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Optional Systems

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World of Darkness
Aggravated Called Shots Any called shot to the head with a weapon or firearm does aggravated damage Reload p150
Area Effect Shotguns When shooting a shotgun at close range, make a secondary attack at close target Reload p150
Automatic Damage Weapons do a base damage equal to their modifier if hit is successful Reload p151
Bleeding Out Wounds that do two or more points of damage continue to bleed Reload p151
Bone Breakage Exceptional success with a blunt weapon breaks a bone for remainder of Story Reload p151
Catch the Blade Retain Defense when fighting unarmed against armed opponents if 3+ Brawl dots Reload p152
Combination Momentum During extended physical exchanges, winning combatant gains cumulative bonuses Reload p152
Dangerous Explosives Explosives do damage * 1.5 + successes to those within Blast Area Reload p152
Dodge Bullets Targets of Firearms may apply Brawl to Defense Reload p152
Faster Healing Heal at double normal rate (8 minutes/1 day/4 days) Reload p152
Freezing Under Fire Targets of Firearms must roll Resolve+Composure or spend Willpower to act Reload p152
The Greatest Swordsman is the One Who Survives Combat between equally armed opponents uses Weaponry or Brawl for Defense Reload p153
Guns With Kick Firearms with damage 3 gain Knockback, those with 4+ gain improved knockback Reload p153
Haymakers for All Any Brawl damage equal to or above target's Size causes them to lose an action Reload p153
Hidden Health Storyteller tracks Health for all characters Reload p153
Hollywood Ammo Guns only run out of ammo on a Dramatic Failure Reload p153
Hollywood Healing Quick Medicine rolls can remove wound penalties for a scene Reload p153
Ignore the Rabble So long as you continue to use melee attacks, Defense isn't reduced for multiple attackers Reload p155
Increased Wound Penalties Wound penalties change to -1 / can't spend Willpower / -2 / lose 10-again / -3 Reload p155
Injuries Last Damage that exceeds Stamina, Composure or Resolve and isn't treated does Attribute damage Reload p155
Integrity by Attrition Use counters to signify the weight of conflict on Integrity HL p20
Knife to a Fistfight When unarmed and attacked by a melee weapon, only apply 1/2 Defense Reload p155
Kung Fu Fury Those fighting unarmed gain 1/2 dots in Brawl-based Fighting Style as bonus to attack Reload p155
Lethal Stun Any Lethal damage stuns unless target makes Stamina+Resolve roll Reload p155
Meat Shields Use four health tracks rather than three Reload p155
Morale = Health Health is determined as (greater of Stamina or Resolve) + Size Reload p156
No Fighting Styles Characters can use any Fighting Style with correct Skill at equal dots Reload p156
Property Damage Reduce Durability of all objects Reload p156
Ricochet When a bullet misses, roll a die. On a 1, bullet hits another character Reload p156
Shooting Through Cover Durability of Cover is subtracted from attacker's pools Reload p157
Slower Healing Heal at a slower rate (1 hour/1 week/1 month) Reload p157
Stun When dealt damage >= Stamina in one turn, roll Resolve+Stamina or lose an action Reload p157
Supernatural Terror Observing obvious supernatural activity forces a Resolve+Composure roll in norms or they flee Reload p158
My Sword is My Armor Melee weapons give Armor equal to 1/2 (round down, min 1) damage modifier Reload p158
Sword-Wielding Badass While armed with a melee weapon, apply lowest of (Dexterity, Wits, Weaponry or Defense) against firearms Reload p158
Toughness Matters Stamina is also subtracted from bare-hand attackers pools Reload p159
Unable to Attack Attacking non-violent targets requires Resolve+Composure roll to carry out Reload p159
Valiant Surge May make a roll to heal yourself once per chapter Reload p160
Watch My Back Multiple allies in area reduce multiple attacker penalty to Defense Reload p160
Watch That First Step Decrease damage taken from falling to 1 bashing / 6 yards (1/2 if water) Reload p160
Weapons Kill All weapons do Lethal damage, even if blunt Reload p160
Wire Fu Double jumping distance and characters can jump down far distances Reload p160
Vampire: the Requiem
Coils of the Dragon Coils are cheaper to purchase, but learning them comes with a risk of failure. Coteries 56, OD 50
Dead Flesh Vampires only suffer wound penalties from fire and sunlight Reload p163
Death by Stake Staking a vampire instantly kills it Reload p163
Easy Staking Any exceptional success with a wooden stabbing weapon stakes a vampire Reload p163
Freeform Status Status merit cannot be bought with XP, but is instead won and lost through play. Coteries 87
Gluttony Can consume Vitae equal to Stamina each turn Reload p163
Hard Staking Staking is an Extended Action Reload p163
Heresies and the Curia Cruentus There exists a spanning authority over regional groups in the LS, which maintains moral 'purity'. LS 68
Horrific Bite In combat, bite is horrific rather than than pleasurable Reload p163
Impaled Humanity and XP Exchange one dot of humanity for XP, rather than rolling for the results of the Rite of the Impaled OD 135
No Blood to Spill Edged weapons and arrows inflict bashing damage Reload p164
Power of Belief, The Lancea Sanctum members get bonuses or penalties to derangement rolls after Humanity loss. LS 58
Revivifying Feeding Feeding automatically heals damage Reload p164
Status Through Protracted Activity Status merit can only be purchased through special bonus XP earned for status-related activities. Coteries 88
Werewolf: the Forsaken
Feral Defenses In war form, use higher of Wits or Dexterity for Defense Reload p164
Grievous Silver Attacks with silver weapons do grievous damage (see "Meat Shields" option) Reload p164
Mindless Rage In Death Rage, all attacks are all-out Reload p164
Quick Regeneration Regeneration is equal to Primal Urge in points each turn Reload p164
Savage Might In near-wolf and near-human forms gain 9-Again to non-attack Strength rolls (8-again in war form) Reload p164
Swift Killer Claws and bite do aggravated damage to norms Reload p164
Unstoppable Fury Attacks doing bashing to werewolves in Death Rage only do one point of damage Reload p165
War Form Gamble Extend the length of time that a werewolf can be in War Form Reload p165
Mage: the Awakening
All-Out Magic Aimed spells in combat can be made as all-out attacks Reload p165
Difficult Gestures Require ranks in a Physical Skill to use a Rote TotM p93
Duel Arcane Alternate rules for the Duel TotM p122
Enlightened Shield Mage Armor spells give armor equal to Arcana or Gnosis, whichever is higher Reload p165
Eyes of Fire Attacks against targets that match the mage's active Sight gain bonus equal to Arcana Reload p165
Gesture Lore Alter mudras of an existing Rote TotM p94
Glyph Lore Work with alternate versions of High Speech runes TotM p97
Law of Embodiment Adapt Rotes to use simultaneously with a physical action TotM p77
Madness in Battle In combat, Disbelief and Unraveling do not apply Reload p165
Magical Buildup Cumulative Paradox dice apply to all combatants Reload p165
Paradoxical Castings Increase Paradox from non-Ruling Arcana TotM p171
Ritual Synergy Group spellcasting at Gnosis 3/5 TotM p74
Slower Magic Improvised spells in combat take two actions Reload p165
Spacial Command Allow use of Advanced Area factors at Space 3 TotM p72
Temporal Command Allow use of Advanced Prolongation factors at Time 3 TotM p74
To The Limit Allow exceeding Arcana limits TotM p168
Promethean: the Created
Call the Lightning When outside in a thunderstorm, may pay one Pyros to call lightning strike to self Reload p166
Fiery End Upon final death, the body and nearby area is consumed by purging flames Reload p166
Grip of Death Add Azoth to Strength for grappling rolls Reload p167
Hard to Hurt Subtract Stamina from incoming non-fire attacks Reload p167
Savage Rage Entering Torment increases Strength and Stamina by 2, then additional +1 for each additional stimulus Reload p167
Touch of the Corrosive Humour Spend a point of Vitriol to make next bare-hand attack lethal (or have 9-again, if already) Reload p167
Hunter: the Vigil
Alone When alone in combat against supernaturals, take -1 penalty to all actions Reload p168
Fire Kills Everything All supernatural creatures take aggravated damage from fire Reload p168
Group Courage If using "Supernatural Terror", the hunter cell makes the roll as a teamwork action Reload p168
Shared Wisdom Bonuses to attack due to environmental conditions or merits can be reassigned reflexively, but don't stack Reload p168
Squad Reflexes Reflexively make Wits+Composure rolls to notice when negative effects happen to team members Reload p168
Strong of Heart Add +1 to Willpower per teammate to resist supernatural effects such as Lunacy Reload p169
Changeling: the Lost
All in Your Head Attacks made lethal when unarmed only work against those that see through the Mask Reload p167
Distractions Pay one Glamour to add Wyrd to Defense against un-ensorceled mortals for a turn Reload p167
Revelation in Pain When suffering a lethal wound in combat, roll Wits+Composure or drop Mask for a split second Reload p167
Sup on Agony When making an attack that exceeds target's Stamina in damage or causes wound penalties, harvest Glamour Reload p167
The Unassuming Mask Reinforcing Mask allows Wits+Stealth roll to prevent attacks until one is made Reload p168