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Gifts (2nd Edition)

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Moon Gifts

Facet Rank Cost Pool Action Duration Description Reference
Crescent Moon's Gift
Shadow Gaze Wits + Occult + Wisdom vs. Resistance Instant 1 scene Boosts interaction with spirits & ridden. Reveals bane or ban. WTF2e p115
Spirit Whispers •• Presence + Persuasion + Wisdom Instant - Ask spirit a question. WTF2e p115
Shadow Hunter ••• - Instant Sacred Hunt Boosts specific rolls while in Shadow. WTF2e p116
Shadow Masquerade •••• ●● Manipulation + Occult + Wisdom vs. Resistance Instant 1 hour per success Mimic target spirit. WTF2e p116
Panopticon ••••• ●+ Intelligence + Occult + Wisdom Extended (10, minute per roll) 1 scene Gains awareness of spirits. Use spirit's senses. WTF2e p117
Full Moon's Gift
Killer Instinct - Reflexive 1 scene 8-again on Brawl and Weaponry WTF2e p117
Warrior's Hide •• - - None Permanent Boosts Health. WTF2e p117
Bloody-Handed Hunter ••• - Instant Sacred Hunt Boosts attack rolls vs obstacles to the Hunt. WTF2e p117
Butchery •••• ●● Wits + Brawl + Purity Reflexive 1 turn per success Adds tilts to opponents that meet criteria. WTF2e p117
Crimson Spasm ••••• ● per turn Stamina + Survival + Purity Instant - Use successes to boost Strength, Stamina, armor, damage. WTF2e p118
Gibbous Moon's Gift
War Howl Presence + Expression + Glory Instant 1 turn per success Boosts pack's Brawl and Weaponry WTF2e p118
Voice of Glory •• - Instant 1 scene Adds to Expression, Persuasion and First Impression WTF2e p118
Dream Hunter ••• Manipulation + Empathy + Glory vs. Composure + Primal Urge Instant Sacred Hunt Invades prey's dreams. WTF2e p118
Thousand Throat Howl •••• ●● Presence + Intimidate + Glory vs. Resolve + Primal Urge Instant - Howl to apply Demoralized Condition. WTF2e p118
End of Story ••••• ●●● Presence + Persuasion + Glory vs. prey’s Composure + Primal Urge Instant 1 day Story of prey's impending fate adds penalties to prey. WTF2e p119
Half Moon's Gift
Scent Beneath the Surface Wits + Empathy + Honor vs. Composure + Primal Urge Instant 1 scene Detect Lies WTF2e p119
Binding Oath •• Resolve + Persuasion + Honor vs. Resolve + Primal Urge Instant 1 month Bind oaths WTF2e p119
Sly Hunter ••• - Instant Sacred Hunt Boosts dice pools while pursuing Hunt. WTF2e p119
Ties of Word and Promise •••• ● per dot Manipulation + Persuasion + Honor Extended (10, minute per roll) 1 day Acquire temporary access to Allies, Contacts, etc. WTF2e p120
Ties of Blood and Bone ••••• ●●● Stamina + Empathy + Honor vs. Stamina + Primal Urge Instant - Switch location with packmate. WTF2e p120
New Moon's Gift
Eviscerate - Reflexive - Brawl or Weaponry attack vs. unaware target becomes rote action. WTF2e p120
Slip Away •• - Instant 1 scene Blurs observers memories. WTF2e p120
Relentless Hunter ••• - Instant Sacred Hunt Boosts dice pools while pursuing prey. WTF2e p120
Divide and Conquer •••• Manipulation + Subterfuge + Cunning vs. Composure + Primal Urge Instant - Lure prey away from their companions. WTF2e p121
Breach ••••• ●●● Wits + Stealth + Cunning Instant - Cross the Gauntlet. WTF2e p121

Shadow Gifts

Facet Renown Cost Pool Action Duration Description Reference
Gift of Death
Cold Embrace Cunning Stamina + Medicine + Cunning Instant 1 hour per success Suppress vital signs and appear dead. WTF2e p121
Barghest Glory - / ● - None Permanent Perceive and interact with ghosts. WTF2e p121
Memento Mori Honor - Reflexive 1 scene Awareness of packmates injuries. Transfer packmates injuries to self. WTF2e p121
Bone Gnaw Purity - Instant - Gain knowledge from bones of deceased. WTF2e p121
Eyes of the Dead Wisdom Wits + Occult + Wisdom Instant - View last thing seen by the deceased. WTF2e p122
Gift of Dominance
Primal Allure Cunning Manipulation + Subterfuge + Cunning vs. Resolve + Primal Urge Instant 1 scene Perfect impression with target. WTF2e p122
Glorious Lunacy Glory - Reflexive 1 scene When inflicting Lunacy, apply Awestruck Condition. WTF2e p122
Lay Low the Challenger Honor Presence + Intimidate + Honor vs. Composure + Primal Urge Reflexive - Inflicts the Cowed Condition on a struck opponent. WTF2e p122
Snarl of the Predator Purity - Instant - Reduces penalty when forcing Doors. WTF2e p123
Lead the Lesser Pack Wisdom ● per ally - Instant 1 day Adds temporary pack member. WTF2e p123
Gift of the Elementals
Breath of Air Cunning ●+ Wits + Athletics + Cunning Instant - Use the Air Influence at the same Essence cost as a spirit with (Cunning) dots. WTF2e p123
Catastrophe Glory ●●●●● per dot Presence + Survival + Glory Extended (15, hour per roll) - Boosts influence gained from Elemental Facets; grants immunity to catastrophe boosted Influences. WTF2e p123
Flesh of Earth Honor ●+ Strength + Survival + Honor Instant - Use the Earth Influence at the same Essence cost as a spirit with (Honor) dots. WTF2e p123
Tongue of Flame Purity ●+ Presence + Empathy + Purity Instant - Use the Fire Influence at the same Essence cost as a spirit with (Purity) dots. WTF2e p123
Heart of Water Wisdom ●+ Manipulation + Occult + Wisdom Instant - Use the Water Influence at the same Essence cost as a spirit with (Wisdom) dots. WTF2e p123
Gift of Evasion
Feet of Mist Cunning - Instant 1 hour All attempts to track or locate the user fail. WTF2e p123
Fog of War Glory Wits + Subterfuge + Glory vs. Composure + Primal Urge Reflexive - Something specific (bullet, package, etc.) reaches the wrong target WTF2e p124
Deny Everything Honor - Reflexive - Use Honor to resist Social/Manipulation actions. WTF2e p124
Hit and Run Purity Dexterity + Stealth + Purity vs. Composure + Primal Urge Reflexive - Interrupt attack and disengage; Can inflict Shadow Paranoia Condition WTF2e p124
Exit Strategy Wisdom Wits + Streetwise + Wisdom Instant - Gain immediate knowledge of escape routes or boltholes WTF2e p124
Gift of Insight
Prey on Weakness Cunning Presence + Empathy + Cunning vs. Composure + Primal Urge Instant - Gains awareness prey's weaknesses and conditions WTF2e p125
Read the World's Loom Glory ●●●●● Wits + Streetwise + Glory Instant - Gains insight; Learns of an event, threat or circumstance of meaningful relevence. WTF2e p125
Echo Dream Honor Wits + Investigation + Honor Instant - Gain information about an object or location WTF2e p125
Scent the Unnatural Purity Wits + Occult + Purity Instant - Detect supernatural creatures and effects WTF2e p126
One Step Ahead Wisdom - Instant - Detect the way in which prey will flee. WTF2e p126
Gift of Inspiration
Lunatic Inspiration Cunning Manipulation + Empathy + Cunning vs Composure Instant 1 lunar cycle Infects a human or Wolf-Blooded with ongoing Inspired and Madness Conditions, driving towards resolution through a prophetic or relevatory work. WTF 2e p127
Fearless Hunter Glory - Instant 1 scene Share contests and resistance against mental influence and fear with present packmates, and add Glory as a bonus to do so. WTF 2e p127
Pack Triumphs Together Honor ● per target - Reflexive 1 scene Allows packmates to share Initiative values, and grants them 8-Again on teamwork actions. WTF 2e p127
Unity Purity - Instant - Intervene in Social Maneuvering to grant a packmate your Purity in additional Doors. WTF 2e p127
Still Small Voice Wisdom ● per target Presence + Persuasion + Wisdom vs Resolve + Primal Urge Instant - Talk werewolves down from the Soft Rage. WTF 2e p127
Gift of Knowledge
Needle Cunning Manipulation + Subterfuge + Cunning vs Composure + Primal Urge Instant 1 month Hides an item of knowledge in all forms from a target. WTF 2e 127-128
This Story Is True Glory ●● Presence + Academics + Glory Instant 1 hour per success Tells a tale whose lesson grants temporary bonus dots in a particular Skill to one listener. WTF 2e 128
Know Thy Prey Honor Wits + Socialize + Honor Instant - Intuits a target's names and aliases, alternate identities, sources of fame and social connections. WTF 2e 128
Lore of the Land Purity ●● Intelligence + Survival + Purity Instant 1 scene Identifies supernatural effects lain upon a territory. Locates material creatures and dangers within your pack's territory. WTF 2e 128
Sift the Sands Wisdom ● / ●● Intelligence + Academics + Wisdom Extended (10, minute per roll) - Spirit hauntings aid research, and can optionally copy the sought knowledge to a new medium. WTF 2e 128-129
Nature's Gift
Nature's Lure Cunning Manipulation + Survival + Cunning vs Composure + Primal Urge Instant 1 scene Lures an isolated group of up to (Cunning) non-werewolves into the heart of wilderness, and penalizes their Initiative by your Cunning. WTF 2e 129
Black Earth, Red Hunger Glory - Instant - Spurs guided plant overgrowth across a radius of (Glory × 10) yards, which consumes corpses. Until the next sunrise, sense any heartbeat or bloodshed within the overgrowth, and regenerate lethal damage when it soaks in blood. WTF 2e 129
Knotted Paths Honor ● per target Wits + Survival + Honor vs Composure + Primal Urge Instant 1 day Prevents any path from leading prey out of the wilderness. WTF 2e 129
Pack Kin Purity Presence + Animal Ken + Purity Extended (5, half-hour per roll) Indefinite Inducts a predatory animal as a loyal member of the pack, which can understand commands from packmates and resists mental influence from without at a +3 bonus. Each werewolf with this Gift may induct up to (Purity) animals. WTF 2e 129-130
Beast Ride Wisdom Wits + Animal Ken + Wisdom - Resolve Instant Indefinite Enter a trance to ride an animal spiritually, receiving its senses and controlling its behavior. WTF 2e 130
Gift of Rage
Incite Fury Cunning ●● Manipulation + Subterfuge + Cunning vs Composure + Primal Urge Instant - Snarl to incite Death Rage in a werewolf or the Berserk Condition otherwise. WTF 2e 130
Berserker's Might Glory - Reflexive - While in a form that causes Lunacy, reduce damage from one attack by (Glory) points, or shrug off a physical injury Tilt. Use freely at no cost in Hard Rage. WTF 2e 130
Perfected Rage Honor - Reflexive - Increase controlled time in Gauru by (Honor) turns. WTF 2e 130
Slaughterer Purity - Reflexive - Use in Gauru to add (Purity) damage to a Brawl attack. Use freely at no cost in Hard Rage. WTF 2e 130
Raging Lunacy Wisdom - Reflexive 1 scene Inflict the Berserk Condition instead of normal Lunacy Conditions. WTF 2e 131
Gift of Shaping
Moldywarp Cunning - Instant 1 scene Dalu form's claws spread and harden, able to tunnel through stone and concrete at a Speed equal to Strength + Cunning. WTF 2e 131
Shield-Breaker Glory - Reflexive - Add (Glory) Armor-Piercing to a Brawl or Weaponry attack. WTF 2e 131
Entropy's Toll Honor Presence + Expression + Honor Instant - Damage an object by twice your successes, ignoring Durability, with a shrieking howl. WTF 2e 131
Perfection of Form Purity Wits + Crafts + Purity 1 day - Whisper your successes into an object as a bonus to its equipment rating, which dissipates after use. Repair an equal amount of Structure damage. WTF 2e 131
Sculpt Wisdom Intelligence + Crafts + Wisdom Instant 30 minutes Render up to your Wisdom in Size's worth of material malleable like clay. You may spend Essence to extend the duration. WTF 2e 131
Gift of Stealth
Shadow Pelt Cunning - Instant 1 scene Take the rote quality on your next (Cunning) Stealth rolls. WTF 2e 131-132
Predator's Shadow Glory ● per target Presence + Intimidation + Glory vs Composure + Primal Urge Instant - Inflict the Shadow Paranoia Condition, evoking panic on failed Perception actions. WTF 2e 132
Pack Stalks the Prey Honor ● per ally - Reflexive - Allow packmates to share your success on a Stealth roll. WTF 2e 132
The Hunter Waits Purity - Instant 1 scene While you remain still and unobtrusive, penalize Perception actions and supernatural powers to spot you by your Purity. Add Purity to your Initiative on an ambush. WTF 2e 132
Running Silent Wisdom - Instant 1 scene Moving at high speeds doesn't deter Stealth actions. Reduce terrain penalties and fall damage by your Wisdom. WTF 2e 132
Gift of Strength
Unchained Cunning - Reflexive - Add (Cunning) to a grappling roll, or shatter any restraint or binding. Use freely at no cost in Hard Rage. WTF 2e 132
Predator's Unmatched Pursuit Glory ● (●) - Instant 1 scene Add Glory to Urshul and Urhan Speed. Extend jump distances by (Glory) times over. Double Speed for a turn with Essence. Use freely at no cost in Hard Rage. WTF 2e 132
Crushing Blow Honor - Reflexive - Inflict Honor as a temporary Defense penalty with a Brawl strike. The strike deals lethal damage even in Hishu. WTF 2e 132
Primal Strength Purity - Reflexive 1 scene Add Purity to Strength. Use freely at no cost in Hard Rage. WTF 2e 132
Rending Claws Wisdom - - None Permanent Gauru and Urshul forms ignore up to (Wisdom) Durability, and add (Wisdom) Structure damage. WTF 2e 133
Gift of Technology
Garble Cunning Intelligence + Science + Cunning - Composure Instant 1 scene Technology betrays and confounds the target at every turn. WTF 2e p133
Unmake Glory Wits + Crafts + Glory vs Resolve + Primal Urge Instant - Dismantles an object up to (Glory × 5) Size. WTF 2e p133-134
Command Artifice Honor Intelligence + Science + Honor Instant (Honor) hours Issues a one-sentence command a device is capable of obeying. WTF 2e p134
Shutdown Purity ●● Presence + Intimidate + Purity Instant 1 scene Extinguishes artificial lights, recording and communication devices, and security systems. WTF 2e p134
Iron Slave Wisdom Wits + Crafts + Wisdom Instant 1 scene Enter a trance to ride a machine spiritually, perceiving its surroundings and controlling its functions. WTF 2e p134
Gift of Technology (Historical)
Hush Cunning Composure + Stealth + Cunning Instant 1 scene All technological warning signals are silenced. DE p165
Unmake Glory Wits + Crafts + Glory vs Resolve + Primal Urge Instant - Destroys an object up to (Glory × 5) Size. DE p166
Balance the Scales Honor Resolve + Craft + Honor vs Resolve + Primal Urge Instant (Honor) hours A broken item works perfectly. DE p166
Gutter Purity Presence + Survival + Purity Instant 1 scene All flames within (Purity × 100) yards are reduced to embers. DE p166
Iron Minions Wisdom Wits + Politics + Wisdom Instant 1 week Be aware of an object's movements and see its surroundings. DE p166
Gift of Warding
Maze Ward Cunning ●●●●● - Instant 1 month Penalizes attempts by intruders to navigate a warded area by Cunning through rebelling geometry, expelling on failure. WTF 2e 134
Ward the Wolf's Den Glory ●●●●● (●) - Instant 1 month Penalizes attempts to cross worlds or scry through a warded area by Glory, and alerts the werewolf. Seals loci for (Glory) hours. WTF 2e 134-135
All Doors Locked Honor - Instant 1 scene Senses doors and windows in a structure. The werewolf may open, close, or lock them at will. WTF 2e 135
Predator's Claim Purity ●●●●● - Instant 1 month Increases the werewolf's honorary Rank by 2 within the warded area. WTF 2e 135
Boundary Ward Wisdom ●●●●● - Instant 1 month Senses when a given type of being crosses the threshold of the warded area. WTF 2e 135
Gift of Weather
Cloak of Mist and Haze Cunning Dexterity + Stealth + Cunning Extended (5, minute per roll) 1 hour per success Conjures a haze to penalize sight, hearing, and ranged attacks by Cunning. WTF 2e 135
Heavens Unleashed Glory ●●●●● Presence + Survival + Glory Extended (10, minute per roll) 1 hour per success Conjures a flooding storm to penalize Speed and Initiative by Glory. WTF 2e 135
Hunt Under Iron Skies Honor - (● per ally) - None Permanent Ignore negative effects conjured by your Weather Facets, and shield allies with Essence. Ignore up to your Honor in other environmental penalties. WTF 2e 136
Grasp of Howling Winds Purity ●● Manipulation + Survival + Purity - Stamina Instant 1 turn per success Howl a fierce gust that penalizes one target's Speed and Physical actions by your Purity. WTF 2e 136
Hunt of Fire and Ice Wisdom ●●●●● Intelligence + Occult + Wisdom Extended (10, minute per success) 1 hour per success Conjure either the Extreme Cold or Extreme Heat Tilt. WTF 2e 136

Wolf Gifts

Facet Renown Cost Pool Action Duration Description Reference
Gift of Change
Skin Thief Cunning ●●●●● (○) - Instant - Skin and don the hide of a human or predatory animal at least as large as a wolf to take its appearance, except for eyes, in Hishu or Urhan respectively. WTF 2e p136
Gaze of the Moon Glory - Instant - Inflict Lunacy with a look. WTF 2e p136
Luna's Embrace Honor - Instant Indefinite Change sex. WTF 2e p136-137
The Father's Form Purity - - - - You can adopt a modified Gauru that is less unstoppable, but which doesn't have to attack to hold back Death Rage. This is a breaking point towards flesh. WTF 2e p137
Quicksilver Flesh Wisdom - Instant 1 scene Manifest a partially shapeshifted aspect while in a different form, such as manipulative hands, human vocal cords, claws, or lupine striding legs. WTF 2e p137
Gift of Hunting
Honed Senses Cunning - - None Permanent Perception rolls achieve exceptional success on a threshold of three instead of five. WTF 2e 137
Cow the Prey Glory - Reflexive - Wield the Hunter's Aspect as a Persistent Condition. WTF 2e 137
Beast Talker Honor - - None Permanent Communicate with animals. WTF 2e 137
Tireless Hunter Purity - Instant 1 day While pursuing the Sacred Hunt, ignore the need to eat or drink, the inability to spend Willpower, and up to your Purity in fatigue penalties. WTF 2e 137
Impossible Spoor Wisdom (●+) - Reflexive 1 scene Track infinitesimal traces, adding two successes to any successful tracking roll. Spend Essence to ignore penalties from old trails or from environmental degredation. WTF 2e 137-138
Gift of Pack
Reflected Facets Cunning - Reflexive - Use one of your Facets through a werewolf packmate within (Cunning) miles. WTF 2e 138
Down the Prey Glory - Reflexive - When striking an enemy wounded by a packmate, either inflict a temporary -2 penalty, gain a temporary +2 Defense against them, or if their Defense was reduced to zero, knock them down. WTF 2e 138
Totem's Wrath Honor ●●●●● Presence + Occult + Honor vs Power + Finesse + Resistance Instant - Materialize your totem spirit in a body-shell like a lesser Gauru, anchored by the Death Rage and bleeding Essence each turn. The raging totem will not strike allies with the Totem Merit. WTF 2e 138
Maw of Madness Purity - Reflexive - Infect a human with the Moon Taint Condition through your bite, threatening to unleash them for one night as a raging lesser werewolf. WTF 2e 138
Pack Awareness Wisdom (●) - None Permanent Sense the location and state of packmates within (Wisdom) miles. Spend Essence to communicate with them spiritually for a scene. WTF 2e 138
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item