressions with spirits by enrapturing sounds WTF 2e 149
Lodge Fetish Rating Lodge Description Book
Predator's Doom ••• Lodge of Garm Edged weapon compatible with the art of uma suguthkuth. Pack 83
Glorious Lyre ••• Temple of Apollo While played, ignore one Door from each listener, and contest mental influence over listeners with a Clash of Wills Pack 89
Iron Leviathan Weapon •• Thousand Steel Teeth Ignore a target vehicle's Durability and damage its equipment bonus Pack 85
Nomad Chain ••• Thousand Steel Teeth Use Ward the Wolf's Den Facet on a vehicle to make it oppose supernatural effects with your Glory Pack 85
Roadkiller •••• Thousand Steel Teeth Fetish vehicle deals twice ramming damage and is revitalized by totalling other vehicles Pack 85