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Second Edition
Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Advanced Danger Sense •• Danger Sense In the first turn of combat, Defense gains +2 and can be applied universally unless sacrificed. If someone attempts and fails to ambush you, set your initiative to one higher than the fastest ambusher. BTP 113
Advanced Direction Sense •• Direction Sense You can intuit the direction to anything you've directly sensed. BTP 114
Epic Direction Sense •• Advanced Direction Sense You can sense backwards across time, locating since-destroyed objects or spending Willpower to glimpse the past. BTP 114
Direct Dial Advanced Direction Sense, Computer ••, Occult •• Spend 1 Willpower (or none, if you try to speak to a broodmate) to begin a phonecall with a target you could have tracked with Advanced Direction Sense, through the nearest phone or computer. BPG 99
Advanced Double Jointed Double Jointed You can fit your entire body through anything that can accommodate your head. Apply Double Jointed's grappling penalty even when you act aggressively. BTP 114
Advanced Eidetic Memory Eidetic Memory Rolled recollection achieves exceptional success on a threshold of three instead of five. You can perform retroactive Mental or Social analyses. BTP 114
Epic Potential Choose one Attribute and raise its trait maximum by one dot. You may not purchase this Merit multiple times for different Attributes. BTP 114
Advanced Fame • to ••• Fame Your Horror has archetypal resonance. Apply your Advanced Fame dots like regular Fame dots, but to all of humanity (including stalking Heroes). Choose a reputation and a corresponding Condition. By acting out your reputation, you can inflict the Condition on human witnesses a number of times per session equal to dots in this Merit. BTP 115
Advanced Fast Reflexes Fast Reflexes ••• Roll Initiative twice and keep your choice of result. BTP 115
Fist of Nightmares •• Brawl ••, Occult •• Spend Willpower and roll a Nightmare to hold it in store up to a scene. Release it by touch, subtracting a success from your roll for every two dots in the victim's relevant Resistance trait. BTP 115
Advanced Giant •• Giant You gain density proportionally with your Satiety. Deal it in Structure damage to objects that crash into you, and as a penalty to lift you or knock you down. BTP 116
Guilty Pleasure Choose an embarrassing indulgence that can apply when feeding your Hunger. Doing so yields another point of Satiety, a point of Willpower, and the Guilty Condition. BTP 116
Hunger Management • to ••• Resolve ••• For each dot in this Merit, you can choose to add or subtract a die when rolling to gain Satiety. BTP 116
Advanced Iron Skin • to •• Iron Skin, Stamina •••• Add general Armor equal to your dots in this Merit. With two dots, when you take aggravated damage from a source other than Anathema, spend Willpower to downgrade one point to lethal. BTP 117
Epic Iron Skin •• Advanced Iron Skin, Stamina ••••• Whenever you take damage from any source other than Anathema, ignore one point. BTP 117
Advanced Killer Instinct • to ••• Killer Instinct ••• You can apply your basic Killer Instinct against any target with no preparation. If you do prepare your Killer Instinct normally, when you attack the target, you may spend each dot in this Merit to either convert a point of lethal damage to aggravated, temporarily ruin 1/1 nonmagical Armor, or ignore two points of Defense and one die of called shot penalties. BTP 117
Spoor • to ••••• No Fame Each dot of this Merit can be spent once per story, when a Hero pursues you, to either negate a turn of direct pursuit, reduce the Hero's maximum rolls on an extended investigation, or penalize Heroic Tracking by a die. BTP 120
Advanced Striking Looks •• Striking Looks •• Add the rote quality whenever you benefit from Striking Looks. BTP 121
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item