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Merits, Vampire (1st Edition)

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Name Cost Description Source
Bad Breeding (• to •••) *pre: Does not have Good Breeding May gain a social bonus up to the dot rating amongst those who would underestimate the Kindred due to their background. Also, Kindred from "low society" respect your background and Kindred from "high society" shun you. Vent 105
Cacophony Listener (••• to •••••) Familiarity and comprehension of many subtle methods of communique used by Kindred. Daeva 116
Close Family (• to •••) You have a close vampiric lineage. Once per session, take +3 to roll Manipulation + Persuasion or Empathy concerning a vampire at one level of remove per dot in this Merit. Daeva p117
Distant Sympathy (••) *pre: Blood Potency ••••• • No longer limited when attempting to sense another through Blood Sympathy; this is only sensory, and does not allow use of disciplines over long distances. AM 67
Doll Face (•) Awaken from sleep each night automatically groomed. Meh 118
Dream Visions (•) Once per night, when first meeting a new person or finding a new place, roll blood potency, and on success may ask one question about them. Mekh 119
Ghost Eater (•••) *pre: Has learned to feed on ghosts in the Underworld Can feed on ghostly Essence through their anchors; overuse can result in the loss of the ability to feed on blood. BotD 54
Good Breeding (• to •••) *pre: Does not have Bad Breeding May gain a social bonus up to the dot rating amongst those who respect your background. Also, Kindred from "high society" respect your background and Kindred from "low society" shun you. Vent 106
Haunted Channel (• to •••••) *pre:Nosferatu Ghosts gain +1 bonus per dot Nos 109
Haunted Hand (• to •••••) *pre:Nosferatu The character gains a +1 bonus per dot in all interactions with a ghost, such as exorcism or communication. Does not apply to the ghost's anchor. Nos 109
Herd (• to •••••) Possession of a faithful group of kine upon which one can easily feed - each week, gain a number of Vitae equal to twice this merit's rating. This requires no rolls, only a quick interlude. VtR p101
Inherited Ghoul (••) *pre: Ghoul (CO only) Reflects a ghoul who has worked with previous masters, and may possess vital information relating to them. Ghou p71
Inherited Resistance (•• or ••••) *pre: Ventrue, Animalism • or Domination • Gains a bonus to resist Animalism and Dominate Disciplines from other Ventrue; four dot variant provides resistance from all clans Vent 106
Inhuman Resistance (•••) Gains a bonus to resist Dominate and Majesty, but a weakness to powers from the Animalism Discipline. Gang 113
Kindred Medium (•• or ••••) *pre: Wits •• Gains a special connection with a spirit, and the ability to see and interact with it, along with the ability to feel the presence of other spirits. Two dots if bought at character creation, four dots otherwise. NOrl p93
Lordly Palette (• to •••) May discern information about a subject through the consumption of their blood. Vent 106
Noble Heritage (•• or ••••) A Roman citizen in noble standing, grants a bonus to Presence or Manipulation rolls to influence citizens who are aware of one's status, but a penalty if tagged as a criminal or a disgrace. RfR 111
Occultation (• to •••) *pre: No Fame merit Penalizes attempts to find the character, even with Auspex; grants a bonus to Obfuscate and a penalty to Majesty. Mekh 120
Of Rose and Thorn (••••) *pre: Blood Potency ••, Animalism •• Gain the ability to use Animalism powers on plants Gang 113
Regnant (• to •••••) *pre: Ghoul Reflects a healthy relationship with one's keeper. Ghou p71
Remnant of Clarity (• to •••) *pre: Blood Potency •••• Keep a year of memory completely clearly through the Fog of Ages, each dot adds dice to rolls to remember it. AM 66
Pack Blooded (••) Gain significant combat bonuses when nearby other coterie mates who share this merit, but experience a penalty to degeneration in their presence as well. Gang 114
Requiem Diary (• to •••••) Represents a written record of unlife, allowing 9-again on rolls to research one's own past. AM 66-67
Patron (• to •••••) *pre: Status (Camarilla) or Status (Wing) ••• Be owed favors or debts by one or more individuals, who is expected to do whatever is necessary to pay it off quickly. RfR 111
Savage Kenning (•••) *pre: Gangrel, Animalism • or Animal Ken • (CO only) Gain a bonus to interactions with a specific type of animals. Gang 114
Social Chameleon (• to •••) *pre: Fame <= • Gains a bonus to all social rolls within a specified subculture. Daeva p115
Swarm Mind (••) *pre: Protean •••• Transform into a swarm of small animals, but suffer mental derangement for a time after reforming. Gang 114
Taste of the Strange (•) *pre: Blood Potency ••••• •• Allows one to regain Vitae from drinking the blood of other supernatural creatures; may be taken up to three times. AM 67
Tenacious Consciousness (••) *pre: Resolve ••• Gain a +2 bonus to awaken from torpor or daytime slumber due to external threats. AM 67
Tomb (• to ••••) *pre: Haven • Add dots in Tomb to Haven Security for the purposes of repelling intrusion. AM 67
True Worm (•••) *pre: Nosferatu Can stay awake through the day, functioning at 1/2 max speed. Must be 30 feet or more underground, in tunnels never touched by the sun. Increases damage given by sunlight by +1. Nos 109
Undead Menses (•••) *pre: Female Experience menstruation, which grants a variety of special powers. Gang 115
Unliving Anchor (• to •••••) *pre: Nosferatu The Nosferatu becomes an anchor for a ghost, whose numina equals the purchased dots. The ghost acts as a retainer, but occasionally asks favors, losing numina if they are not carried out. Nos 109
Unyielding Mask (••• or ••••) Permanently affixes a mask to the face, granting +2 to resist mental and social Disciplines. With four dots, it also grants +1 to any appropriate Social skill. Nos 110
Vice over Virtue (••) *pre: Blood Potency •••, Humanity <6 Reverse how one regains Willpower through Vice and Virtue; Vice returns all spent Willpower, and Virtue returns a single point. AM 68
Vitae Connoisseur (•) *pre: Blood Potency ••• Choose a specific kind of favored prey (blondes, terrified victims, etc.) and regain a point of Willpower. This only works once a night. AM 68
Voyeur (••• or •••••) *pre: Daeva Once per session, regain Willpower as someone else indulges their vice. Three dots requires the Daeva to act as a tempter, with five dots simply observation will suffice. Daeva p117
Zeal (••) *Pre: Resolve ••• Gain a +1 bonus to all social rolls where one's cause might prove helpful. Substitute Resolve for a lower attribute once per chapter. AM 68-69
Carthian Merits
Carthian Lawyer (••) *pre: Status (Carthians), Academics • Character is adept at twisting Carthian Law for their own purposes. Cart 184
Carthian Pull (• to •••••) *pre: Status (Carthians) >= Dots Once per month, may substitute Carthian Pull dots for Contacts, Haven, Herd, or Resources. Cart 181
Coder Clique (•) *pre: Status (Carthians) •, Computer •• Gains 9-Again on Computer rolls Cart 181
Current Events Circle (•) *pre: Status (Carthians) •, Politics •• Gains 9-Again on Politics rolls Cart 182
Debate Club (•) *pre: Status (Carthians) •, Persuasion •• Gains 9-Again on Persuasion rolls Cart 182
Encounter Group (•) *pre: Status (Carthians) •, Empathy •• Gains 9-Again on Empathy rolls Cart 182
Lab Section (•) *pre: Status (Carthians) •, Medicine •• Gains 9-Again on Medicine rolls Cart 182
Night Doctor Surgery (•••) *pre: Status (Carthians) •••, Medicine •••, Night Doctor clique Perform surgery to convert lethal to bashing damage, or aggravated to lethal Cart 183
Study Group (•) *pre: Status (Carthians) •, Academics •• Gains 9-Again on Academics rolls Cart 181
Theater Society (•) *pre: Status (Carthians) •, Expression •• Gains 9-Again on Expression rolls Cart 182
The Right Bar (•) *pre: Status (Carthians) •, Streetwise •• Gains 9-Again on Streetwise rolls Cart 182
Invictus Merits
House Membership (• or •••) *pre: Vampire or Ghoul Reflects membership in a dynastic house, granting social bonuses equal to merit dots when interacting with others of the House. Inv 187
Speaker for the Eclipsed (• to •••••) *pre: Torpor Connection ••• May telepathically commune with a torpid fellow, at a distance of up to five miles per dot in this merit. Inv 188
Tap of the Torpid Mind (• to •••••) *pre: Vampire, House Membership •••, Speaker for the Eclipsed • May briefly use the skill or discipline of the target of Speaker for the Eclipsed Inv 188
Torpor Connection (• to •••••) *pre: Vampire, Presence ••, House Membership • Commune with a specific torpid fellow. Inv 187
Virtue's Twin (•••) *pre: Vampire, House Membership ••• Torpor duration uses the Humanity of the highest house member with this merit. Inv 188
Will of the Dynasty (•••) *pre: Vampire, House Membership ••• Any attempts to compel the character with this merit to act against their house is resisted as if they had spent a willpower point. Inv 188
Ordo Dracul Merits
Crucible Ritual (•••) *pre: Resolve •• and Coils • Can make use of a 'crucible', a beneficial type of Wyrm's Nest. Can gain a discount to learn a coil or other benefits. Ordo 202
Fontal Ritual (••) *pre: Academics • and Occult •• Can make use of Wyrm's Nests known as "wellheads" or "fontal nests"; can learn fontal rituals and gains bonuses to find fontal nests. Ordo 202
Geomantic Nexus (• to ••••• and • to •••; special) *pre: Occult ••• and Wits •• Has a specially prepared area which provides bonuses to specific actions within; similar to and can overlap with the Haven merit. Ordo 202
Mind of the Devouring Worm (•••) *pre: Intelligence •••, Kindred Only As Eidetic Memory, but can be purchased after character creation. Ordo 203
Mind of the Unblinking Serpent (••) *pre: Mind of the Devouring Worm Can determine when Obsfucate or Dominate have been used on the character. Ordo 203
Mind of the Inscrutable Hydra (••) *pre: Mind of the Unblinking Serpent Character can switch their mind to a state that grants a penalty to Intelligence tests, but all effects that attempt to read their mind are resisted or contested as if a Willpower point had been spent. Ordo 203
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item