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Merits, Restricted (1st Edition)

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Restricted Merits are those that are generally not allowed to players without express consent from their Storyteller. They may be associated with adversary groups, have unusual providence or unbalance a game unduly.

Name Cost Ref Description
Abyssal Resonance (• to •••••) Ban p39 successively stronger Abyssal effects against magic
Ancient Echos (• to •••••) *pre: Awakened/Banisher Ban p40 have memories stretching from recent to distant past
Blood Oath of Ruin (••) IEwtA p131 sense Abyssal influence within 100'
Body Ravaging Magic (•••) *pre: Awakened/Banisher Ban p41 by taking Resistant damage, increase casting pool for Improvised Spells
Cult of Things That Must Not Be (• to •••••) SS p137 dots equal level of resources, rites, and endowments available to members of a Cult dedicated to a sanity blasting horror
Damnable Certainty At least one altered Tenet of Morality (HtV325) Slasher 127 Regain willpower through killing in a way which keeps with your Code, Morality must always be equal or greater than the altered sin
Dedication Efficiency (• to •••) *pre: Awakened, Apostate LHP p37 Dedicate extra Magical Tools
Fae Pet (•• or ••••) *pre: True Fae AN p71 animal or hobgoblin pet
Fair Haven (•••) *pre: True Fae AN p72 suspends time limit of Fae visit
Harvester (• to •••) *pre: Awakened, Apostate LHP p37 extra Mana from sacrificing living beings
Hive Soul (varies) SoT p220 Soul is shared amongst various bodies, allowing sharing of Willpower, Morality, simultaneous actions, and much more.
Homeward Bound (•••) *pre: Possess Lark Demonde's Travels Grimoire GoG p104 always be able to find a path home
Low Tongue (•) *pre: Possess The Blank Bible Unbidden p19 Gain +3 instead of +2 for Words of Power, but +1 to Paradox
Mana Self-Sacrifice (•) *pre: Awakened/Banisher Ban p41 Scour own pattern to give Mana to others with touch
Nimbus Sense (••) *pre: Awakened/Banisher Ban p42 see the Nimbus of every Mage, uncloaked or not
Ractain Strain (•••) IEwtA p166 gain several Mental Merits, contagion
Reality Blasphemy (• to •••••) SS p137 each dot is a rite learned from sanity blasting horrors
Strangers No More (•••••) *pre: Possess Lark Demonde's Travels Grimoire GoG p104 easily immerse yourself in any culture
Strong Pattern (•••) *pre: Awakened, Apostate, Stamina ••• LHP p37 +3 Spell Tolerance for spells you cast
Supernal Resistance (• or •••) *pre: Awakened/Banisher Ban p42 gain +1/2 bonus to resist magical effects
Tendogakure Hyoho (•••) *pre: Awakened, studied Gogyo Grimoire GoG p71 gain permanent "Occlude Destiny"
Tetsujin Undo Hyoho (••••) *pre: Awakened, knows specific rotes from Gogyo Grimoire GoG p69 gain permanent "Organic Resilience" at cost of daily Mana
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item