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Merits, Vampire (2nd Edition)

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Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Acute Senses Add Blood Potency as a bonus to use senses or identify sensory details. Exceptional successes can temporarily inflict Obsession. VTR 2e 109
Atrocious Not Cutthroat or Enticing Take 8-Again to evoke the monstrous Beast, but lose 10-Again to evoke or resist the seductive or competitive Beast. VTR 2e 110
Beloved •• You have a deep bond with a living Touchstone. Add +1 to resist detachment after spending an hour with your Touchstone. TY 83
Bloodhound •• Wits ••• Smelling blood is as good as tasting it for your Kindred Senses. VTR 2e 110
Call the Beast •••• Humanity < 5 Wield Animalism powers against revenants, contested by their Resolve + Vitae. TY 83
Claws of the Unholy Protean •••• When you use Unnatural Aspect claws in frenzy, their weapon rating becomes +0A. VTR 2e 110
Close Family Blood sympathy manifests as if blood ties were one step closer, with a +1 bonus and 8-Again, but you can't spend Willpower for bonus dice in a scene where you've felt it. VTR 2e 111
Cutthroat Not Atrocious or Enticing Take 8-Again to evoke the competitive Beast, but lose 10-Again to evoke or resist the monstrous or seductive Beast. VTR 2e 111
Distinguished Palate All Taste of Blood successes are exceptional, but you lose the first Vitae ingested in a scene from any vessel without a chosen trait you consider a delicacy. VTR 2e 111
Dream Visions Mekhet Once a night, when meeting a new person or visiting a new place, roll Blood Potency to have had prophetic dreams that answer a question about the subject. VTR 2e 111
Enticing Not Atrocious or Cutthroat Take 8-Again to evoke the seductive Beast, but lose 10-Again to evoke or resist the monstrous or competitive Beast. VTR 2e 112
Feeding Grounds • to ••••• You hold known influence over territory. While there, add dots in this Merit as a bonus to hunt, and to clash with the Predatory Aura. VTR 2e 112
Heart of Stone •• Feeding Grounds Limit your need for and benefit from Touchstones by attaching yourself to a longstanding edifice or organization. TY 83
Herd • to ••••• You have marks willing to offer up twice your dots in this Merit in Vitae weekly, without a roll. VTR 2e 112
Honey Trap Not a revenant A vampire who tastes your blood regains Willpower, and also takes a beat if it advances the Vinculum. VTR 2e 112
Kindred Status • to ••••• As the general Status Merit, divided into City, Clan, and Covenant Status. If you hold Status in multiple covenants, your total dots of Covenant Status can't exceed five. VTR 2e 113
Kiss of the Succubus Daeva When you inflict Swooning by feeding on a mortal vessel, also inflict Addicted. VTR 2e 113
Lineage Clan Status Once per session, you can borrow one dot of your sire's Allies, Contacts, Mentor, Resources, or Status. VTR 2e 113
Lingering Dreams •• Dream Visions Subjects share your prophetic dreams about them, inflicting Swooning. DE2 142
Major Domo ••• You operate an Elysium or other Kindred gathering point. Persuasion, Intimidation and Socialize take +2 against Kindred so long as your hospitality is secure. TY 83
Married by Blood You have a strong mutual relationship with a Kindred Touchstone. Pool your Haven and Retainer Merits together, but share each other's Kindred Status loss. TY 83
Pack Alpha Gangrel Decide how you ritually mark a vampire or ghoul as part of your pack. Pack members take 8-Again to teamwork support rolls. When questioned by your pack and you don't cow them, lose Willpower. Exile from the pack is violent and lasting. VTR 2e 114
Receptive Mind • to ••••• Blood Potency ••••• •, Auspex •••• When you Lay Open the Mind, add an extra target for each dot in this Merit. TY 84
Revenant Impostor Manipulation •••, Subterfuge •• May replace Alternate Identity. You can masquerade as a revenant. HD 80
Savior of the Lost ••• Replace the Humanity cost to uplift a revenant you did not sire with a detachment roll. On success, spend a Willpower dot instead. TY 84
Special Treat ••• You keep a ghoul with addictive blood, who costs extra Vitae to maintain each month. TY 84
Swarm Form •• Protean ••• You can become a swarm of Size 0 or 1 creatures when you take the Beast's Skin. Expand over a space up to (5 × Blood Potency) yards in diameter. Your attacks roll Strength + Brawl, ignore Defense, and deal lethal damage, while attacks against you that don't encompass wide swaths can only deal a point of damage at most. VTR 2e 114
Touchstone • to ••••• You have an extra Touchstone for each dot in this Merit. Each Touchstone attaches to the next level of Humanity down after the last. VTR 2e 115
Undead Menses •• Female You produce unnatural menstrual blood that, once per night when applied, can grant 8-Again to a Crúac ritual or reduce Resistance against a Discipline by up to your Blood Potency. VTR 2e 115
Unnatural Affinity • to ••••• Choose another type of supernatural creature for each dot in this Merit. You can feed on their Vitae as if they were Kindred. VTR 2e 114
Unsettling Gaze Nosferatu When you roll an exceptional success to infect a victim with Integrity or Humanity greater than yours with the monstrous Beast, your victim experiences a breaking point. If your Humanity is greater than 2, so do you. VTR 2e 115

Style Merits

Style Prerequisites Rating Maneuver Description Book
Cacophony Savvy City Status Gettin' Up You can read the Cacophony with Intelligence + Streetwise. Within a vampire's Feeding Grounds, add their (not your) dots in that Merit as bonus dice. VTR 2e 110
•• Backpacker You quickly learn who's who and where they hunt, even newcomers to the city.
••• Wearing a Hat Once per session, roll Wits + Politics to ask a question about current events in the Requiem. Rolls to use that knowledge achieve exceptional success on a threshold of three, not five.
Courtoisie Composure •••, Socialize ••, Weaponry ••, Invictus Status These maneuvers must be used with hand-to-hand weapons. SotC 187
Establish the Duel Choose an attacker. So long as you don't attack anyone else, add Weaponry as a Defense bonus against outside parties, and deal a point of lethal damage when an outside party enters range.
•• Value of the Spoken Word By goading mid-combat, you may substitute a Social Skill for Athletics or Weaponry, or a Social Attribute for the corresponding Physical Attribute.
••• Demanding Attention Once you Establish the Duel, if your opponent tries to disengage or attack someone else, you can deal your Socialize dots in lethal damage and leave him Knocked Down.
Crusade Theban Sorcery •• or Sorcerous Eunuch, Resolve •••, Occult ••, Weaponry •• These maneuvers must be used with hand-to-hand weapons. SotC 192
Shield Against Sorcery While your Defense is fully available, penalize the use of sorcery around you by your Crusade dots.
•• Silence Make called shots to the throat at no penalty to mute someone.
••• A Hammer Against Witches Spend Willpower to attack a spellcasting opponent at -2. Success aborts spellcasting and applies the ritual's rating as an additional weapon rating.
Dynasty Membership Clan Status New Kid Once per session, you can substitute your dynasty's Clan Status for your own on a Social roll. VTR 2e 112
•• Exemplar When you wield the reputation of your dynasty in Social Maneuvering, ignore one Door.
••• Patriarch/Matriarch Once per session, you can charge a dynasty member with a daunting labor.
Kindred Dueling Composure •••, Weaponry •• These maneuvers require an edged weapon and are mutually exclusive. VTR 2e 117
Hamstring You can use a called shot to deny a vampire's limb the benefits of Physical Intensity.
•• Taunt Exchange up to your Weaponry in attack dice to provoke, on hit, a frenzy roll penalized by your exchanged dice.
••• Carving Deal lethal damage to the Kindred body.
•••• Pincushion You can lodge your weapon into the victim on a hit, preventing the wound from healing with Vitae use. You can withdraw it reflexively, but others must roll Strength + Stamina - damage caused as an instant action.
••••• Spray Sacrifice your Defense to make an attack that can exchange points of damage inflicted for points of Vitae sapped.
Mobilize Outrage Willpower •••••, Brawl ••, Carthian Status Strike to Preempt Sacrifice your Defense and your second turn to add your Willpower as bonus dice to attack on your first turn. SotC 178
•• Unbreakable Add your full Willpower value when spending a point to contest or resist social or mental coercion in a combat situation.
••• Dying on Your Feet During combat only, ignore wound penalties and do not fall to torpor from injury.
Riding the Wave Composure •••, Resolve ••• These maneuvers must be used when riding the wave. VTR 2e 118
Ravage Bite attacks take a 1L weapon rating.
•• Primal Strength Double your Strength bonus from frenzy when lifting, jumping, or destroying objects.
••• In the Zone When you spend Willpower to ride the wave, you also apply the normal +3 action bonus.
•••• Unyielding After a scene where you rode the wave, recover any Willpower spent to do so.
••••• Animal Grace You can spend Willpower for both bonus dice on an attack and a bonus to your Defense, not just one or the other.
Rites of the Impaled Resolve •••, Stamina •••, Weaponry ••, Sworn Passion Through Pain Invert wound penalties. SotC 197
•• Beyond the Pale Don't fall torpid from lethal damage until you also suffer aggravated damage equal to Resolve.
••• Action and Reaction When struck before using an instant action that round, spend Willpower to retaliate with a close combat attack. Instead of rolling the attack, use the successes of the attack that struck you.
Temple Guardian Athletics ••, Brawl ••, Weaponry ••, Crone Status Athena's Armor When you spend a turn not attacking, ignore the first point of damage from each attack that hits you. SotC 182
•• Enyo's Defense When your Defense is available and an ally within the range of your Speed is attacked, you can reflexively move to force the attacker to target you instead.
••• Eris's Glory Each turn you suffer lethal or aggravated damage, grant the Inspired Condition to an ally. Crúac rolls by others in your presence add your wound penalties as bonus dice.

Elder Merits

Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Around the Block •• Any Skill ••••• • Ignore untrained Skill penalties. TY 83
Civilization Stalker ••• Intelligence or Manipulation ••• Politics, Socialize and Streetwise take 9-Again when calling on your experience. TY 83
Dynasty Progenitor •• Dynasty Membership ••• You originated this dynasty. Double blood sympathy bonuses to wield Disciplines and Devotions on dynasts. TY 85
Mentor in Immortality • to ••••• You've taken a protegé for each dot in this Merit. Once per story, you may call a favor from each student. TY 83
Practiced Puppeteer •• Any Discipline ••••• Take 9-Again when you wield the chosen Discipline's powers against a character without a Supernatural Tolerance of at least your Blood Potency - 3. TY 84
Prima Donna • to ••••• No Covenant Status Each story, once per dot of this Merit, spend Willpower to ignore soft leverage, shut down a Social Condition, exert your Status at one dot higher, or take 8-Again on a Social roll against the covenants. TY 84
Spectral Communion •••• Hollow Mekhet Once a story, anoint a mirror with three Vitae and contest Resolve + Composure + Auspex vs Power + Resistance to either trap your Ka or let it out with you in Twilight. TY 85
Undeniable Aura ••• Atrocious, Cutthroat or Enticing Your very presence contests your Predatory Aura vs Resolve + Tolerance to reduce your exceptional Social threshold against the subject from five to three. TY 85

Revenant Merits

Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Blood Farm • to ••••• Resources • to ••• Replaces Herd. You raise animals you may drain for thrice your Blood Farm dots in Vitae weekly, but large Blood Farms may attract attention. HD 80
Chains for Hungry Fenrir •• Resolve ••• Half your hunger penalties to resist frenzy. HD 80
Clan Impostor Manipulation •••, Subterfuge •• May replace Alternate Identity. You can masquerade as full Kindred of a given clan. HD 80
Fertile Vitae ••• You may Embrace revenant childer. HD 81
Kindred Status As for full Kindred. Clan Status requires Clan Impostor. HD 80
VTR 2e 113
Revenant Status As the general Status Merit, and provides Chary tutelage. HD 81
Sanctioned Tracker •• Replaces City Status ••. You maintain respect while on a mission to destroy a criminal for the local Kindred. HD 81
Sire Sense Sense your sire's location. +2 to navigate and employ Blood Sympathy to pursue her. HD 81
Twilight Walker • or ••• Humanity 7 For fifteen minutes at dawn's start and dusk's end, take bashing damage from sunlight. With three dots, take no sunlight damage during that period, and bashing damage for fifteen minutes more. HD 81

Covenant Merits

Carthian Merits

Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Alley Cat • to ••• Athletics ••, Stealth ••, Streetwise •• Reduces the threshold for exceptional success when rolling to prowl city streets. SotC 177
Army of One • to ••••• ≤ Covenant Status Roll Presence + Politics + Covenant Status to summon Carthian backup, up to one per dot in this Merit each story. SotC 177
Carthian Pull Every month, you can leverage favors to access your Carthian Status in dots of Allies, Contacts, Haven or Herd. VTR 2e 110
Casual User •• No Carthian Status Confers the benefits of having one dot of Carthian Status as regard social bonuses and the effects of others' Carthian Law usage. Once a story, call upon a small favor. SotC 178
Court Jester •• Politics ••, City Status •• Reputation as a pundit punishes attempts at official censure by stripping a dot of City Status from the official. SotC 178
Devotion Experimenter •• Science ••, Covenant Status •• Reroll nines when using Devotions, and learn or teach them at an experience discount. SotC 178
Fucking Thief Subterfuge ••• Steal flawed knowledge of a single one-dot advantage restricted to another covenant. SotC 178
I Know a Guy Once per story, your non-temporary dots of Allies can do double duty as dots of Retainer. VTR 2e 115
Jack-Booted Thug •• Intimidation •••, Covenant Status ••, City Status Spend Willpower and roll Presence + Intimidation + City Status to shut people down through projected menace. SotC 178
Night Doctor Surgery ••• Covenant Status •• Roll Intelligence + Medicine to treat a vampire medically for an hour, reducing lethal damage to bashing. VTR 2e 113
Sell Out ••• Politics •••, Covenant Status ••••, City Status •••• Legalistic title manipulation grants you the full benefits of one dot of Status in each of the city's covenants. Decide arbitrarily at any given time whether Carthian Law counts you as a Carthian. SotC 179
Smooth Criminal •• Politics •, Streetwise ••, Subterfuge •• Once per story, roll Manipulation + Subterfuge to end discussion of allegations against you or a fellow Carthian. SotC 179
Toss That Shit Right Back Dexterity •••, Athletics •• When you dodge a thrown attack, you can catch the object and immediately throw it back. SotC 179
Carthian Law
Breaking the Chains Break one Vinculum by accepting a single-step blood bond to a number of fellow Carthians. Actions to betray the old Vinculum act as a supplementary Dirge. SotC 179
Cease Fire ••••• Covenant Status ••••• Temporarily disrupt the powers of the Blood through a majority vote of local Carthians. Throughout the domain, Disciplines and Devotions cost Willpower to function and risk aggravated damage when in use. The Carthian invoking this law may specify a condition for ending the Cease Fire. It also ends if she herself uses a power of the Blood, leaves the domain or is destroyed. SotC 180
Coda Against Sorcery • to ••••• Declare a personal censure of sorcery in general, a particular blood sorcery, or a particular sorcerous ritual. Apply this Merit as resistance against the censured sorcery. SotC 180
Empower Judiciary ••• Covenant Status ••• Invest dots of Willpower and of Blood Potency to empower a legal arbiter for the domain. The arbiter may make binding public interpretations of the domain's law, on pain of stripping of Kindred Status or of aggravated damage in its absence, and retains this authority until destroyed or until domain rulership changes hands. SotC 180
Establish Precedent •• Covenant Status •••• Invest a dot of Willpower to extend the enforcement of an edict from an individual case to the whole domain for a year and a day. Intentional violation of the edict is punished by a specified marking brand and accompanying bane for a month. SotC 180
Lex Terrae •• Covenant Status ••, Feeding Grounds So long as your Feeding Ground has been clearly declared, vampires who feed there without your permission wake the next night and vomit the Vitae out as useless, and are visibly marked for a week. VTR 2e 116
Mandate from the Masses ••••• Covenant Status ••••• When you preside over a majority vote of local Carthians to condemn an enemy of the people, you can voluntarily lose access to a dot of Willpower to strip the enemy of Blood Potency proportional to the Carthian vote. Lost dots return when the enemy goes into exile or either you or the enemy are destroyed. VTR 2e 116
Plausible Deniability •••• Covenant Status ••• Supernatural means can't prove your guilt of crimes against domain or Tradition, diablerie doesn't stain your aura, and you penalize nonmagical efforts to perceive your guilt by your Carthian Status. You can't use your Kindred Status against anyone who ascertains your guilt anyway. VTR 2e 116
Right of Return •• Covenant Status ••, City Status You're authorized to participate in multiple covenants. Your total maximum of Covenant Status dots ignores your dots of Carthian Status, and you improve your Social Maneuvering impression with your other affiliated covenants, but lose 10-Again to conceal suspicious behavior from them. VTR 2e 116
Stare Decisis •• Elder, Covenant Status ••• When you speak on matters of breach of law or Tradition, others must spend Willpower to oppose you. Recover Willpower when you sway the authority to rule in your favor. TY 85
Strength of Resolution When a supernatural power is used to compel you to violate the law of the domain, add your Carthian Status dots as dice to contest it. VTR 2e 116
Weaponize Dissent •• Covenant Status •• Irreversibly invokes insurgency for a year and a day, even after the invoking Carthian is destroyed. During insurgency, characters attacking vampires in the presence of the Carthian or his bodily remains apply their target's City Status as an additional weapon bonus, even if it is from a foreign domain. SotC 181

Circle of the Crone Merits

Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Altar 3+ attuned You've contributed to attuning a blood altar. In the presence of the altar, contributors can apply teamwork to Crúac rituals, even if they don't know Crúac, at the cost of slowing the ritual. VTR 2e 109
Chorister No Crone Status Confers the benefits of having one dot of Crone Status as regard social bonuses and Merit access. May learn one dot of the Crúac Discipline and additional rites. Once a story, call upon a small favor. SotC 181
The Mother-Daughter Bond Apply the benefits of the True Friend Merit to any Acolyte Mentor. VTR 2e 113
Mother-Goddess' Altar Blood Potency ••••• •, Altar, Covenant Status ••••• Lead Crúac rituals at an Altar at full speed. TY 84
Viral Mythology ••• Presence •••, Expression •••, Crúac • When you make a show of divine glory, roll Presence + Expression, contested by Wits + Composure, to inflict a contagious Condition of awe and splendor. Allies and Herd Merits spread to double their yield. SotC 182
What You've Done For Her Lately Crúac •• Once a story, you can use the casting of a Crúac rite to boost your effective Covenant Status for the scene. SotC 182
Crúac Styles
Opening the Void • to ••••• Crúac • Your Crúac rites call forth bestial shadow-servants of Size, Retainer value, and longevity proportional to the rite. By spending Willpower when casting, you can attempt to consign a living being to the outer darkness, prompting an extended roll with a Willpower cost for the resisting subject. SotC 184
Primal Creation • to ••••• Crúac • Your rites cause plant overgrowth proportional to the rite, and evoke fertility. By spending Willpower when casting, you can cause life proportional to the rite to mutate and bud off duplicates. SotC 183
Unbridled Chaos • to ••••• Crúac • Your rites provoke unpredictable swelling, mutation and deformation of the environment, proportional to the rite. By spending Willpower when casting, you can cause inclement weather, whose Tilt effects you may ignore. SotC 183

Invictus Merits

Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Attaché Your Retainers each gain access to your Invictus Status in dots distributed among Contacts, Resources and Safe Place. VTR 2e 110
Crowdsourcing • to ••• Contacts, Resources ••• Spend Willpower and roll Manipulation + Academics to coordinate the temporary exchange of Social Merit dots from one Invictus member to another, which may then temporarily exceed their normal maximum by your dots in this Merit. SotC 187
Friends in High Places Every month, you can open up to your Invictus Status in Doors belonging to people held under the local Invictus thumb. VTR 2e 112
Information Network Covenant Status ••, Contacts Use your Contacts as Skill Specialties. SotC 187
Invested Distribute your dots in Invictus Status among free dots of Herd, Mentor, Resources and Retainer, provided by the covenant. VTR 2e 112
Moderator • to ••••• Computer •••, Covenant Status ••, Contacts Administrator access to Invictus networks can be used dot-for-dot as temporary Allies, Contacts, or Library, once per story. SotC 187
Noblesse Oblige ••• City Status ••• Use your station in the domain as a Touchstone. SotC 188
Notary ••• Covenant Status ••• You're empowered by the Invictus to preside over Invictus Oaths. Invictus Status can't be used in Social rolls against you, and once a month, you can call upon one dot of Allies, Contacts, Herd, Mentor or Resources from the covenant. VTR 2e 116
One Foot in the Door •• No Invictus Status Confers the benefits of having one dot of Invictus Status as regards social bonuses. Once per story, call upon a small favor. SotC 187
Prestigious Sire Mentor •••• Draw on your bond with your sire to use your sire's vampiric Status dots instead of your own in a Social action, risking this Merit's loss on failure. SotC 188
Social Engineering •••• Manipulation •••, Wits •••, Investigation ••, Subterfuge •• Spend Willpower and roll Manipulation + Investigation to dig up dirt, weaknesses, advantages or openings against a victim. SotC 188
Speaker for the Silent ••• Dynasty Membership You've learned to voluntarily channel the will of a torpid elder. You can cut off an open channel with a point of Willpower. VTR 2e 114
Tech-Savvy • to ••• Computer ••, Crafts ••, Science •, Resources Retrieve access to devices up to Availability two higher than dots in this Merit, which grant 9-Again and distribute your Tech-Savvy dots among equipment bonus, Structure, and Durability. SotC 188
Travel Agent • to ••••• Covenant Status ••, Contacts When you travel to another domain, name a receiving host, apply half your dots in this Merit as temporary Allies or Contacts in the new domain, and reduce attempts to intercept you between domains by successes equal to this Merit. SotC 188
Where the Bodies Are Buried •• Covenant Status •• Once per story for every dot in this Merit, your notes on dirty work can turn up dirt on a vampire whose associations you know. VTR 2e 115
Invictus Oaths
Oath of Abstinence ••••• So long as you imbibe no Vitae, you need spend none to wake nightly. SotC 189
Oath of Action •••• Swear a labor for your liege. For the duration of the Oath, you may access one of your liege's Disciplines (including bloodline gifts), while your liege's Blood Potency increases by one. The Oath concludes when the labor is complete or a month passes, and respectively the liege or the vassal suffers aggravated damage equal to the Discipline dots offered. You can only be party to one Oath of Action at a time. VTR 2e 117
Oath of Fealty Covenant Status You can draw up to your Invictus Status in Vitae from your liege each week, without feeding from her. Your liege can tell when you lie to her. You can only swear an Oath of Fealty to one liege at a time. VTR 2e 117
Oath of Dynasty ••• Covenant Status •••, Dynasty Membership ••• You share a closer link to fellow sworn dynasts. You may borrow their Social Merits once a session, communicate with torpid dynasts by rolling Presence + Empathy, or rouse them by rolling an exceptional success with your Blood Potency. These rolls suffer a -5 penalty, reduced by one for each dot after the fifth of your Blood Potency (to communicate) or their Humanity (to rouse). TY 85
Oath of the Handshake Deal Both parties purchase this Merit, swear a service or forbearance, and offer a Social Merit as collateral. Violating the oath awards the other party your collateral for an agreed duration. SotC 189
Oath of the Hard Motherfucker •• No Invictus Status The vassal must kill a Carthian or oathbreaker in exchange for her first dot of Invictus Status, 9-Again on two Skills, and a dot each of Allies, Contacts, and Resources, all stripped if the oath is broken. SotC 189
Oath of Matrimony ••••• Both parties purchase this Merit, swear vows, assume blood sympathy, and become subject to a full mutual Vinculum. Their Social Merits, Blood Potency, and Discipline ratings increase to catch up to the spouse's. Broken vows strip Blood Potency. SotC 190
Oath of the Model Prisoner ••• A prisoner of the Invictus swears as vassal not to attempt escape or sabotage, on pain of occult branding, in exchange for protection from torture and execution. SotC 190
Oath of Office ••• City or Covenant Status ••• The vassal swears to the duties of an office in vampire society, and may treat it as a supplemental Mask trait, but faces detachment for violation. SotC 191
Oath of Penance ••• For the duration of the Oath, every tenth point of Vitae you ingest is mystically transmitted to your liege as Kindred Vitae, and you are denied the benefits of any other Invictus Oath. Your liege cannot use Disciplines against you. VTR 2e 117
Oath of the Refugee •• The signatory accepts exile from a domain and gains protection from pursuit by agents of the domain. SotC 191
Oath of the Righteous Kill ••• Empathy •••, Covenant Status ••• The signatory can act as a confessor, assuming premeditated risks of detachment from fellow covenant members. SotC 191
Oath of the Safe Word •• Both parties purchase this Merit and share the use of Willpower and one Social Merit with the other party. Either party may end the oath to briefly paralyze the other party. SotC 191
Oath of Serfdom •• Receive a feudal territory from your liege. While there, or when defending your liege, you gain a free dot of Celerity, Resilience or Vigor. You intuit when another predatory aura crosses into your land and from where. Your liege adds your dots in Feeding Ground as bonus dice against you, and ignores any blood bond you may impose. VTR 2e 117
Oath of the True Knight •••• Covenant Status •• The vassal swears a role of impartial defender of the covenant. She becomes unable to drink Kindred Vitae, and her Invictus Status protects her from mental Disciplines and attacks from Kindred and ghouls. SotC 191

Lancea et Sanctum Merits

Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Anointed •• You're ordained. Once per session, you can roll Presence + Expression to preach the Raptured Condition. VTR 2e 109
Faith Militant •• You may draw upon your Herd for Resources. DE2 109
Flock • to ••••• ≤ Herd You inspire your Herd. They serve as a source of Willpower. Dots in this Merit apply as additional Herd dots. SotC 193
Laity •• No Sanctified Status Confers the benefits of having one dot of Lancea Status as regards social bonuses. Once per story, call upon a small favor. SotC 193
Lorekeeper Your lorehouse attracts occultists. Distribute your dots in the Library Merit among bonus dots in Retainer and Herd. VTR 2e 113
Sanctuary • to ••••• Covenant Status ••, City Status ••, Safe Place You have authority to shelter one Kindred criminal per dot in this Merit in your Safe Place, who act as Retainers so long as you feed them. SotC 193
Sorcerous Eunuch Resolve ••• You've had the essence of sorcery scoured from you over an arduous month. Penalize sorcerous effects with your Resolve. You can't learn blood sorcery. SotC 193
Stigmata • to ••••• < (Humanity + 3) Each week, or at will by spending Willpower, you bleed Vitae equal to your dots in this Merit, which when ingested inspires spiritually and does not cause addiction or bonding. The experience bolsters Theban Sorcery and Willpower. SotC 193

Ordo Dracul Merits

Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Independent Study •• No Ordo Status Confers the benefits of having one dot of Lancea Status as regards social bonuses. Once per story, call upon a small favor. SotC 197
Secret Society Junkie Dots in Status or Mystery Cult Initiation representing human secret societies also count as dots of Herd. VTR 2e 114
Sworn Swear yourself to frequent duties either to the silencers of the Axe, learned of the Dying Light, or leaders of the Mysteries. Distribute your dots in Ordo Status among bonus dots of Mentor and Retainer. VTR 2e 114
Twilight Judge ••• Covenant Status •••• You're empowered to make binding judgments for the covenant within a domain. Treat the special treatment of your office as equivalent to a five-dot Mentor. SotC 198

Other Covenant Merits

Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Shahrayad's Tale • to ••••• Once per chapter, spin tales to threaten listeners up to your Merit rating with both vitae and story addiction. Each tale improves your impression on an addicted listener. DE2 142
Circles of Mor
Parliament's Apostle Humanity < 6 Your circle worships a strix who will serve as a Mentor in exchange for tithes of blood. DE2 110
Ifrit's Might ••• Blood Potency ••••• • Master one Crúac rite for each dot of Blood Potency after the fifth. Mastered rites reduce their exceptional success threshold from five to three. DE2 142
Gallows Post
Envoy • to ••••• Rolls to intercept you between cities must exceed your Envoy rating in successes. When you arrive in a domain, specify your receiving party and a gift or rumor that serves as expendable Social equipment concerning them. Once per story, apply half your Envoy dots as effective Allies or Contacts. DE 266
Legion of the Green
Contracts of Night and Day Occult ••, Notary You may preside over an Invictus Oath with a changeling vassal, who must drink from his liege. Blood sympathy forms, and the changeling can target his liege with Contracts as a universal loophole. DE2 109
Weihan Cynn
Contract with the Uncanny • to ••••• Choose a supernatural faction or force; you may purchase this Merit multiple times for multiple contracts. You can call upon ancient bargains to request favors proportional in risk or effort to your dots in this Merit, in exchange for offering an equivalent favor. You can call on greater favors than your dots would allow by owing disproportionate labors in return. DE 271
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item