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First Edition
● Charm Description Threshold Page
Casket Jacket Jacket crafted from the a coffin lining from a large funeral. Various Geist 195
Cat’s Eye Marble Black marble with a hint of blood red, upon which a fleeing convict tripped and broke his skull Forgotten Geist 196
Charm Tats Tattoos made with the blood or ashes of the dead, transplanted tattoos from the dead, or other strange things. Various Geist 196
Corpse Teeth The teeth of the dead, often worn as an amulet. Threshold reflects the manner of death. Various Geist 196
Crucifix Geist Quickstart 50
Dead Man’s Wallet The blood-soaked wallet of a man on hard times who just won a small lottery, then was brutally murdered for the winnings. Torn Geist 196
Dreamcatcher Geist Quickstart 50
Forgotten Key Ring Geist Quickstart 50
One‐Way Ticket A ticket, smelling of fire and death, taken from onboard a crashed Greyhound bus. Forgotten Geist 197
Sugar Skulls The skull of an animal, covered in a burnt sugar coating, taken from a creature who died near the site of a violent or sudden human death. Torn or Forgotten Geist 197
Vanity’s Vanity The mirror of an actress who died of depression and heartbreak. Silent Geist 198
Vanquished Timepiece A timepiece worn by someone as they died. Various Geist 198
●● Vanitas Description Threshold
Battlefield Diorama A diorama of a battlefield at which the Sin-Eater died. Torn Geist 199
Crime Scene Collage Collage of crime scene photographs, allowing for reflection of the Sin-Eater's own violent demise. Torn Geist 199
Dead Jazz A song that reminds the Sin-Eater of their unfortunate demise; each time its played, it ends a different way. Forgotten Geist 200
The Germ Closet A closet filled with bodily fluids of the diseased. Stricken Geist 200
The Lament A written tale reflecting emotionally on one's death. Various Geist 200
The Offering Table A table filled with lavish food and drink, a reminder of life and what can be lost. Silent Geist 200
Roadkill Taxidermy Taxidermied body of a deer, the impact with which killed the Sin-Eater Prey Geist 200
The Weeping Wall Geist Quickstart 50
●●● Fetter Description Threshold Key Numen Page
Collar, the The collar of a dog, possessed by his truly devoted owner. Prey Primeval Animal Control Geist 202
Ghost Sword Peach wood or a string of copper coins bound with red thread. Does 5L to ghosts, manifested or not and ignores ghostly armor equal to 1/2 Psyche. Can be used against ghosts possessing humans Torn Stygian Blast (Dexterity + Melee) DA p141
The Girl’s Marionette A marionette, belonging and possessed by a young girl who took a fatal misstep. Forgotten Phantasmal Telekinesis Geist 203
Mirror Mirror A hand mirror, belonging and possessed by a woman of ultimate vanity. Stricken Phantasmal Plasticity Geist 203
The Notebook A laptop computer, belonging and possessed by a boy who died of deprivation while playing video games. Silent Industrial Disruption Geist 203
The Projector A projector, belonging and possessed by a woman who captured on the film the murder of man after man, until one finally overpowered her. Torn Phantasmal Phantasm Geist 204
Screaming Mace A can of mace, belonging and possessed by a woman who was murdered while jogging, the weapon failing to defend her. Torn Stigmata Banshee Wail Geist 204
The Screwdriver A screwdriver, belonging and possessed by a serial murderer who used it as his weapon of choice, and died of cancer before being caught. Stricken Stigmata Terrify Geist 204
The Thirty‐Thirty A still functional old rifle, beloning and possessed by a crazed man who used it to take hostages to sacrifice to a ghost, before same hostages got the better of him. Torn Phantasmal Dement Geist 205
●●●● Deathmask Description Threshold Key Skill Page
The Beaked Mask of Bile and Blood Mask of the Coronated Coroner; inflicts bloody respiratory illness on all within 50 yards. Stricken Stigmata Medicine Geist 206
Coral Mask, the Mask of the Wailing Widow; can transmute at will up to a dumpster full of water into undrinkable brine. Silent Passion Empathy Geist 206
Gold Teeth Mask of the Gluttonous Shadow; can make a lethal bite attack without grappling, and all nearby are continually starving. Torn Stillness Stealth Geist 206
Gravedigger’s Shovel Mask of the Gravedigger; allows perfect vision no matter how dark it gets, but cuts off peripheral vision. Silent Grave-Dirt Weaponry Geist 207
Perfect Fifth, the Mask of Violinist-in-Ash; the Sin-Eater's voice becomes musical, and while wearing the mask can determine the mood of the musician playing any piece of music, even on records. Forgotten Passion Expression Geist 208
Swallow‐in‐Glass Mask of the Birdwatcher; the Sin-Eater can mimic the call of any bird. Prey Primeval Investigation Geist 208
●●●●● Memorabilia Description Threshold Skill Page
The Bournemouth Heart The mummified heart of Percy Shelly. Prey Empathy Geist 209
Derringer, the The pistol that shot Abraham Lincoln Torn None; equipment bonus Geist 210
Kennedy’s Final Ride The limo in which Kennedy was assassinated. Torn None; equipment bonus Geist 210
McCall’s Necktie The noose that hung Wild Bill's murderer Torn Firearms Geist 210
Presley in Repose Photograph of Elvis in his coffin at his funeral Stricken Expression Geist 211
Pulverized Porcelain of Pol Pot The broken down toilet Pol Pot died athrone Stricken Intimidation Geist 211
The Raven Banner of Jarl Sigurd Draws power from bearer to strike at foes Torn Manipulation + Persuasion DA p175
The Starlet’s Ring Ring Joe DiMaggio gave to Marilyn Monroe at her funeral. Stricken Socialize Geist 211
Vidocq’s Lens Magnifying Lens of Francois Vidocq Silent None; equipment bonus Geist 211