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Rites (2nd Edition)

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Rite Rank Prerequisites Cost Description Book
Wolf Rites
Chain Rage Participants carrying a ritual focus may exit Death Rage through extended concentration, for a month. WTF 2e 139-140
Messenger A lune conveys a message to a werewolf elsewhere in the world. WTF 2e 140
Bottle Spirit •• Bone Shadow Bind a spirit into a bottle for at least a day, where it does not bleed Essence. WTF 2e 140
Sacred Hunt •• Mark quarry for the Sacred Hunt. Spirit quarry may be consumed for Essence or obliged to inscribe a Gift. The ritualist's tribe confers additional benefits on the pack. WTF 2e 140
Blood Talons Perceive the Renown of Forsaken and Pure. WTF 2e 310
Bone Shadows Touch and strike ephemera bodily. WTF 2e 310
Hunters in Darkness Sense the strength of the Gauntlet, alterations to it, and your quarry's passage between worlds. WTF 2e 310
Iron Masters Choose which Lunacy Condition manifests in humans. WTF 2e 310
Storm Lords Identify the Ridden, Urged, and Claimed. WTF 2e 310
Fire-Touched Spirits following your direction or attacking your quarry take your spirit Rank as bonus dice. DEC 79
Ivory Claws Intuit links to the quarry through blood or community, and penalize attempts by the quarry's relatives to hinder you by Primal Urge. DEC 79
Predator Kings Acquire your spirit Rank in Influence (Nature), which rolls Strength + Primal Urge. DEC 79
Carrion Feast ••• Eater of the Dead Consume carrion for Essence and to draw on animal carrion's symbolic strengths as a dice bonus, or to draw out Willpower from human carrion. Pack 91
Kindle Fury ••• Blood Talon Whip up the Destroyer within the Blood, acting as an extra Anchor for a month. WTF 2e 140
Shadowbind ••• Bind a spirit within a ritual space, naming the conditions that will set it free. WTF 2e 141
Fetish •••• ●/dot Create a fetish by binding a spirit within an item. WTF 2e 141
Twilight Purge •••• ●●● Hurl beings out of Twilight for at least an hour. WTF 2e 141-142
Forge Alliance ••••• ●/pack Join packs together mystically for a month or until a shared quarry is brought low. WTF 2e 142
Urfarah's Bane ••••• ●●●●● One werewolf is singled out of the pack until sunrise. Her claws and teeth deal aggravated damage to Uratha. WTF 2e 142
Veil ••••• Iron Master ●●●●● Spirits destroy records of a recent supernatural event. WTF 2e 142
Pack Rites
Banish Banish a creature of flesh from the Spirit Realm, or vice-versa. WTF 2e 142-143
Harness the Cycle Draw Essence (for werewolves) and Willpower (for humans) from the turning of the seasons. WTF 2e 143
Totemic Empowerment Unite a pack member with the power of your totem until sunrise. WTF 2e 143
Hunting Ground •• Claim territory for a season, granting bonuses to hunt there and interact with residents. WTF 2e 143-144
Moon's Mad Love •• Wards packmates from the effects of Lunacy for a month. WTF 2e 144
Shackled Lightning •• ●/10 subjects Contain a spirit of lightning to render your legion Indomitable so long as they remain silent and you spend no Essence, after which you release a berserker rage. DEC 80
Sigrblot •• ●+/court Feed participating spirit courts with Essence, after which they suffer -5 to Reach for up to a season. DE 165
Wellspring •• Charges the Resonance of a locus for a month, spreading the power of its Influence. The pack must honor a ban for the locus. WTF 2e 144-145
Banshee Howl ••• Lodge of the Screaming Moon Lays claim over deaths within the territory, denying supernatural beings outside the pack of any benefits from a kill. Pack 87
Raiment of the Storm ••• Storm Lord Draw power from a storm in the form of Armor, supernatural protection, and safety from electrocution, at the cost of a ban to remain active during the storm. WTF 2e 145
Shadowcall ••• Offer gathra to summon a particular spirit. WTF 2e 145
Supplication ••• Spread gathra around your territory and honor a spirit choir's ban to ease relations with them for a season. WTF 2e 145
Hidden Path •••• Hunter in Darkness Find a secret land route across flesh and spirit to a destination, ten times as quick and without interception. WTF 2e 145-146
Expel •••• Cast a spirit out of a host person or object. WTF 2e 146
Great Hunt ••••• Until the sun rises, non-werewolf packmates assume Urhan form and gain a werewolf's senses and regeneration, under a ban to hunt a named quarry. WTF 2e 146
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation ●(○)
○, ●/item