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Order Nickname Creed Symbolism Rote Skills Book
Adamantine Arrow Arrows Challenge is magical Attack and defense Athletics, Intimidation, Medicine MTA 2e 36
Guardians of the Veil Guardians Magic is fragile Concealing identity Investigation, Stealth, Subterfuge MTA 2e 39
Mysterium Mystagogues Magic is alive Knowledge Investigation, Occult, Survival MTA 2e 43
Silver Ladder Théarchs Magic is humanity's birthright Authority Expression, Persuasion, Subterfuge MTA 2e 46
Council of Free Assemblies Libertines Humanity is magical Culture Crafts, Persuasion, Science MTA 2e 49
Seers of the Throne Seers Magic is payment Words of the Tyrants Investigation, Occult, Persuasion MTA 2e 52


Darshana Greek Ethos Symbolism Rote Skills Book
Jnanashakti Gnostikon The Wise shall study eternal truth and teach only those ready to learn Writing Crafts, Occult, Science DE 86
Mahanizrayani Omphalos The Wise shall circumscribe and protect Sleepers so that they may progress spiritually Ceremony Academics, Expression, Persuasion DE 87
Samashti Phulakeion The Wise shall maintain the Fallen World until the perfect being arrives to cleanse and free all peoples Secrecy Investigation, Stealth, Subterfuge DE 88
Vajrastra Adamantine Arrow The Wise shall strive heroically for their principles, such that they do not waste their gift Weaponry Athletics, Weaponry, Intimidation DE 88
Ajivaki Schools of no school A sect that reject the other four schools. Magic flows out of what ordinary people believe Expression + two others based on local tradition DE 89
Cult Epithet Mythos Oblations Book
Arcadian Mysteries Pelasgians Magic draws titanic forms into the world, against the will of Olympian demiurges Titanic supplication, visiting shrines DE 90
Karpani Magi Magic is a moral force that embodies and proceeds from specific sins and virtues Prayers of purification, religious recitations DE 92
Mantra Sadhaki Mantrikis Magic emerges from an enlightened consciousness wherein the sorcerer unites with other world-states Fasting, chanting, drawing mandalas DE 93
Weret-Hekau Hemka Magic aligns the human spirit with eternal divinities, whose wisdom crafts the manifest power of the world Praying before divine images, sacred writing DE 94