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Merits, Mummy (1st Edition)

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Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Encylopedic Knowledge ••• Mummy-specific variant - this is much more limited in scope, and only references information from the past. MTC 79
Language Mummy-specific variant - confers two languages per dot. MTC 79
Retainer (•) Mummy-specific variant - the Retainer is a Witness, immune to Sybaris. MTC 79
Ba-Shai •• Guild Status (Sesha-Hebsu) •• You're empowered as one of the former couriers of the Sesha-Hebsu to transport powerful relics and important cargo, and enjoy diplomatic immunity among the Arisen while doing so. DE 451
Cadaver's Quiet Touch You can touch the corpse of a mummy between Descents without awakening her. DE 452
Early Ariser • to ••• Your awakening for a Sothic Turn occurs some number of years early compared to other Deathless. DE 452
Enigma • to ••••• Whenever someone makes a roll to learn about, track, or find information regarding the Mummy, he takes a penalty equal to the Mummy's Enigma rating. The Deceived extend this to their cultists, but also take the penalty to their cult's Reach rolls. MTC 79, Dec 38
Fixed Journeyman •• You once held high status among the Maa-Kep, but were stripped of your title in disgrace. As per Guild Status (Maa-Kep) •••, frozen at that rating. GotD 19
Guild Status • to ••••• Status in the five guilds of Irem. The Deceived inflict higher ratings of the Deceived Cultist Merit on their cult as their Guild Status increases. MTC 79-81, Dec 38
Hidden Jars Your canopic jars are especially hidden and benefit from an effective Enigma •••••. They are fated to never fall victim to accidental harm or exposure. Dec 40-41
Interstitial Lives •••• You sometimes awaken for a seemingly unprovoked Descent, outside the Sothic Cycle but without a first purpose. DE 452
Relic • to ••••• Bear relics of your Guild of a sum total dot value equal to this Merit. MTC 81
Vestige • to ••••• Bear Sekhem-invested objects of a sum total dot value equal to this Merit. MTC 83
Visions of Dead Gods •••• You remember your meetings with the Judges of Duat, and they fill you with purpose. Carrying out a personal mission from your Judge replenishes all Willpower. DE 452-453

Style Merits

Style Rating Description Book
Disciple of the Wheel Connection and steeping in a Sothic star cult. The Deceived may not progress this Merit beyond the third dot. Soth 95
Equivalent to the effects of Guild Status at the same dot rating, among the Disciples.
•• May purchase proprietary Utterances.
••• Once per session, contemplate the stars for a minute and roll your dots in this Merit to court an exceptional success against the risk of a dramatic failure.
•••• Clearly remember the events of past Sothic Turns, regardless of Memory. Experience irregular visions of history.
••••• Once per session when rolling Memory, you may substitute dots in this Merit.

Tomb Merits

Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Temple - Geometry ••• A communal tomb erected by the Su-Menent, which may receive contributed investments from multiple Arisen, but can only replenish the core Pillars of the contributing Su-Menent. GotD 127-128
Absolute Rule ••• Gain ultimate authority in local organization. Rio 88
Additional Pillars • to •••• Temple, Su-Menent Contribute Pillars to a Temple beyond the investors' core Pillars. GotD 127-128
Altar •• A sacrificial altar that bestows control of the Tomb to whomever makes a sacrifice upon it. Rio 88
Curio ••• The tomb contains a nonmagical curiosity of great interest to a particular character. MTC 83
Djed • to ••••• Pillars that collect and attune Sekhem to the Lifeweb of the Tomb. Each dot increases the size and potency of the djed in the Tomb. Draws life from the surroundings to improve the mummy's Descent checks and onlookers' Sybaris rolls. Rio 86
Eternal •• or •••• Fate conspires to keep the tomb repaired at all times. Rio 88
Geometry • to ••••• Size and majesty of the tomb. Add dots in this Merit as a bonus to replenish Pillars within the tomb. MTC 81-82
Mirage • to ••••• Have flashbacks with greater duration and significance while in the Tomb for each dot for Sebayt Experience. Rio 86
Obscure Mortals without the Unseen Sense must roll Wits + Occult to notice the presence of your tomb. MTC 83
Peril • to ••••• Damaging traps and/or a foreboding curse of fear deter intruders. Distribute dots in this Merit among the damage of the traps and the cost in Willpower to press on despite the fear. MTC 82
Piece of Life •• The tomb enshrines a precious treasure of your past, which functions as a one-dot vestige while it remains enshrined. MTC 83
Purpose •• Your tomb possesses a structure with a singular Purpose, selected from a list. The first Purpose is free, but each additional Purpose costs ••. Rio 83
Prime Location Your tomb offers convenient access to a desirable locale. MTC 83
Radiant •••• Choose a Pillar. Replenishing any Pillar in your tomb also recovers a point of the chosen Pillar. MTC 83
Remote The tomb is somewhere hard to find, locate, or get to. Rio 88
Tekhen • to ••••• Obelisks that ward a location from evil. Each rank suppresses the effects of Sybaris but also the effective Pillar ratings of visitors. Rio 87
Temple Guardian ••• Temple A High Priest of the Su-Menent has provided an Awakened Corpse Thrall to guard the Temple, which alerts the High Priest of any intrusion. GotD 128
Drawback Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Alien Attractor ••• to ••••• Similar to Haunted, but attracts a broader variety of other supernatural creatures of increasing power.
Famous •• The tomb is at the center of a high-traffic area, necessitating Stealth rolls to pass through. MTC 82
Haunted ••• A ghost has taken up residence in your tomb, and it doesn't like to share. MTC 82
Poisoned Sanctum •• Temple The influence of the Duat seeps into the Temple. A failed roll to replenish a Pillar within the Temple inflicts a day-long ailment specific to the Pillar. GotD 128
Ravaged Damaged geometry prevents you from replenishing one chosen Pillar in your tomb. MTC 82
Stained History Cult • Your cultists dread your tomb and receive no Reach or Grasp for operating around it. MTC 83
Under Surveillance •• A rival cult shows interest in your tomb. MTC 83

Cult Merits

Merit Rating Description Book
Cult • to •••••••••• Distribute dots in this Merit among the below axes and benefits. Axes cost two Cult dots per axis dot, while benefits each cost one Cult dot. Choose whether your cult is Tribal (Reach +1, Grasp +1), a Conspiracy (+2 Grasp), or an Enterprise (+2 Reach), and apply an additional dot to both axes when your cult operates around your tomb. Axes may be leveraged as Allies, Contacts, Resources, or meat shields. MTC 79, 157-161
Axis Rating Description Book
Reach • to ••••• Determines effortless acquisitions and services, from basic services at two dots, to private flights and police protection at four, to meetings with magnates and world leaders at five. Roll Reach to make acquisitions beyond your level. Use to obstruct a rival cult's Grasp. MTC 159-160
Grasp • to ••••• Determines effortless skulduggery and privileges, from dismissing misdemeanors at two dots, to disappearing a nobody at four, to quashing a major investigation and reporting at five. Roll Grasp to cause "accidents" beyond your level. Use to obstruct a rival cult's Reach. MTC 160
Benefit Prerequisites Description Book
Blasé Cultists are unfazed by Sybaris. MTC 161
Compartmentalized Enterprise Keep the foot soldiers separate from management. Maximum Reach •••, but expending meat shields doesn't cost the cult Reach or Grasp. MTC 162
Glamorous One of those cool, fashionable cults. Your entourage grants you the effects of the Barfly Merit. MTC 162
Inbred Tribal Where else are they gonna go? Maximum Reach ••, but suffer no dramatic failures when rolling Reach. MTC 162
Intellectual Cultists grant 9-Again to Academics rolls when acting as research assistants. MTC 162
Obedient Cultists will commit sins down to Morality 4 without complaint. MTC 162
Paranoid Conspiracy Rolling Reach or Grasp requires an Intelligence + Politics roll, but suffer no dramatic failures when rolling Reach. MTC 162
Ritualistic Cult rites grant +1 to replenish Pillars. MTC 162
Storied Your cult is ridiculous. +1 to discredit enemies or whistleblowers taking you seriously. MTC 162
Wayward Cult You hold the truth of the Judges back from your cult. +2 to block other cults, but frequent blocking strains credulity. DC 73
Wrathful +1 to make attack rolls with cultists. MTC 162
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item