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Spells, Death (2nd Edition)

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Name Practice Primary Factor Withstand Suggested Rote Skills Description Source
Death 1, Initiate
Ectoplasmic Shaping Compelling Duration Resolve Crafts, Occult, Larceny Shape and mold ectoplasm, or create Open Condition on an object or location for a ghost to Manifest MtAw2 p128
Deepen Shadows Compelling Duration - Occult, Intimidation, Expression Apply Poor Light Tilt in area
+1 Reach: Apply Blinded Tilt in an area
MtAw2 p128
Forensic Gaze Knowing Potency - Medicine, Investigation, Expression Learn how a subject died
+1 Reach: Witness final moments of a corpse's life
MtAw2 p128
Shadow Sculpting Compelling Duration - Crafts, Science, Expression Shape shadows to your liking
+1 Reach: Both shape and animate shadows
MtAw2 p128
Soul Marks Unveiling Potency Resolve Medicine, Occult, Empathy Learn about a subjects soul.
+1 Reach: Can use spell on unattached souls
MtAw2 p128
Speak with the Dead Unveiling Duration - Socialize, Expression, Investigation Sense and communicate with ghosts in Twilight. Sense anchors and determine a ghosts rank.
+1 Reach: See if an anchor is temporary or permanent
+1 Reach: Can be understood by ghosts that don't share your language
MtAw2 p128
Death 2, Apprentice
Corpse Mask Veiling Duration - Subterfuge, Crafts, Medicine Alter a corpse's apparent time and cause of death.
+1 Reach: Can cast this spell on injured living subjects. Turn cuts to burns etc.
+1 Reach: Change corpse appearance completely even age and sex
MtAw2 p129
Decay Ruling Potency - Subterfuge, Science, Occult Age an object, lowering durability
+1 Reach: Decrease structure instead
MtAw2 p129
Ectoplasm Ruling Duration - Occult, Expression, Academics Create ectoplasm from your own orifices or that of a corpse MtAw2 p129
Ghost Shield Shielding Potency - Occult, Expression, Academics Protects subject form ghostly Numina, Influences and Manifestations as well as Death-Based entities
+1 Reach to protect from the physical attacks of Ghosts
MtAw2 p129
Shape Ephemera Ruling Duration Stamina Crafts, Expression, Science Shape ephemera into objects, weapons or armor. MtAw2 p129
Soul Armor Shielding Duration - Academics, Occult, Survival Protect soul against hostile spells MtAw2 p129
Soul Jar Ruling Duration Resolve Crafts, Occult, Persuasion Trap unattached soul into container
+1 Reach: Bind soul to person with the soulless condition. An unwilling person may Withstand.
+2 Reach: Spend a point of mana to make this spell lasting
MtAw2 p129
Suppress Aura Veiling Duration Resolve Subterfuge, Intimidation, Medicine Suppress Nimbus to appear as a sleeper to Mage Sight. Impose penalty to Empathy checks and supernatural attempts to read your emotional or mental state. MtAw2 p129
Suppress Life Veiling Duration - Subterfuge, Medicine, Academics Appear to be a corpse
+2 Reach: Spend a point of Mana to cast reflexively
MtAw2 p130
Touch of the Grave Ruling Duration - Survival, Crafts, Persuasion Interact with ghosts and other things in Death-attuned Twilight. Can pull objects from Twilight and make them visible and solid but with low durability MtAw2 p130
Without a Trace Veiling Duration - Science, Stealth, Subterfuge Leave no forensic evidence like fingerprints MtAw2 p130
Death 3, Disciple
Cold Snap Weaving Duration - Survival, Intimidation, Science Apply Ice Tilt to area
+1 Reach: Also apply Extreme Cold Tilt
MtAw2 p130
Damage Ghost Fraying Potency - Occult, Intimidation, Brawl Deal bashing damage to ghost MtAw2 p130
Devouring the Slain Fraying Potency Resolve Intimidation, Medicine, Persuasion Can take Willpower or Scour the pattern of an injured person
+1 Reach: May affect a healty person who has recently taken damage
+1 Reach: Spell does not count toward limit of Scouring per day
+1 Reach: Use spell on ghosts
MtAw2 p130
Ghost Gate Weaving Duration - Occult, Academics, Expression Create a 2 dimensional gateway that converts anything passing through it into Death-attuned Twilight
+1 Reach: Can transform a subject into Twilight directly without a gate
MtAw2 p130
Ghost Summons Perfecting Duration Rank Persuasion, Socialize, Occult Call a ghost in the local area to you
+1 Reach: Spell also creates the Open Condition
+1 Reach: Can give the ghost a single word command to follow
+1 Reach: When near an Iris to the Underworld can call a ghost from there instead
+2 Reach: Can give ghost a complex command to follow
MtAw2 p131
Quicken Corpse Weaving Duration - Medicine, Crafts, Persuasion Create a zombie
+1 Reach: Create zombie suited for combat
+2 Reach: Imbue zombie with exceptional physical prowess
MtAw2 p131
Quicken Ghost Perfecting Potency Cost: One Mana(Optional) Persuasion, Socialize, Medicine Can boost ghost's Attributes or heal them
+2 Reach: May choose to increase a ghosts Rank
MtAw2 p131
Rotting Flesh Perfecting Potency - Intimidation, Occult, Empathy Inflict bashing damage
+1 Reach: Subject suffers penalty to Social rolls
MtAw2 p132
Sever Soul Fraying Potency Resolve Intimidation, Athletics, Expression Take the soul from a Sleeper. Inflicts the Soulless Condition
+1 Reach: Skip the Soulless Condition and inflict the Enervated Condition instead.
+2 Reach: Skip both the Soulless and Enervated Conditions and inflict the Thrall Condition instead.
MtAw2 p132
Shadow Crafting Weaving Duration - Academics, Intimidation, Occult Shape shadows into objects, weapons or armor. MtAw2 p132
Death 4. Adept
Enervation Unraveling Potency Stamina Occult, Intimidation, Subterfuge Apply either the Leg Wrack Tilt or the Arm Wreck Tilt
+1 Reach: Apply the Immobilized Tilt
MtAw2 p132
Exorcism Unraveling Potency Rank Brawl, Expression, Occult Destroy Manifestation Condition of a ghost or it's host
Add Mind 2: Spell works on Goetia
+1 Reach: Target cannot attempt to recreate destroyed conditions for the duration of the spell
MtAw2 p132
Revenant Patterning Duration Rank Craft, Brawl, Intimidation Grant a ghost a Manifestation condition
Add Mind 2: Spell works on Goetia
MtAw2 p132
Shadow Flesh Patterning Duration Stamina Occult, Medicine, Subterfuge Transform subject into a two or three-dimensional shadow MtAw2 p132
Withering Unraveling Potency - Intimidation, Medicine, Science Inflict lethal damage
+1 Reach: Spend one Mana, Inflict aggravated damage instead
MtAw2 p133
Death 5, Master
Create Anchor Making Duration Resolve Crafts, Occult, Persuasion Apply the Anchor Condition to a subject MtAw2 p133
Create Avernian Gate Making Duration - Occult, Crafts, Persuasion Create a gateway to the upper levels of the Underworld. This gives the area a Death Resonance and the Gateway Condition
+1 Reach: The gateway can lead to anywhere in the Underworld the mage has been before
MtAw2 p133
Create Ghost Making Duration - Occult, Expression, Academics Create a ghost of Rank 1. ghost is loyal to you
+1 Reach: Spend one Mana, the ghost created is Rank 2
MtAw2 p133
Deny the Reaper Unmaking Potency - Medicine, Occult, Subterfuge Reverse the effects of decay and age up to a number of months
+1 Reach: Can bring the recently dead back to life. Subject suffers Soulless Condition
MtAw2 p133
Empty Presence Unmaking Duration - Subterfuge, Persuasion, Stealth Destroys all evidence of a subjects existence and renders them invisible to the naked eye. If the subject takes violent action the spell ends immediately MtAw2 p133
Sever the Awakened Soul Unmaking Potency Resolve Crafts, Intimidation, Medicine Severs the soul of an Awakened mage. Inflicts the Soulless Conditions
+1 Reach: Skip the Soulless Condition and inflict the Enervated Condition instead.
+2 Reach: Skip both the Soulless and Enervated Conditions and inflict the Thrall Condition instead.
MtAw2 p133