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Lineages and Refinements (2nd Edition)

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Name Nickname Description Book
Frankenstein Wretched Patchwork people built by ambition, choleric and driven. PTC 2e 20-22
Galatea Muses Born of beauty, sanguine and personable. PTC 2e 23-25
Osiris Nepri Products of secret knowledge, phlegmatic and ponderous. PTC 2e 26-28
Tammuz Named Resurrections marred by imperfect understanding, melancholic and stubborn. PTC 2e 29-31
Ulgan Riven Bodies torn and reglued by spirit-stuff, plasmic and self-aware. PTC 2e 32-34
Unfleshed Manufactured Representational effigies and androids made real, unctuous and overzealous. PTC 2e 35-37
Extempore Matchless Spontaneous lives conjured from unique and formative events. PTC 2e 38-40
Amirani Prophets Broken by agony and rebuilt by metal, choleric visionaries easily frustrated. DEC 98-99


Type Name Ethos Nickname Roles Transmutations Book
Basic Aurum Mortality Mimics Companion, Follower, Leader Deception and Mesmerism PTC 2e 42-44
Basic Cuprum Self Pariahs Hermit, Sage, Watcher Metamorphosis and Sensorium PTC 2e 45-47
Basic Ferrum Corpus Titans Exemplar, Martyr, Soldier Corporeum and Vitality PTC 2e 48-50
Basic Plumbum Source Originists Chronicler, Ascetic, Pilgrim Disquietism and Saturninus PTC 2e 51-53
Basic Stannum Torment Furies Outcast, Savage, Vigilante Electrification and Disquietism PTC 2e 54-56
Complex Aes Aid Sentries Bodyguard, Servant, Seeker Benefice and Corporeum PTC 2e 57-59
Complex Argentum Mystery Mystics Envoy, Observer, Warden Sensorium and Spiritus PTC 2e 60-62
Complex Cobalus Impurity Cathars Confessor, Deviant, Provocateur Contamination and Mesmerism PTC 2e 63-65
Complex Mercurius Pyros Savants Craftsman, Explorer, Scientist Alchemicus and Vulcanus PTC 2e 66-68
Complex Phosphorum Ephemerality Light-Bringers Daredevil, Psychopomp, Whip Luciferus and Vulcanus PTC 2e 69-71