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Oaths (1st Edition)

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Title Description Reference
The Ancient Pact Makes a Changeling and a mortal lifelong allies, ensorcells a mortal and obligates the Changeling to protect his dreams from Fey incursion. The mortal then recieves a 3 or 4 point merit (Or +2 to an existing one), and the Changeling gets the same, as well as one easy point of Glamour a day. Lost 187
Brotherhood in Arms A group swears to never yield in combat for extra dots in weaponry and fighting finesse. RoS 43
Commendation The Changeling swears himself to the service of a leader and pays a yearly tithe of Glamour equal to the leaders' Wyrd, as well as the benefit of the Freehold Blessing, whatever it may be. The standard oath for joining a Freehold. CtL 189
The Dove’s Promise The oath for joining the Doves, a mercenary group of Fey hunting assassins and ambushers. AN28
Forgiveness of the Imp The Changeling sincerely apologizes in return for a small favor and a promise of peace. WM118
Fostering Oath An older, more experience Changeling takes a newbie under his wing, sheltering him and teaching him how to adjust to his existence as fey. RoS 43
The Fylgiar’s Caul The Changeling swears to protect the Mortal from all harm regarding Wyrd for the rest of either of their lives (Not necessarily mundane harm) WM 118
Good Neighbors Pact Both parties agree to stop squabbling for one year and a day. Lost 188
The Heart’s Oath Changeling wedding. Lost 190
The Knight’s Oath Like Commendation, but for hardcores. Lasts longer, and with more willingness to die (But not necessarily be a soldier). The Liege pays the Knight some Glamour every month, the Knight gets a combat skill, while the Liege gets a sweet one dot merit (Or +1 to an existing merit). Lost 189
The Motley Pledge Finalizes the existence of a Motley in the eyes of the Wyrd for a year and a day. The Changelings must help each other as though they were family. Everyone get a free skill point, plus 2 dots in a merit (or +2 to an existing merit). The merit and skill must be the same for all pledgers. Lost 188
Oath of the Rose and Thorn Ensorcells a mortal for a month, opening his eyes to the fae, but forcing him to keep quiet about it. Grants the Changeling the right to ask for a single favor from the mortal. Lost 186
Penitent’s Pledge Religious vow of faith. Must attempt to convert all non-believers and keep oneself pure (As defined in the pledge itself) or be struck mute. Bonus to persuasion and free Holistic Awareness merit. RoS 44
Pledge of Horn and Bone The basic dream insurance package. The Changeling goes in every night, keeps things running smoothly and Fae free, and comes out with a point of Glamour. In return, the Changeling must keep the dream a secret. Lost 187
The Reaper’s Pledge The Changeling does chores for a week in exchange for some Glamour and a daily token of thanks. Lost 185
Secrets of the Dead River, The One Changeling shares a secret with another, and can call the listener an ally. The listener gets bonuses to keeping the secret, but will go permanently mute if he reveals it. WM 118
Turncoat’s Assurance Secret pledge taught only to the Hound Tribunal entitlement, the MIBs of the freehold. It manifests as an actual piece of paper that must be written in fruit or vegetable juice and signed in insect juice. Allows the Hound to offer a traitor a self-imposed banishment rather then being punished. LoS 65
Freehold's Defender Oath sworn on the Knight's title to defend the freehold, granting a number of combat bonuses to the defenders present. SD 148
Pledge Curses Description Reference
Oath of Ceaseless Striving "I will not rest until this is done!" Whenever the victim stops working at his task, even if it's so much as setting down his pencil or going to sleep, he will be cursed with a year of bad luck. DitD 76
The Impossible Quest "I'll find her within a week or die trying!" If the victim fails to achieve his task by the end of the time period, he will die. DitD 77
The Undesired Prohibition "I would never lie to you!" Upon lying, will be struck with a speech impediment for a decade. DitD 77
The Careless Threat "I'm going to kill her!" If he doesn't, he's screwed. DitD 77
Morphean Bargains Unique boons and pledges granted by Morpheans
The Boon of the White Twins Granted by the Pale Brother after succeeding in a quest. Pick a person. You can bring him back to life when he dies, but afterwards your destinies will be intertwined, and both of you will die at the same moment. DitD 45
The Dark Huntress Pact Accept a quest from The Rogue Sister. For destroying one of the Moirae, you can remove one of your Pledges. DitD 46
The Vow of All Consuming Fire The Ruinous Prince doesn't require a quest. This pledge will make you powerful and successful, before it all comes crashing down on you. DitD 47