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Goblin Fruits

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Goblin Fruit Description Effect Book
Amaranthine Looks like a small, red eggplant. Heals a point of aggravated damage. CTL 2e 208
Faerie Peach Plump, translucent peaches sprouting in the Gentry's wake. Glorifies the mien for a day or until you leave the Hedge, attracting attention but navigating the Hedge more easily. CTL 2e 208
Liar's Apple Round red apples that taste of ash. Prevents the eater from telling the truth for two sunrises. CTL 2e 208
Odinroot Bitter, blood-fed bulbs. Recover Willpower, but suffer a one-die Clarity attack. CTL 2e 208
Ogre Pepper Gnarled, horridly powerful peppers. Until midnight, gain immunity to fear, but suffer -2 to exercise self-control. CTL 2e 208
Vines of Bacchus Colorful flowering vines. Smoked, induces prophetic reverie. Eaten, tastes foul to those who wish harm, tasty otherwise. CTL 2e 208
Cogleaf Fallen metal leaves shaped like cogs. Used in repairs, can replace any component, producing a strange but functioning device that slips mortal notice. CTL 2e 208
Jennystone Foul-smelling bush seeds. Stench inflicts a -1 action penalty. Roll Stamina to swallow and digest for Glamour. CTL 2e 209
Lancebeet Long, thin vegetable that tapers to an edge. Disposable +2 throwing weapon which confers +3 attack dice. CTL 2e 209