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Seeming Regalia Bonus Attribute Blessing Curse Book
Beasts Grims and Savages who roamed Faerie under the heart and skin of an animal. CTL 2e preview
Steed Resistance While unafraid, or for Glamour per three turns, deal lethal damage unarmed and take +3 to Initiative and Speed. Risk Clarity damage at half Wyrd when hasty or careless decisions harm others.
Darklings Wisps and Mountebanks who knew safety in Faerie by disappearing into darkness. CTL 2e preview
Mirror Finesse Spend Willpower, and with witnesses Glamour, to touch and become the insubstantial for three turns. Risk Clarity damage at half Wyrd when a secret you know turns out false.
Elementals Sprites and Torrents infused with and molded by the materials and environment of Faerie. CTL 2e preview
Sword Resistance When surrounded by your element and either half-full of Willpower or for Glamour, act through it up to three yards away. Risk Clarity damage at half Wyrd when browbeat or coerced into a course of action.
Fairest Sovereigns and Muses touched by the heights of Faerie's glory, beauty, and cruelty. CTL 2e preview
Crown Power While in harmony or for Glamour, you may spend Willpower on another character's behalf. Risk Clarity damage at half Wyrd when your actions are responsible for harming your allies.
Grimms Those taught to recognize and play out the stories of Faerie. DE 414
Once a story, restore Clarity when a character treats you unbidden as the role of your story expects. While wearing a story, suffer a Clarity breaking point when you contradict your role. While not wearing a story, reroll successes to escape the Wild Hunt.
Ogres Bruisers and Gargoyles who endure the marks of blunt brutality. CTL 2e preview
Shield Power When you strike on someone else's behalf, or for Glamour, inflict Beaten Down for three turns. Risk Clarity damage at half Wyrd when those who aren't your enemies cower from you.
Wizened Hatters and Domovye worn down by the crafts and labors of their Durance. CTL 2e preview
Jewel Finesse With appropriate tools, or for Glamour, make Build Equipment rolls to work one material into another. Risk Clarity damage at half Wyrd when taken off-guard by unpleasant surprise.