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Gadgets (2nd Edition)

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Power Object Usage Book
Ambush Cheap Arabic fireworks Jumps user to top of Initiative FoH 165
Data Wipe Laser pointer with glass tip Erases digital data incriminating the user FoH 170
Deafen Etched buckshot Produces deafening noise when thrown FoH 170
Disintegrate Ball of tape and flesh Passes through inanimate matter FoH 170
Ellipses Arcane arcade tokens Sinks into a subject to preoccupy them with daydreams FoH 170
Halo Bloody pills Provides a healing rest in under an eighth the time FoH 170
Living Shadow Black toy soldier Melts into a pool of shadow to duplicate a doorway FoH 170
Shift Consequence Playing cards with elemental suits Casts one injury into an inanimate object FoH 171
Special Message Exposed USB drive Perfectly encrypts data to be decoded by a chosen recipient FoH 171
Trust No One Pamphlet depicting empty scenes Inflicts a phobia of others on readers FoH 171
Visions of Heaven and Hell Metal insect Burrows into a subject to cause terrifying nightmares FoH 171
Wave Function Collapse Blood-red glove Forces a shapeshifter out of a chosen form briefly FoH 171
You Can Tell Me Blue electric capacitor Causes a questioned subject to give an honest answer, if they had at any point in time known it FoH 171
Ambush Modified GPS navigator Tracks people's movements indoors FoH 164
Ambush Paper compass Unfold for a map of people's locations in the vicinity FoH 164
Combustion Lighter with copper wiring Ignites inanimate combustibles at a distance FoH 166
Fire Drill Tape player with speakers Perfectly duplicates a local alarm system FoH 166
Fungible Knowledge Training loupe Trades the highest Skill rating with Crafts for 24 hours Iface 110
Hush Running shoes Silences foot movement FoH 166
Idle Conversation LED fan Disguises nearby conversation from eavesdropping FoH 166
Imagine Silver band with inscription Provides affirmative visions of a chosen action's potential when slipped on a person's finger FoH 168
Living Recorder Tape recorder with stone buttons Retells a subject's experience from the last 24 hours FoH 167
The Look Bright red flashlight Freezes those caught in the light FoH 167
Meaningless Flickering ear bud Shuts down a target's ability to actively communicate with others FoH 168
Mercury Retrograde Ramshackle flip-phone Eavesdroppers on calls made misinterpret what they hear FoH 168
Miles Away Music box Soothing music aids concentration FoH 167
On the Mend Always-full syringe Extracts and transfuses Willpower, Health, or Aether FoH 168
Play Possum Copper rod with eye Strikes a target falsely dead for an hour FoH 169
Raw Materials Stone sledgehammer Remolds struck objects into objects of similar size FoH 167
Remote Link-Up Mirrorshades Borrow the natural vision of a subject for an hour FoH 169
Right Tools, Right Job Perfected tweezers Large equipment bonus for horological work Iface 110
Social Dynamics Baseball cap with white "A" Blend into a group as a long-standing acquaintence FoH 169
Special Someone Wooden compass Points at the most violent person in range FoH 169
Unperson Folder of blank documents "Proves" your identity as a chosen subject FoH 170
Animate Organic motherboard Activates or supercharges an operable device FoH 165
Apple of Discord Money clip Inspires murderous greed at night FoH 165
Deep Cover Smart card on a lanyard Confounds a recipient's supernatural senses FoH 166
Deep Pockets Carbon's trunk Links the car trunk by tunnel to a home closet Iface 61
Deep Pockets Metal-framed backpack Stores any item, regardless of size or weight FoH 166
Extispicy Voodoo doll Scries upon a subject using their name and a piece from their body FoH 166
Four Minutes Ago Four Minutes Home Rewinds time as if the winder had retroactively left for the Seattle Horological Academy Iface 111
Four Minutes Ago Puzzle box Permits demons four minutes of action, then rewinds time to play the effects out with different causes Iface 62
Frozen in Time Aluminum-plated harness Move within slowed time FoH 168
Frozen in Time Knife of broken time Can hold itself and a stabbed victim static and immutable Iface 110
Merge Glowing wristwatch Disguises the appearance of the user's demonic form FoH 168
Newton's Nightmares Pistol with copper bands Projects crushing gravity FoH 167
Rip the Gates Key with gears Open a door one-way into an otherworld or back FoH 167
Soul Brand 3D projection PDA Frightens witnesses of the projection, who try to appease its "master" FoH 167
Stop Engraved chrome ball Freeze a target in time, immutable FoH 169
Form gadgets
Aura Sight Kirlian lenses Accentuate microexpressions when polished FoH 172
Electrical Sight Static glasses Visualize electromagnetic fields FoH 171
Essence Drain Leech glove Retractible spikes drain Essence or Aether from slashed wounds FoH 172
Huge Size Growth engine Temporarily enlarges wearers with a key phrase FoH 172
Memory Theft Brainjack Lets computers access human memories through USB interface FoH 172
Sense the Angelic Mints Eating a charged mint permits a demon or stigmatic to sense angelic influence Iface 61
Teleportation Blitzen suit Business suit with a hidden escape switch on the cuff FoH 172
Tough as Stone Granite brooch Grows granite armoring when clasped tight FoH 172
Never Here
Mind fog Churning brooch hypnotizes and rewrites memories FoH 173
Check Backdrop
Shift Consequence
Chaos engine Electric coil drags bullet trajectories off course at operator's whim FoH 174
Swarm box Contains deadly cryptid wasps with combustible venom FoH 173
Identity Theft
Living Shadow
Shadow chain Cuffs onto a person's shadow to manipulate them as an umbral passenger FoH 173
Inflict Stigmata
Rain of Blood
Dreaming machine Music causes a rain of somnambulent oil which causes dream visions and stigmata FoH 164
Like I Built It
Right Tools, Right Job
Infinite multitool Remolds into any shape at the end of a handle FoH 173