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Merits, Restricted (2nd Edition)

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These Merits are generally restricted to niche groups or concepts, often oriented towards antagonists or non-player characters, or specific to a particular setting locale or alternate setting. Some Merits may be inappropriate for player characters, while others are simply too specific in nature to list elsewhere.

Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Unseen Sense (Nephilim) •• Nephilim As a stigmatic's Unseen Sense, and you may roll Wits + Occult to sense the presence of Aether sources, including angels and demons. DSG 156
Voice of Hell •• Nephilim Spend Aether for fluency in a language for one scene. DSG 156

Style Merits

Style Prerequisites Rating Maneuver Description Book
Phoenix Deputy Training under the Promethean-hunting Sheriff Russell Brown. Add Merit dots as a bonus to Intimidation against citizens of Phoenix, and to resist Disquiet. PTC 2e 285
Strike Hard Take 9-Again to Firearms, Brawl, and Weaponry attacks.
•• Connections Take a free dot each of Allies and Contacts on the beat.
••• Lethal Force Deal an extra point of lethal damage with Firearms, Brawl, and Weaponry attacks.
•••• Informed Take a free specialty in Investigation (Prometheans), as if it had both Interdisciplinary Specialty and Area of Expertise.
••••• Assault Team You may coordinate teamwork on attacks with other Phoenix Deputies.
SPR Status The early days of the Society for Psychical Research. Shares benefits of Status Merit. DEC 280
Attendee Take a specialty in Psychical Phenomena.
••• Contemporary Gain the benefits of the Eye for the Strange Merit.
••••• Expert Take the Encyclopedic Knowledge Merit, focused on psychical phenomena.
Theosophical Society Status Madame Blavatsky's group of contemporaries. Shares benefits of Status Merit. DEC 278
Attendee Take a specialty in Academics or Occult (Theosophy).
••• Investigator The above specialty becomes both an Area of Expertise and an Interdisciplinary Specialty.
••••• Leading Thinker Receive the effects of the Inspiring Merit among receptive thinkers.

Mystery Cult Initiations

Style Prerequisites Rating Maneuver Description Book
The Chosen of Mammon Prosperity cult worshipping the power of money. CofD 52
Initiate Take a specialty in Politics (Bureaucracy).
•• Member Learn Language (Aramaic).
••• Devotee Distribute two dots between Contacts, Allies, Resources, and Retainers.
•••• Priest Take the Thief of Fate Merit.
••••• High Priestess Take three dots of Resources, and once per month, draw upon a five-dot purchase.
Fellowship of the Final Awakening Demon-manipulated apocalypse cult. DTD 358
Recruit Take a specialty in Occult (Apocalyptic Legends).
•• Devotee Receive two dots of shared Resources.
••• Organizer Take the Eye for the Strange Merit.
•••• Leader Distribute three dots between Contacts, Resources, and Library.
••••• Mastermind Either become stigmatic or take the Unseen Sense (God-Machine) and another Supernatural Merit.
The Grand Order of the Immaculate Three Spiritualist social organization secretly manipulated as a vehicle of vengeance. DEC 286
The Multitudes Receive a dot of Contacts.
•• Hand of the Three Receive a dot of Allies.
••• Voice of the Three Take a specialty in Occult (Spiritualism).
•••• The Tears of the Two Receive two dots of Resources and Allies.
••••• The Eyes of the One Gain the Open influence condition through the cult's medium. Receive another dot of Resources and Allies.
Hototogisu Status A conspiratorial business conglomerate in conflict with vampires in Tokyo. Shares benefits of Status Merit. VTR 2e 267
First Circle Receive a Specialty in Occult (Vampires).
•• Second Circle Occult (Vampires) becomes an Interdisciplinary Specialty.
••• Third Circle Receive the Indomitable Merit.
•••• Fourth Circle Receive the Iron Will Merit. You are immune to the third stage Vinculum.
••••• The Friday Club Spend Willpower and roll Intelligence + Occult to enchant a charm for one night per success. A person wearing the charm shows every sign of being a vampire, doesn't require food, and can safely drink human blood.
RAT Squad Washington State Department of Transportation special occult projects team. Seat 20
Trainee Take a specialty in Crafts (God-Machine).
•• Field Analyst Apply Interdisciplinary Specialty and Area of Expertise to the above specialty.
••• Maintenance Technician Take lethal damage to force success using the above specialty.
•••• Supervisor Either the Clairvoyance or Psychometry Merit.
••••• Senior Engineer Telepathically broadcast troubleshooting messages to any listening angels.
Sisters and Brothers of the Bomb Military mystics fighting a guerrilla war against the God-Machine. CofD 52
Recruit Take a specialty in Occult (God-Machine).
•• Initiate Receive a dot of Contacts.
••• Devotee Destroy a sacred relic as the cost to enchant a weapon to strike spirits and ghosts in Twilight.
•••• Organizer Take three dots' worth of Retainers.
••••• First Contact Take the Encyclopedic Knowledge Merit focused around the God-Machine.
Voyager Membership Tokyo-based cult that studies the power of names. WTF 2e 272
Initiate Take a specialty in Occult (Spirit Tongues). You may understand the First Tongue, and communicate very basic ideas with it.
•• Inroads Take a dot of Contacts among spirits.
••• Blood Payment Feed spirits Essence by spilling blood, taking lethal damage.
•••• Word Voyage Roll Intelligence + Occult as an extended action, spilling blood each roll, to pierce the Gauntlet with words.
••••• Wordpower Feed spirits Essence by linguistic expenditure of Willpower.


These Merits represent alternative cyberpunk settings where cybernetic technology proliferates, such as Bleeding Edge and Demon's Altered State.

Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Cybernetic Limb ••• Limb replacements offer a Strength bonus to certain actions or traits, such as climbing, lifting objects, Speed and Initiative, and can store small objects within compartments. Cybernetic arms can be used as +2 Brawl weapons. DSG 182-183
Implanted Device Voice-activated electronic equipment that is always on your person. DSG 183
Implanted Weapon •• Install a Size 0-1 weapon you may "draw" reflexively. DSG 183
Optical Enhancements ••• Telescoping zooming vision grants a +2 bonus to perception, ranged combat, and delicate work. DSG 183
Subdermal Armor • to ••• Fortified bone and tissue grants a point of general Armor for each dot in this Merit. DSG 183
Wired Neural augmentation grants a bonus die to rolls using your choice of Composure, Dexterity, Intelligence, Manipulation, Stamina, or Wits. DSG 183
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item