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Gifts (1st Edition)

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Stoicism For the remainder of the scene, the character suffers no wound penalties. Pure 113
•• Barbed Arrow The target suffers an additional –1 die penalty on all actions for the rest of the scene Pure 113
••• Pangs of Anguish The target takes a number of points of bashing damage equal to 3 + the successes gained on the roll Pure 114
•••• World of Pain One spirit suffers real pain, and the spirit’s wound penalties get worse as though it were a living creature. Pure 114
••••• All-Consuming Excruciation Target suffers the effects of a severe derangement for the remainder of the scene, and a permanent mild derangement of the same type ○○ Pure 114
Alpha Storm Lords
Sense Guilt Sense any serious shame or guilt the target feels over past actions Rage 107
•• Alpha’s Aura May use Composure or Intimidation rating in combat instead of Defense Rage 107
••• Taste of Flaws +2 bonus to all rolls made against the subject, including combat rolls. Lasts a whole scene. Rage 108
•••• Lordly Will Makes the character automatically immune to all Gifts, Disciplines, Numina and other supernatural mind-affecting powers. ●● Rage 108
••••• Alpha’s Howl For every success on the roll, an enemy within earshot loses the ability to use supernatural powers for a turn ●●● Rage 108
Battle Blood Talons
Visage of Fenris Intimidate enemies suffer -2 penalty to initiative Rage 108
•• Worry the Prey’s Heels Shame and pain slow the target's speed to half for the scene Rage 109
••• Savaging Do 1 additional damage. Enemy witnesses suffer -2 on attack rolls for the rest of turn. ●● Rage 110
•••• Primal Anger Add Primal Urge to attack rolls for scene ●● Rage 110
••••• Heartstopping Howl Howling make enemies loose -3 to combat rolls and defense for the scene ●● Rage 110
Blending Iron Masters
Shadow Coat –3 penalty to all dice rolls made to notice the werewolf for a scene. The Gift works only in the Shadow Rage 111
•• Manytongues Can understand but not speak the language of any human he is speaking with Rage 111
••• Resist Toxin Purify system immediately and take no damage from poisoning Rage 111
•••• Mask the Hunter Lose social penalties of Primal Urge for the rest of the scene ●●● Rage 111
••••• Hide the Curse Lose the ability to channel any supernatural abilities, including shapeshifting, until nightfall ●●● Rage 111
Blood None
Blood Divination View symbolic future in a patch of blood - Lore 116
•• Shark's Scent Can follow blood scent in air - Lore 116
••• Clot Close a wound and increase healing time of the target Lore 116
•••• Scent Weakness Sense any weakness from the target blood Lore 116
••••• Sacrifice Trade blood with essence - Lore 117
Bone None
Strip Carcass Remove flesh from bones of a dead corpse - Lore 117
•• Dead Men's Bones Reveal from a body's bones the way he died - Lore 118
••• Freeze Marrow Inflict freezing fear to the target Lore 118
•••• Fracture Break the target's bones ●● Lore 118
••••• Bone Carapace Grow bones to serve as armor or weapon Lore 119
City None
City Eyes See by the windows of a building - Lore 119
•• Word on the Street Gain information from streets Lore 120
••• Gridlock Forbid a target to escape with the help of the city Lore 120
•••• City Running Use impossible shortcut through the city ●● Lore 120
••••• Urban Chaos Unleash chaos in the city ●●● Lore 121
Crescent Moon Ithaeur
Two-World Eyes Peer on two sides of the Gauntlet - WtF 104
•• Read Spirit Analyze spirit characteristics WtF 105
••• Gauntlet Cloak Hide inside the Gauntlet WtF 105
•••• Between the Weave Cross Gauntlet reflexively WtF 106
••••• Crash the Gates Grant Between the Weave to packmates ● (●+) WtF 106
Cunning Irraka
Wolf-Heart Lies Conceal the nature as Uratha SotM 33
•• Crack in the Armor Can detect flaws SotM 33
••• Deep Pockets Hide an object from sight SotM 34
•••• Reshape Ban Change a Spirits pan ●○ SotM 34
••••• Cheating Fate Reflexively gain the Rote Quality to a dice roll ●○ SotM 34
Darksight Ignore all penalties to rolls based on visual perception that are applied due to darkness - Rage 112
•• Aura of Dread The next Composure roll each person present makes this scene, suffers a –1 modifier. Rage 112
••• Shadow Step Can move to any patch of shadow she can see that is within twice her Primal Urge in yards ●● Rage 112
•••• Moonlit Talons The character makes a surprise attack; the target may not make a Wits + Composure roll to act normally. Rage 113
••••• Nightblind The target remains blinded for one turn per success. If made as an extended action, the effect is permanent. ●●○ Rage 114
Death Bone Shadows
Death Sight See death based resonance - WtF 106
•• Ghost Knife Imbue a weapon to harm ghosts WtF 107
••• Corpse Witness Interrogate a corpse WtF 108
•••• Word of Quiet Inflicts 1 bashing damage to living creatures and 1 lethal damage per succes to undead (includes vampires) WtF 108
••••• Vengeance of the Slain Return a recently dead werewolf to life for 1 hour per success WtF 109
Fever Dreams Suffer a penalty on all Mental or Social rolls and Initiative equal to the Fire-Touched werewolf’s Primal Urge Pure 115
•• Virulent Rage Infect another being with a portion of Fire-Touched Rage. Triggers Kuruth on werewolves. On humans, the Gift causes a terrible fit of contagious violent anger. Pure 115
••• Glorious Agony Sacrifice regeneration for rush of adrenaline, bestowing a +3 to all Strength- or Stamina-based rolls. Bite and claw attacks receive an additional +1 modifier Pure 115
•••• Lingering Bite Bite attack inflicts damage as usual, but it cannot be healed by supernatural means Pure 116
••••• Wasting Sickness The target sickens over a period of days, and, unless treated quickly and expertly, dies in less than week ●●● Pure 116
Dominance Rahu, Storm Lords
Warning Growl Strike doubt into the heart of the target (+2 defense against target) WtF 109
•• Luna's Dictum Compel obedience on a simple command WtF 109
••• Voice of Command Intimidate targets to obey WtF 110
•••• Break the Defiant Destroy opponent's will (loses 1 Willpower per success) WtF 110
••••• Tug the Soul's String Force target to act against his will WtF 110
Dreamer's Moon Cahalith
Sense Sleeper Detect sleeping creatures - Lore 83
•• Lover's Voice Mimic a voice the target wants to hear the most for a scene Lore 84
••• Nightmare Hunt Harass the victim with nightmares Lore 84
•••• Soul-Singing Heal the target's mind with calming songs Lore 84
••••• Howl of Nightmares Bring terror through a terrible howl. The target can make no action for 2 turns per success, after which may gain a derangement. Lore 85
Night-Eyes The character can see perfectly well in natural darkness and suffers no penalties to vision-based rolls - Blas 137
•• The Shadow’s Secrets Use targets' nearby shadows tactically to hear or speak Blas 137
••• Shroud of the Blinded Moon The spiritual reflection of an eclipse permeates the area, lengthening shadows and limiting vision drastically Blas 137
•••• Darkened Moon The target immediately loses all access to Auspice Gifts, and any Auspice Gifts that are currently in effect on the targetare canceled. The target also cannot use any auspice abilities and cannot add his Renown to any dice pools. Blas 137
••••• Gauntlet Wraith The werewolf can step into any shadow that is at least the same size as she is, and appear on the other side of the Gauntlet Blas 138
Elemental Ithaeur, Hunters in Darkness
Call Water Summon water in the werewolf's hand - WtF 111
•• Manipulate earth Shape patch of earth WtF 111
••• Command Fire Command flame's movement. May cause 1 lethal damage per success WtF 111
•••• Invoke the Wind's Wrath Summon and command a whirlwind. Inflicts 1 lethal damage per success and imposes a -4 to all rolls ●● WtF 111
••••• Lament of the River Summon and command a flood ●●● WtF 112
Ending Bone Shadows
Fear of Death The character learns the method of death that the subject most fears Rage 114
•• Eyes of the Slain Learn the most important thing that the soul is sorriest to leave behind. Sense the name and its relationship to the dead person, and a detailed description. Rage 115
••• Death Masque Deceive onlookers into believing that a glancing wound was lethal or that a near-miss became a mortal strike Rage 115
•••• Bone Hex The target suffers a –4 penalty on his next three dice rolls, including Harmony, Morality or other degeneration rolls Rage 116
••••• Images of Death Target witnesses his own death and suffers a –2 penalty to all dice rolls for the next week as he experiences recurring nightmares of the vision. ●● Rage 116
Vigil Character doesn’t need to sleep for the next 12 hours, and does not suffer the normal symptoms of tiredness Rage 117
•• Long Running Double Speed. This Gift’s effects last one hour per success. Does not work in combat (but may be prepared before, in which case it does work). - Rage 117
••• Eternal Hunter Does not have to roll for unconsciousness, and takes no extra damage when he has taken his Health in bashing or lethal damage. Lasts for one turn per success Rage 117
•••• Rise Beyond All wound penalties are instead applied as a bonus to applicable die rolls for the remainder of the scene. Rage 118
••••• Legacy The werewolf spits one final curse at his killers in First Tongue, which usually applies within a year. It may be death or incapacity to all the killers. ●●●○○ Rage 118
Evasion Irraka, Storm Lords
Loose Tongue Make the target speak (-2 to Empathy and Subterfuge against Gift user) - WtF 113
•• Sand in the Eyes Make the werewolf forgettable (-5 to Remember Gift user) - WtF 113
••• Playing Possum Feign death (also cancels regeneration while faking death) WtF 113
•••• Double Back Sense physical deception WtF 114
••••• Fog of War Summon a veil of confusion (-3 to all rolls for selected targets) WtF 114
Father Wolf Any
Wolf-Blood's Lure Communicate in any form with regular wolves and dogs - WtF 115
•• Father Wolf's Speed Increase speed (doubles speed and gives a -2 to all ranged attacks against Gift user) WtF 115
••• Primal Howl Provoke Lunacy. Also affects supernaturals and cancels wolf-blooded Willpower bonus. WtF 115
•••• Savage Rending Deal Aggravated damage with claws and bites. Sin when used against werewolves, with a threshold of 4 WtF 115
••••• Spirit Pack Summons 1 wolf-brother per success WtF 115
Eyes of Gurim The character knows targets compulsions or derangements from losing Harmony and targets Vice - Pure 116
•• Gurim’s Comfort The character regains a number of Willpower points equal to her Primal Urge - Pure 117
••• Trust in Gurim Fire-Touched must make all-out attacks with +4 to all attacks. He does not get his Defense during this time Pure 117
•••• Gurim’s Might Receive a +2 bonus on any roll involving Presence, Intelligence or Strength, Spend 1 Essence for each roll ●○ Pure 117
••••• Gurim’s Bite Target is incapable of attacking the Gift user or anyone fighting alongside him Pure 117
Symptom Disease makes the victim to suffer a –1 to all die rolls of one specific category of the user’s choice: Physical, Social or Mental. - Blas 82
•• Touch of Fever The victim contracts the disease. After one hour she begins showing symptoms and suffers a –1 to all rolls until she recovers, or passes away. Blas 82
••• Fevered Visage Successes rolled act as a negative modifier for all Skill and Combat rolls for a number of turns equal to the Primal Urge of the Uratha. The range of this attack is equal to the Gift user’s Primal Urge x2 yards. Blas 83
•••• Fevered Sending Can observe victims dreams and manipulate dream events ●○ Blas 83
••••• Toxic Wrath Toxic cloud, each success causes 1 point of lethal damage ●○ Blas 84
Yimidhirr’s Musket Set flammable material on fire by pointing at it with a lit firestick. Splintered 59
•• Adder Smoke Smoke fills immediate area, dealing 1 bashing damage per turn and -1 finesse rolls to non-pack members. Splintered 59
••• Smokestep Walk on smoke or clouds. Splintered 60
•••• Paths of the Ancestors Smoke points towards a specified locus. Splintered 60
••••• Wombat’s Curse Curse target to remain in whatever form they currently occupy. ●●●●● Splintered 60
Full Moon Rahu
Clarity Increase initiative +5 WtF 116
•• Attunement Break opponent's defense (gives a penalty equal to Primal Urge to 1 target) WtF 116
••• Death Grip Inflict horrific damage while in grapple (doubles bite damage) WtF 116
•••• Rage Armor Gain armor (1 point per 2 success) WtF 117
••••• Luna's Fury Gain combat blessing from Luna (doubles defense and gives +2 to close combat) ●/t WtF 117
Gibbous Moon Cahalith
Pack Awareness Sense packmates' location and condition - WtF 117
•• Resist Pain Ignore wound penalties WtF 118
••• Rallying Cry Grant willpower to packmate (each packmate regains a spent Willpower point) WtF 118
•••• Unspoken Communication Telepathic communication with packmates (+3 Initative, +1 to all rolls against enemies) WtF 118
••••• Call of Glory Heal packmates (1 Health per success to packmates, from right to left. May heal even aggravated damage) WtF 119
Glory Cahalith
Relentlessness Add Glory as Temporary Health SotM 142
•• The Lesson Learned After a loosing encounter, can gain Willpower equal to highest glory next time they encounter that enemy SotM 142
••• Harvest of Glorious Fury Everytime the character kills someone in Kuruth, gains cumulative boneses SotM 142
•••• Glorious Empowerment When the Cahalith spends Willpower, he adds his Glory instead of +3 or +2 SotM 143
••••• The Legend Lives On Tells a story of a fallen comrade, and can gain an XP discount on a skill or gift that comrade owned ●●● SotM 143
Ratsquirm Renders the user's bones flexible, so they may move through tight spaces. - Faithful 129
•• Knocktale Send an encoded message through pipes or stones, which may be understood by anyone who has this gift. - Faithful 130
••• Tunnelscent Significantly enhances non-sight senses for the purposes of navigating underground. - Faithful 130
•••• Stoneburrow Grows long mole-like claws that can shred through stone or concrete, but is of only limited combat use. Faithful 130
••••• Tunnelwrath Triggers a tunnel to strike out at a target, causing significant damage. ●● Faithful 130
Halcyon Storm Lords
Scent Of The Wind Know the weather in an area radius 5 miles per success, allowing the werewolf to predict the weather half an hour in advance. - BotW 84
•• Cloud Cover Spirits drag clouds overhead. If no clouds are found within 20 miles per point of Primal Urge, the essence cost is wasted. BotW 84
••• Raising Doldrums Halves wind speed within one mile, stops winds within half a mile. Stops tornadoes within the area. BotW 84
•••• Lightning Ward For five hours, no lighting can strike withing 10 yards per Primal Urge of the targeted area. BotW 84
••••• The Will Of The Winds Causes all supernatural weather effects within one mile per Primal Urge to cease. BotW 85
Half Moon Elodoth
Scent Beneath the Surface Detect lies WtF 120
•• Snarl of Command Force target to tell the truth WtF 120
••• Aura of Truce Stop hostility when not in combat (everyone willing to attack must spend 1 Willpower point) WtF 121
•••• Fuel Rage Increase Gauru duration (1 turn per success) WtF 121
••••• Bind or Sunder Alter other's Gauru duration (1 turn per success) WtF 121
Honor Elodoth
Instant Measure Gain 9again in Empathy, Persuasion, or Socialize against one target None SotM 102
•• Beyond Reproach Add Honor to resist Mind Control or to act dishonorably None SotM 102
••• Forge Contract Form a binding agreement between two parties SotM 103
•••• Shining Example Can change a resisted or contested action into an Instant action SotM 103
••••• Honor Incarnate Anyone attacking the Elodoth's charge gains a penalty equal to her Honor. Half penalty if applied to self ●● SotM 103
Sense the Flow Can perceive the flow of information in an area, and can single out one particular stream - Rage 118
•• Tongues Translate text and also deeper subtext and other subtleties concealed in the words Rage 119
••• Babel Effect Render a group of people (up to 5) entirely unable to understand one another ●●● Rage 119
•••• Steganography Add a hidden information-spirit to her words, encoding a hidden message or meaning that only someone of her choosing will understand ●+ Rage 120
••••• Twisted Words Convince the information-spirits of the speech to change depending on their audience, meaning that different people hear what he wants them to hear, rather than what was actually said ●●(○) Rage 120
Insight Elodoth, Bone Shadows
Sense Malice Sense negative emotions - WtF 122
•• Scent of Taint Sense supernatural creatures - WtF 123
••• Echo Dream Read spiritual resonance WtF 123
•••• Soul Read Read the subject's heart (1 secret, fear or weakness per success) WtF 124
••••• Omen gazing Prophetic trance WtF 124
Inspiration Cahalith, Blood Talons
The Right Words Positively affect morale (+2 to Social rolls to encourage or mollify) - WtF 125
•• Camaraderie Help working together (+1 to resist Death Rage, +1 to Teamwork) - WtF 125
••• True Leader Grant Willpower (1 point per success to all allies to be spent in the scene) WtF 125
•••• Spirit Skin Gain spiritual authority (dots of highest Renown are gained as modifier to Social rolls) WtF 125
••••• Victor's Song Grant Essence (1 point and +1 to all rolls for every allied) WtF 126
Judge's Moon Elodoth
See the Spirit Brands See the spirit brands from renown from a target werewolf - Lore 86
•• Damning Tongue Repeat all word spoken by the target, at a distance for a scene - Lore 86
••• Pangs of Guilt Make the target suffer from his sins, suffering 1 bashing damage per success and a -1 penalty for the next turn Lore 87
•••• Anticipation Predict an opponent's future action (+4 Defense for next turn, or +2 if he warns a packmate) Lore 87
••••• Curse of Talion Curse a target according to his past sins ●● Lore 88
Knowledge Cahalith, Iron Masters
Know Name Learn anyone's name - WtF 126
•• Traveler's Blessing Learn anywhere language and way of life ○/s WtF 126
••• Sagacity Learn skills (1 dot per success for 1 minute per success) WtF 127
•••• Know the Path Know the best path to his destination WtF 127
••••• Communion with the Land Gain knowledge of everything around him (+2 to Defense and Initiative) WtF 127
Mother Luna Any
Partial Change Shapeshift only part of his body (●) WtF 128
•• Anybeast Change into any animal WtF 129
••• Silver Jaws Claws and fangs become silver WtF 129
•••• Skin-Stealing Change into any human WtF 129
••••• Primal Form Shapeshift into a gigantic wolf form for 1 turn per success WtF 129
Nature Hunters in Darkness
Speak with Beasts Communicate with animals - WtF 130
•• Plant Growth Increase and direct plant growth WtF 130
••• Forest Communion Gain information from natural landscape WtF 130
•••• Beast Ride Possess animals WtF 131
••••• Nature's Vengeance Vegetation attacks the target (-2 to Speed, -1 to all rolls, 1 - 3 points of bashing damage per turn) WtF 131
New Moon Irraka
Sense Weakness Learn target's weaknesses (Vice, derangements or Flaws) - WtF 132
•• Slip Away Escape any physical binding WtF 132
••• Distractions Create a distracting hallucination (-2 to all rolls) WtF 132
•••• Blend In Disappear into crowds WtF 133
••••• Ghost Step Steps in Twilight (-5 to perception rolls to detect him. She cannot affect physical world) WtF 133
Word of Opening Any barrier to information opens, provided it is not locked. - Faithful 50
•• Lurker’s Key Attempts to open a barrier, be it physical or digital, with a bonus. Faithful 50
••• Create Opening Creates a small, clean opening in a physical object. ●○ Faithful 51
•••• The Open Mind Disorients a target with massive quantities of information, inflicting a penalty to all actions equal to the greater of activation successes or Primal Urge. - Faithful 51
••••• Gauntlet Key Allows the user to cross back and forth across the Gauntlet; must be completely alone and unobserved to use, and it cannot be used for purposes of assassination or violence. ●●● Faithful 51
Web of Scent Borrow any sense of a packmate within half of Primal Urge in miles, losing her own. - Rage 121
•• Warning Howl Howl for help. All packmates in pack's territory hear it and cannot be misinterpreted. Rage 121
••• Brother’s Strength Can solve a problem that would normally only allow one werewolf to work on it as a pack, and makes them better at working together normally Rage 122
•••• Synergy Can transfer skills between pack members, even his own. The character can't be the beneficiary. ●● Rage 122
••••• Unity Any packmate can spend Willpower or Essence toward a roll of a mate. She can also take one Health point of damage for packmate. ●●●○ Rage 123
Bestial Fellowship Gain four extra dice on all Animal Ken rolls made to influence predators Rage 123
•• Hunter’s Fortitude Can lie in wait or track prey for days on end without the common distractions of normal life Rage 123
••• Savage Hunt All rolls to find or track her target have a +1 bonus. Bite and claw attacks deal aggravated damage against her chosen prey only. ●●●○ Rage 124
•••• Harry Prey’s rolls suffer a –2 modifier for the duration of the confrontation. Rage 124
••••• Predator’s Kin Summon every predatory creature within the user’s Primal Urge in miles to attack the target as one ●● Rage 125
Purity Rahu
Moonlight Adds Purity to Social Rolls involving Spirits SotM 179
•• Righteous Rage Can instinctively ignore pack in a Death Rage SotM 179
••• The Illuminated Battlefield Illuminates anyone using underhanded or sneaky tactics, including traitors to the pack SotM 179
•••• Harmony's Reward Add Harmony to any dice pool, but any call of Degeneration for the scene is at -1 SotM 179
••••• Intractable Warrior Can auto track a target, and gain other bonuses once facing them SotM 180
Rage Blood Talons
Mask of Rage Increase Lunacy WtF 134
•• Hone Rage Concentrate Gauru ability (the player may sacrifice Gauru duration for +1 to Strength or Dexterity per turn sacrificed) WtF 134
••• Leech Rage Drain Gauru duration (1 turn per success) WtF 135
•••• Rekindled Rage Additional Gauru shapeshifting (normal duration -2) WtF 136
••••• Soured Rage Inflict Kuruth WtF 136
Shrike’s Vengeance Makes a prayer to the Lodge of Wrath's totem spirit, who grants the ability to inflict lethal damage with any attack to a specific target for one scene. - Faithful 115
•• Sinful Thoughts Sends a spirit to attack a perceived sinner, sapping their willpower. Faithful 115
••• Shrike’s Larder Curses a target, such that they cannot die until the end of the scene or the user of the gift allows them to do so. Only works if the victim's "fatal" damage was inflicted by the user or their pack-mates. Faithful 116
•••• Guilt’s Lure Inspires a target with a desire to return to a place they sinned. Faithful 116
••••• Shrike’s Feast Touch a target, and inflict lethal damage, while simultaneously draining Essence or Willpower. Faithful 116
Predators Presence The werewolf’s Social penalties inflicted by her Primal Urge modifier are shared with any human who interacts with her Pure 118
•• Unending Fury This Gift suppresses the hunter’s fight or flight instincts Pure 118
••• Challenger’s Instinct The werewolf can tell how many turns his opponent can spend in the Gauru form Pure 118
•••• Embrace the Beast A werewolf has to roll to resist Death Rage every time she takes lethal damage and marks a health box Pure 119
••••• Baresark Provoke Death Rage in humans and werewolves Pure 119
Scheherazade's Cahalith
The Unending Story Tell a story that cannot be interrupted None SotM 140
•• The Storyteller's Indulgence Tell a story that makes a small request of the listeners they are compelled to agree too SotM 140
••• Perchance to Dream Can give target the Prophetic Dream Auspice Ability SotM 141
•••• Drawing the Curtain Tell a story that the next time the target spends willpower it automatically a dramatic failure SotM 141
••••• Magnum Opus Tell a story that the next time the target spends willpower it automatically adds 3 success instead of dice ●○ SotM 141
Shaping Ithaeur, Iron Masters
Straighten Repair object (recover half Structure points lost) or ruin it without damage, leaving it useless WtF 137
•• Ruin Make an object unusable WtF 137
••• Sculpt Shape matter, making an object malleable (then must roll Dexterity + Crafts to sculpture the object) ●+ WtF 137
•••• Shatter Destroy an object (1 Structure point damage per success) WtF 138
••••• Condense or Expand Alter an object's size (gains or loses 1 Size point and loses or gains 2 points of Durability, respectively) WtF 139
Sense the Impure Determine the purity of a subject’s werewolf blood by scent Pure 119
•• Relentless Focus For every two successes achieved on the roll, the Uratha regains a point of Willpower Pure 120
••• Purify Purify substance Pure 120
•••• Expel This Gift pushes all parasitic or symbiotic life forms out of a living creature Pure 120
••••• Cast Out The spirit is driven from its host and takes one point of Corpus damage; the spirit suffers a one-die penalty due to pain for a day and a night afterwards Pure 121
Silver Road
Luna’s Grace +2 Primal Urge for resisting magical deception or coercion purposes WAtP 144
•• Lunar Martyr Suppress flight instinct when in Death Rage WAtP 145
••• Leap the Moon Tunnel through the Shadow ●●○○ WAtP 145
•••• Silverpelt Turn fur into silver WAtP 145
••••• Five Faces of Luna All werewolves count as being in their auspice moon phase in an area ●○ WAtP 146
Spirit’s Silence, The
• - ••••• Each level can make the sound of activating gifts of the same level completely silent Splintered 129
Stalker's Moon Irraka
Soundless Strike Invoke a brief silence. An Irraka's turn happens in complete silence. Lore 88
•• See Heat Thermal vision for a scene - Lore 88
••• Liar's Brand Change renown brand for a scene Lore 88
•••• Stolen Scent Mimic a target's scent he is familiar with for 1 hour per success Lore 89
••••• Strike Blind Remove a target's sense of vision, audition or smell for 24 hours ●● Lore 89
Stalking Hunters in Darkness
Night Sight Suffer no penalties for blindness in darkened or pitch-black areas - Rage 125
•• Heaven’s Guidance Pinpoint roughly where she is, giving her a perfect sense of direction and an eidetic recollection of the ways and distances she has traveled since sunset Rage 126
••• Scent the Supernatural Can “smell” the presence of any supernatural creature or active supernatural effect within 30 feet Rage 126
•••• Shadow Strike For every success on the roll, the character may emerge from a patch of darkness up to 20 yards away Rage 126
••••• Shadow Pack Summon 1 Shadow wolf per essence spent for 1 turn per success. They have the same statistics that the character in Urhan. ●+ Rage 126
Stealth Irraka, Hunters in Darkness
Feet of Mist Leave no scent (-1 to tracking or -3 if 1 Willpower point is spent) ● (○) WtF 139
•• Blending Hide in plain sight while motionless - WtF 139
••• Running Shadow Leave no sound (-3 to hearing the character) WtF 140
•••• Shadow Flesh Become a physical shadow (+3 to Stealth and Defense. Suffers a -2 to affect her surroundings) WtF 140
••••• Vanish Become invisible (-5 to detect the character. Rules of Fighting Blind apply) ●● WtF 140
Strength Rahu, Blood Talons
Crushing Blow Inflict Lethal damage with unarmed strike or melee weapon (instead of bashing damage) WtF 141
•• Mighty Bound Make incredible jump (+6 to Jumping) - WtF 141
••• Iron Rending Damage objects (cancels 1 point of Durability or Armor per success) WtF 141
•••• Legendary Arm Throw to amazing distance (allows throwing an object with a size double her Strength without usual penalty due to object's size) WtF 141
••••• Savage Might Gain inhuman strength (+3 to Strength per Essence point spent) ●+ WtF 142
Tainted Moon
Blood Moon Suffer a –2 penalty on all rolls to avoid entering Death Rage. Gain an additional +1 to Strength, Dexterity and Stamina, above and beyond the normal bonuses associated with Gauru form - Blas 138
•• Gravid Moon Grants an extra die per success on all Social interactions for the remainder of the scene and drains Willpower from any ordinary humans within a radius equal to 10 yards per dot of the Bale Hound’s Primal Urge Blas 138
••• Broken Moon The target automatically enters Death Rage, changes to Gauru form and attacks the first thing at hand Blas 139
•••• Sickle Moon The spirit suffers one point of damage per success on the Bale Hound’s attack Blas 139
••••• Dark Moon The target loses all sensory input, becoming blind, deaf and unable to smell or feel the world around him. Werewolves must immediately check for Death Rage ●○ Blas 139
Technology Iron Masters
Left-Handed Spanner Disable a device for 1 turn per success WtF 142
•• Nightfall Extinguish all artificial light in the vicinity WtF 143
••• Iron Treachery Make a device turn against its user (reduces dice polls for using the object to a chance die for 1 turn per success) WtF 143
•••• Machinegeist Possess a machine (gains perception and information, but cannot control it) WtF 143
••••• Create Technology Craft a device ●○ WtF 144
Lay of the Land Learn the population of a Territory, as well as seeing the totem of the pack that claims it - Territories 48
•• Minor Sending Send a whispered message to a packmate while on your territory Territories 48
••• Sense of the Territory Learn the location of all Loci, Werewolves and spirits Rank 3 or higher Territories 48
•••• Animate the Land A chosen skill either receives bonuses for packmates or penalties for enemies ●● Territories 49
••••• Disrupt Essence All powers cost twice as much essence for non-pack members ●●● Territories 50
Find Conflict Find the biggest and most fierce conflict in an area - WAtP 46
•• Notice Defeat Reflexively notice that a group of allies is in trouble WAtP 47
••• Whispers on the Wind Send a message to any number of people in an area WAtP 47
•••• Echoes of Opposing Brilliance Learn the tactics of the opposing commander WAtP 47
••••• Shared Battle Mind Give soldiers a subtle instinctive push to act in according to the tactics the commander chooses ●● WAtP 48
Warding Elodoth, Bone Shadows
Ward Versus Predator Protect a territory against predatory animals (requires Resolve + Composure to enter the territory) - WtF 144
•• Ward Versus Humans Protect a territory against humans (requires Resolve + Composure to enter the territory) WtF 144
••• Technology Ward Disable all devices in the vicinity (mechanical devices reduce all rolls to a chance roll) WtF 145
•••• Shadow Ward Strengthen the Gauntlet (-1 to crossing or seeing through the Gauntlet) WtF 145
••••• Ward of Spirit Slumber Put all spirits in the vicinity to sleep WtF 145
Warrior's Moon Rahu
Warrior's Insight Unlimited use of the Warrior's Eye Lore 90
•• Battle Mind Resist mental influence Lore 90
••• Hobbling Gaze Slow a fleeing opponent Lore 91
•••• Bloodletting Inflict an hemoragy Lore 91
••••• Might of the Full Moon Wear gauru form as long as wished ●● Lore 91
Reflection Change a Chance roll to one die - Rage 127
•• Shallow Heart Select a new Vice for the subject that replaces the old one for a scene Rage 128
••• Coward’s Soul Inflicts feelings of guilt and depression in the victim. She cannot gain Willpower until she sleeps well. ●●● Rage 128
•••• Hidden Self Hide weakness from onlookers (Vice, low attribute, low harmony or derangement), making them effectively of average statistics for game mechanics. Rage 128
••••• Wrack Make target suffer severe depression and self-loathing for 2 turns per success. She may take actions only spending Willpower and her defense is 0. After recovering, she must do a degeneration roll. ●●○ Rage 129
Weather Storm Lords
Call the Breeze Summon light wind (-1 to Perception rolls) - WtF 146
•• Silent Fog Summon a patch of fog (-2 to Perception rolls) WtF 146
••• Deluge Summon a heavy rain (-2 to Perception and ranged combat rolls) WtF 146
•••• Killing frost Summon a hard frost wave (2 points of bashing damage, -2 to Strength and Dexterity rolls) WtF 147
••••• Thunderbolt Summon a thunderbolt upon his opponent (4 points + 1 per success of lethal damage) WtF 147
Witch's Moon Ithaeur
Shadow-Speaking Act as a vessel for spirits to speak - Lore 91
•• Shadow Discord Reduce spirits influence in a zone Lore 92
••• Luck-Eating Transfer luck from target to the Ithaeur Lore 92
•••• Cage the Rider Emprison a spirit into the Ithaeur body ●+ Lore 93
••••• Poisoned Essence Make essence expenditure to deal damage Lore 93
Wisdom Ithaeur
The Heart of Things Add Wisdom to any Mental or Social roll to infer knowledge for a scene SotM 67
•• Befuddle Target suffers penalty equal to Ithaeur Wisdom on mental rolls SotM 67
••• The Wisdom of Patience Skip a turn in combat to gain various benefits to next attack none SotM 67
•••• Mothers Counsel Add Ithaeur's Wisdom as an equipment bonus to another's skill for 24 hours SotM 68
••••• Forbidden Knowledge Target does not make the next roll, instead automatically gets success equal to Ithaeur's Wisdom ●●●○ SotM 68
Form Lock Make it harder for a werewolf to shapeshift WAtP 48
•• Patronless Pack Temporarily remove Totem benefits for a pack WAtP 49
••• Return to Birth Force a werewolf into human form WAtP 49
•••• Human Health Remove werewolf regeneration WAtP 49
••••• Object of Piercing Clarity Witnesses view target as if they had +4 Willpower for purposes of Lunacy WAtP 50
Wound-Born The Bale Hound becomes immune to the foul resonance emanating out from a Wound. He no longer suffers the penalties of entering and interacting within Wounds - Blas 139
•• Lord of the Wounds To Wound-born spirits, the Bale Hound now appears as one of the Maeltinet. Any Bale Hound with this Gift adds a +2 bonus on all rolls to bargain, bribe or command spirits Blas 140
••• Blessing of Pain The target is suddenly wracked with sickness, and suffers all the penalties of entering a Wound. The effects last for one turn per success on the roll Blas 140
•••• Siphon Suffering The target is struck by powerful feelings of apathy and lethargy. The Bale Hound gains a point of Essence, and the human suffers a –1 to all dice rolls until she next sleeps and recovers with rest. - Blas 140
••••• Communion With the Wounds The character immediately gains full knowledge of all Wounds within a 5-mile radius, their proximity to loci, the number of spirits around the areas, the name of the Maeltinet present within each (if any) and general terrain features. When in the area of one of the Wounds he has seen, the Bale Hound gains a +2 to Defense and Initiative Blas 140
Urban Iron Masters
Concrete Bolt-Hole Secure a minor hiding place in the city, adding a +2 to Stealth rolls. BotW 62
•• Foot In The Door Gain access over the phone to an expert or contact necessary for one's needs. BotW 62
••• Windfall Receive a bounty from the city that must be returned once its necessity is expired. ●○ BotW 63
•••• Urban Awareness Gain total awareness of what happens in an urban area. BotW 64
••••• Vermin Riot Call up the vermin of the city to attack a target (-2 to any Skill, -2 to Speed, 1 bashing damage per turn) BotW 65

● = Requires Essence ○ = Requires Willpower

Milestone Gifts Prequisites Tribes of the Moon 12
Backstage Synchronicity Tribes of the Moon 149
Destoyer’s Jaws, The Tribes of the Moon 46
Eyes of Death Wolf Tribes of the Moon 78
Hunter’s Bounty, The Tribes of the Moon 112
Storm’s Whisper Tribes of the Moon 183
Thief of Shadows Cunning 5 Signs of the Moon 34
Words of Power Wisdom 5, Harmony 7 Signs of the Moon 69
Absolute Authority Honor 5, Harmony 7 Signs of the Moon 104
Songs of Uplifting Glory Glory 5 Signs of the Moon 144
Luna's Gaze Purity 5, Harmony 7 Signs of the Moon 180

Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item