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Merits, Changeling

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Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Acute Senses Wits or Composure ••• Double the range and acuity of your senses. Apply your Wyrd as bonus dice to perception rolls and rolls to identify or recall details. CTL 2e 111
Arcadian Metabolism •• Heal bashing damage each minute of rest and lethal damage daily in the Hedge. CTL 2e 111
Brownie's Boon Extended actions outside the sight of witnesses occur at twice the speed (half intervals), or spend Glamour for four times the speed. CTL 2e 111
Cloak of Leaves • to ••• Autumn Mantle ••• Apply dots of this Merit as a penalty to supernatural abilities used to physically harm you. CTL 2e 111
Cold Hearted ••• Winter Mantle ••• Spend Willpower to ignore the effects of a Clarity Condition briefly. CTL 2e 111
Court Goodwill • to ••••• You have the good favor of another Court's courtiers and patron. Functions like the Allies Merit at equal rating, the Court Mantle at two dots lower, and as a one-dot Mentor. CTL 2e 112
Defensive Dreamscaping •• Add half Wyrd, rounded down, to your Defense in Dream Form. CTL 2e 112
Diviner • to ••••• Composure •••, Wits ••• Once per session for each dot in this Merit, comb your dreams for answers and ask the Storyteller a yes or no question. CTL 2e 112
Dream Warrior Wyrd ••, any Social Attribute •••, Brawl or Weaponry Specialty When you allocate successes from one of the named Skills in which you have a Specialty to perform subtle oneiromantic shifts in aid of combat, add a bonus success. CTL 2e 112
Dreamweaver ••• Wyrd ••• Once a scene, spend Willpower to achieve a dreamweaving exceptional success on a threshold of three instead of five. CTL 2e 113
Dull Beacon • to ••••• When you drop the Mask, open the Hedge as if your Wyrd were reduced by dots in this Merit, to a minimum of 0. CTL 2e 113
Fae Mount • to ••••• You've befriended and trained a loyal Hedge denizen and can call it at will there. Each dot in this Merit gives your mount one of a set of gifts, such as natural armor or the ability to exit the Hedge under a Mask. CTL 2e 113
Faerie Favor ••• You possess an owed favor from one of the Gentry in the form of a bauble, though cashing it in will render Notoriety for your questionable dealing. CTL 2e 114
Fair Harvest • or •• You favor one emotional flavor of Glamour over others. Take 8-Again, or with two dots the rote quality, to harvest it, but lose 10-Again, and with two dots subtract a success, to harvest others. CTL 2e 114
Firebrand •• Summer Mantle ••• Once a scene, recover Willpower by inciting a fight. CTL 2e 115
Gentrified Bearing •• Wyrd •• Hobs are cautious that you might be Gentry. Add your Wyrd as an Intimidation bonus. CTL 2e 115
Glamour Fasting Glamour deprivation doesn't set in for one full session unless you exhaust your Willpower. CTL 2e 115
Goblin Bounty • to ••••• Each session you have access to three common goblin fruits or oddments for each dot in this Merit. CTL 2e 115
Grounded ••• Spring Mantle ••• Apply a point of Armor against mild Clarity damage. CTL 2e 115
Hedge Brawler •• Brawl or Firearms or Weaponry •• Take up to a -3 attack penalty to gain, on success, an equal number of Hedgespinning successes. CTL 2e 115
Hedge Sense +2 to navigate or search the Hedge. CTL 2e 115
Hob Kin You benefit from a better impression from hobs you meet. CTL 2e 115
Lethal Mien •• You can deal lethal damage unarmed, or if you already have natural weapons, increase their weapon rating by +1. CTL 2e 117
Mantle • to ••••• Your mien is attuned to a local Court. Apply Mantle as a Social bonus among friends of the Court. Gain a source of Glamour, Mantle benefits, and Contract access as per your Court. CTL 2e 117
Manymask ••• Wyrd ••, Manipulation ••• Once a session per dot of Wyrd, spend Glamour to change a feature of your Mask. With Wyrd 5, once per session, spend Glamour to change your Mask almost completely. CTL 2e 118
Market Sense Pay off a Goblin Debt for free once a session through shrewd bargaining. CTL 2e 119
Noblesse Oblige • to ••• Mantle Spend Willpower to confer particular bonuses to friends of your Court for a scene. CTL 2e 119
Pandemoniacal • to ••• Wyrd •••••• Apply as bonus dice to incite Bedlam. CTL 2e 119
Parallel Lives ••• Share a psychic link with your fetch. You take +2 to read each other's intentions or enter each other's Bastion, or spend Willpower to ride the other's senses or communicate visions telepathically. CTL 2e 119
Rigid Mask ••• Subterfuge •• Mundane humans and devices can't pierce your deceptions, while supernatural beings must force a Clash of Wills to do so. Dropping the Mask causes you lethal damage. CTL 2e 119
Token •+ You have access to one or more Tokens of a total rating equal to dots in this Merit. Multiple characters may share this Merit. CTL 2e 119
Touchstone • to ••••• You have an additional Clarity Touchstone for each dot of this Merit. CTL 2e 120
Warded Dreams • to ••• ≤ Resolve Apply as a bonus to your Bastion's Fortification. CTL 2e 120

Style Merits

Style Prerequisites Rating Maneuver Description Book
Elemental Warrior Dexterity or Wits •••, Brawl or Firearms or Weaponry ••, Elemental Weapon or Primal Glory or Elemental seeming These maneuvers wield a particular chosen element. CTL 2e 113
Wind Cuts to the Bone Roll an exceptional success on a non-oneiromantic attack purely using your element on a threshold of three instead of five.
•• Defensive Flurry Dodging adds half your Wyrd (rounded down) as bonus dice and can apply against Firearms.
••• Hungry Leaping Flames Spend Glamour to make an elemental attack, increasing the range of a close combat or ranged attack by ten yards and potentially wreaking environmental effects.
•••• Antaean Endurance While immersed in or fortified on your chosen element, add half your Wyrd as temporary Health and as bonus dice to resist fatigue, poison, and unconsciousness.
••••• Wrath of Titans Spend Glamour to inflict one of the Blinded, Deafened, or Knocked Down Tilts with your strikes for the scene.
Enchanting Performance Presence •••, Expression ••• Limerick Hurl an insult and roll Presence + Expression - Composure to penalize a target's Social rolls on others by your successes for the scene. CTL 2e 113
•• Poem When you open a Door by an expressive performance, spend Glamour to open another.
••• Sonnet Spend Glamour to deliver a performance with an Expression roll, taking the rote quality. Success renders an audience member Inspired.
Hedge Duelist Presence or Manipulation ••, Brawl or Weaponry ••, any Social Skill •• These maneuvers work in the Hedge. CTL 2e 115
Thousand Falling Leaves Half your normal damage on an attack to inflict -1 Defense on the target.
•• Emerald Shield Receive 2/0 magical Armor.
••• Bite Like Thorns Add a foe's wound penalties as bonus attack dice.
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item