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Spells, All (2nd Edition)

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Spells, Death (2nd Edition)

Name Practice Primary Factor Withstand Suggested Rote Skills Description Source
Death 1, Initiate
Ectoplasmic Shaping Compelling Duration Resolve Crafts, Occult, Larceny Shape and mold ectoplasm, or create Open Condition on an object or location for a ghost to Manifest MtAw2 p128
Deepen Shadows Compelling Duration - Occult, Intimidation, Expression Apply Poor Light Tilt in area
+1 Reach: Apply Blinded Tilt in an area
MtAw2 p128
Forensic Gaze Knowing Potency - Medicine, Investigation, Expression Learn how a subject died
+1 Reach: Witness final moments of a corpse's life
MtAw2 p128
Shadow Sculpting Compelling Duration - Crafts, Science, Expression Shape shadows to your liking
+1 Reach: Both shape and animate shadows
MtAw2 p128
Soul Marks Unveiling Potency Resolve Medicine, Occult, Empathy Learn about a subjects soul.
+1 Reach: Can use spell on unattached souls
MtAw2 p128
Speak with the Dead Unveiling Duration - Socialize, Expression, Investigation Sense and communicate with ghosts in Twilight. Sense anchors and determine a ghosts rank.
+1 Reach: See if an anchor is temporary or permanent
+1 Reach: Can be understood by ghosts that don't share your language
MtAw2 p128
Death 2, Apprentice
Corpse Mask Veiling Duration - Subterfuge, Crafts, Medicine Alter a corpse's apparent time and cause of death.
+1 Reach: Can cast this spell on injured living subjects. Turn cuts to burns etc.
+1 Reach: Change corpse appearance completely even age and sex
MtAw2 p129
Decay Ruling Potency - Subterfuge, Science, Occult Age an object, lowering durability
+1 Reach: Decrease structure instead
MtAw2 p129
Ectoplasm Ruling Duration - Occult, Expression, Academics Create ectoplasm from your own orifices or that of a corpse MtAw2 p129
Ghost Shield Shielding Potency - Occult, Expression, Academics Protects subject form ghostly Numina, Influences and Manifestations as well as Death-Based entities
+1 Reach to protect from the physical attacks of Ghosts
MtAw2 p129
Shape Ephemera Ruling Duration Stamina Crafts, Expression, Science Shape ephemera into objects, weapons or armor. MtAw2 p129
Soul Armor Shielding Duration - Academics, Occult, Survival Protect soul against hostile spells MtAw2 p129
Soul Jar Ruling Duration Resolve Crafts, Occult, Persuasion Trap unattached soul into container
+1 Reach: Bind soul to person with the soulless condition. An unwilling person may Withstand.
+2 Reach: Spend a point of mana to make this spell lasting
MtAw2 p129
Suppress Aura Veiling Duration Resolve Subterfuge, Intimidation, Medicine Suppress Nimbus to appear as a sleeper to Mage Sight. Impose penalty to Empathy checks and supernatural attempts to read your emotional or mental state. MtAw2 p129
Suppress Life Veiling Duration - Subterfuge, Medicine, Academics Appear to be a corpse
+2 Reach: Spend a point of Mana to cast reflexively
MtAw2 p130
Touch of the Grave Ruling Duration - Survival, Crafts, Persuasion Interact with ghosts and other things in Death-attuned Twilight. Can pull objects from Twilight and make them visible and solid but with low durability MtAw2 p130
Without a Trace Veiling Duration - Science, Stealth, Subterfuge Leave no forensic evidence like fingerprints MtAw2 p130
Death 3, Disciple
Cold Snap Weaving Duration - Survival, Intimidation, Science Apply Ice Tilt to area
+1 Reach: Also apply Extreme Cold Tilt
MtAw2 p130
Damage Ghost Fraying Potency - Occult, Intimidation, Brawl Deal bashing damage to ghost MtAw2 p130
Devouring the Slain Fraying Potency Resolve Intimidation, Medicine, Persuasion Can take Willpower or Scour the pattern of an injured person
+1 Reach: May affect a healty person who has recently taken damage
+1 Reach: Spell does not count toward limit of Scouring per day
+1 Reach: Use spell on ghosts
MtAw2 p130
Ghost Gate Weaving Duration - Occult, Academics, Expression Create a 2 dimensional gateway that converts anything passing through it into Death-attuned Twilight
+1 Reach: Can transform a subject into Twilight directly without a gate
MtAw2 p130
Ghost Summons Perfecting Duration Rank Persuasion, Socialize, Occult Call a ghost in the local area to you
+1 Reach: Spell also creates the Open Condition
+1 Reach: Can give the ghost a single word command to follow
+1 Reach: When near an Iris to the Underworld can call a ghost from there instead
+2 Reach: Can give ghost a complex command to follow
MtAw2 p131
Quicken Corpse Weaving Duration - Medicine, Crafts, Persuasion Create a zombie
+1 Reach: Create zombie suited for combat
+2 Reach: Imbue zombie with exceptional physical prowess
MtAw2 p131
Quicken Ghost Perfecting Potency Cost: One Mana(Optional) Persuasion, Socialize, Medicine Can boost ghost's Attributes or heal them
+2 Reach: May choose to increase a ghosts Rank
MtAw2 p131
Rotting Flesh Perfecting Potency - Intimidation, Occult, Empathy Inflict bashing damage
+1 Reach: Subject suffers penalty to Social rolls
MtAw2 p132
Sever Soul Fraying Potency Resolve Intimidation, Athletics, Expression Take the soul from a Sleeper. Inflicts the Soulless Condition
+1 Reach: Skip the Soulless Condition and inflict the Enervated Condition instead.
+2 Reach: Skip both the Soulless and Enervated Conditions and inflict the Thrall Condition instead.
MtAw2 p132
Shadow Crafting Weaving Duration - Academics, Intimidation, Occult Shape shadows into objects, weapons or armor. MtAw2 p132
Death 4. Adept
Enervation Unraveling Potency Stamina Occult, Intimidation, Subterfuge Apply either the Leg Wrack Tilt or the Arm Wreck Tilt
+1 Reach: Apply the Immobilized Tilt
MtAw2 p132
Exorcism Unraveling Potency Rank Brawl, Expression, Occult Destroy Manifestation Condition of a ghost or it's host
Add Mind 2: Spell works on Goetia
+1 Reach: Target cannot attempt to recreate destroyed conditions for the duration of the spell
MtAw2 p132
Revenant Patterning Duration Rank Craft, Brawl, Intimidation Grant a ghost a Manifestation condition
Add Mind 2: Spell works on Goetia
MtAw2 p132
Shadow Flesh Patterning Duration Stamina Occult, Medicine, Subterfuge Transform subject into a two or three-dimensional shadow MtAw2 p132
Withering Unraveling Potency - Intimidation, Medicine, Science Inflict lethal damage
+1 Reach: Spend one Mana, Inflict aggravated damage instead
MtAw2 p133
Death 5, Master
Create Anchor Making Duration Resolve Crafts, Occult, Persuasion Apply the Anchor Condition to a subject MtAw2 p133
Create Avernian Gate Making Duration - Occult, Crafts, Persuasion Create a gateway to the upper levels of the Underworld. This gives the area a Death Resonance and the Gateway Condition
+1 Reach: The gateway can lead to anywhere in the Underworld the mage has been before
MtAw2 p133
Create Ghost Making Duration - Occult, Expression, Academics Create a ghost of Rank 1. ghost is loyal to you
+1 Reach: Spend one Mana, the ghost created is Rank 2
MtAw2 p133
Deny the Reaper Unmaking Potency - Medicine, Occult, Subterfuge Reverse the effects of decay and age up to a number of months
+1 Reach: Can bring the recently dead back to life. Subject suffers Soulless Condition
MtAw2 p133
Empty Presence Unmaking Duration - Subterfuge, Persuasion, Stealth Destroys all evidence of a subjects existence and renders them invisible to the naked eye. If the subject takes violent action the spell ends immediately MtAw2 p133
Sever the Awakened Soul Unmaking Potency Resolve Crafts, Intimidation, Medicine Severs the soul of an Awakened mage. Inflicts the Soulless Conditions
+1 Reach: Skip the Soulless Condition and inflict the Enervated Condition instead.
+2 Reach: Skip both the Soulless and Enervated Conditions and inflict the Thrall Condition instead.
MtAw2 p133

Spells, Fate (2nd Edition)

Name Practice Primary Factor Withstand Suggested Rote Skills Description Source
Fate 1, Initiate
Interconnections Unveiling Potency Composure Empathy, Investigation, Medicine Reveal sympathetic connections, who has violated an oath or geas and spells with conditional duration
+1 Reach: Detect possession, supernatural mind control and alterations of destiny
+2 Reach: Discern information about a persons destiny
MtAw2 p134
Oaths Fulfilled Knowing Duration - Occult, Politics, Investigation Know when the subject breaks or fulfills an oath
+1 Reach: Also receive a brief vision of the subject when the oath is fullfilled
+1 Reach: Track the subject of the spell
+1 Reach: Trigger event may be something that could only be seen by Mage Sight
MtAw2 p135
Quantum Flux Compelling Duration - Crafts, Firearms, Occult Negate a number of penalties to your Mundane actions or wait a turn to receive a bonus to your next mundane action MtAw2 p135
Reading the Outmost Eddies Compelling Potency Composure Computer, Persuasion, Subterfuge Subject of spell receives a minor twist of fate positive or negative in 24 hours. Only hostile applications are Withstood
+1 Reach: Spell takes effect within an hour
MtAw2 p135
Serendipity Knowing Potency - Academics, Crafts, Survival Reveal what course of action will bring you closer to your goal
+1 Reach: When making a roll to achieve your stated goal, you may substitute the used Skill with another of the same type (Mental, Physical, Social)
+2 Reach: As above but may substitute any Skill
MtAw2 p135
Fate 2, Apprentice
Exceptional Luck Ruling Potency Composure Intimidation, Occult, Socialize Subject receives a boon or hex. A hex may be withstood
+2 Reach: Boon or hex can affect spellcasting rolls
+2 Reach: Spend a point of Mana. This spell can be cast reflexive
MtAw2 p136
Fabricate Fortune Veiling Duration - Larceny, Occult, Subterfuge Conceal and falsify a subjects fate or Destiny. This can fool spells with conditional triggers. MtAw2 p136
Fools Rush In Ruling Duration - Athletics, Socialize, Streetwise Suffer no untrained skill penalties when facing a situation unprepared
+1 Reach: Also receive a dice bonus
+3 Reach: As above but bonus may apply to spellcasting rolls
MtAw2 p136
Lucky Number Ruling Duration - Investigation, Larceny, Science Guess the right password, phone number, etc. on the first try MtAw2 p136
Shifting the Odds Ruling Duration - Investigation, Politics, Subterfuge Find a particular kind of person, place or thing within 24 hours.
+1 Reach: Find desired object within an hour
MtAw2 p136
Warding Gesture Shielding Duration - Brawl, Occult, Subterfuge Protect a subject against supernatural effect that would alter her fate including supernatural compulsion. Subject may also be excluded form any area-effect spell you may cast
+1 Reach: Subject may be excluded from any spell/attainment you cast
+2 Reach: Subject may be protected from any supernatural effects that target an area instead of individuals
MtAw2 p136
Fate 3, Disciple
Grave Misfortune Fraying Potency Composure Intimidation, Occult, Weaponry The next time the subjects suffers damage, increase the damage MtAw2 p137
Monkey's Paw Weaving Potency - Drive, Crafts, Science Bless or curse an object altering it's equipment bonus
+1 Reach: Anybody who caries the item also receives a boon or a hex
+1 Reach: Spend a point of Mana. Bonus or penalty may exceed five dice
MtAw2 p137
Shared Fate Weaving Potency Composure Medicine, Persuasion, Politics Two or more subjects are bound together. Any damage, Tilt or Condition suffered by one will also affect the other
+1 Reach: Link is only one way
+2 Reach: Subject is not linked to any other subjects. Instead, she suffers any damage, Tilt or Condition she inflicts on others
MtAw2 p137
Superlative Luck Perfecting Duration - Athletics, Crafts, Occult Cost: 1 Mana, Gain the rote quality
+2 Reach: Rote quality may effect ritual spellcasting but this also doubles the casting time
MtAw2 p137
Sworn Oaths Perfecting Duration - Expression, Occult, Politics Supernaturally enforce a vow. Adhere to the oath and the subject receives a boon, break an she suffers a hex
+1 Reach: If spell control is maintained the mage is aware if the spell is a boon or a hex
MtAw2 p137
Fate 4. Adept
Atonement Unraveling Potency Countered effect's Potency Academics, Occult, Subterfuge If a subject is cursed can grant them a quest that, if fulfilled, will lift the curse. Stronger curses require greater quests
+1 Reach: Quest can be undertaken by another on the subjects behalf
MtAw2 p137
Chaos Mastery Patterning Potency Composure Empathy, Occult, Science Can realize complex possibility such as causing a 1.000 coins to turn up heads.
+1 Reach: Spend one Mana. This spell when used as an attack can deal aggravated damage
MtAw2 p138
Divine Intervention Patterning Potency Resolve Intimidation, Occult, Subterfuge Replace one of the subjects Aspirations with a stated goal. Subject suffers ill luck when no pursuing this goal. This can also be reversed causing bad luck only when pursuing the goal MtAw2 p138
Strings of Fate Patterning Duration Resolve Academics, Persuasion, Stealth The mage can encourage a specific event to befall the subject. The event will come pass when circumstances allow. If the subject's cooperation is required opportunities for this event to come to pass will appear once a week.
+1 Reach: Opportunities appear once a day
MtAw2 p138
Sever Oaths Unraveling Duration Composure Occult, Subterfuge, Weaponry Can have a variety of effects such as freeing a bound ephemeral entity or dispelling a conditional trigger
+2 Reach: Spell's effects are lasting
MtAw2 p138
Fate 5, Master
Forge Destiny Making Duration Composure Intimidation, Occult, Persuasion Mage can grant the subject a supernatural merit or increase and decrease an existing one. Mage can impose Aspirations, Obsessions or a Doom on the subject MtAw2 p139
Pariah Unmaking Potency Composure Investigation, Medicine, Politics Turns the whole world against the subject
+1 Reach: Mage can adjust the sensitivity of the curse
MtAw2 p139
Miracle Making Potency - Academics, Persuasion, Subterfuge Mage gains a number of Intercessions that can be spend reflexively to increase/decrease dice pools or to cause likely events to happen on command
+1 Reach: Spend one Intercession and Willpower to cause a low-probability event to pass
+2 Reach: Spend one Intercession, Willpower and Mana to let the incredible come to pass
MtAw2 p140
Swarm of Locusts Making Duration - Intimidation, Occult, Science Create chaotic conditions that cause Environmental Tilts of player's choosing on the area. This spell is a breaking point for most Sleepers MtAw2 p140

Spells, Forces (2nd Edition)

Name Practice Primary Factor Withstand Suggested Rote Skills Description Source
Forces 1, Initiate
Influence Electricity Compelling Duration - Computers, Crafts, Science Operate or shut down electrical devices MtAw2 p140
Influence Fire Compelling Duration - Crafts, Science, Survival Guide flames along a particular path
+1 Reach: Increase or decrease the size of a flame
MtAw2 p140
Kinetic Efficiency Compelling Duration - Athletics, Science, Survival Run faster, jump further or lift more MtAw2 p141
Influence Heat Compelling Duration - Occult, Science, Survival Control the flow of heat in an area. Can protect against heat- or cold-related Environments up to level 2(see p.244)
+1 Reach: Protect against Environments up to level 3
+2 Reach: Protect against Environments up to level 4
MtAw2 p141
Nightvision Unveiling Duration - Investigation, Science, Stealth Suffer no penalty form dim to no light. Bright lights can inflict the Blind Condition
+1 Reach: No longer risk the Blind Condition from sudden bright lights
MtAw2 p141
Receiver Unveiling Duration - Empathy, Investigation, Science Hear sounds outside normal human frequency MtAw2 p141
Tune In Knowing Duration - Computers, Empathy, Science Become able to see and listen to data transmission MtAw2 p141
Forces 2, Apprentice
Control Electricity Ruling Duration - Crafts, Computers, Science Alter the flow of a current or decrease it, but you cannot increase it. Direct a buildings electricity to one outlet, or divide the power from one outlet to many other sources MtAw2 p142
Control Fire Ruling Duration - Crafts, Science, Survival Increase or decrease the heat or size of a fire MtAw2 p142
Control Gravity Ruling Duration - Athletics, Occult, Science Cause gravity to pull upwards or horizontally MtAw2 p142
Control Heat Ruling Duration - Athletics, Science, Survival Increase or decrease the temperature of an area this may cause an Extreme Environment MtAw2 p142
Control Light Ruling Duration - Crafts, Investigation, Science Can focus or disperse light, and alter its wavelength on the spectrum
+1 Reach: Can create a mirroring effect or a complete black-out which causes the Blinded Tilt or provides substantial cover
MtAw2 p142
Control Sound Ruling Duration - Expression, Stealth, Science Amplify or dampen sound, can also influence the direction of sound. Loud sounds can cause the Deafened Tilt in combat
+1 Reach: Create an echoing effect which imposes a penalty to stealth rolls
+1 Reach: Gain a bonus to hearing-based perception rolls
MtAw2 p142
Control Weather Ruling Duration - Academics, Science, Survival Make changes to the weather may create an Extreme Environments up to level 4
+1 Reach: Weather changes are more gradual
+2 Reach: Required for more drastic changes
MtAw2 p143
Environmental Shield Shielding Duration - Occult, Science, Survival This spell gives resistance to any Conditions and Tilts caused by the environment MtAw2 p143
Invisibility Veiling Duration - Larceny, Science, Stealth Make a subject invisible MtAw2 p143
Kinetic Blow Ruling Duration - Athletics, Brawl, Science Unarmed attacks gain a bonus
+1 Reach: Apply the Knocked Down Tilt
+1 Reach: Apply the Stunned Tilt
+1 Reach: Spell can affect held weapons
+2 Reach: Spell affects thrown weapons but can also grant bullets Armor Piercing
MtAw2 p143
Transmission Ruling Duration - Crafts, Expression, Science Hijack existing signals and change the transmitted data or its destination
+1 Reach: The signal becomes "encrypted" only specific actions will allow somebody to read them
MtAw2 p144
Zoom In Ruling Duration - Investigation, Science, Survival See distant objects or better examine small ones
+1 Reach: See clearly for miles
+1 Reach: Clearly examine dust-sized particles
+1 Reach: No longer suffer penalties form atmospheric conditions
+2 Reach: Clearly see microscopic particles, even molecular bonds
MtAw2 p144
Forces 3, Disciple
Call Lightning Weaving Potency - Athletics, Firearms, Science Can call lightning from an existing storm which may be created with "Control Weather". MtAw2 p144
Gravitic Supremacy Fraying/Perfecting Duration - Athletics, Science, Survival Increase or decrease gravity MtAw2 p144
Telekinesis Weaving Duration - Athletics, Brawl, Science Use telekinetic force to lift or manipulate an object remotely. Potency is applied to either Strength or Dexterity the remaining stat becomes 1
+1 Reach: Divide Potency between Two of the Three Physical Attributes
+2 Reach: Divide Potency between any of the Three Physical Attributes
MtAw2 p144
Telekinetic Strike Weaving Potency - Athletics, Firearms, Science Deal bashing damage
+1 Reach: Apply the Knocked Down or Stunned Tilt
MtAw2 p145
Turn Momentum Weaving Potency - Athletics, Firearms, Science When applying defense against an object this spell may be used, causing the object to be deflected in an uncontrolled direction though it never reverses direction
+1 Reach: Spell can be used as an reflexive action
+1 Reach: Mage has control over where the object is deflected, sol long as the new direction is within 90 degrees of the original arc
+2 Reach: Objects direction can be completely reversed Ranged weapons hit their users
Add Time 1: Use a Reach, you can now turn objects too fast for you to apply defense against
MtAw2 p145
Velocity Control Fraying or Perfecting Potency - Athletics, Firearms, Science Increase or decrease an objects speed MtAw2 p145
Forces 4. Adept
Electromagnetic Pulse Unraveling Potency - Crafts, Computers, Science By Unraveling electricity in the Subject this Creates an EMP that snuffs out powered devices in the affected area. Military devices may be shielded. Magical devices require a Clash of Wills. If used on a Living being this acts as an attack spell MtAw2 p145
Levitation Patterning Duration Stamina Athletics, Science, Survival Levitate a subject, if unwilling the spell is withstood. You may direct the levitation each turn as an instant action. Without the mages focus the subject simply stops and floats in midair
+1 Reach: Subject retains momentum form turn to turn, floating slowly in whatever direction it was last directed in
+1 Reach: Subject can fly freely, apply defense normally and a speed equal to the mage's Gnosis+spell's Potency
MtAw2 p145
Rend Friction Patterning Potency - Crafts, Drive, Science Increase or decrease friction. Increases can cause lethal damage. Decreases cause objects to move after they normally would have stopped MtAw2 p145
Thunderbolt Patterning Potency - Athletics, Firearms, Science Deal lethal damage
+1 Reach: Spend one Mana, spell deals aggravated damage
MtAw2 p146
Transform Energy Patterning Duration - Crafts, Occult, Science Transform one type of energy into another of the same level
+1 Reach: May decrease the level of transformed energy by one. This Reach can be applied multiply times
+1 Reach: Split one type of energy into two others
+1 Reach: Spend one Mana, increase the level of transformed energy by one
MtAw2 p146
Forces 5, Master
Adverse Weather Making Duration - Crafts, Occult, Science Create Extreme Environments of nearly any kind up to level 4
+1 Reach: Can create weather drastically different from the local conditions
MtAw2 p146
Create Energy Making Duration - Crafts, Occult, Science Create any type of energy form nothing, including sunlight and radiation MtAw2 p146
Eradicate Energy Unmaking Potency - Intimidation, Science, Survival Explosively destroy energy, if used on a creature the spell is instantly fatal MtAw2 p146
Earthquake Making Potency - Crafts, Science, Survival Apply damage to all structures within the affected area. Buildings made to withstand earthquakes subtract their Durability MtAw2 p147

Spells, Life (2nd Edition)

Name Practice Primary Factor Withstand Suggested Rote Skills Description Source
Life 1, Initiate
Analyze Life Knowing Duration - Animal Ken, Medicine, Survival Observe a creature and learn information like species, age, sex and overall health. A supernatural creature's species shows up as unknown unless the mage has studied it's kind before. Can discern amount of dots in physical attributes and any illnesses, injuries, Personal Tilts and Condition on target
+1 Reach: May learn a specific Physical Attribute level, rather than just the total number of dots
MtAw2 p148
Cleanse the Body Compelling Potency - Athletics, Medicine, Survival Help subject resist any toxins in her system
+1 Reach: The subject may make a resistance roll immediately, in addition to the normal ones from regular intervals
MtAw2 p148
Heightened Senses Unveiling Duration - Empathy, Investigation, Survival Heighten desired senses. Grants bonus to perception roles
+1 Reach: You can track by scent
MtAw2 p149
Speak With Beasts Unveiling Duration - Animal Ken, Empathy, Survival Magically speak with a specific species of animal. Animals have limited ability to understand things around them, for example a rat may refer to a cat and vampire alike as simply a "predator"
+1 Reach: May communicate with all animals rather than only a single species
MtAw2 p148
Web of Life Knowing Duration - Investigation, Medicine, Survival Detect all forms of specified life in the spells area of effect MtAw2 p148
Life 2, Apprentice
Body Control Ruling Duration - Athletics, Medicine, Survival Slow Breathing, Heartbeat and/or Metabolism. Up your Initiative, eliminate or increase body odors and halve healing time for bashing damage
+1 Reach: Gain 1/0 armor
+2 reach: Half healing time for lethal damage
MtAw2 p148
Control Instincts Ruling Duration Composure Animal Ken, Intimidation, Persuasion Trigger a specific instinctual response in animals(includes humans). Subject suffers a Condition related to the desired instinct
+1 Reach: Control instincts of living supernatural creatures
MtAw2 p149
Lure and Repel Ruling Duration Resolve Animal Ken, Persuasion, Survival Create a lure or repellent that works on a specific organism. Plant and bacteria have 0 resolve for the purposes of this spell
+1 Reach: Lured creatures may offer food or small favors a appropriate for the animal
+1 Reach: Lured creatures treat the subject good if a lure or bad if a repellent for the purposes of first impressions in Social maneuvering
MtAw2 p149
Mutable Mask Veiling Duration Stamina Medicine, Stealth, Subterfuge Change a subjects appearance, apparent sex, voice, smell, etc. Changes are illusionary, bio-metric devices will still pick up the truth. Cannot imitate specific people
+2 Reach: Can duplicate the appearance of a specific person, including fingerprints
MtAw2 p149
Purge Illness Ruling Potency - Athletics, Medicine, Survival Cure yourself of an illness. Compare Potency to the illness'rating if less, reduce the illness by the difference if more, eliminate the illness MtAw2 p149
Life 3, Disciple
Bruise Flesh Fraying Potency - Brawl, Intimidation, Medicine Deal bashing damage
+1 Reach: Inflict an additional -1 penalty to any wound penalties the target might have
MtAw2 p150
Degrading the Form Fraying Duration Stamina Brawl, Medicine, Survival Reduce a targets Physical Attributes, but only one
+1 Reach: Spell may effect two different Physical Attributes
MtAw2 p150
Honing the Form Perfecting Duration - Athletics, Medicine, Survival Raise Strength, Dexterity or Stamina, but no higher than a subjects max for these stats
+1 Reach: Spell may effect two different Physical. This effect can be applied twice so that all three attributes may be affected
+1 Reach: Spend a point of Mana, may increase stats beyond the allowed maximum
MtAw2 p150
Knit Perfecting Potency - Empathy, Medicine, Survival Heal 2 bashing damage per Potency
+1 Reach: You can heal Personal Tilts such as Arm Wrack
+1 Reach: Can heal damage done by deprivation
+1 Reach: Reproduce the effect of night's rest, regain a Willpower point if appropriate
+1 Reach: Heal one lethal per Potency instead of 2 Bashing
MtAw2 p150
Many Faces Weaving Duration Stamina Medicine, Stealth, Subterfuge Like "Mutable Mask" only the changes are real rather than an illusion. Poor vision or other senses can be restored. Missing organs and limbs can not be restored however. You may also rearrange the subjects Physical Attributes
Add Time 3: You can change physical age as well
MtAw2 p150
Transform Life Weaving Potency Stamina Animal Ken, Science, Survival Give life features normally belonging to other organisms. Gills, Claws, Senses, Etc.
+2 Reach: The bestowed feature, if permanent, can be passed on to a creatures descendants
MtAw2 p150
Life 4. Adept
Accelerate Growth Patterning Duration Stamina Animal Ken, Medicine, Science Cause a lifeform to rapidly grow, at the end of the duration the subject will return to their actual age. If the subject exceeds its natural lifespan, it will die of old age
+1 Reach: When the spell ends the subject will rapidly de-age at an even faster rate than they grew, returning to their actual age in minutes. This puts great stress on the target. They must make a Stamina roll and on a failure they will enter a coma for a number of days.
MtAw2 p151
Animal Minion Patterning Duration Stamina Animal Ken, Science, Survival The mage takes complete bodily control of a subject. Difference in gait may be noticeable to those familiair with the subject. The mage's body will be inert while this spell is active
+1 Reach: Target behaves more normally, as you understand the targets habits
MtAw2 p151
Life-Force Assault Unraveling Potency - Brawl, Intimidation, Medicine Deal lethal damage
+1 Reach: Inflict an additional -2 penalty to any wound penalties the target might have
+1 Reach: Spend a point of Mana, deal aggravated damage
MtAw2 p152
Mend Patterning Potency - Empathy, Medicine, Survival Heal 2 lethal wounds per Potency
+1 Reach: Can erase scars
+1 Reach: Can heal damage done by deprivation
+1 Reach: Reproduce the effect of night's rest, regain a Willpower point if appropriate
+1 Reach: Spend a point of Mana, can heal aggravated damage
MtAw2 p152
Regeneration Patterning Duration - Athletics, Medicine, Survival Cost: 1 Mana, restore lost organs or limbs MtAw2 p152
Shapechanging Patterning Potency Stamina Animal Ken, Science, Survival Take on the form of another creature. Clothes and gear do not change with you. Instincts of the new form may need to be resisted with a Composure + Resolve roll
Add Matter 4: Gear changes with you to fit the new form
MtAw2 p152
Life 5, Master
Create Life Making Duration - Medicine, Science, Survival Design and create any form of life you desire. If cast with finite duration life will disappear at the end of the spell, this may count as an Act of Hubris.
Add Mind 5: Give your organism a true mind as appropriate to type
+1 Reach: Creature can be given additional features as per "Transform Life"
MtAw2 p153
Contagion Making Potency - Medicine, Occult, Science Create minor or life-threatening diseases
+1 Reach: Create a never before seen disease. This is likely to be an Act of Hubris as no creature in the world could have developed any defenses against it
MtAw2 p153
Salt the Earth Unmaking Duration - Medicine, Science, Survival Destroy life-force in an area. This Creates an Extreme Environment equal to Potency
+1 Reach: Individual living things that survive, will still suffer an additional -1 to any wound penalties they might have
MtAw2 p153

Spells, Matter (2nd Edition)

Name Practice Primary Factor Withstand Suggested Rote Skills Description Source
Matter 1, Initiate
Craftsmen's Eye Knowing Duration - Crafts, Investigation, Science Study an object for one turn to learn it's intended function. If the object has no purpose that will be revealed instead. If something prevents the object from fulfilling it's function, the spell will reveal the nature of the problem
+1 Reach: Learn how to use the studied object. This grants the 8-Again when using the object. Only one object can benefit from this bonus at once
+2 Reach: Learn all possible uses for an object
Add Fate 1: Name a task while casting the spell. All objects that could help you with this task will become obvious to you
MtAw2 p154
Detect Substance Unveiling Duration - Crafts, Investigation, Science Become aware of a chosen type of substance in the area. "Iron", "A knife" and "My hunting Knife" are all valid choices
Add Time 1: Determine if an object has been in the area
Add Forces 1: Search for a specific type of electronic information
MtAw2 p154
Discern Composition Knowing Potency - Crafts, Investigation, Science Become aware of an objects weight, density and the precise elements in it's makeup
+1 Reach: Also become aware of any objects hidden within the studied object
+1 Reach: You know an object's structural weak points. Reduce Durability by spell Potency
Add Space 2: Know not only what an object was made of but also where the materials came from
MtAw2 p154
Lodestone Compelling Duration - Crafts, Larceny, Science Choose a substance or type of object. Those objects will be drawn toward you or repelled away from you MtAw2 p154
Remote Control Compelling Potency - Crafts, Drive, Intimidation Control a mechanical object, to make it fulfill its function
+1 Reach: Perform more complex task while controlling the object
MtAw2 p155
Matter 2, Apprentice
Alchemist's Touch Shielding Potency - Crafts, Survival, Persuasion Choose a material, you become largely immune to its deleterious effects. The material cannot inflict bashing damage and lethal damage is reduced by spell Potency. The spell does not protect against damage from a sword or gun
+1 Reach: Choose an additional material to be protected against
+2 Reach: Your immune to both the bashing and lethal, aggravated damage is reduced by Potency
Add Forces 2: You are now also protected against the damage from the extreme temperature of a material
MtAw2 p155
Find the Balance Ruling Duration - Crafts, Persuasion, Science Improve the balance and heft of an item. This grants it the 9-Again quality
+1 Reach: Grant a tool the 8-Again quality instead
MtAw2 p155
Hidden Hoard Veiling Duration - Larceny, Occult, Subterfuge Make matter difficult to detect. Mundane attempts to locate automatically fail. Supernatural power enters a Clash of Wills MtAw2 p156
Machine Invisibility Veiling Duration - Larceny, Science, Stealth Become invisible to mechanical sensors. Supernatural items enter a Clash of Wills
+1 Reach: This spell now also works on constructs animated with magic, like zombies and golems. This triggers a Clash of Wills
MtAw2 p156
Shaping Ruling Potency - Crafts, Expression, Persuasion Shape liquids and gases in any form you desire in defiance of gravity
+1 Reach: Can alter solids as well. Warped tools or weapons will have their equipment bonus reduced by potency, if reduced to 0 the object becomes useless
+1 Reach: If creating or repairing an object in an extended action reduce its required successes by this spell's Potency, the number cannot fall below one
+2 Reach: The shaping can create an appropriate Environmental Tilt, such as Earthquake, Flooded or Howling Winds
MtAw2 p156
Matter 3, Disciple
Aegis Weaving Duration - Athletics, Crafts, Science For each level of Potency grant an object one of the following: Raise/lower ballistic Armor by 1, raise/lower general Armor by 1, raise/lower Defense penalty by 1
+1 Reach: The armor becomes immune to the Armor-Piercing effect
MtAw2 p156
Alter Conductivity Weaving Potency - Computer, Science, Subterfuge Make an object more or less conductive to electricity
+1 Reach: Alter an objects conductivity to other forms of energy. Each additional type is an extra Reach
MtAw2 p156
Alter Integrity Fraying or Perfecting Potency Durability Crafts, Medicine, Subterfuge Increase or decrease an objects Durability
+1 Reach: Instead of increasing Durability by 1 increase structure by 2
+2 Reach: The effect is lasting
MtAw2 p156
Crucible Perfecting Potency - Crafts, Occult, Science Grant a tool the 8-Again for a number of turns. Valuable objects will have their Availability rating increased, this rating cannot become more than double the original rating
+1 Reach: Spend one point of Mana, The object gains the rote quality for a number of rolls. So long as the durability last this effect can be recharged by spending more Mana
+1 Reach: Availability may be triple the original rating
MtAw2 p157
Nigredo and Albedo Fraying or Perfecting Potency - Crafts, Brawl, Medicine Repair or damage an objects Structure
+1 Reach: When damaging ignore durability
MtAw2 p157
Shrink and Grow Weaving Potency Durability Crafts, Expression, Science Increase or decrease an objects size
Add Life 3: Can be cast on living subjects, unwilling subjects may Withstand with Stamina
MtAw2 p157
State Change Weaving Duration Durability Crafts, Persuasion, Science Change material one step along the path from solid to liquid to gas. This does not cause any temperature change
+1 Reach: You may transform solids directly int gas and vice versa
Add Forces 3: You may transmute matter into plasma
MtAw2 p157
Windstrike Weaving Potency - Athletics, Brawl, Crafts Deal bashing damage
+1 Reach: Create an appropriate Environmental Tilt
MtAw2 p157
Wonderful Machine Weaving Potency - Crafts, Politics, Science Integrate multiple machines into one another
Add Life 3: Machine properties can be grafted onto a living thing or vice versa
MtAw2 p157
Matter 4. Adept
Ghostwall Patterning Duration - Athletics, Occult, Stealth Turn objects intangible
Add Death 3, Mind 3 or Spirit 3: The object may be shifted into the Twilight, attuned to the used Arcanum
MtAw2 p158
Golem Patterning Potency - Crafts, Expression, Occult Animate a statue or other object
Add Death 4 or Spirit 4: A ghost or spirit may serve as the intelligence of the golem
Add Mind 5: Grant true intelligence see "Psychic Genesis"
MtAw2 p158
Piercing Earth Patterning Potency - Athletics, Brawl, Crafts Deal lethal damage
+1 Reach: Create an appropriate Environmental Tilt
+1 Reach: Spend a point of Mana, deal aggravated damage
MtAw2 p158
Transubstantiation Patterning Duration - Crafts, Empathy, Science Transform any type of matter into another type
+1 Reach: Transmute multiply substance into a single substance or vice versa
Add Life 4: Transform matter into living things or vice versa
MtAw2 p158
Matter 5, Master
Annihilate Matter Unmaking Potency Durability Athletics, Intimidation, Science Destroy matter completely
+1 Reach: Spend a point of Mana, can now destroy magical objects as well
MtAw2 p158
Ex Nihilo Making Potency - Crafts, Expression, Science Create an object or relatively uncomplicated tool out of nothing
+1 Reach: Create a complex machine or electronic device, like a car or smartphone
MtAw2 p158
Self-Repairing Machine Making Potency - Crafts, Medicine, Occult Cause a machine to repair Potency in Structure per day
+1 Reach: The machine heals every hour
+2 Reach: The machine heals every 15 minutes
MtAw2 p159

Spells, Mind (2nd Edition)

Name Practice Primary Factor Withstand Suggested Rote Skills Description Source
Mind 1, Initiate
Know Nature Knowing Potency - Empathy, Science, Subterfuge Determine a subject's Virtue, Vice and Mental and Social Attribute levels
+1 Reach: Also determine Aspirations and Obsessions
MtAw2 p159
Mental Scan Unveiling Potency Composure Empathy, Investigation, Occult Ask storyteller questions about a subject's mental or emotional state
+1 Reach: Read surface thoughts for snippets of a subject's current ideas or words and phrases before they are actually spoken
MtAw2 p159
One Mind, Two Thoughts Compelling Duration - Academics, Expression, Science Perform two Mental or Social extended tasks at the same time. Neither can be a purely Physical task.
+1 Reach: May perform two Mental instant tasks at the same time
+2 Reach: If in the Astral Realms one of the actions may be "Physical"
MtAw2 p159
Perfect Recall Unveiling Potency - Academics, Expression, Investigation Recall old memories with perfect accuracy. MtAw2 p160
Mind 2, Apprentice
Alter Mental Pattern Veiling Potency - Science, Stealth, Subterfuge Add to subterfuge rolls. Supernatural powers that read surface thoughts or emotions provoke a Clash of Wills MtAw2 p160
Dream Reaching Ruling Duration Composure Empathy, Medicine, Persuasion Enter a subject's dream. You can influence but not take part in the dream. Cast on self to be able to remember your own dreams.
+1 Reach: You can become an active part of the dream. Cast on self induces lucid dreaming
MtAw2 p160
Emotional Urging Ruling Potency Composure Empathy, Intimidation, Subterfuge Open or close a subject's doors MtAw2 p160
First Impressions Ruling Duration Composure Crafts, Socialize, Subterfuge Raise or lower the first impression MtAw2 p160
Incognito Presence Veiling Duration - Empathy, Stealth, Subterfuge Costs ●. The Mage hides the Subject's Psychic Presence which Prevents people form remembering their presence or looking their way. Active attempts to do so with supernatural abilities (Including active Mage sight) provoke a Clash of Wills MtAw2 p160
Memory Hole Veiling Duration - Academics, Medicine, Subterfuge Hide a specific memory forgetting it completely for the duration of the spell, One memory per Potency MtAw2 p160
Mental Shield Shielding Duration - Academics, Intimidation, Survival Protects the Subject from Mental Attacks, Goetia Powers, Influences or Manifestations that target them.
+1 Reach: Also Protects from Physical attacks of Goetia
MtAw2 p160
Physic Domination Ruling Potency Resolve Expression, Intimidation, Subterfuge Send one word commands to a subject that they are compelled to act upon, even against their will
+1 Reach: take control of a subject, forcing him to take actions against their will. These actions cannot put him serious danger however
+1 Reach: Force the subject to take an additional task
MtAw2 p161
Telepathy Ruling Potency Composure Crafts, Empathy, Socialize Surface thoughts of the subjects play out in the each others minds. This may grant a bonus or penalty between the subjects. A deliberate message may be send along the link.
+1 Reach: Only thoughts that the originating subject wants to share are shared
+1 Reach: All subjects have the ability to send and receive thoughts
MtAw2 p161
Mind 3, Disciple
Augment Mind Perfecting Potency - Academics, Expression, Survival Increase a Mental or Social Attribute by Potency, up to normal limits.
+1 Reach: Divide increase between an additional Attribute.
+2 Reach: for 1 Mana, go above normal limits.
MtAw2 p161
Clear Thoughts Perfecting Duration - Empathy, Intimidation, Persuasion Suppress a Mental Condition or Tilt per Potency, for the Duration. Can't affect Paradox Conditions; those cause by the supernatural provoke a Clash of Wills.
+1 Reach: subject gains 1 Willpower.
+2 Reach: effect is lasting.
MtAw2 p161
Enhance Skill Perfecting Duration - Academics, Expression, Survival Increase an Skill with already at least one rank by Potency, for the Duration, up to their normal limits.
+1 Reach: Divide increase between an additional Skill.
+ 2 Reach: for 1 Mana, go above normal limits.
MtAw2 p161
Goetic Summons Perfecting Duration Rank Persuasion, Socialize, Occult Call the nearest Goetia; one personally known, specified by type of Resonance, or the nearest generally.
Add Spirit or Death 2: it gains the Materialized Condition for the duration.
+1 Reach: Also creates the Open Condition.
+1 Reach: May give it a one-word command.
+2 Reach: may give a complex but single task command.
+1 Reach: summon a Goetia from the subject's Oneiros at a place one could reach the Astral. Must spend the Mana it would take to enter.
+2 Reach: summon from the Temenos.
+3 Reach: summon from Anima Mundi.
MtAw2 p162
Imposter Weaving Duration - Persuasion, Stealth, Subterfuge Cause the subject to believe the caster is someone else. Manipulation + Subterfuge every minute if mimicking a specific person. Can't replicate Social Merits; any Doors opened benefit the assumed identity. MtAw2 p162
Psychic Assault Fraying Potency - Academics, Intimidation, Medicine Deal Bashing equal to Potency, mimicking a stroke.
+1 Reach: give target -1 to Mental rolls (may stack 3 times).
MtAw2 p162
Sleep of the Just Perfecting Duration Composure Academics, Athletics, Occult Control sleep cycle and dreams. Anything else entering or influencing dreams provokes Clash of Wills. MtAw2 p162
Read the Depths Weaving Potency Resolve Empathy, Investigation, Medicine Read memories and ideas from target's subconscious.
+1 Reach: modify one of the memories read, for the Duration.
MtAw2 p162
Universal Language Weaving Duration - Academics, Investigation, Persuasion Target can understand and translate any language they are able to perceive: spoken, written, symbols, encoded signals, body language, hand symbols, or thoughts. Does not allow non-Awakened to understand High Speech. MtAw2 p162
Befuddle Fraying Potency Composure or Resolve Intimidation, Persuasion, Science Lower a Mental or Social Attributes. One Potency equal one dot to a minimum of one.
+1 Reach: May lower an additional Attribute per reach, dividing Potency among the options
MtAw2 p163
Mind 4. Adept
Possession Patterning Potency Resolve Medicine, Persuasion, Subterfuge Can possess the subject inflicting the Possessed Condition(see p. 261) MtAw2 p165
Gain Skill Patterning Duration - Crafts, Expression, Science Increase a Skill by Potency. This cannot go above the normal maximum.
+1 Reach: Divide the increase between an additional Skill.
+ 1 Reach: for 1 Mana, go above normal limits.
MtAw2 p163
Hallucination Patterning Potency Composure Academics, Persuasion, Subterfuge Create an illusion that affects all senses but touch.
+1 Reach: The illusion can now be "touched" by the subject. It cannot harm or attack.
MtAw2 p163
Mind Flay Unraveling Potency - Expression, Intimidation, Science Deal lethal damage.
+1 Reach: Cause Insane Tilt
+2 Reach: Spend a point of Mana, deal aggravated damage
MtAw2 p164
Psychic Projection Patterning Duration Resolve Academics, Occult, Socialize Astral project into Twilight or into somebody's dreams.
Add Spirit 2: May project into the Shadow. Withstand is Gauntlet rating.
MtAw2 p164
Psychic Reprogramming Patterning Potency Resolve Intimidation, Medicine, Persuasion For each point of Potency change one of the followin: Virtue, Vice, Short-Term Aspiration, Long-Term Aspiration, Obsession, a non-Physical Persistent Condition, or may move one dot between two Social Skills, or between two Mental Skills.
+1 Reach: May also move between two Social Attributes, or two Mental Attributes.
MtAw2 p164
Terrorize Patterning Potency Composure Expression, Intimidation, Medicine Cause the Insensate Tilt for the duration or until it's resolved
+1 Reach: Inflict Broken Condition instead
MtAw2 p164
Mind 5, Master
Amorality Unmaking Duration Resolve Crafts, Empathy, Expression Remove Virtue or Vice. Without Virtue the subject regains two Willpower for indulging Vice. Without Vice the subject cannot engage in any activity that would be a breaking point or Act of Hubris MtAw2 p164
No Exit Making Duration Resolve Expression, Persuasion, Science For the duration of the spell the subject is in a catatonic state. Reading of the subjects mind or memory reveals this spell. MtAw2 p164
Mind Wipe Unmaking Potency Resolve Academics, Intimidation, Occult Remove large portions of the subjects memories, inflicts the Amnesia Tilt for the duration of the spell. You can affect one month of time per level Potency. You can specify what portions are forgotten.
+1 Reach: May specify what memories are erased, rather than just erasing a single span of time.
+2 Reach: The effect is Lasting
MtAw2 p164
Psychic Genesis Making Duration - Academics, Expression, Science Create a self-aware intelligence. This is a Rank 1 Goetia in Twilight.
+1 Reach: The entity works as a sleepwalker for the purposes of assisting ritual casting.
+1 Reach: For one Mana, the rank is 2
MtAw2 p165
Social Networking Making Potency - Persuasion, Politics, Socialize For every level of Potency, gain one dot in one of the following Merits: Allies, Contacts or Status MtAw2 p165

Spells, Prime (2nd Edition)

Name Practice Primary Factor Withstand Suggested Rote Skills Description Source
Prime 1, Initiate
Dispel Magic Compelling Potency Arcanum rating of the subject spell’s caster Athletics, Intimidation, Occult Temporarily suppress or destroy an active spell
Add Fate 1: Selectively suppress spell
+2 Reach: Make the effect Lasting
MtAw2 p 165
Pierce Deception Unveiling Duration - Investigation, Medicine, Occult See through falsehoods magical and mundane
+1 Reach: Get a sense of the actual truth
MtAw2 p 165
Supernal Vision Unveiling Potency - Empathy, Occult, Survival Perceive the Supernal properties of a subject
+1 Reach: Perceive the non-Supernal magical properties of a subject
MtAw2 p 166
Sacred Geometry Unveiling Duration - Academics, Occult, Survival Reveal ley lines and nodes
+1 Reach: Reveal Hallows
Add Death 1 or Spirit 1: See Avernian Gates or Loci as well.
MtAw2 p 166
Scribe Grimoire Compelling Potency Total Arcanum dots of all Arcana used in the spell being scribed Crafts, Expression, Occult Create a Grimoire full of Rotes
+1 Reach: Make the Grimoire Lasting
MtAw2 p 166
Word of Command Compelling Potency - Craft, Occult, Persuasion Bypass triggers to activate magical effects
Add Any Other Arcanum 1: Add another Arcanum to activate magical effects and objects created by other sources of power
MtAw2 p 166
Prime 2, Apprentice
As Above, So Below Ruling Duration - Academics, Occult, Politics Empower Yantras with 9-Again on spellcasting rolls
+1 Reach: Make it 8-again
MtAw2 p 166
Cloak Nimbus Veiling Duration - Politics, Stealth, Subterfuge Veil Nimbus and emotional state of auras. Attempts to see are subject to a Clash of Wills. Immediate Nimbus does not flare unless the caster chooses to. Signature Nimbus viewed by Mage Sight provokes Clash of Wills. Flaring or imprinting your Nimbus will immediately end this spell
+1 Reach: Make your Nimbus appear lesser. For every Reach you may lower any of Gnosis, Mana or Arcanum to a desired lower false Trait value
MtAw2 p 167
Invisible Runes Ruling Duration - Expression, Intimidation, Persuasion Leave message in High Speech only visible to Mage Sight. Alteration or overwriting of these messages provokes a Clash of Wills MtAw2 p 167
Supernal Veil Veiling Duration - Occult, Subterfuge, Survival Veil supernatural phenomenon including spells. Peripheral Mage Sight will fail to detect, active attempts cause a Clash of Wills MtAw2 p 168
Wards and Signs Shielding Duration - Intimidation, Occult, Survival When subject is target of a spell apply Potency as Withstand rating. Spells used near but not directly at the target are not Withstood by this spell MtAw2 p 168
Words of Truth Ruling Potency - Expression, Intimidation, Persuasion All subjects of the spell can hear and understand the caster regardless of distance, noise or language barriers. Subjects feel what the mage says is true, but this effect only works on statements the mage knows are true. May remove one Door or improve impression level by one per Potency MtAw2 p 168
Prime 3, Disciple
Aetheric Winds Weaving Potency - Athletics, Expression, Occult Attack with shrieking aetheric wind
+1 Reach: Create Heavy Winds Environmental Tilt
+1 Reach: Destroy target's Mana instead of dealing damage
MtAw2 p 168
Channel Mana Weaving Potency - Occult, Politics, Socialize Move Mana equal to Potency between vessels(mages, Hallows, etc). This cannot exceed Gnosis-derived the Mana per turn limit though
+1 Reach: Ignore Mana per turn limit for this spell
MtAw2 p 168
Cleanse Pattern Fraying Potency - Investigation, Occult, Stealth Remove the dramatic failure of a focused Mage Sight Revelation. This spell will also remove a mage's Signature Nimbus form the subject MtAw2 p 168
Display of Power Weaving Duration - Brawl, Occult, Socialize Imagos become visible to all forms of Active Mage Sight
+2 Reach: For one Mana all attempts to Counterspell gain the Rote Quality
MtAw2 p 168
Ephemeral Enchantment Weaving Duration - Crafts, Occult, Weaponry Subject becomes solid to any and all Twilight entities
+2 Reach: For one Mana, if the subject is a weapon it will inflict aggravated damage to one specified Twilight entity. Every additional entity costs one Mana
MtAw2 p 169
Geomancy Weaving Duration - Academics, Expression, Occult Move ley lines within the area of effect. May also change the Resonance Keyword of a Node MtAw2 p 169
Platonic Form Perfecting Potency - Academics, Crafts, Expression *Cost 1+ Mana* - Create a simple Tass object or tool of Size 5 or less from Mana. Durability is 1 and contains one Mana. Potency may be allocated to the following effects: Increase Durability by +1, Increase Mana capacity by +1, If a tool add +1 equipment bonus though each use of the tool now uses one up Mana. When all Mana is used up the object crumbles. If the spell expires any unused Mana will be lost
+1 Reach: If a tool it gains the 8-Again
+2 Reach: Effect is Lasting(Still crumbles if all Mana is expended or absorbed)
MtAw2 p 169
Stealing Fire Perfecting Duration Resolve Expression, Larceny, Persuasion Temporarily turn Sleeper into a Sleepwalker. Breaking points from magic will hit only when the spell expires MtAw2 p 168
Prime 4. Adept
Apocalypse Patterning Duration Resolve Occult, Persuasion, Socialize Grant a Sleeper the ability to see what a Mage sees
+1 Reach and Add Any Other Arcanum 1: Add the Arcanum to the granted Sight.
MtAw2 p 169
Celestial Fire Patterning Potency - Athletics, Expression, Occult MtAw2 p 170
Destroy Tass Unraveling Potency Durability Brawl, Intimidation, Occult Successful casting destroys Tass. Mana form the tass is not destroyed but released into the world likely to the nearest Hallow MtAw2 p 170
Hallow Dance Patterning Potency Hallow Rating Expression, Occult, Survival Suppress an active Hallow or awaken a dormant one. Rousing requires Potency equal to the Hallow's rating. Dampening reduces the Hallow's dot rating by Potency, if it falls to zero or less the Hallow is rendered dormant
+2 Reach: For one point of Mana the effect is Lasting
MtAw2 p 170
Supernal Dispellation Unraveling Potency Arcanum rating of the subject spell’s caster Athletics, Intimidation, Occult Success suppresses target spell for Supernal Dispellations Duration
Add Fate 1: Selectively suppress spell
+2 Reach: Make the effect Lasting
MtAw2 p 170
Prime 5, Master
Blasphemy Unmaking Potency Hallow Rating, if applicable Athletics, Occult, Survival Sever the connection to the Supernal in an area
+2 Reach: Make the effect Lasting
MtAw2 p 170
Create Truth Making Duration Hallow Rating Expression, Occult, Persuasion Cost 5 Mana per Potency. Create Hallow with rating equal to Potency, Hallows cannot have a rating above 5
+2 Reach: For 5 Mana the effect is Lasting
MtAw2 p 170
Eidolon Making Potency - Academics, Crafts, Occult Like "Platonic Form" but can create animate Tass. May spend Potency on an additional effect: Grand the mage a dot of the Retainer Merit. Construct will obey it's owners command, any mage can claim ownership by marking it with his Nimbus
Add Forces ●●●: The Construct is not Obviously Magical
Add Mind ●●●●●: The Construct may be given a mind of its own.
(P. 165 for details)
+2 Reach: The effect is Lasting(Tass still crumbles if all it's mana is spend) || MtAw2 p 171
Forge Purpose Making Duration Resolve Empathy, Expression, Medicine Subject gains one of the caster's Obsessions. If subject is a mage already possessing the maximum number of Obsessions this spell causes a Clash of Wills. If successful replace one of these Obsessions
+1 Reach: Can grant a wholly new Obsession
MtAw2 p 171
Word of Unmaking Unmaking Potency Merit rating or Durability Intimidation, Occult, Weaponry Destroy a magical item, but not artifacts
+2 Reach: Item explodes violently, roll the item Merit rating or Durability. Anyone within 1 yard per dot suffers lethal damage per success
MtAw2 p 171

Spells, Space (2nd Edition)

Name Practice Primary Withstand Rote Skills Description Source
Space 1, Initiate
Correspondence Knowing Potency - Academics, Empathy, Medicine Learn one of subjects sympathetic links per Potency. The oldest and strongest are revealed first. If the link is nearby you will learn it't exact location too.
+1 Reach: You can follow a link to it's other end.
+1 Reach: Learn the emotional aspect of the connection. Connection "My childhood home" may carry notes of comfort or fear depending on the subject.
+2 Reach: Specify what links you want to learn. The answer comes form the subjects perspective.
+2 Reach: If used on a keyed spell or iris this spell can learn the key.
MtAw2 p172
Ground Eater Compelling Potency Stamina Athletics, Science, Survival Add or reduce Speed by Potency. Speed cannot go below 1 MtAw2 p173
Isolation Compelling Potency Composure Academics, Intimidation, Subterfuge Any attempt to interact with other people costs a Willpower point. Even then, dice pools are penalized by Potency. Prolonged exposure to spell (a day per point of subject's Composure) may cause breaking points or Conditions like Shaken or Spooked MtAw2 p173
Locate Object Knowing Duration - Empathy, Occult, Science Can find the subject in spell area.
+1 Reach: Can track the subject even if it leaves the area.
MtAw2 p173
The Outward and Inward Eye Unveiling Duration - Firearms, Investigation, Occult Gain 360 degree vision and hearing. All attempts to ambush the character fail, or in the case of exceptional camouflage or distraction a chance die. Finally all penalties due to range, cover or concealment(but not darkness or other poor visibility situations) are reduced by Potency.
+2 Reach: Can see through warps or shortcuts in Space. This includes Distortion Irises, additional Arcana may allow sight into other types of Irises, this is at Storyteller's discretion
MtAw2 p174
Space 2, Apprentice
Borrow Threads Ruling Duration Sympathy Larceny, Occult, Subterfuge Allows the transfer of as many sympathetic connections (which the caster must be aware of) between the caster and the subjects affected as successes reached on the casting.
+1 Reach: The caster may also transfer connections between subjects affected without being involved in the transfer.
+1 Reach: The caster may copy connections instead of transferring them.
MtAw2 p174
Break Boundary Ruling Potency - Athletics, Larceny, Persuasion Allows the subject to slip past an obstacle that is obstructing a path or similar restriction of movement.
+1 Reach: The subject can fit through narrow or restrictive passageways they couldn't normally fit through.
+2 Reach: Subjects unable to move can pass through obstructions, appearing on the other side.
MtAw2 p174
Lying Maps Veiling Duration Resolve Academics, Politics, Survival Makes a subject certain that a path of the caster's choosing is the correct path to a destination. MtAw2 p174
Scrying Ruling Duration - Computers, Occult, Subterfuge Allows the caster to remotely view a distant location, with varying effects depending on the type of Sympathetic connection. Spells can also be cast on subjects as if one were viewing them remotely. The scrying window may be invisible or visible to everyone in the vicinity.
Add Fate 2: The caster can select specific people who can see the scrying window.
MtAw2 p174
Secret Door Veiling Duration - Occult, Stealth, Subterfuge Allows the caster to hide a passageway from mundane perception, invoking Clash of Wills against magical perception.
+1 Reach: A Key may be specified to allow entry.
MtAw2 p175
Veil Sympathy Veiling Duration Sympathy Politics, Subterfuge, Survival Conceals one of the subject's sympathetic connections.
+1 Reach: May make the subject appear to have a nonexistent connection.
+1 Reach: Prevents the connection from being used as a Sympathetic Yantra.
+2 Reach: The caster may suppress all of the subject's connections.
MtAw2 p175
Ward Shielding Duration - Athletics, Subterfuge, Weaponry Prevents space from being manipulated in an area.
+1 Reach: The caster may specify a Key that can allow the manipulation of space.
+2 Reach: The caster may ward an Iris.
MtAw2 p176
Space 3, Disciple
Ban Weaving Duration - Intimidation, Science, Stealth Cuts an area off from the outside world, including light, sound, and air.
Add Any Arcanum 2: Exclude phenomena under that Arcanum, or only Ban phenomena of that Arcanum.
MtAw2 p176
Co-Location Fraying Duration - Athletics, Firearms, Science Allows the overlapping of multiple locations. Individuals who can perceive this overlap may switch between locations reflexively once a turn.
+1 Reach: Anything in the overlapped locations may be made visible to the naked eye.
+1 Reach: The caster may make the Co-Location a two-dimensional plane, creating a portal.
+1 Reach: The caster may specify a Key needed to use the overlap.
+2 Reach: Individuals who can perceive the overlap may reflexively switch locations twice per turn instead of once.
MtAw2 p176
Perfect Sympathy Perfecting Duration - Academics, Empathy, Larceny Allows the subject to gain 8-Again when taking an action on a subject that is one of their Strong sympathies.
+1 Reach: Can redirect spells at Sympathetic Range to a Strong connection instead.
+1 Reach: For one Mana, the subject gains (Potency) rote actions when taking an action on a subject that is one of their Strong sympathies.
+1 Reach: The benefits extend to Medium sympathetic connections.
MtAw2 p176
Warp Fraying Potency - Athletics, Brawl, Medicine Deals bashing damage equal to Potency by twisting the space the subject occupies.
+1 Reach: The pain inflicts the Arm Wrack or Leg Wrack Tilt.
MtAw2 p177
Web-Weaver Perfecting Duration Composure Crafts, Empathy, Persuasion Allows bolstering of a sympathetic connection.
Add Time 2: The caster may use temporal sympathy to anything the subject touched in the target time.
MtAw2 p177
Space 4. Adept
Alter Direction Patterning Duration - Academics, Firearms, Persuasion Allows the caster to change (Potency) absolute directions (e.g. north, south, up, down) in an area, or change directions relative to a chosen subject.
+1 Reach: The caster can redefine directions in curves rather than just straight lines.
MtAw2 p177
Collapse Unraveling Potency - Academics, Firearms, Intimidation Forces a subject and a chosen object to occupy the same space, dealing (Potency) lethal damage.
+1 Reach: For 1 Mana, damage inflicted becomes Aggravated.
+1 Reach: The co-located object remains inside the subject.
MtAw2 p177
Cut Threads Unraveling Potency Sympathy (Connection) Persuasion, Politics, Weaponry Destroy a sympathetic connection, effect is lasting, but connection can be restored in time.
+2 Reach: Remove the subject's sympathetic name. This is not lasting and only last until the spell expires
MtAw2 p177
Secret Room Patterning Duration - Expression, Science, Survival Enlarge or shrink a space. Making a box bigger on the inside than on the outside, for example. Scale has to encompass the targets current size. And goes up or down equal to Potency in steps along the Area Scale Factor. MtAw2 p178
Teleportation Patterning Potency - Larceny, Persuasion, Science Teleport a subject to another location. You may use the Sympathetic Range Attainment on either the subject or the location but not both.
+1 Reach: You may swap the location of two subjects with no more a point of Size difference
+2 Reach: You may now use two separate Sympathetic Ranges. The spell is Withstood by the worse of the two connections
MtAw2 p178
Space 5, Master
Create Sympathy Making Potency Desired Sympathy Empathy, Persuasion, Politics Create a new sympathetic connection for the subject. This is Lasting, but may fade with time.
+1 Reach: The created connection is Lasting and never fades. Only magic can sever it now
+2 Reach: Give a subject a new sympathetic name. This is not Lasting and fades when the spell ends
MtAw2 p178
Forge No Chains Unmaking Duration - Occult, Subterfuge, Survival For the Duration of the spell the subjects cannot create new sympathetic connection. blood, hair, etc shed during the Duration of the spell do not link back to the subject. This also has an effect on any Space spells you leave behind. Any attempt to scrutinize your spells with Mage Sight has the spell's Potency added to the Opacity MtAw2 p178
Pocket Dimension Making Duration - Crafts, Expression, Survival Create a space. By default this space is devoid of the other arcana: No Death or Spirit means no Twilight, No Time means things inside are held in stasis (unaging but also never growing/improving). Unless a portal connects the space to a point in the world the only way to get there is to teleport. Spells cast within never cause Paradox unless they sympathetic range is used to affect something outside of the space. The mage herself is considered a material sympathetic yantra for her own Pocket Dimension. If the space is ever destroyed or the spell expires objects within return to the exact location from which they entered the space.
+1 Reach: Create an Iris to the Pocket Dimension in the physical world. For an additional Reach you may specify a Key for this Iris.
Add Time 2: Time flows normally within the space mirroring time passed in the physical world. Without oxygen inside the space however this means anything inside can asphyxiate.
Add Death 2, Mind 2 or Spirit 2: The space now contains a Twilight attuned to the Arcanum used
MtAw2 p178
Quarantine Unmaking Duration - Academics, Larceny, Socialize Remove a subject from space altogether. The world adjusts for the missing space. A Quarantined house doesn't leave behind an empty space, instead the neighboring house would now find themselves adjacent. Meanwhile those within the Quarentined space will find they cannot leave. Similar to a Pocket Dimension except it still has it's own Time, Twilight, Matter and so forth
+1 Reach: Specify a Key that allows access to and from the removed area.
Add Mind 4: For the Duration of the spell no one remembers the area used to exist. Those within do still remember.
Add Time 5: For the duration of the spell the area and those within retroactively never existed. History rewrites itself, but returns to normal when the spell expires
MtAw2 p179

Spells, Spirit (2nd Edition)

Name Practice Primary Factor Withstand Suggested Rote Skills Description Source
Spirit 1, Initiate
Coaxing the Spirits Compelling Potency Composure or Rank Politics, Athletics, Expression Compel a Spirit or it's physical representation to take a single instant action that is in accordance to it's nature. MtAw2 p 180
Exorcist's Eye Unveiling Duration - Occult, Survival, Socialize See and speak with any Spirit, be they in Twilight, slumbering in an object or possessing somebody. Can also see the conduit of any Spirit with the Reaching Manifestation
+1 Reach: Can see across the Gauntlet, Withstood by Gauntlet Strength
Add Death 1 or Mind 1: These benefits extend to ghost or Goetia respectively
MtAw2 p 180
Gremlins Compelling Potency - Larceny, Politics, Subterfuge Cause Spirit of object to hinder it's user. Each level of Potency causes one failure with the item to become a dramatic failure. A player's character can earn a Beat from this as per normal
+1 Reach: As long as the object is within sensory range, can decide what failure become dramatic failures
MtAw2 p 180
Invoke Bane Compelling Duration Rank Brawl, Intimidation, Occult Force a Spirit to avoid it's Bane even more then normal. Spirit needs to spend a Willpower to come within the area(this is the Area factor of the spell) of it's bane and cannot touch it. Spirits above Rank 5 are unaffected by this spell MtAw2 p 180
Know Spirit Knowing Potency Rank Academics, Brawl, Socialize Learn a number of facts about the Spirit equal to Potency: Spirit's name, Rank, Manifestations, Numina, Influences and roughly how strong these are, Ban, Bane MtAw2 p 180
Spirit 2, Apprentice
Cap the Well Shielding Duration - Politics, Survival, Persuasion Any attempt to feed from a source of Essence affected by this spell provokes a Clash of Wills MtAw2 p 180
Channel Essence Ruling Potency - Occult, Persuasion, Survival Move Essence equal to Potency but no higher than the Gnosis-derived Mana per turn, from a Resonant Condition or suitable receptacle to a Spirit. You can store Essence into your own Pattern which stays even after the spell has expired. You can hold an amount of Mana and Essence equal to Gnosis-derived maximum Mana
Add Death 2 or Mind 2: Spell may be cast on ghosts or Goetia respectively<b/>+1 Reach: Can siphon Essence directly from a Spirit, subject may resist with Rank
MtAw2 p 180
Command Spirit Ruling Potency Rank Medicine, Athletics, Persuasion Force a Spirit to undertake a number of actions equal to Potency. Spirit may/will abandon uncomplete task if the spell Duration expires. No effect on Spirits above Rank 5 MtAw2 p 181
Ephemeral Shield Shielding Duration - Animal Ken, Medicine, Stealth Any Spirit Numina, Influences and Manifestations, Spirit Spells and werewolf Gifts aimed at subject provoke a Clash of Wills
+1 Reach: A Spirits physical attacks are likewise affected
Add Death 2 or Mind 2: Shield affects ghosts or Goetia respectively
MtAw2 p 181
Gossamer Touch Ruling Duration - Brawl, Crafts, Intimidation Can interact physically with Spirits in Twilight
Add Death 2 or Mind 2: Affects ghosts or Goetia respectively
+1 Reach: Object you carry are likewise physical to Spirits
+1 Reach: Unarmed attacks against Spirits deal Potency extra damage
MtAw2 p 181
Opener of the Way Ruling Duration - Athletics, Computers, Socialize Shift Resonant Condition to Open Condition or vice versa MtAw2 p 181
Shadow Walk Veiling Duration - Occult, Stealth, Streetwise Subject becomes shrouded from Spirit and Spirit magics notice. Supernatural effects to detect provoke a Clash of Wills MtAw2 p 181
Slumber Ruling Duration Rank Expression, Occult, Weaponry Reduce the rate at which a hibernating Spirit regains Essence. Instead of one Essence per day the Spirit only regains one Essence per Potency days MtAw2 p 181
Spirit 3, Disciple
Bolster Spirit Perfecting Potency - Medicine, Occult, Expression Heal a Spirit. Each level of Potency heals two bashing damage
+1 Reach: Instead of healing, each level of Potency can increase one of the Spirit's Attributes by one for the duration of the spell
+2 Reach: Spend one Mana to increase the Spirit's Rank by one.
MtAw2 p 181
Erode Resonance Fraying Duration - Crafts, Brawl, Intimidation Remove a subject's Open or Resonant condition. This effect is Lasting
+1 Reach: Any future attempts to create the Conditions suffers a penalty equal to Potency
MtAw2 p 181
Howl From Beyond Fraying Potency - Expression, Firearms, Medicine Attack spell deal bashing damage equal to Potency.
+1 Reach: the subject gains the Open Condition
+1 Reach: Can target beings on the other side of the Gauntlet, but is Withstood by Gauntlet Strength
MtAw2 p 182
Place of Power Fraying or Perfecting Potency Gauntlet Strength Academics, Expression, Survival Raise or lower Gauntlet Strength in spell Area by Potency
+1 Reach: Alter Gauntlet independently on either side. For example making it easier to enter the Shadow but harder to leave or vice versa
MtAw2 p 182
Reaching Weaving Duration Gauntlet Strength Athletics, Medicine, Socialize Interact physically and magically with things on the other side of the Gauntlet
+1 Reach: Open an Iris between the physical world and the Shadow, which anybody can pass through. For another Reach may specify a Key
MtAw2 p 182
Rouse Spirit Perfecting Potency Rank Athletics, Expression, Investigation Awaken a Spirit early Potency required is equal to the difference between the Spirit's current Essence and total Corpus
+1 Reach: For each additional Reach, the Spirit wakes with an additional Corpus box cleared
MtAw2 p 182
Spirit Summons Perfecting Duration Rank Persuasion, Socialize, Occult Call a Spirit in the local area to you
+1 Reach: Spell also creates the Open Condition
+1 Reach: Can give the Spirit a single word command to follow
+1 Reach: Can call a Spirit form the Shadow instead. Spell it Withstood by the greater of Rank and Gauntlet Strength
+2 Reach: Can give Spirit a complex command to follow
MtAw2 p 182
Spirit 4. Adept
Banishment Unraveling Potency Rank Brawl, Expression, Occult Strip a number of Manifestation Conditions equal to Potency. Effect is Lasting, but Conditions may be reasteablished as normal. No effect on Spirits above Rank 5
Add Mind 4: affect Goetia
Add Death4: addect Ghosts
+1 Reach: Conditions cannot be reestablished until spell duration has expired
MtAw2 p 182
Bind Spirit Patterning Duration Rank Crafts, Brawl, Intimidation Grant a number of Manifestation Conditions equal to Potency. No effect on Spirits above Rank 5
Add Mind 4: effect Goetia
Add Death 4: effect Ghosts
MtAw2 p 183
Craft Fetish Patterning Duration Rank Crafts, Occult, Persuasion Create a Fetish an item that contains a Spirit. And can be used to call upon a number of one of the Spirit's Influence dots and Numina equal to Potency. These abilities cost Essence and the item has the Spirit's Essence pool. Triggering the bound Spirit's Ban or Bane destroys the fetish. A fetish without a Spirit may also be created and can hold 10+Potency Essence MtAw2 p 183
Familiar Patterning Duration - Athletics, Expression, Intimidate Gain the Familiar Merit for the duration of the spell. Both parties must be willing. Cannot effect Spirits above Rank 2
Substitute Death 4 or Mind 4: Bind a Ghost or Goetia respectively
MtAw2 p 183
Shadow Scream Unraveling Potency - Expression, Firearms, Medicine Deal Lethal damage equal to Potency. Can hit targets in Twilight
+1 Reach: For one point of Mana damage is aggravated
+1 Reach: Can destroy Essence divide Potency between regular and Essence damage
+1 Reach: Target gains Open Condition
+1 Reach: Can hit target on the other side of the Gauntlet
MtAw2 p 183
Shape Spirit Patterning Potency Rank Crafts, Medicine, Persuasion Change a Spirit with a number of effects equal to Potency: Change nature, Redistribute Attribute dots, Heal one Lethal corpus, Redefine and redistribute Influences, Add/remove/replace one Manifestation, Add/remove/replace one Numen, Rewrite Ban or Bane. In addition can also change the Spirit's size, shape and appearance but no bigger than the spell's Scale factor. Traits must stay within Rank-derived maximums. Change revert at the end of spell duration
+1 Reach: For one Mana heal aggravated damage
MtAw2 p 184
Twilit Body Patterning Duration - Occult, Subterfuge, Survival Turn yourself(and whatever you're wearing) into Spirit-attuned ephemera, and thus in Twilight
+1 Reach: can become immaterial even in realms where Twilight doesn't normally exist
MtAw2 p 184
World Walker Patterning Potency Gauntlet Strength Athletics, Persuasion, Survival Bring subject across the Gauntlet, no portal necessary
+1 Reach: Give conjured Spirit Materialized Condition
MtAw2 p 184
Spirit 5, Master
Annihilate Spirit Unmaking Potency Rank Intimidation, Science, Weaponry Utterly destroy a Spirit. The Spirit may spend an Essence to roll Power + Finesse in a Clash of Wills to prevent this. But if the spell succeeds the Spirit is destroyed even if it still has Essence it won't go into hibernation the Spirit is simply gone. Cannot affect Spirits above Rank 5 MtAw2 p 184
Birth Spirit Making Duration - Crafts, Medicine, Expression Create a Rank 1 Spirit
+1 Reach: For one Mana, create a Rank 2 Spirit
MtAw2 p 184
Create Locus Making Duration Gauntlet Strength Crafts, Empathy, Survival Create a Locus at a location with the Resonant Condition
+1 Reach: The Locus generates Essence equal to Potency per day
MtAw2 p 184
Essence Fountain Making Potency - Empathy, Expression, Occult Create Essence equal to Potency. The Essence has a Resonance of your choosing, as long as you have encountered it before
+1 Reach: Flavor the Essence with multiple Resonances
MtAw2 p 185
Spirit Manse Making Duration - Crafts, Expression, Survival Create a place in the Shadow for yourself and gain the Safe Place Merit with rating equal to Potency
+1 Reach: You may create an Iris between this place and the material world and may give it a key. But the spell becomes Withstood by Gauntlet Strength
MtAw2 p 185

Spells, Time (2nd Edition)

Name Practice Primary Withstand Rote Skills Description Source
Time 1, Initiate
Divination Knowing Potency - Academics, Empathy, Investigation Ask a general question regarding the future with an answer of "Yes", "No" or "Irrelevant"
+1 Reach: The questions asked can be more specific and the answer gives more information
MtAw2ed p186
Green Light/Red Light Compelling Duration - Computer, Larceny, Subterfuge Cast Positively: Anything that can help the subject achieve the objective faster will happen at the exact moment to do so.
Cast Negatively: Anything that can delay the target will happen at the exact moment to do so
MtAw2ed p187
Momentary Flux Knowing Potency - Investigation, Streetwise, Survival The Mage can determine if the subject will prove beneficial or baneful in the future.
When acting on the information gained, the Mage can add the spell's potency to their Initiative.
MtAw2ed p187
Perfect Timing Unveiling Duration - Empathy, Socialize, Streetwise The subject can spend a turn during the spell's duration on planning, and, in doing so, can add the spell's Potency to their next instant action. MtAw2ed p187
Postcognition Unveiling Potency - Academics, Empathy, Investigation The mage can see into the subject's past, wieving it all from a moment declared in "real time"
+1 Reach: The mage can rewind, speed up, slow down and pause the vision at any given time
The mage does not lose Defense when watching the vision
MtAw2ed p187
Time 2, Apprentice
Choose the Thread Ruling Potency Resolve Occult, Science, Subterfuge You may roll twice for your next mundane dice roll. Then choose which takes effect.
+2 Reach: May affect rolls for spellcasting and other supernatural powers
MtAw2ed p187
Constant Presence Shielding Duration - Occult, Persuasion, Survival Preserve yourself against alterations to the timeline. Any alterations that would change you provoke a Clash of Wills. If you win the world will still be altered but you will not be. MtAw2ed p187
Hung Spell Ruling Duration - Crafts, Occult, Expression The subject of this spell must be a mage. The subject may then spend a Mana to "hang" his spell. Hung Spell may hold up to a Potency in number of spells these spells still counts against the caster's spell control. Any hanged spells will not have their Durations expire but won't take effect yet either. When Hung Spell ceases all the hanged spells immediately take effect according to their own Durations and effects. MtAw2ed p188
Shield of Chronos Veiling Duration - Academics, Stealth, Subterfuge Anybody trying to view the subject through time, either by looking at the presently shielded subject's future or into a past when the subject was shielded. Provokes a Clash of Wills
+1 Reach: Instead of simply preventing Time magic from seeing the subject. You may show a false series of events that the magic "discovers". If powers would seek to pierce the illusion anyway this provokes a Clash of Wills
MtAw2ed p188
Tipping the Hourglass Ruling Potency Resolve Athletics, Crafts, Investigation Add or subtract Potency from a subjects Initiative. Subjects who have already taken an action this turn need to wait until the next turn to take advantage of their new Initiative MtAw2ed p188
Veil of Moments Shielding Duration - Medicine, Investigation Subterfuge Protect a subject from Time's effects. The subject will not bleed out form wounds, poison, toxins and the progression of disease are stalled. New Conditions and Tilts cannot be imposed on the subject. Supernatural powers that would anyway provoke a Clash of Wills. Downsides of the spell: you no longer heal naturally while under the spell's effect. Healing through Pattern Restoration and Life magic will still work. Willpower and Mana cannot be restored and Experiences cannot be spend. The subjects ceases aging.
+1 Reach: may ignore Persistent Conditions. Time spend under this spell does not count toward any time necessary for Conditions to lapse
+1 Reach: may heal naturally
+1 Reach: may regain Willpower
+1 Reach: may regain Mana
MtAw2ed p188
Time 3, Disciple
Acceleration Perfecting Potency - Athletics, Drive, Stealth Speed up a subjects movements. Multiply speed by Potency, apply Defense against firearms and take the first action in a turn (unless you choose to delay it). You also apply Potency to Defense buy only when dodging MtAw2ed p189
Chronos' Curse Fraying Potency Stamina Academics, Occult, Intimidation Slow a subject down. This reduces their Defense by Potency and divides their Speed by Potency, rounding down. Subject go last in a turn.
+1 Reach: Spend one Mana, the subject loses all Defense against attacks
+1 Reach: Multiply the time per roll of extended actions by Potency. This does not effect the ritaul casting times of mages
MtAw2ed p190
Shifting Sands Fraying Potency - Academics, Occult, Survival The subject goes back in time a number of turns equal to Potency. Any injuries and Conditions obtained or Mana and Willpower spend in the reversed turns do not change back and stay as they are. Any spells cast in the reversed time are canceled. Once the subject catches up to the present, any changes made become Lasting
+1 Reach: Travel back a full scene. This Reach may be applied multiple times
MtAw2ed p190
Temporal Summoning Weaving Potency - Athletics, Investigation, Persuasion Return the subject to an younger version of itself. Buildings can be restored and injuries healed. Once the spell ends any changed made revert back to normal. Any injuries and Conditions obtained while this spell was active carry over to the subjects present self. Limits of Spell includes not being able to bring the dead back and a vampire returned to 'Childhood' becomes a vampiric child MtAw2ed p190
Weight of Years Perfecting Potency - Crafts, Intimidation, Medicine An attack spell. Deal Bashing damage equal to Potency. If used on objects or structures. Apply Potency directly as damage to Structure and reduce Durability by 1 for every 2 points of Structure lost
+1 Reach: For living subjects the spell also reduces Athletics by Potency
MtAw2ed p191
Time 4. Adept
Present as Past Patterning Potency - Empathy, Investigation, Streetwise The subject gains the following benefits. In combat you can require that all affected characters declare their action for that turn. You do not need to declare your own and can act anywhere in the Initiative order that you want. This trumps all supernatural powers except those from the Time Arcanum, these cause a Clash of Wills. In social situations this spell removes a number of Doors equal to Potency from the subject or adds Doors to yourself when the subject performs Social maneuvering against you MtAw2ed p191
Prophecy Patterning Potency - Academics, Expression, Investigation This spell works like "Divination" except that you can now ask 'what if?' questions. You can ask a number of question equal to Potency
+1 Reach: By applying this spell to Social interaction you may reduce a number of Doors equal to Potency
MtAw2ed p191
Rend Lifespan Unraveling Potency - Athletics, Medicine, Intimidation An attack spell. Deal Lethal damage equal to Potency. MtAw2ed p191
Rewrite History Patterning Potency Resolve Expression, Investigation, Persuasion Change the subject's timeline as though different choices were made. Without Temporal Sympathy only recent decisions can be rewritten. Once the spell ends the person instantly reverts to the original timeline. Memories of the time under this spell will seem hazy, distant and dreamlike but the subject will remember the time at least to some extent. Supernatural creatures are not normally affected by this spell
+1 Reach: Reassign a number of the subject's Skill or Merit dot equal to Potency. These can not exceed the subject's maximum
+1 Reach: Reassign a number of the subject's Attributes equal to Potency. These may no exceed the subject's natural maximum or below the character creation priorities of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary
+2 Reach: This spell can affect supernatural creatures. And may revert them back to before they acquired their supernatural template
MtAw2ed p191
Temporal Stutter Patterning Potency Stamina Intimidation, Science, Survival Throw a subject forward in time. The subject vanishes from the world and won't reappear until the spell expires. If, while reappearing, something new now occupies the space the subject used to inhabit apply the Knocked Down Tilt to whichever of the two has the least Size MtAw2ed p192
Time 5, Master
Blink of an Eye Unmaking Potency - Academics, Crafts, Occult This spell turns the next extended action into a instant action. A number of rolls for the extended action may be made in this turn equal to Potency. This spell does not affect ritual casting time for mages
+2 Reach: For a point of Mana this spell can affect spellcasting times. Increase the effective Gnosis of a mage equal to Potency for calculating ritual casting times only. For every point over Gnosis 10 reduce the interval by one turn
MtAw2ed p192
Corridors of Time Unmaking Potency - Academics, Investigation, Persuasion The Subject inhabits their own Past self and is able to Change History. Subject arrives at the Location they were in at the time chosen and is free to make different decisions. Can be viewed under active Time mage sight. Once the mage has 'Caught up' to the present or the spells duration factor is up the changes made to History become Lasting MtAw2ed p192
Temporal Pocket Making Duration - Occult, Science, Stealth Grant the subject extra time. The entire world around the subject freezes. The subject may do move and touch things freely. But physically moving, consuming or injuring anything ends the spell at the completion of such an action MtAw2ed p192

Spells, Restricted (2nd Edition)

Name Primary Withstand Rote Skills Description Source