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NPCs, Changelings (1st Edition)

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Name Description Source
Changelings Humans transformed into Fae Creatures by the Gentry.
Changelings you might see around the Freeholds or abroad
Auntie Ally Smothering mother figure. GF 17
Blue Jenny Miami. Manipulative member of the Winter Court. Demo 10
Brer Spider Miami. Man of many faces, identities and skills. Expert Oneiromancer and scholar. CtL 344
Cerastes Miami. Pathogenic liar and smooth talker. Half-believes he's still in Arcadia. CtL 342
Carlos Garcia-Jimenez Miami. Player Character. Cuban thug trying to go straight. Computer Science Student. Demo 21
Consus Mafia-type with his fetch as a servant. Dedicated to overthrowing Freehold tyrants. GF 29
Deathless Ivan Miami. Grandfather Thunder's bodyguard. Terrible, silent and crazed man-mountain. CtL 340
Everett Flint Fire and brimstone preacher with a tongue made of gold. GF 44
Gentleman John Thief that steals both one-of-a-kind items and objects of sentimental value. GF 59
Grandfather Thunder Miami. Oldest changeling in Miami. Leader of the Summer Court and thus all of Miami. Very brutal. CtL 338
Green-Eyed Gerta Mad Spring Court queen. Insanely jealous and envious. GF 68
Jack o’ the Lantern Famous changeling who managed to trick his Keeper. Missing his heart. GF 77
Jeremiah Sleet, the Winter King Miami. Cold, calculating mobster. Distrusts all other Courts, especially Summer. CtL 339
John St. Elmo Miami. Summer Court thug. Salamander-like leader of The Apostolic Knights motley. Demo 11
Kumalo Slayer of kings. GF 81
Leigh Whitney Miami. Player Character. Heiress from Chicago. Can't go back. Works as a belly dancer at a bar. Demo 23
Naamah Miami. Leader of the Autumn Court. Building up fear to topple Grandfather Thunder. CtL 337
Nimble Tinfingers Miami. Player Character. Troubled kid turned into a Tin Man. Best friends with Sara. Demo 25
Mark Stalwart Miami. Fights alongside John St. Elmo and Strong Matthew. An Apostolic Knight. Demo 13
Maria Thorn Miami. Leader of the Spring Court. Living as a fugitive in the Everglades. Robin Hood figure. CtL 341
Quiet Luke Miami. Oracle and member of the Apostolic Knights. Safeguards a book he bought off Hobgoblins. Demo 16
Rex Miami. Player Character. Wanderer. Found his wife had remarried while he was gone. Cyclops. De,p 27
Rollo Miami. Coward and drug runner, but dedicated to overthrowing Thunder and serving Blue Jenny. Demo 8
Rose Thorn Miami. Possibly Maria's daughter. Big ego. CtL 335
Sara Miami. Player Character. Small girl, good with mechanics. Best friends with Nimble Tinfingers. Demo 29
Strong Matthew Miami. Fights alongside John St. Elmo and Mark Stalwart. An Apostolic Knight. Demo 13
Wild Sam Brave Changeling that will forever be a rambunctious child. GF 119
The Loyalists Changelings still loyal to their Fae masters
Bondthrall Paxton Secretive but passionate female artist forced reluctantly to abduct Changelings. CtL 262
DJ Hamlyn Musician that delivers humans and changelings to his keeper for his next high. GF 40
Liz Malloy Bait used by her keeper. GF 85
The Man Left Behind, The Minotaur Darkling that patrols his Keepers manses, killing slaves thrown into his pit. ER 148
Maya Sharptongue Hero, trickster and traitor. GF 99
Realm Gatekeeper Ognenov Lazy and corrupt gatekeeper for Arcadia. ER 145
Shuck's Crew Shuck, the Scissor-Man, John Capp, Razor Molly, Pretty Bill. Crazed Boogiemen. AN 35
The Mentally Ill Changelings of questionable clarity
Beauty and Her Beast, Damiana and Bert Criminal duo, distrusted by the local Freeholds. Plenty of deaths attributed to them. AN 15
The Glutton Miami. Cannibal who might let you go if he's not too hungry. Doesn't like people. AN 20
The Hag of Henslowe Park A wicked witch that abducts victims and tortures them for a year and a day. AN 21
The King of Cats Crazed hunter who stalks children. Is followed everywhere by cats. Early campaign antagonist. AN 19
The Mad Hound Jules Feral, wolflike and broken homeless man. Considers all fae a potential threat. CtL 260
Long-Tooth Tom Modern bridge troll. GF 89
The Lost Guide Libra Mudfingers Crazed Wizened guide that can take you to Arcadia. Almost a Hobgoblin. ER 137
Bridge-Burners and Militia Groups Extremist factions dedicated to various causes
The Bloody Nails, Bridge-Burners, Tommy Red Hat Very tough. Believes the only way to cut the bridges is by destroying everything fey. AN 32
The Safe Harbor Society, Bridge-Burners, Sister Abigail Organizer that knows how to humiliate people. AN 30
Independent Bridge-Burner, Burgeoning Terrorist, Terrence Horror movie fan. Preparing to burn down his theater and the trod within to stop the nightmares. CtL 266
The Bloody Wing Militia, Warhawk, Nemesis Female Ogre recruiter for the Bloody Wing Militia. CtL 265
The Doves, Militia, Dove Knife-Dancer Stealthy assassin and acrobat. AN 29
The Red Badge, Militia, Red Badge Recruiter Very savvy and large Ogre recruiter for the Red Badge. AN 26
The Soulless Changeling monsters who have completely lost any semblance of their souls
Serial Killer Maxwell Stevens Once a successful entrepreneur, became a psychopathic participant in the "Game". CtL 268
Fetches Simulacrum of a person left behind after an abduction by the Gentry
Bobby Slim Paranoid killer. Murders for no real reason. Crafty. AN 118
Carlos Garcál The Glutton's fetch. Passable chef. Lost until Glutton attacked, now intent on killing him. AN 114
Don Sarno Family man. Killed his Changeling. Hunts changelings with his friends. May be "dying". AN 117
Luke Argent Good man, willing to step aside if changeling returns. "Wife" is pregnant and child may be his. AN 115
Michael Bartok Miami. Cerastes' fetch. Perfect mirror of the original. AN 113
The Recurrent Fetch that is constantly killed and resurrected through coincidental circumstance. GF 108
Rosalinda Forastero Maria Thorne's unknowing fetch. Being watched over by Naamah as bargaining power. AN 116
Sister Mary Agatha Damiana's fetch. Emotionally instabile. Bitter about her existence, but very amiable. AN 113
Gentry, The True Fae Masters of Arcadia
Arcadian Huntsman, The Horned Hunter Master huntsman that travels with a pack of bloodthirsty shadow hounds. CtL 277
The Baroness of Tortured Harmonies Brutally violent, beautiful, kind and depraved. ER 151
Blue Jenny's Keeper Miami. Blue Jenny's Keeper has come to take her back to Arcadia. Demo 19
Crumbcoat and Ganache Twins, master chefs who long to be impressed. Easily annoyed and depressed. AN 76
Dzarûmazh Dragon who wishes to successfully form a contract with Cold Iron GF 34
Grandma Mara Wise fortuneteller who can help steer your future. GF 64
The Greve of Stolen Lovers Lavishes his abductee with love. Once the feeling is returned, he snubs her. AN 76
The Hook Urban legend that stalks the highways. GF 72
Lady Bolevile Both a Fey and a mansion. Strictly business. Collects trinkets. AN 78
Nergal, the Raging One Miami. Massive hurricane and storm. Nothing but anger and hate. AN 79
Skin and Bones Bloody Mary-type boogieman. GF 112
Redtooth, Redtooth Not very smart but very hungry mountain of flesh and fat. Must rhyme. AN 80
Vellum Cold, but not cruel librarian. AN 82
The Zookeeper Collector of pets, human or otherwise. AN 83
Ybalashi Literal genie in a bottle. GF 123
Banished, Charlatans and Sleepers Gentry banished to Earth, whether through pledge, death or other causes.
Baron Fairweather The Free Market Dragon. Industrialist and entrepreneur in charge of a chain of stores. GF 21
Hidden Killer "Keri Urban" Beautiful but weakened Fey, trying to squeeze through a loophole CtL 273
Lord of the Gargoyles Died on Earth, came back. Obsessed with finding a specific bird. AN 92
Marquise Tistresse Giant spider fey - Part Hobgoblin, Gentry, Human. Cannibalizes, gains knowledge and power. GF 93
Old Middy Crazy cat lady. Eats children. GF 103
The Ringmaster Natural showman obsessed with running his carnival. AN 94
The Shrike Allied with human Earnest Marker. Pathological murderer and sadist. AN 92
The Stripling Prince Foxlike control freak, demands to be in control, wants to be liked. AN 81
The Tall Blue Man Storyteller banished to Earth. Trying to find a new story, but is always disappointed. AN 90
Hobgoblins Monsters roaming the Hedge
Argemone The Beast that Hunts the Hedge GF 13
Blackgators Miami. Fae Alligators native to Miami. Demo 13
Bloodsuckle Tree that hunts living prey. AN 120
Border Reavers Hobgoblin tribe. Cursed with a mutation-plague that get worse if they leave the hedge. AN 122
Briarwolves Once human fae Werewolves. Hunt in packs. CtL 275
Bunyip Adopted by children, then creates nightmares that it leeches fear glamour from. GF 26
The Chimera Beast that Stalks the Hedge ER 139
Creatures of Ill Omen, Blindbirds Scavangers and carrion-eaters. Harbingers of bad luck that appear when death is nearby. ER 139
Drudgemen House-spirits and Brownies. Imprint on an individual and aids them in secret. AN 124
Entricers Strange beast that uses a huddled, crying human-shaped organ to hunt. AN 125
Fae Swarms Faerie insect swarms. AN 127
Fenghuang Phoenix. An extra life in the form of a Hobgoblin. GF 48
Harvestmen Giant intelligent spiders that lure travelers with treasure. Sometimes deal with the Fae. AN 129
Hedgebeasts Intelligent goblins that look like their earthly counterparts. Can be coerced to becoming allies. AN 130
Hobs Greedy, selfish natives of the Hedge. AN 131
Laughing Ones Mischievous shapeshifters that play lethal pranks on whoever tries to take advantage of them. AN 134
Noppera-Bo Shapeshifters who enjoy tricking Changelings into getting lost. CtL 276
Sprights Tiny fairies that try to help travelers. Rather simple. AN 135
Tikbalang Trickster that appears in the guise of a helping hand. Leads travelers into trouble over and over. GF 116
Vileshrikes Disguisting half-birds. Steal everything they can get their hands on. AN 136
Will-O'-Wisps Balls of light desiring only to be followed. AN 138
Wyrd-Mites Lice and ticks that feed on glamour. AN 139
The Moirae Agents of the Wyrd, not quite Hobgoblins
Crimson Weavers Old men and women that bind people together with a red string, so they are fated to be together. DitD 60
Fallen Star When you wish upon a star, makes no difference whether they're sentient and may die from fulfilling it. DitD 61
Nemesis If you tick the Wyrd off enough, expect to be hunted down by numerous, angry Nemeses for a long, long time. DitD 62
Pattern Eater Strange spiders that can eat your fate and pledges, sometimes for a price. The fateless may become suicidal afterwards. DitD 64
Dream Creatures Creatures native to the Skein, or some other esoteric realm
Dream Riders Creatures that ride dreams, of course!
Mnemides Strange creatures that wander in the unseen corners of every dream. The dreamers memories. May be coerced. DitD 39
Supernumeraries Extra actors the dreamer manifests to play roles in his dreams. May be used as weapons. DitD 40
Virgilus Mage trapped within his own dream. Completely mad and pitiful, keeps several forms with their own personalities. DitD 42
Incubi Foreign entities in your dreams, enter without pledges
The Cat Shapeshifting cat that hunts and terrifies the Gentry. DitD 26
Dream Guardian Creatures that the dreamer spawns to improve himself and protect his dreams. DitD 27
Goblin Miners Hobgoblins that break into the Skein through the hedge. Mine Dreamstones to sell in Markets. DitD 28
The Kindly Stranger Sentient play brought about by a cursed script. Drives its "actors" to murder each other. DitD 30
Night Hags Sleep Paralysis DitD 32
Sandmen Memories of diseased loved ones that haunt your dreams. DitD 33
Shame Riders Weaves dreams into nightmares intent on shaming and humiliating the dreamer. DitD 34
Succubi Takes on the form of who you lust after most. Getting pregnant by one may result in a Cambion. DitD 36
Morpheans Massively powerful Incubi
The Pale Brother The good old grim reaper himself. Completing his quests grants you "Boon of the White Twins]]". DitD 43
The Rogue Sister The personification of the non-omniscience of fate or something from outside the universe trapped in the Skein, seeks to topple the Wyrd to escape. Grants "The Dark Huntress Pact]]" DitD 46
The Ruinous Prince He will grant you powerm then your kingdom will topple and you will be forgotten. Grants "The Vow of All-Consuming Fire]]" DitD 47
Ensorcelled A human in a pledge with a Changeling.
Handsome Johnny Burnt as a kid, he got Striking Looks from an oath. The motley died, his looks faded. AN 45
Mister Chamberlain Miami. Jeremiah Sleet's right hand man, drugrunner and a monster of a thug. AN 49
Pigbaby Miserable trailer park girl obsessed with The Prince, an abusive Fairest. AN 46
Reesie Thompson Miami. Creepy but smart 30 year old who can see fairies. AN 47
Fae-Struck A human obsessed with all things Fae
Devoted Groupie Michael Wyndham Rich kid obsessed with becoming a Changeling, trying to contact the Gentry. CtL 275
Tulepo Rose Obsessive stalker following her Fairest ex-master. Jilted, hateful lover. AN 39
Mundane Regular people
Aldous Blackwell Rich. 40 years ago they took his daughter. Then he saw her in the background of the news. AN 42
Burke Stolhanske City maintenence guy who sees people in the sewers, curious obsession. AN 40
Oathbound Protector Officer Pitts 64 year old cop. Strange friend provides him with leads she shouldn't know about. CtL 270
Roddy Van Bastelaar Miami. Tough guy who got scammed and screwed over by Changelings. AN 40
Other Supernaturals Various other creatures that can't be categorized
Arcadian Sentries, Bladelings Animated flaming swords that guard various parts of Arcadia. ER 143
Cambions Children resulting from impregnation by Succubi. See through supernatural disguises. Most likely will be abducted. DitD 37
Freddy Cloversmith Mysterious benefactor that can make you rich and famous, for a price. GF 53
Inanimae Animated statues, plants, etc that serve as standing military in Arcadia. ER 113
Rolf Reiter Miami. Ensorcelled vampire loser and emotion junky. Wants the blood of the fey. AN 49