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NPCs, Sin-Eaters (1st Edition)

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Name Threshold Archetype Description Source
La Diabla Blanca Torn Reaper A Wretched woman, psychologically unable to come to terms with the acts she has committed since the Bargain, who suffers frequent blackouts when her wrathful geist seizes control. Geist 241
Michael ben Michael Torn Pilgrim A crusading Sacrosanct Sin-Eater, Michael is convinced his geist is a true archangel, and he seeks to purge all heretics. Geist 246
Nicholas Burtchaell Stricken Reaper A once promising and talented university professor, the illness that claimed this man's life changed him after his death. Filled with madness, he violently annihilated his own geist, and now Vacant he seeks to steal another. Geist 244