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Guilds (1st Edition)

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Guild Name Page Number Description Favored Vessel Bonus Affinity
Maa-Kep: The Engravers Mummy the Curse 31 Humble and subtle aides, spies and secret police Amulets Affable Aid
Mesen-Nebu: The Alchemists Mummy the Curse 36 Transformers and exchangers of Dedwen in all forms Regia Divine Flesh
Sesha-Hebsu: The Scribes Mummy the Curse 41 Bureaucrats, judges, scholars and librarians Texts Eyes of Justice
Su-Menent: The Shepherds Mummy the Curse 46 Morticians, necromancers and priests Uter Favored Soul
Tef-Aabhi: The Father of Idols Mummy the Curse 51 Self-appointed heirs and successors to the other guilds Effigies Model Lifeweb