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Lineages and Refinements (1st Edition)

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Name Nickname Description Book
Frankenstein Wretched Choleric patchwork people, furiously driven. PTC 99, SA 19
Galatea Muses Attempts at perfect companions, sanguine and personable. PTC 103, SA 25
Osiris Nepri Incomplete results of failed resurrection, phlegmatic and ponderous. PTC 106, SA 33
Tammuz Golems Melancholic artificial servants, quiet and stubborn. PTC 110, SA 40
Ulgan Riven Bodies torn and reglued by spirit-stuff, plasmic and ruled by intuition. PTC 113, SA 46
Unfleshed Machines cultivating self-awareness by the light of Divine Fire. SN 50
Zeka Children of the Bomb Mad and suffering products of reanimations poisoned by extreme radiation. SN 77
Hollow Skeletons Sanguine, melancholic wretches, urged onward by one last drop of hope. DE 488


Name Element Nickname Theme Affinities Book
Aes Bronze Sentries Guardians and leaders of their Throng Benefice and Corporeum MO 57
Argentum Silver Mystics Seekers to understand other supernaturals Sensorium and Spiritus MO 62
Aurum Gold Mimics Questing to understand humanity Deception and Mesmerism PTC 50, SA 65
Centimani Flux Freaks Embracers of their own monster nature; masters and tamers of Flux Pandoran PTC 214, PB 28
Cobalus Cobalt Cathars Analyzers of impurities, in all its forms Contamination and Deception MO 69
Cuprum Copper Pariahs Aspirants to gain total control of mind, body, and Torment Metamorphisis and Sensorium PTC 54, SA 68
Ferrum Iron Titans Path of the warrior Corporeum and Vitality PTC 58, SA 73
Mercurius Quicksilver Ophidians Students of Azoth and Pyros Alchemicus and Vulcanus PTC 62, SA 79
Plumbum Lead Originists Scientists of Promethean nature Disquietism and Saturninus MO 75
Stannum Tin Furies Wielders of Torment Disquietism and Electrification PTC 66, SA 90


Name Origin Description Book
Carcinomas Zeka Blind, unthinking cancers. SN 98
Dust Devils Hollow Capricious, possessive particulate clouds. DE 490
Gremlins Unfleshed Self-modifying eaters of metal. SN 63
Ishtari Tammuz Cunning, patient cave-dwelling predators. PTC 227
Renders Ulgan Crude, violent demons, empty of ephemeral life. PTC 229
Sebek Osiris Amphibious monsters without self-control. PTC 231
The Silent Galatea Mute gargoyles who hate beauty. PTC 232
Torch-Born Frankenstein Ponderous, wondering arsonists. PTC 234