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Name Specialities Ref
Mental Skills
Academics Antropology, Art, English, History, Law, Linguistics, Religion, Research WoD(1e) p55/CofD(2e) p31
Computer AI, Data Retrieval, Digital Security, Graphics, Hacking, Internet, Programming, UI Desing WoD(1e) p56/CofD(2e) p32
Crafts Automobiles, Aircraft, Carpentry, Jury-Rigging, Forging, Sculpting, Sewing WoD(1e) p57/CofD(2e) p32
Investigation Artifacts, Autopsy Diagnoses, Body Language, Crime Scenes, Cryptography, Dreams, Forensic Accounting, Riddles, Puzzles, Scientific Experiments WoD(1e) p59/CofD(2d) p32
Medicine Cardiology, Emergency Care, First Aid, Pathology, Pharmaceuticals, Physical Therapy, Surgery WoD(1e) p60/CofD(2e) p33
Occult Cultural Beliefs, Eastern European, Ghosts, Folktales, Magic, Monsters, Mothman Sightings, Psychic Phenomena, Superstitions, Urban Legends, Witchcraft WoD(1e) p62/CofD(2e) p34
Politics Bribery, Bureaucracy, Elections, Federal, Local Politics, National Politics, State Politics, Scandals, Specific Political Party WoD(1e) p62/CofD(2e) p32
Science Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Geology, Metallurgy, Optics, Particle Physics WoD(1e) p63/CofD(2e) p35
Physical Skills
Athlethics Acrobatics, Basketball, Climbing, Kayaking, Long Distance Running, Rock Climbing, Sprinting, Swimming, Throwing WoD(1e) p64/CofD(2e) p36
Brawl Blocking, Boxing, Dirty Tricks, Grappling, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Throws WoD(1e) p68/CofD(2e) p36
Drive Evasion, High-Performance Cars, Motorcycles, Off-Road, Piloting, Pursuit, Racing, Shaking Tails, Stunts WoD(1e) p69/CofD(2e) p37
Firearms Autofire, Bow, Fast-Draw, Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Sniping, Trick Shot WoD(1e) p72/CofD(2e) p37
Larceny Alarm Systems, Breaking and Entering, Concealing Stolen Goods, Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, Security Systems, Safecracking, Sleight of Hand WoD(1e) p74/CofD(2e) p38
Stealth Camouflage, Crowds, Hiding, Moving in Darkness, Moving Quietly, Moving in Woods, Shadowing, Stakeouts WoD(1e) p75/CofD(2e) p38
Survival Foraging, Hunting, Navigation, Meteorology, Shelter WoD(1e) p76/CofD(2e) p38
Weaponry Clubs, Duels, Improvised Weapons, Knives, Swords WoD(1e) p77/CofD(2e) p39
Social Skills
Animal Ken Animal Needs, Dogs, Exotic Pets, Horses, Training, Imminent Attack, Specific Kind of Animal, Training, Wild Animals WoD(1e) p78/CofD(2e) p40
Empathy Buried Feelings, Calming, Emotion, Lies, Motives, Personalities WoD(1e) p79/CofD(2e) p40
Expression Classical Dance, Composition, Drama, Exposés, Journalism, Musical Instrument, Newspaper Articles, Painting, Speeches WoD(1e) p80/CofD(2e) p41
Intimidation Bluster, Direct Threats, Interrogation, Murderous Stare, Physical Threats, Stare-Downs, Torture, Veiled Threats WoD(1e) p80/CofD(2e) p41
Persuasion Fast Talking, Inspiring, Sales Pitches, Motivational Speeches, Seduction, Sales Pitches, Sermons WoD(1e) p82/CofD(2e) p41
Socialize Bar hopping, Dress Balls, College parties, Formal events, Frat Parties, Political fundraisers, State Dinners, Private clubs WoD(1e) p85/CofD(2e) p42
Streetwise Black Market, Gangs, Navigation, Rumors, Undercover Operations WoD(1e) p86/CofD(2e) p42
Subterfuge Con Jobs, Detecting Lies, Hidden Meanings, Hiding emotions, Long cons, Lying, Misdirection, Spotting Lies WoD(1e) p87/CofD(2e) p43