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Krewe Benefits (1st Edition)

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Name Cost Tier Type Prerequisites Description Reference
Codex (••• or •••••) - - Ceremonially Bonded Member Teaches benefits of Faction or Conspiracy level Supernatural benefits; these benefits cannot then be bought higher with XP, they must be repurchased. Geist 191
Death Rite (• to •••••) Faction Founder Flesh Fair Can ritually transform a gathering of Sin-Eaters and others into a temporary Haunt. Geist 187
Deathsoul Initiation (••• to •••••) Cult Supernatural Gain the ability to use a single Manifestation/Key pairing known by a Founder. Geist 185
Enhanced Merit Automatic Faction Temporal Krewe Status •• Gain bonus dots to one social merit, based on Krewe Status Geist 188
Ethos Commitment Opt-In Cult Supernatural Gains rote action on discord rolls relating to ethos; suffers massive discord when violating the ethos. Costs a willpower dot to withdraw commitment. Geist 185
Flesh Fair (• to •••) Cult Founder Provides a bonus to Haunt Fluidity when hosting other Sin-Eaters. Geist 185
Forge Key Opt-In Conspiracy Founder Psyche ••••••, two Manifestations at ••••• With krewe experience points, can create a new Key, which may be taught to other members or via Key Initiation. Geist 189
Key Initiation Opt-In Faction Supernatural Ceremonially Bonded Member Krewe has a chosen key; members can learn it without a teacher and at reduced cost, but doing so causes a derangement or flaw. Geist 188
Krewe Fate (• to •••••) Cult Founder Founder can decree bonuses or penalties to any member when conducting a predetermined action. Founder suffers if decree is counter to krewe myth or ethos. Geist 184
Krewe Status (• to •••••); Automatic Faction Temporal Member or Ally As Status merit, but some dots can be granted for free under certain circumstances. Geist 188
Mentor •• or •••• Special - Being mentored by a krewe founder allows them to instruct in supernatural merits, or founder merits if declared a successor. Geist 191
Merit Mastery Automatic Conspiracy Temporal Krewe Status • Each Krewe may choose three Social merits; all members gain these at half experience cost. Geist 190
Mythic Aspect (Founder) (••••) Cult Founder Gain permanent ability to spend plasm to boost a choice of skill or attribute; suffers a penalty to discord rolls for the remainder of scene when this is invoked. Geist 185, 189
Mythic Aspect (Members) (••••) Conspiracy Supernatural Ceremonially Bonded Member As above, but members may acquire it. Geist 189
Mythic Avatar (•••••) Faction Founder Psyche ••••••, Mythic Aspect Briefly takes the form of the Krewe's Aspect, gaining significant supernatural powers. Suffers a penalty to synergy while in this form. Geist 186
Mythic Factors (• to •••••) Conspiracy Supernatural Ceremonially Bonded Member By performing difficult rituals, member may significantly enhance the power of Manifestations Geist 189
Pooled Merits - Cult Temporal Allies, Contacts, and Resource merits bought pooled can be shared by all members, but dots used by one member can't be used simultaneously. Geist 186
Revenance (•••••) Conspiracy Founder Psyche •••••• Can return to life without loss of maximum Psyche; ceases to suffer from aging, though health dots deplete over time with age. Geist 189
Sending Forth the Aspect (•••••) Faction Founder Blesses a krewe member with the founder's aspect; recipient can use any of the founder's Keys, founder can cast manifestations through the recipient, and both can communicate telepathically. Founder must concentrate for the duration. Geist 187
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item