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NPCs, Prometheans (1st Edition)

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Name Lineage Refinement Description Source
Aeolipilus None (Unfleshed) Cuprum A mechanical man, Aelipilus is a truly human machine who has experienced all of the Refinements, and has sought to teach all that he can to others. He seeks to destroy his first progeny, who has gone astray. Saturnine Night 64
Alpha Ulgan Centimani Feral and wild leader of a Pandoran pack Pandora's Book 101
Amadeo Ulgan Ferrum A native and proud citizen of Paris, Amadeo is a skilled free-runner and other physical expressions of urban life. Strange Alchemies 78
Antea Galatea Stannum Having embraced the refinement of Tin out of grief and tragedy, Antea is a spiteful and envious woman who none the less has a deep love and compassion for of children. Strange Alchemies 95
Bin Gereh Extempore Stannum An ancient and unique Promethean, Bin Gereh is the product not of alchemy but of accident. Birthed by chance during a great earthquake, he is truly immortal, and has wandered the world for centuries, gaining and sharing wisdom. Magnum Opus 29
Cancer Boy Zeka Mercurius A pious and devout Nuclear Promethean, Cancer Boy looks at the world with eyes of wonder. He seeks to activate a device of his own creation, the 'God Machine', to serve the powers he believes in. Saturnine Night 147
Carla Two Tammuz Cuprum A young and naive new Promethean, recently having clawed her way out of a swamp, who is a pawn of the Botherúd cult of Prometheans. Created 276
Cassius Frankenstein Ferrum A not terribly friendly brute, Cassius was birthed as a servant to his creator. Like his namesake however, Cassius eventually murdered the Wretched responsible, and now is a drifter trying to find an application for his prodigious strength. Pandora's Book 147
Charles Bowde Galateid Centimani One of the rare Galateids who study Flux, Charles finds beauty in corruption and darkness, and believes beauty is an aspiration, not a natural state of being. Pandora's Book 102
Cynthia Mask Frankenstein Cobalus Deeply inquisitive, Cynthia has been a life-long denizen of London. Enamored by the city, and its contrasts, she is among the rare practitioners of Cobalus, those who gain understanding through seeing imperfection. Magnum Opus 73
Elijah Stillwater Osiran Centimani A scholar of the Promethean condition, who has mastered the five common refinements, now pursues Flux out of fascination, but has not succumbed to its chaos. Pandora's Book 103
Eunice Galatea Aes A naive Muse, who has a loving but obsessive relationship with one Tara K. Eunice will do anything to assist her lover, and so she has become a Sentry. Magnum Opus 60
Eve Frankenstein Centimani An envious, lonely and murderous Wretched, who wanders, devouring those she respects out of a vain attempt to achieve fulfillment. Pandora's Book 104
Father Mazda Osiran Centimani A large, squat man, who has long since abandoned the Pilgrimage. While not as actively malicious as many of the Hundred Handed, he has no qualms with creating new Prometheans. He has created progeny using the creation rituals of each of the major Lineages, and even aspires to create her own. Saturnine Night 30
Hendaid Bran Osiris Aurum This unique Promethean, also known as Great-Grandfather Crow, is indeed not human but avian. He's ancient, and the Azoth within drives him to become human. He fears, however, that that may be an impossible desire, and so he despairs. Magnum Opus 45
Ice Blue Galatea Aurum A Botherúd cultist, whose deep loyalty to the group drives her to utilize her skills at manipulation and deceit to their nefarious purposes. Strarnge Alchemies 153
Israel Hands Tammuz Cuprum Israel, name taken from Treasure Island, is an aging and friendly Promethean. He has an affinity for the sea, and as suits his refinement he prefers its company to that of other living beings. A friend, companion, and mentor to Sister Stich. Strange Alchemies 72
La Tempestad Frankenstein Stannum A vengeful and thuggish Wretched, who harbors a personal vendetta against Lighthouse and seeks to kill him. Strange Alchemies 152
Lighthouse Progenitor Mercurius A spiritual guide for other Prometheans, famed for his ability to mystically discern their milestones. Strange Alchemies 150
Legion None (Unfleshed) Stannum A being brought to life by an unwitting experiment with materials science, this hivemind entity seeks to unify itself into a single human mind. Until then, it is a decidedly dangerous and inhuman entity. Saturnine Night 66
Miranda Osiran Aurum Miranda is a charitable woman, and she operates a non-profit in New Orleans that she uses to benefit others of her kind. She contributes support however she can to Papillon's refugee camp, but her efforts are suffering from the scrutiny of suspicious mortals. Pandora's Book 152
Mircea None Mercurius Mircea is the progeny not of Created or mortal, but of a vampire seeking to overcome the vampiric condition. He seeks to find a cure for his torpid father, and to become human, as his creator had hoped. Saturnine Night 35
Nestor Tammuz Plumbum Attractive, powerful, and wise, Nestor had drifted from Refinement to Refinement, before concluding that he could not become mortal without first knowing what he is. He is one of the well respected practitioners of Plumbum. Magnum Opus 79
Ogilvy Ulgan Mercurius A desperate and empty mystic, Ogilvy clings to the promise of the New Dawn as his sole purpose for life, and is determined to find a way to it at any cost. Pandora's Book 151
Old Widow Maggie Ulgan Argentum An aged Riven, who has found the deep bonds in interacting with and aiding the dead. Ghosts have taught her much, both about the supernatural and about being human, and this affinity makes her the oldest living practitioner of Silver. Magnum Opus 68
Oleg Wormwood Zeka Centimani A curiously successful Zeka, Oleg was born by the Chernobyl meltdown, and soon found his way in life as a member of the Russian mob. A charming, personable, and extremely powerful mob boss, he is using his ever growing resources to gently prod many parts of the world toward nuclear warfare. He is terrifyingly close to success. Saturnine Night 95
Page of Cups, the None Stannum A servile young woman brought into false life by Awakened magic, the Page has a wasteland effect that is particularly destructive to mages: the loss of the ability to distinguish possibility and fact. Saturnine Night 38
Papillon Galateid Aurum A motherly and kind Muse, Papillon has formed a community of Prometheans in New Orleans, to support her follows and assist them on their pilgrimage. Pandora's Book 146
Paul DeVries Osiran Stannum A businesslike and worldly Nepri, Paul does his best to acquire favors, power, and influence, both amongst the Created and mortals. He is also a member of the Botherúd cult, and despises other Prometheans for their waste of Pyros. Pandora's Book 149
Persephone Ulgan Mercurius An androgynous woman, who tries to balance lives in both society and wilderness. She is renowned for the wisdom she modestly shares, lessons she has acquired in her travels. Strange Alchemies 89
Piker None Cuprum Created through a unique werewolf rite, Piker is bestial and defensive, but not unkind. He seeks knowledge from anyone who can offer it, especially about the strange world which it seems only he can perceive. Saturnine Night 37
Sicky Osiran Stannum An orphan, abandoned by his creator and naive to the Promethean condition, Sicky is dependent on others of his kind to support him. Pandora's Book 148
Sister Sitch Frankenstein Aurum A devout Promethean crafted from the parts of no fewer than nineteen different women, Sister Stich aspires to humanity but frequently finds herself succumbing to her sinful nature (as well as wrathful Torment). Strange Alchemies 68
Skin Girl, the Zeka Centimani Deeply insecure, the Skin Girl was created by a cruel and malevolent Zeka whom she despises, but like a little girl she obediently remains subservient, and she would never do anything that would raise his wrathful ire. Saturnine Night 94
Tachanka None (Unfleshed) Aurum A military gun drone that has awakened to artificial life, who was adopted by a scientist. She was killed swiftly thereafter, as the government pursued them both, and now he is on the run, wishing to become human so the chase might end. Saturnine Night 68
Traveling Man, the None (Dreamborn) Cuprum A creature born of dreams made manifest, the Traveling Man has wandered the world over, seeing the dreams of a hundred nations. Unfortunately, this has brought him no closer to ending the Pilgrimage, and he grows weary. Magnum Opus 42
Tsar Bomba Zeka Centimani An immense Zeka, and one of the most powerful Prometheans in the world, Tsar Bomba is a creature of legends. Taking the name of the largest nuclear weapon ever tested, he is convinced he is the vehicle of fate, sent to end the world; the only thing stopping him is schizophrenia and laziness, preferring to indulge delusions than truly annihilate. Saturnine Night 96
Tura Evenkia Ulgan (Construct) Cuprum An unusual case of a Promethean crafted not from flesh, but from wood; Tura is a Construct; she seeks atonement for the murder of her creator upon her first awakening. Magnum Opus 25
Unknown Soldier, the Frankenstein Ferrum Created from the bodies of fighters of the Iraq war, the Unknown Soldier is a lost and confused soul who is more than willing to hurt others if it will bring him the worldly comfort he believes he deserves. Strange Alchemies 151
Watcher, the Tammuz Centimani A polite and ponderous Golem, the Watcher is one of the Hundred Handed as a natural development of his attempting to understand and mirror the darker side of humanity. Pandora's Book 105
Windscale Zeka Cuprum Lost and alone, Windscale was born in the heart of a nuclear reaction, and has since wandered on her Pilgrimage, hoping to one day achieve humanity and end her suffering. Saturnine Night 93
Name Description Source
AP15 A clone crafted from the application of Azoth to the DNA of insects, this freakish hybrid is the result of a government research project. While its captors think it has only the intelligence of a of an insect, it is biding its time to escape. Saturnine Night 46
Half-Formed Failed and imperfect clones of an average American teenager, the Half-Formed are feral, but not necessarily hostile creatures. Saturnine Night 148
Mata Hari The creation of Dr. Robert Hughes, this potently seductive drone does whatever is commanded to her by her creator. Saturnine Night 42
Retrievers Non-sentient retrieval agents created from the Azoth of a distilled Promethean Created 213
Name Lineage Rank Description Source
Angel of Coggeshall Abbey, the Ishtari •••• (Sublimatus) An ancient and demonic gargoyle, which waits in Dormancy for an unlucky Promethean to return to the Abbey. Pandora's Book 109
Bezoar Hounds Kryptae - Mutated and hungry junkyard dogs. Pandora's Book 155
Bog Stalker Sebek A mutated cross between canine and a frog, this beast lurks in swamps, waiting to pounce and devour on any Promethean unfortunate to pass. Pandora's Book 106
Bors, Glare, Tannad, and Eruth Sebek •• Dangerous and cunning canines, possessing dangerous tentacles. Pandora's Book 156
Chaos Swarm Render •• A swarm of Pandoran insects that devour victims piece by tiny piece. Pandora's Book 107
Clemens Street Horror, the Renders •• A brutal killer that lurks in secrecy in a suburban neighborhood, capturing and consuming all Prometheans who pass its way. Created 230
Fleshbats Ishtari Man shaped creatures cut off at the legs, these predators swim and crawl to their prey. Strange Alchemies 153
Foo Dogs Render ••• Large and deadly canine hunters.
Great Albino Alligator, the Sebek ••••• A twisted cross between a man and its namesake, this nigh unstoppable killer lurks underneath, in the sewers of NYC. Created 231
Harpy of Paris, the Silent ••• A monster that terrorizes the skies of Paris at night, this beast poses as a gargoyle during the day. Created 233
Impalpable, the Silent ••• Skeletal beings that lurk always at the edge of vision, they hate all that is beautiful, and will stop their hunts for some moments to destroy priceless art and other such expressions. Pandora's Book 108
Incinerator Monster, the Torch-Born A small but dangerous imp-like creature that hides in the disused incinerator of an elementary school Created 234
Kaiju of Nagasaki, the Carcinoma •••• (Sublimatus) An intelligent horror, taking the form of a man minus a head, is an infamous being renowned for both its brute power and its delight in torture. Saturnine Night 99
Lady of Chains, the Ishtari •••• (Sublimatus) A sadistic and philosophical operator of a cult of mortals, Pandorans, and Centamani, she seeks to subjugate and control all around her. Created 228
Leaper, the Ishtari •• A monster that haunts underground, the Leaper is well adapted to surprising prey with a powerful pounce, then devouring them. Magnum Opus 143
Malevolent Haze Sebek •••• A gelatinous glob that can instantly assume gaseous form, this monster frequently nabs unlucky Prometheans and drags them into the dark depths of rivers. Pandora's Book 109
Napalmist Torch-Born •• Small animated globs of tar and teeth, these creatures delight in burning all that they can. Pandora's Book 107
Thing from the Vats, the Carcinoma A length of flesh not unlike a caterpillar, these creatures wind their way around their victims, boring into them to extract Pyros and Vitriol. Saturnine Night 95
Yellow Fever Swamp-Flayer, the Ishtari ••• A fetid and stinking hunter who haunts the waters of flooded New Orleans. Pandora's Book 156
Name Order Choir Description Source
Bloody-Handed Angel, the Lesser Elpidos An angelic young woman who seeks to unite several Prometheans into a throng. Pandora's Book 113
Dancer in Tatters Lesser Lilithim Sent to inflict excruciating terminal illnesses on the wicked and debased. Pandora's Book 112
Living Creature, the Greater Elpidos A messenger of some message of massive importance, delivered with mind-shattering force, piece by piece, until the inspiration consumes the target and they cannot help but act upon it. Pandora's Book 114
Marion Lesser Lilithim A qashmillim who has reanimated and inhabited a corpse, it seeks to spread horror to those who knew her in life with exacting precision. Pandora's Book 112
Messenger of the Principle Lesser Elpidos A messenger and muse, this qashmillim takes the form of a young man, and lets nothing stand in the way of the delivery of its message. Created 252
Ruby & Mr. Gold Lesser Elpidos An enigmatic duo of angelic man and woman, who seek to destroy a specific evil, for purposes unknown Pandora's Book 113
Screaming Shadow, the Greater Lilithim A terrifying monster which haunts the reactor of a local nuclear plant; its purpose, if fulfilled, will be to trigger a meltdown. Pandora's Book 111
Vertigo Halcyon Impending Lesser Elpidos A qashmallim tasked with delivering a warning of the imminent destruction of Papillon's refugee camp by firestorm. Pandora's Book 154
Name Type
Constant Gideonson Scion Constant is a Scion; a mortal child who is born of a Promethean parent. He has deep insight into the Promethean condition, as well as immunity to Disquiet; these traits have made him a creature of legend amongst the Created. Magnum Opus 38
Dr. David Dunleavy Clone Maker After being considered a failure by most of those he's met in life, David created the Half-Formed out of a desperate desire to accomplish something with his life. Saturnine Night 149
Dr. Robert Hughes Clone Maker Seeking to create a line of artificial pleasure drones, this crazed scientist was inspired by a qashmillim to dismantle an unconscious young Promethean to gain the spark of life he needed. Saturnine Night 41
Fredrich Hagen Clone Maker An outcast and discredited scientist, Hagen has managed to create a series of clones using an Azothic compound he has stolen from a rival. His supply spent, he now seeks a way to replicate his success. Saturnine Night 40
M.J. Wolthrop Clone Maker Daughter of a highly successful pharmaceutical magnate, Mary Jeanette is desperate to find a way to cure her dying father. She has had some success through the use of cell samples acquired from a Nepri volunteer, and she has held him captive since, willing to sacrifice the Promethean to save her father. Saturnine Night 44
Sarah Lyons-Moore Redeemed Sarah remembers all too clearly her life as a Promethean. After her hideous progeny murdered her mortal husband, she once again performed the generative act upon the corpse, despite being mortal. Saturnine Night 31