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Rites (1st Edition)

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• Rites Cost Description Source
Avowed Soldier, Rite of the Target becomes official supporter of war and gains benefits of war totem's blessing. War Against the Pure 51
Banish Human - Cast a targeted human out of the spirit world and back into the material (includes Mages) Forsaken 149
Blood Ogham ○● Creates ogham rune that warns (only) Uratha and wolf-bloods that territory is claimed. Shadows of the UK 99
Blood’s Revelation, Rite of - The ritualist steals some memories from a subject. Lodges the Faithful 108
Chimnage Rite Target gains one point of Essence per dot of the ritemaster’s Wisdom. Ritemaster gains a +2 bonus on Gifts, rites, and Social rolls against target. Signs of Moon 70
Condemnation, Rite of Target loses benefit of war totem's blessing, and -1 penalty to social rolls among rites audience for 1 month. War Against the Pure 51
Contrition, Rite of - The Pure's variant of the Forsaken's two dot version of this ritual, the primary distinction is the subject must remain out of the sight of the moon for an extended period while gathering the necessary successes. The Pure 122
Dedication, Rite of - Imbues an item with the ability to shapeshift along with a designated owner, such that it is not destroyed or dropped during the change. Also allows the item to be brought into the Shadow Realm. A character may bind up to his Primal Urges score number of items. Forsaken 150
Demonstration of Obedience - Vows faith to Father Wolf's decrees and binds one subject to a specific law, granting a bonus to Harmony rolls for other rituals so long as the law is observed. The Pure 122
Duel, Rite of the - Creates a dueling zone, in which any lethal damage inflicted from weapons is downgraded to bashing. Lodges the Faithful 31
Fair Warning, Rite of Lupines entering area protected with this rite instinctively feel as if they are interlopers, and get +2 bonus when attempting to find territory markers. Tribes of the Moon 106
Final Howl, Rite of the Ritualist howls and is able to transmit his location, a message and emotional undercurrent to all that hear. Used only in dire circumstances. Shadows of the UK 99
First Blood, Rite of Performed when Blood Talon has received first battle wound, grants 3 XP which must be spent towards Glory renown. Tribes of the Moon 39
Funeral Rite - Speeds the spirit of a deceased werewolf onward into the afterlife. Forsaken 149
Ghost Howl, Rite of the - Infuses an area with a haunting growl, which persists until the day of the ritemaster's death. Serves as a warning to spirits and other Uratha alike. Lodges the Faithful 75
Hallowed Ground, Rite of Ritemaster sings of his glory to the spirits of his territory. If he is judged well the Ritemaster gains 2 essence or entire pack gains 1 essence each. Tribes of the Moon 143
Honor the Benevolent Spirit Brands a rune upon a spirit which means "Honored". Werewolves must protect the spirit if it calls for aid. Lodges the Splintered 47
Howl of Ownership Alerts spirits in the area that the pack has claimed it's territory and challenges spirits to face them if they dispute the claim. Territories 50
Luna’s Acre, Rite of Consecrates a graveyard for 1 year. Those that come and pray can gain back 1 willpower point once per week. The Rage 178
Packstone Ritemaster and pack create packstone. Activating packstone allows owner to detect what direction, how far and the physical health of each packmate regardless of distance. Lodges the Faithful 98
Penance, Rite of - A painful and torturous rite that seeks the forgiveness of the founder of the Fire-Touched tribe, this ritual can free the subject of derangement acquired due to Harmony loss. The Pure 122
Renunciation, Rite of - This rite is the polite procedure for departing from a tribe respectfully; still costs one Renown dot. Forsaken 150
Ritual Mind ○● Ritemaster gains 1 die to Harmony roll for other rite, but can only be used to offset penalties, not to gain extra dice. Lore of the Forsaken 121
Scent of the Einherjar Allows ritemaster to track fallen Uratha worthy of the Funeral Rite up to 1 mile per point of Primal Urge. Blasphemies 102
Shared Scent - Allows a pack to together follow a scent and track a target, provided one of their number has smelled it recently. Forsaken 151
Silver Road, Rite of the Target is judged by Luna for Crusade. If accepted the supplicant may learn Silver Road gifts and rites and immediately gain their new Auspice abilities. War Against the Pure 143
Sorrow Marks – Mirrayindri Wounds the target with aggravated damage, and while wounds still open ghosts receive -3 penalty to oppose target. Once healed over and only scars remain, ghosts receive -1 penalty. Lodges the Splintered 61
Spirit Brand, Rite of the - Prompts the Lunes to assess a werewolf and increase his Renown. Forsaken 151
Spirit’s Promise, Rite of the Determines spirits ban. Tribes of the Moon 71
Taste of the Ancestors - A rite which tests the blood of a subject, which can determine if either of their parents were werewolves, and if so whether they were aligned with the Tribes of the Moon or the Pure. The Pure 123
Tremulous Howl, The Ritemaster howls and alerts all werewolves within 20 miles per dot of Primal Urge that he is in dire trouble. All who hear know who is in trouble and where, but not what the cause is. Blood of the Wolf 98
•• Rites
Anticipated Forgiveness, Rite of Target gains 1 die to degeneration rolls made for killing Werewolves for the next hour, but must be genuinely repentant. War Against the Pure 52
Banish Spirit - Attempts to banish a spirit from the material world back into the Shadow Realm. Forsaken 152
Bar to Birth Target cannot become pregnant due to intercourse with human for one lunar month. Blood of the Wolf 28
Beseech the Mother Cahalith ritemaster entreats Luna for prophetic dreams. Shadows of the UK 100
Blademaster, Rite of the Binds spirits into glyphs painted on targets bodies that can grant a dot in Brawl, Weaponry or Firearms; or a dot in any Fight Style merit; or one point of armor; or three specialties in Brawl, Weaponry or Firearms. Skill and Fight Style dots are granted only if the target has a 0 rating in the skill. Tribes of the Moon 39
Blessing of the Spirit Hunt Imbues a werewolf's teeth and claws with the ability to harm a spirit in Twilight as if it were manifest (not needed in Shadow Realm) Forsaken 152
Cairn Stones, Rite of the Beseeches a memory spirit to remember the deeds of the departed Uratha forever. Shadows of the UK 100
Call Gaffling - Attempts to summon a low ranked spirit. Forsaken 153
Call Human - Plants an irresistible compulsion in the nearest human within five miles to approach the ritualist's location. The character may not choose a specific target, but wolf-blooded are more susceptible, Forsaken 153
Call the Cloudless Sky Changes weather into cloudless sky for 10 minutes per dot of ritemasters Primal Urge. The Rage 130
Carrion Messenger - Can deliver a clear message to another member of the Lodge of Crows anywhere in the world, regardless of location. Lodges the Faithful 43
Churned Earth, Rite of - Buried objects within an affected area come to the surface. Lodges the Faithful 61
Cleansed Blood - Any creature currently tracking the subject of the ritual by the scent of their blood loses the trail. Forsaken 154
Communion of the Flesh - Grants a bonus to Stamina and Resolve rolls to all those who have recently consumed human flesh. Lodges the Faithful 125
Contrition, Rite of - This rite represents a formal apology to an offended being, with no mechanical effect. Forsaken 155
Create Talen Creates a Talen Tribes of the Moon 72
Dizzying Wind, Rite of the Ritemaster deducts dots from skill he possesses and adds to a skill he does possess. The amount of dots is limited by the ritemasters Primal Urge and the duration is 12 hours. The Rage 195
Dormancy, Rite of - Temporarily squelches a Locus for up to a lunar month. It gives a -4 penalty to finding the locus and it cannot be tapped for Essence. However, any werewolf may spend 1 Essence point to revive it. Forsaken 156
Eyes of the City Learn broad information about city, or more specific information about smaller areas. Lodges the Splintered 74
Fires of Jarrah – Parnrdriyindri Allows ritemaster to purchase back lost Harmony point. Lodges the Splintered 61
Fortify the Border Marches - Modify the strength of the Gauntlet by 1 in a small area for up to one hour. Forsaken 154
Fresh Scent Target's scent, hair, fur color, and facial structure undergo a change. The rite imposes a -5 dice penalty to track the target and lasts for one week. Lore of the Forsaken 121
Hallow Touchstone - Imbue an appropriate item with some of the Essence from a Loci (up to 3 points); this can be tapped by any werewolf later, either slowly and efficiently, or reflexively and for only a single point. The touchstone bleeds 1 point of Essence per day. Forsaken 155
Hunter’s Howl, Rite of the All wolves who set out on hunt receive essence but the hunt must be a virtuous one. Tribes of the Moon 106
Invoke Kletba ○●○� Issues a curse from Gift, rite or fetish upon a target. Lodges the Splintered 79
Lesser Oath, Rite of the Participants of an oath must abide by the agreement or risk Harmony (level 7) loss and the appearance of a glyph denoting shame being added to their spirit brands. Blasphemies 99
Mark of Change Imbue body modifications with spirits for one month. This bestows upon the wearer 9 again on Auspice abilities as well as the ability to spend X essence to increase an auspice by X dots for one roll. Tribes of the Moon 143
Oath of the Rose ○● Bestows upon a vow the full protection of the Rose Shield. Lodges the Splintered 110
Purgation, Rite of - A rite typically performed by packs of Fire-Touched on a monthly basis, this rite allows all members with at least Harmony 7 to buy back Harmony dots lost due to tribal ban violation at half cost. The Pure 123
Rouse the Fetish Ritemaster can communicate with a spirit inside a fetish. It will reveal it's nature, rank and the purpose of the fetish. Lore of the Forsaken 142
Ruined Tongue, Rite of the Renders target unable to speak of a specific topic. Tribes of the Moon 178
Scarlet Messenger Creates short lived spirit to carry a message for up to 1 mile per success. Shadows of the UK 101
Sekhmet’s Jar FETISH, NOT RITE Lodges the Splintered 105
Shroud, Rite of the Hides a Bale Hounds allegiance to Maeljin Incarna from Luna and the Foresaken. Blasphemies 140
Silent Hunt Leave no mark and go unnoticed so long as stalking and observing. GotU p18
Sin-Eater, Rite of the ●●+2(L) Bale Hound gives Chiminage to Soulless Wolf. For next lunar month ritemaster gains +2 dice to Harmony rolls for rites and stepping sideways. May spend extra essence to increase Dicepool. Blasphemies 142
Speak with the Guardian - The ritemaster is possessed by the incredibly powerful totem spirit of the Lodge of Cerberus, who will then answer three questions to the best of his ability. Faithful Errata
Surrogate, Rite of the - Prepares the subject to deal with a transgression they plan to commit in the next 24 hours; grants a bonus to resist degeneration once the sin is performed. The Pure 124
Strip the Soul Bare - A powerful rite, designed to torment captive Forsaken, which strips them of Willpower and the ability to enter death rage. Using it is a significant Harmony violation. The Pure 124
Winter’s Anguish, Rite of Target is immune to natural cold for 1 hour per dot of ritemaster's Primal Urge. Blood of the Wolf 98
••• Rites
Ajogun, Rite of (●x3)+ Within area of effect people get lost and sense of direction fails them. Area affected equals 1 square mile per 3 essence spent and lasts 1 hour for every point of Primal Urge of the ritemaster. Lodges the Splintered 21
Apples and Oranges Ritemaster can determine similarities between objects, and can even ask specific questions about the target object. Lodges the Splintered 137
Bestowing the Shadowblind Cloak Cast upon a mortal, the target is ignored by spirits for one lunar month. High rank spirits get to roll to resist. Book of Spirits 121
Bind Human - (●+) Wards an area, such that a particular human cannot leave, or that no humans can enter. In order to pass, humans must roll to resist the effects or else satisfy some condition determined by the ritualist. Also effective against Mages. Forsaken 156
Bind Spirit - As Bind Human, but for Spirits. I doesn't work on ghosts. Forsaken 157
Blood Communion of Spring Seasonal rite bestows upon participants 4 discretionary dice that may be used for social interactions that may be used during the next lunar month. Participants also receive -1 to composure checks and +1 to stamina checks for the duration. The Rage 131
Bone Club, Rite of the Ritemaster imbues a bone taken from the victim of his intended target and casts rite upon it. For 3 days, or until the target is killed the ritemaster can use the bone as a club that deals aggravated damage to the target only, and the ritemaster gains 3 health. Lore of the Forsaken 122
Boundary Stone, Rite of the Creates a stone in the Hisil that denotes territory marking to any being that possesses Essence trait that sees it. One stone must be created for each Cardinal point. Lore of the Forsaken 133
Call Jaggling - As Call Gaffling, but calls a higher ranked spirit. Werewolves without a Renown trait of 3+ will be treated with open contempt. Forsaken 158
Call the Empty Road All humans of willpower 4 or less, except for target, feel antipathy towards certain area and will avoid it The Rage 130
Centering the Cairn Sanctifies a Cairn and imbues the area with several properties. Attacking another werewolf has a -4 penalty (but not defending) but can spend a willpower point to ignore the penalty; when approaching Cairn werewolves get 1 die bonus to Empathy, Expression, Persuasion, Socialize or Subterfuge; Werewolves gain +2 dice to resist Kuruth. Effects last for a lunar month but can be extended by the ritemaster for another month simply by spending the essence to power the rite. The Rage 178
Comprehension, Rite of - Allows the ability to comprehend a foreign language, written or spoken. Lodges the Faithful 89
Courage of the Fallen Ritualist gains 1 willpower point for each health level of preys flesh consumed. Tribes of the Moon 40
Eshu’s Blessing Curses a target as a focal point of chaos. Anyone within 10 yards of targets loses 10 again and 1's subtract from rolls for 1 hour per point the ritemaster has in Primal Urge. Lodges the Splintered 22
Expiate the Sin - By sacrificing a captured Forsaken warrior, the ritualist and his pack may in some small part atone for the murder of Father Wolf, potentially relieving them of one of their degeneration-caused derangement. However, this rite is a significant Harmony violation for the ritualist. The Pure 125
Eyes of Sagrim-Ur The subject's perceptions are altered, highlighting opportunities that he would not otherwise see. The character adds a +2 circumstance bonus on all rolls made to improvise equipment or otherwise try something he would not normally attempt. Tribes of the Moon 144
Final Sunrise, Rite of the - Performed on a living being on the verge of death, or on a machine that is broken beyond repair, this rite brings the subject to an end but grants those involved a significant boon of Essence. Lodges the Faithful 82
Found, Rite of the - Imbues the ritualist with knowledge of the location of nearby werewolves who have not yet experienced the first Change. The Pure 125
Forbidden Flesh, Rite of - After consuming the flesh of a human, werewolf, or wolf-blood, the ritualist may use this rite to gain increased strength and stamina for a time. Lodges the Faithful 108
Grave’s Bounty, Rite of the Tribes of the Moon 73
Healing, Rite of ●●+ Heals up to 5 aggravated damage points at a rate of two Essence per point; the Essence may come from the ritualist or those healed. The healed points may be divided in any number of targets, including the ritemaster. Works only on Werewolfs. Forsaken 159
Information Gestalt Hunting Ground: the Rockies 65
Initiation, Rite of - Initiates a Werewolf into a new tribe. Forsaken 159
Maenads, Rite of the Blasphemies 79
Mark of the Black Wolf Tribes of the Moon 107
Moon’s Love, Rite of the - Grants a wolf-blooded subject enhanced ability to resist Lunacy for 1 month (+2 to Willpower for Lunacy's effects purposes) Forsaken 160
Moon’s Veil, Rite of the ●+ Grants a Pure subject the Lune's favor, and an increased ability to hide from werewolves and spirits for a number of days depending on the essence spent by the Ritemaster. Lodges the Faithful 86
New Coat, Rite of the Transforms the appearance of Pure renown into Forsaken renown within the Hisil. Lodges the Splintered 131
Offal, Rite of - All man-made refuse within an affected area turns into a foul slime, which acts as a powerful fertilizer. Lodges the Faithful errata
Open Moon Gate War Against the Pure 143
Purity, Rite of - This rite, performed on a werewolf who has not yet experienced the First Change, ensures that when they do they will not awaken with an auspice. The Pure 126
Sacred Hunt - Begins a ritual hunt of a designated spirit, which must consent. After the ritual, the pack has twenty four hours to catch the released spirit and tear it to shreds, devouring its Essence; as part of the ritual, the spirit will survive if the Werewolves let him at least 1 Essence point. Forsaken 160
Sacred Vigil Tribes of the Moon 142
Salon, The ○● Lodges the Splintered 87
Shackle Spirit Binds troublesome spirit into state of near slumber. Spirit not capable of movement, reasoning or employing any powers. The spirit can be plied for simple information (not gifts). Lodges the Splintered 124
Shrieking Glyphs Bale Hound creates glyph that marks Iduth-Su to help other Bale Hounds find Flayed Ones. Glyph repels werewolves with high harmony. Blasphemies 142
Sleeping Seer, Rite of the Tribes of the Moon 179
Subduing Hungers Rite ●+ No need to eat or drink for number of days equal to essence spent during ritual. Blood of the Wolf 99
To The Cannon’s Mouth Tribes of the Moon 180
Wake the Spirit - Awaken a dormant spirit, which possesses no loyalty or concern for the ritualist. Forsaken 161
Waken the Fell Wolf ○● Blasphemies 103
Waters of Songkran ●● Creates purified water that will cause aggravated damage to Hosts, Ridden and Forsaken with a Harmony of 3 or less. Any werewolf hit by water reverts to Hishu and cannot Death Rage, regardless of circumstances. Water loses potency after number of hours equal to ritemaster's Primal Urge. Lodges the Splintered 119
•••• Rites
Alpha’s Blessing, Rite of - A pack swears fealty to the ritemaster, and in turn they gain bonuses to Wits and Resolve until sunrise. Should any member break their vows to the ritemaster, they lose the bonus. Lodges the Faithful 112
Angry Streets, Rite of Warns a section of a city of hostile intruders; until the next sunrise, the city becomes actively hostile to these targets. Lodges the Faithful 95
Battle Brand, Rite of the Tribes of the Moon 41
Binding of Looks All locks within one city block become locked. The Rage 131
Blinding the Eye - Using a personal possession of a subject, the ritualist strikes the victim blind for a short time. The blindness lasts only minutes in Uratha, but several hours in humans. Lodges the Faithful 112
Bloody-Handed Hunter ●● Stains hands blood red to the wrist for one night but can be ended prematurely if the werewtdtdolf desires. All claw attacks inflict +1 aggravated damage. Shadows of the UK 101
Bone-Fires of Summer Seasonal rite bestows upon participants 6 discretionary dice that may be used for combat s that may be used during the next lunar month. The Rage 132
Chosen Ground, Rite of - Colors the resonance of a locus at the heart of a pack's territory according to their desires, giving a +1 to all appropriate rolls inside the territory for 1 year. Forsaken 163
Claws of Ashes Claw attacks inflict +2 Aggravated damage until sunrise. Lodges the Splintered 115
Corrosion, Rite of - Corrodes an object, granting 9-again property to all attempts to break it for the remainder of the scene. Lodges the Faithful 71
Darkest Night of Winter Seasonal rite bestows upon participants 6 discretionary dice that may be used towards enduring mental of physical hardship during the next lunar month. The Rage 133
Dead Light, Rite of Transforms a Lune into an Iduth-Su. Blasphemies 143
Desert Rain ○● Territories 50
Essence Fence, Rite of the ●● Creates fence in the Hisil for up to 1 lunar month. Within the fence Essence may not be taken or traded. Loci cannot be tapped although personal reserves of essence may be spent. The fence may be visible or invisible. Lodges the Splintered 93
Eyes of the City Shadows of the UK 82
Fetish Rite ●+ Creates a new Fetish; costs one Essence per dot of the Fetish, as well as requiring a spirit to be so bound. Forsaken 162
Forge Lunar Road War Against the Pure 144
Forging Arms Used for initiation into the Lodge of Arms, this rite binds a subject and a weapon as permanent companions. Lodges the Faithful 31
Greater Oath, Rite of the Blasphemies 99
Hikaon’s Trail, Rite of Tribes of the Moon 108
Joint-Cutting Knife NOT A RITE, THIS IS A FETISH Lodges the Splintered 105
Obon Temae Ritemaster shares meal with Yokai and can force it to answer specific questions that are based on the meal served. Lodges the Splintered 67
Offering of Blood and Silver - Ritually strips a werewolf of their loyalty to Luna, exchanging Renown for significant aggravated damage. The Pure 126
Permanence, Rite of Tribes of the Moon 145
Power in Words ○● Lodges the Splintered 99
Questioning Rite Ritemaster poses a specific question to the spirits of his territory and receives an answer. Ritemasters renown, and whether the territory has been neglected factor into how honest the answer is. Lore of the Forsaken 123
Recollection, Rite of ○● War Against the Pure 81
Scorched Earth, Rite of ●x10 This rite, performed in the Shadow, causes an area to burst into spiritual flames. This is spiritually devastating and mars the area significantly. The Pure 128
Shadow Play ●+ Can replay years of a locations history in minutes. Five years per success at a cost of 1 essence per success. Blood of the Wolf 67
Shadowed Hunt - Using a living sacrifice, the caster opens a door to the Underworld at an Avernian gate or a locus with a death resonance. Book of the Dead 57
Slaying the Truth, Rite of Tribes of the Moon 74
Spirit Lamps of Autumn Seasonal rite bestows upon participants 6 discretionary dice that may be used for spirit interactions during the next lunar month. The Rage 134
Wealth of Heroes’ Health War Against the Pure 52
••••• Rites
Besieging the Shadow ○● Territories 51
Border Citadel, Rite of the ○● Territories 51
Community Spirit ○● Tribes of the Moon 145
Drawing Down the Shadow ●x30+ Creates a new Locus; costs 10 Essence base plus 20 Essence per dot of the Locus. Each additional participant generates one extra Essence per hour for this purpose. Forsaken 163
Final Moonrise, Rite of the - The subject of this ritual, who must have Purity ●●●, is transformed into a being of living silver. They take aggravated damage over time, but they may spend their final hours always in the war form, and are able to inflict devastating attacks on other werewolves. The Pure 128
Last Stand, Rite of the Tribes of the Moon 42
Name the Quarry Tribes of the Moon 109
Oath and Fetter, The ●●●●● Creates a protecterate and those who swear oath to the protectorate gain certain buffs. While inside the protectorate's border werewolves who belong get +2 to all physical actions but outside the borders they are penalized -1 to all physical rolls. Werewolves who do not belong are penalized -2 to all physical rolls. Mortals within the borders are penalized -2 to their willpower ratings for determining Lunacy. The Gauntlet is considered 1 lower for sidestepping within the borders as well. The Rage 180
Rending the Gauntlet - Opens a hole in the Gauntlet in any location, which lasts for a single turn. Forsaken 165
Return to the Borderland ●●●●● +1(A) Creates a temporary verge, although otherworldly forces or events may conspire to make the verge permanent. Book of Spirits 122
Risen the Wardens, Close the Gates ●+ Spirits of Rank 5 or less may not leave the Hisil. The area affected is a 1 mile radius per Essence spent and lasts for one lunar month. Book of Spirits 122
Silver Scar, Rite of the - Removes Renown from a Pure subject; when removed completely the subject makes a degeneration check due to the agony of enduring this rite. Lodges the Faithful 86
Spirit Clay, Rite of the Tribes of the Moon 74
Transfer the Spirit’s Blessing ●●+ Ritemaster transfers ability to use gift from one willing werewolf to another willing werewolf (or himself) permanently. Cost is 2 essence per rank of the gift transferred and is a sin with a threshold of Harmony 4. The werewolf that donates the gift may never relearn it and both werewolves have a -1 penalty to all rolls for one week. Lore of the Forsaken 123

Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item