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Merits, Werewolf (1st Edition)

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Ancestral Vessel (• to •••••) *pre: Lodge of Voices Allows the channeling of a specific ancestor spirit, granting skill bonuses or other wisdom. Faithful 104
Animal Magnetism (•••) Reduces penalty from Primal Urge for purposes of seduction, but penalizes all social rolls with those not attracted to you Rage p105
Auspice Blessing (•) *pre: One Auspice Affinity skill at •• (CO) When auspice moon is visible overhead, gain a bonus to a select affinity skill Rage p103
Beginner's Luck (••) Only -1 for Untrained Mental Skills. Dramatic failure results in losing a point of Willpower. SotM p29
Chain Breaker (••••) *pre: Lodge of Ashes Frees a spirit from a bound fetish. Faithful 36
Ephemeral Reckoning (•• or ••••) Two dot version can sense the resonance of an area, four dot can sense the resonance of a source of Essence Rage p103
Eyrie (•••) Pre: Uratha +2 Perception within your territory. +1 to ranged attack pools within the territory Terr p47
Far-Runner's Intuition (• May roll Wits + Streetice or Wits+Survival to find a given packmate in the city or the wild, respectively along with other details. SotM p30
Fetish (• to •••••) An item containing a bound spirit which has a specific, useful benefit. WtF p79
Local (••) Pre: Uratha +1 to social rolls dealing with humans within the werewolfs territory. Humans living in the territory get +1 effective willpower for Lunacy caused by the werewolf with this merit. Terr p47
Mercy of Luna (• May spend a point of Willpower to reduce Primal Urge Social penalties by Cunning score to a max of of 0. SotM p30
Metabolic Control (••) *pre: Stamina ••• May suppress regeneration or other physical advantages of being a werewolf in order to hide Rage p105
Moon Centered (••) During auspice moon gain a bonus to rolls to stay in war form, but suffer a penalty to Composure checks until the first such transformation is done in a lunar cycle. Rage p103
Naturally Deceptive (• By spending a point of Willpower on a Larceny, Stealth ,or Subterfuge the Irraka may add their Cunning score instead of +3. SotM p30
Nimble Defender (••••) Pre: Uratha. +1 Defense within your territory. +1 to Athletics to move around your territory. Terr p47
Pathfinder's Blessing (••••) The Irraka rolls 4 additional dice for Pathfinder's Sense instead of the normal 2. SotM p30
Predator’s Gaze (••) *pre: Presence ••, Intimidation •• Make people slightly uncomfortable, making them more inclined to do what you say or do anything to make you go away. Rage p103
Prophet's Voice (•••) *pre: Resolve •• Similar to Dream merit; can gain symbolic but prophetic visions once per story Faithful 79
Scout (••) +1 perception and Stealth in another pack's territory, as long as you are not attacked or interfered with. Territories p48
Secret Paths (••) Pre: Uratha +2 stealth within one's territory. A hiding place can be created in a turn which provides a further +2 and 1 point of cover. Terr p47
Short Cuts (•) Pre: Uratha Werewolves with this merit can find alternate paths around obstacles in their territory without losing any time. Terr p47
Staunch Defender (•••) Pre: Uratha +1 to attack pools with claws and teeth against invaders of your territory. Drawback: -1 to Death Rage while defending your territory Terr p48
Strong Bloodline (•) *pre: Ivory Claw Increases effective Purity renown for some social purposes. Pure 111
Trained Senses ( May ignore up to two dice of penalties to perception rolls. By spending a point of Willpower the Werewolf may ignore a penalty of any size for a perception roll. SotM p30
Territorial Familiarity (• to •••) +2 to Survival within region of territory. At one dot, this territory is a few city blocks. Three dots, it is several miles worth of territory. Werewolves get the full effect at 2 dots. BotW p99
Vicious Attacker (•••) Pre: Uratha +1 to attack pools against werewolves in their territory. Terr p48
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item