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Goblin Fruits (1st Edition)

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Goblin Fruit Description Effect Book
Amaranthine Looks like a small, red eggplant. Heals 1A, limited to once per scene. CTL 223
Babel Gum Pink urban lichen that resembles chewed gum. Understand all spoken languages, but forget how to read for one scene. WM 113
Blushberries Pink fruits slightly larger than cherries. Heals 1L or 2B. CTL 223
Brumblebulb Small almost sour tasting onion. Grows underground with only a few leaves poking out. Instant exit from the Hedge RoS 131
Buglewort Mushroom that appears almost identical to Nightcap. Effects of both can stack. +4 Initiative for the scene. CTL 224
Chu Chu Culm Bamboo filled with red liquid. Intoxication, +2 Social bonus, -2 Dexterity, Wits or Intelligence for one scene. WM 113
Cocorange Hard seeds the size of a football, containing pulpy citrus flesh. Intoxication equivalent to a shot of liquor GobM 21
Coralscalp Fine, hairlike kelp. Smoke for +1 to perception rolls and breaking points for a scene, followed by strong hallucinations. GobM 21
Coupnettle Bitter and minty leaves, usually made into a tea. Restores Willpower. Each serving after the first within 24 hours inflicts -1 Composure. CTL 223
The Cousin's Trumpet Conical yellow jungle flower with no scent. Must be brewed into a tea. Outside the Hedge, a hallucinogen that restores Willpower but inflicts a universal -3 penalty. Within the Hedge, +2 effective Wyrd for Hedge-shaping. WM 113
Dactyl Oily fruits that resemble dates. Roll Resolve + Stamina to hold down. Grants Social rolls 9-Again. GobM 21
Dream-a-Drupe Slightly intoxicating, looks like a purple nectarine. Healing fruit. 1L or 2B healed. CTL 223
Ertwen Mealy seeds inside a pod, similar to peas. Healing fruit. 1L or 2B healed. CTL 223
Fear Gortach Highly addictive grass. Can affect mortals and supernaturals. Must succeed Wits + Composure to pull away, and reroll if you run into more Gortach in the next scene. Gluttons get a -3 on these rolls. Makes consumer hungry and strips goblin fruit benefits, but you must roll Wits + Composure (-3 with the Gluttony Vice) to stop eating. CTL 223
Headgourd Grows in Hedge farmlands in the shape of a scarecrow. Smear innards on self for +1 to Defense and -2 to Social rolls for one hour. WM 112
Hera Pear Particularly healthy pear tree guarded by powerful hobgoblins. Completely cure a disease. RoS 131
Hidefruit Tiny crimson berry about the size of a pomegranate seed. Very rare and bitter. The True Fae must roll Wits + Composure -5 to find you, for your Wits + Resolve in minutes. AN 59
Jarmyn Fruit Grows with Jarmyn Leaves. Forces sleep. Extended actions in same scene lose penalties; sleep whole day after to maximum of 7 days. CTL 223
Jarmyn Leaves Grows with Jarmyn Fruit. Forces sleep. +3 to stay awake for extensive amount of time; sleep whole day after to maximum of 7 days. CTL 223
The Judas Yew Grows in Hedge Deserts. Tree with red berries that grows out of walls in elevations. Eating does 1L damage due to potent poison. Allows you to go 3 times the length without food or drink. WM 111
Murmurleaf A blossom that curls upwards at the end of the leaf. Healing fruit. 1L or 2B healed. CTL 223
Nightcap Mushroom that appears almost identical to Buglewort. Effects of both can stack. Halves Speed until accumulates 4 successes on Stam + Res CTL 224
Pedicle Velvet Lichen that grows on the horns of fierce Hobgoblins in Hedge tundras. Heal 1L damage. Gain +1 Stamina for 6 hours. Next time you have intercourse, it will result in pregnancy. WM 114
Pitt Moss Very rich, pungent moss used in soups. Effect only applies if eaten raw, about a salads worth, in the field. Eaten raw, saps Willpower and blocks its use for a scene. CTL 224
Wyrmthumb Fleshy fig, black and filled with dizzyingly sweet tar sap. Contains milky grubs with black mandibles. Restore Glamour and take +5 to escape any kind of bondage. RoS 131
Gallowsroot Ropy vine shaped like a noose. Acts as Strength 3 attacker with a garrote for 3 turns. CTL 224
Hog Eye Grows in Hedge bogs and swamps. Looks like a reed with a knobby outgrowth. Single-use +5 lockpick. WM 111
Jennystones Foul smelling acorns. -1 dice pool to everyone within 15 feet. CTL 224
Promise Leaves Parchment-like leaves dispersed randomly among trees. Crumple to lengthen Contract durations. CTL 224
Scarthistle Milky thistle with night black flowers. Thistle can be used to tattoo a Lost for a month. Lost can spend a Glamour to gain +1 on a chosen Social Skill (chosen when the tattoo is made). Can have one tattoo per dot of Wyrd at a time. RoS 132
Stabapple Fruit with hard thorns. Thorns can be used as 1L, Size 1, Durability 1 weapons. CTL 224
Tovil's Ooze Molasses-like substance found in sinkholes in cold parts of the Hedge. Smear on something to confer +2 Durability or Armor for a week. Deals 2 Structure damage or 1 lethal damage when peeled off. RoS 132
Vermsap Oozes out of trees in Hedge Forests. Just a dollop on your skin summons masses of vermin that follow you until removed. Vermin follows you around. -2 to Social rolls, -1 to Initiative and Defense. WM 112
Walking Gertrude Slowly walking stalks of fibrous tissue, like a spider made of sugarcane. Rubbed inside a shoe, residue halves wearer's Speed. RoS 132
Jennyapples Misshapen black-spotted apples. Hybrid of a Jennystone and an apple. -3 to all rolls for a day if eaten. If skin is pierced acts like a Jennystone. RoS130
Nevernip Crossbreed of blushberries and fear gortach. Lush purple berries. Heals like blushberries, but eater must roll Wits + Composure (-3 with the Gluttony Vice) to stop eating. RoS 130
Somnus Pollen Undetectable goblin fruit infection. Inflicts the drugging sting of a Fae Swarm when eaten. AN 127
Trenchmint Hybrid of coupnettle and pitmoss. Has airy stems topped with curling clusters of violet leaves. Eaten raw, saps Willpower and grants +3 to a chosen Mental Skill for a scene. Inflicts -1 Physical penalty afterward, or -2 with the Sloth Vice. RoS 130